aulpinyWelcome to Aulpiny, a website launched in mid-2018 for everyone interested in sharing or getting knowledge with the world. We allow our readers to write for us and publish their articles on Aulpiny.

This site was found by Aulpiny and it's a team

At we focus on news and latest stuff such as News, entertainment, trend, knowledge, technology, and health and articles related to thinks that you might like to read.

Here is the FAQ for those who are interested:
  • Can I ask you guys a question?

Ans: Sure, you can ask us any kind of question as long as it is not related to Football.
  • Where do you get the idea of writing these articles?

Ans: We get an idea about an interesting topic and when we think that we should share this thing with others we start writing. Many times we get ideas via mail from our readers.
  • Do you sell my personal information?

Ans: No, we don’t and we will never do that. We user cookies for Google Adsense and analytics and that’s it.
  • Will you guys spam on my email if I subscribe?

Ans: Aulpiny will never spam you or will never sell your email address to anyone. You can hit us with a hammer if we do this. The hammer should be at least 5 KG in weight. For details, you can read the full privacy policy here.
  • How can I contact Aulpiny?

Ans: For any suggestions and queries please fill-up the form here.
For any queries related to advertising and sponsored content contact us on our contact form.
  • Can I publish your posts on my blog?

Ans: Sorry, all content on this blog is protected by copyrights and trademarks. You can not republish our posts without our explicit written permission. If you want to quote anything from our website please consider linking it to the original post.
  • Can I translate your Posts?

Ans: Hell yes you can. However, you should link back to the original post and give proper credit.
  • How can I follow Aulpiny?

Ans: you can subscribe to us by entering your Email address by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button at the top of the page. You can also like our Facebook page, or Follow us on Twitter.
  • How can I contribute to Aulpiny?

Ans: we welcome new thoughts and quality writing, you can reach us at publisher page. Aulpiny also allows writing for us, who is interested in publishing its article.   


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