Aulpiny reaches thousands of readers every month and our readership is dedicated, supportive, and curious about interesting content.

If you think that you can add value to our community by your writing, you are welcome to contribute.

We accept the guest post and often, we are looking for quality writers to become regular contributors.

We don't provide backlink by accepting payment. By backlinks, we mean attribution or credit to your work.

You can create your article on Google Docs and then shared the link of file with us. If you have any questions then comments below.

What Can You Share?

✔️ You can share the article which is completely original, unique, written by you, and never published on any other platform.
✔️ Article related to technology, apps, android, ios, software, blogs, websites, social media, SEO, reviews, lists, and articles related to the niche of the site.
✔️ You can share an article in the form of a list.
✔️ The information in the article should be correct.

What You Can't Share?

🚫 The article is copied from other websites or scraped from other sources.
🚫 The article has less than 2500 words.
🚫 The images in the post when it not required.

Why You Should Share?

🎉 Publishing an article on Aulpiny is free.
🎉 Get your articles rank on Google faster.
🎉 Get the referral traffic.
🎉 Get an attribution and link
🎉 Reach later audience.
🎉 Get 40% of the total earning for the first 3 months and after 5 published articles.

How Can You Share Your Article?

 Click on the button "SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE" to send the file or link of the file. You can even get the invitation link so that you can write and publish your articles directly from our website by clicking on ''GET INVITATION LINK" button. 

After receiving your article it can take a few days before it is published on

We will recive your article and then after checking the article for its originality, quality, editing, adding images and graphics, SEO, etc.

We will publish your article on this site. You can use Google Trends, or search on Google or you can contact us to get an idea about the topics of your article that you should share with us.

If you are interested in writing a guest post on Aulpiny, read the following guidelines carefully:

    • Your post should be completely original and if you are found to be using a copied post, you will be banned from Aulpiny for a lifetime.
    • We generally accept the list post. 
    • The article should be related to our niche. 
    • The piece should be 2500-3000 or more, it should include all necessary screenshots and pictures. Any picture that you are using should be licensed with a CC license or should be original or should be bought specifically for the post.
    • You cannot publish the same article on other websites. 
    • Selecting or rejecting a post is completely dependent on our editor.
    • Aulpiny Holds the right to change any content of the post (if necessary) we usually notify you but we are not obliged to do that.
    • You will get full credit for your work. But, Aulpiny will hold the copyright to the contents. 
    If you agree to all the above, you can send the file or article to us. You can see this example.


    1. If you have query related to publishing on aulpiny, tell us in comments.

    2. hy give me a topic of writing article

      1. As we have mentioned earlier, you can find the trending or interesting topics to write about by searching on Google or on Google trends. If you have another query related to publishing an article you can contact us.

        Thank you.

    3. Hi, do you accept link insertion?

    4. Yes, we accept link insertion only if it is related to the article or add value to the content of the page and help our readers.


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