27 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast 2020

Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast
Hi, in this article I have shared the easiest ways you can use to get extra traffic to your website in very less time.

All the ways of getting traffic mentioned in this article are personally tried by me and you can also use these methods of getting the traffic to your pages. You can even double your traffic within days.

1. Find Keywords With High Search Volume And Less Competition

As all the websites get the majority part of there traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, you need to get your website on the top of the search results and if you have a new website then it can be hard to get the traffic from the keyboards with a large competition.

You should write an article targeting long-tail keywords so that your article can easily rank on Google and your website starts getting some traffic.

I will recommend you to go for the long-tail keywords if you have a new website because Google never ranks a new website for the keywords which have very high competition.

Main keywords like "Car" have very high competition and if you will write an article to rank for the tern "Car Insurance" in the search results, it's almost impossible that your article will be going to rank on the first page of Google and you will be getting any traffic, instant if you target the long-tail keywords like "Cheap car insurance in London", there is a better chance that your article will rank with few backlinks.

Longtail keywords get much less traffic but they have very high conversion rate as when some type a long tail keyword they are specific about what they are looking for, as compared to the single words query like "Car", there the intent of the user is not clear and what the searcher wants to know about.

You can use free tools like Ubersuggest and Ahrefs to find the long-tail keywords. Their tool also shows you the SEO difficulty along with the speaker volume and other related terms to those keywords.

2. Guest Post For Traffic

Every new blogger should share guest posts on other websites to get the backlinks, referral traffic, and a larger number of readers for your article.

When you start a new website it can take months before you can get any considerable traffic from Google.

You should read out to the other website which has established authority in your niche and ask them if they can share your article on their website.

Sometimes website owners charge a fee to publish your article on their website but sometimes they can share your article for free on their website. You can read this article to make the user the articles written get published on other websites.

While sharing a guest post on other websites keep the following things in kind.
  1. The website should an authority in the niche.
  2. The website should not be spammy.
  3. Check the domain score of the website.
  4. Share an article that adds values to the publisher's website.
Sharing the test post of the old and very effective way of getting traffic to a new website.

You can get the free backlinks which is good for SEO as this will help in higher rankings and a larger number of readers.

If you share a test post more and more people will be going to search for your and your website and in this way you can build author in your niche.

There are better chances that your website you are writing for can share your article with the email subscriber and on their social media accounts.

3. Use Online Communities To Get Relevant Traffic

There are many online communities you can find or create on the website for free and built loyal readers.

Online Communities are the best place where your targeted audience goes to hang out with another writer on the web.

You can join the Online Communities on platforms like Facebook groups, Reddit, Slack, and Forums. After you have to get accepted in these communities you can share your content with the member and if there will be going to like your content, you can get the get traffic to the site.

After joining the communities and groups please don't promote your articles like insane as this will only result in removal from the community or ban. You should only share the content with is best and have values in it.

4. Use QuoraTo Get Referal Traffics

You must have heard of Quora, it a Q&A website where people go to ask questions, get the answer for there questions, or to write the answer to the question asked by people. Quora is one of the best places on the website to share an answer or ask a question on the web.

You can use Quora to answer the question asked by the user and add the links to your website in the answers.

Not only answer you can write your own article on Quora to share with your follower. If the reader will like your article they can upvote your article so that more and more people can read your article and you can get more views on your article.

It's best to know what people are actually want to know in your niche. You have to just type a keyword and see which question has the maximum views and can write an in-depth article to answer that question.

After that, with title SEO you can rank your article on Google and get consistent traffic to your website.

While writing the article on Quora don't add too many links in your article as this will make your article look spammy in the eyes of the reader and it can also get you to ban from Quora.

5. Use Medium

Medium is not like any other platform on the internet. Their sole purpose is to help you find compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives.

You can create an account on medium and start publishing your article for free.

From there you can get reader and view on your article, you can add the link of your article at the bottom of the page so that when someone finishes reading your article, he/she can visit your website and read more articles on your website.

If you like, you can share the same published article to republish them on medium. You have to just go to your profile > publish > publish from a URL and then type the URL of the article that you want to share on medium.

Meduin can automatically import all the competition from a URL including images and videos.

There are better chances that your article can rank on Google if you publish it via Medium as it has many backlinks and authority on the website and in the eyes of search engines like Google.

You can find other best blogging platforms that you can use to share your article online for free.

6. Start Podcasting To Get Traffic

Nowadays more and more people are listing to the podcasts. About more than 44% of the US population have listened to a podcast. People can listen to podcasts even when they have not time to read an article or watch videos.

If you have equipment like recorders, mike, editing software then you can easily start your own podcast.

You have to just find the content and the guests so that you can interview them and share them on your site. You can check out the list of best podcast hosting website and start your own podcast from now.

After listening to your podcast if people can search for you on Google and this is good for your rankings because Google will et to know that more and more people are search about this person and it will start ranking you're higher in search results and you will get more organic traffic from Google.

7. Use YouTube To Get Traffic

People love to watch videos online and Youtube is the best place to share videos. YouTube is the 2 most popular site on the website after Google. On average a single person spends more than 10 minutes in one session.

You should start your youtube channel day and start sharing the video related to your niche so that more people can find your constant. YouTube video also gets rankings on Google search results.

You can use YouTube to promote your website and redirect views to your website and increase your traffic. You can read the article on YouTube SEO to rank your videos higher and get more views.

You can ask your viewer to visit your website after watching your video to get the complete information about any topic.

If people will be vision after watching your video then it will tell Google that people are want to get the content from that website and they are searching for it.

So, Google will rank your website higher in the search results so that more and more people can easily from your website.

8. InterLink Your Article

An internal link is a type of hyperlink on a web page to another page or resource, such as an image or document, on the same website or domain.

Hyperlinks are considered either "external" or "internal" depending on their target or destination.

You should add at least 5 internal links to your article because it will help the reader to find more relevant content on your site and improve the user experience on your site.

Interlinking your article also helps in SEO as it makes it easier for the crawler to find more and more pages on your website and index them so that they can be ranked in the search results.

By adding internal links to your article you can instantly increase your traffic as readers can jump to the next articles quickly on your site and this will result in increased traffics.

Inserting internal also passes authority to the older pages and you can redirect the traffic to the pages with very little traffic. This will also reduce the bounce rate and increase the engagements with help in ranking.

9. Frequently Update Article

You should update each article on your website after few weeks or months because the information the web is constantly changing with time and if your article containing old and irrelevant information then your article will not be going to rank higher in the search results and this will ultimately result in the less traffic to your site.

Each time your update your article add few hundred words to that article and replace the older stats and figures with newer once. This will keep the content on your website fresh, relevant, and provide a better user experience.

It's much easy and fast to update older content instead of publishing new articles on the website. By updating the older article you can increase your traffic by about 200%.

10. Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing your content means sharing the same content (with few adjustments) on different platforms in different forms like podcasts, videos, infographics, etc. You can get more views if you repurpose your content.

You can publish an article on your website and after that, you can make a video on the same topic and share it on YouTube, recode a podcast and share it on Medium or create an infographic and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

It's better to always repurpose your content for different platforms and test which is better. Sometimes a video is better than a 5000 words long article and sometimes an article is better than a video or podcast. Let's your follower decide in which form they want your content.

11. Use Advertisement To Get Traffic

If you want to get traffic to your website without dining any effort than advertising is the best motion for your as you have to just pay for it and you will start getting the visitors to your website.

The best thing about advertising is that you can get as much traffic you as you want. You can target any age group, and demography, and many more customizations.

If you have a new website and you are using it to publish articles then this option of not stable for you as you will be spending more you can actually make.

But if you are selling your products via the website or using affiliates then this is the best way to get traffic to your website.

You can earn much more by selling a product on your website by getting a commission if you are using affiliate then you will be spending on advertising.

If you are choosing this way to get traffic then sell expansion products or affiliate with the high commission to maximize your profit.

12. Use Social Media To Generate Traffic

Social media is one of the best ways if you want to reach many people for free. If you are sharing an article that people are loving then you can generate thousands of visits from social media and there is the change that your article can get viral in a single day.

You should start leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and all the other major platforms to get free traffic to your site.

To make you your article shareable on social media you have to create longer articles about 3000-4000 words long.

The social shared and the length of the article are directly proportional to each other. Generally, the list post goes viral on social media or articles contain interesting infographics.

As more and more people will be seeing your post on social media they will start following you and then you can get more visitors to your website by sharing articles on your accounts.

13. Do On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the most important and the basic way if you want to get the traffic your website from search engines like Google or Bing.

You can find the article on how to make a website SEO ready. You can also do the following things to do some basic on-page SEO.
  1. Create an attractive title for every article to get a higher CTR in the search result.
  2. Use images, videos, and infographics in your article to engage users.
  3. Make your website load faster.
  4. Add a description of your article.
  5. Optimize your articles for featured snippet.
  6. Use the targeted keywords in the first 100 words of the article.
Every time you publish an article you need to keep On-page SEO in mind. It takes less than 15 minutes and you have to do it I you want the consistent organic traffic to your website.

Without dining On-page you will ruin all the hard work that you have done on creating the article.

14. Publish Longer Article

If you want a large number of organic tricks than you need to publish a longer article that contains more than 3500 words.

This is because Google considers long article better as the long article contains more keywords, more details, and in-depth information.

If you are writing an article on keywords which have very higher search volume and high competition that you have to create an article which is longer and better then all the top 10 article that are already ranking in the search results.

In this way, you can rank for the higher search volume keywords and get more traffic to your site but is you have a new website than you have to wait before you use this way of getting traffic.

You have to first create an in-depth article on the long-tail keywords and one your website starts getting traffic from Google and backlinks from other websites, then you can go for keywords with higher SEO difficulty.

The longer article does not mean you have to always write an article with more than 3500 words when you can explain your points in the 2000 words.

It's mean that your article should better than your competitors in every aspect. You have to decide whether you have to write the 3500 words long article to rank on the top for keywords or you can rank with less than 2000 words.

15. Optimize Images To Get traffic

Google images the seconds most useful element on Google after the Google search.

You should optimize your image for SEO so that they can rank in Google image search and you can get traffic to your website from there. To rank images from your article, you have to do the following things.
  1. Create your own images.
  2. Don't use the same image multiple times on our website.
  3. Add alt text to an image so that Google can better understand the content of the image.
  4. Reduce the size of images.
  5. Pick the best resolution for your images.
After doing these things your images will defiantly go to rank higher in the Google images and when some will see your images, he/she can click on that image to visit your website and read the article on your website.

If you have a website where content is mostly images then you can generate a large amount of traffic to your website by just optimizing the image and by ranking them on Google images.

If someone will be using your image on their website then they will be going to provide you a backlink and this will also be going to help in higher ranking.

16. Make Your Website Fast

Website load speed is the major ranking factor used by Google, if your website takes a long time to load then this will defiantly going to affect your training and traffic of your website.

You have to make your website load faster as much as you can. To make your website faster you can do the following things.
  1. Compress the images before using them in your article or reduce the number of images you are using in each article.
  2. Remove the useless javascript and CSS from your website as it can make your website load much slower.
  3. Use a premium DNS.
  4. Use fewer plugins.
  5. Use the AMP framework to instantly boost the page speed on mobile devices.
After doing these things you can defiantly reduce the load time of your website and rank higher in search results.

You can use it as a free tool by Google know as Google PageSpeed Insights. You have to just past the URL of your website and then click on "Analyze".

Google PageSpeed Insight will give the page speed score and show you the components of your website making your website load slower.

You can use this data to make the necessary changes on your website and recheck the page speed. If your score is more then 70 then you are doing much better then other websites on the web.

17. Build Email List TO Get Traffic

Building an email list id the most effective and widely used method to increase the traffic of a website.

You have collected the email of the visitors on your website and send then an email notification of each article that has been polished on your website so that they can come to your website to read the last article.

By using an email list you can keep your reader updated with the latest articles and even on your website and this will also increase your traffic with time as more and more readers will be going to subscribe for your emails.

You have to provide a reason to the reader so that you can subscribe to your website this can be a free ebook or the giveaways, the choice is yours.

18. Use Web Notification

Web Push Notifications or Browser Notifications are notifications that your website visitors can opt-in to receive to stay updated without installing your app.

These clickable rich content messages can be sent to users' devices by a website or a web app.

Web push notification is the new way to make people subscribe to your website. Any visitor coming to your website can subscribe to your notification with just one click. In this method, you have no need to ask users for their email address.

They can suscbile by just allowing the notification from your website on their browsers. You can send the push notification instantly or customize it as per your requirement.

When you will send a notification for your subscriber for the latest updates they can see the notification in the notification bar on their smartphones or on the right side of their screen if they are visiting your website on a PC.

When someone will click on your notification they will be credited to the URL of the pages you want them to visit.

You can use OneSingal to make visitors subscribe to your website for free and you can send as much as notification as you want.

Web push notifications have a much higher CTR than emails and they are not filtered as spam-like emails.

In my opinion, every website should use the web push notification to increase the traffic by letting people visit their website again and again.

19. Use "Click To Tweet"

You can use click to tweet to make is it convenient for the reader to tweet sentences from your website to their twitter account.

You can add a button to your website so that when someone clicks on that button the preset lines get tweeted on their twitter profile.

You can use click to tweet to easily view and keep track of all links you've created in the past. Create folders to better organize links by project or campaign. Access to edit, view stats and copy your links are all easily accessible.

Update the text of your links at any time. Use a plain-text link or select an image to embed it on your website. Always have your link details up to date.

Select from a variety of designs to embed your Click To Tweet call to action on your website or blog. There are several themes to choose from and more are being added.

By getting the tweets and links of your website tweeted on twitter you can generate traffic to your website and it increases the ranking of your website in the search results because to some extent social signals are users by Google to determine the rankings.

20. Host a Giveaway Contest

You can host a giveaway content on your website and ask your reader to take part in it.

You can set the condition like they have to share your website on their social media profiles to get the extra points and ask their friends to tale part in this content.

In this way, you can generate social share which will ultimately result in the traffic to your website and more follower.

21. Merge Similar Posts

You can merge all the similar posts to create an awesome and much more informative post. I have done this experiment with some articles on my website and it wired very well for me.

You can compile all the older posts which are not getting that much traffic or getting no traffic from the last few months.

After that, you can take the content from all those articles as creating a new article which will behave all the useful information taken for other articles.

This will result in a longer and in-depth article which will definitely go to rank well on Google. I have done this on my website any time and I have seen the positive results. One example is the article on the "Smartphone Security Tips" which is available on this website.

You can search for the term "Smartphone Security Tips" and my article on the first page of Google.

What I did was, I took two articles one on the "how to protect your smartphone" and another one was on the same topic.

Individually both the articles were getting almost no organic traffic so I decided to combine both the article and create a new article with the content of the update.

Now, you can see that article is ranking on the first page of Google and shortly it will be praying in the featured snippet, not in the 0th position.

22. Use Catchy Blog Post Title For Better CTR

A catchy blog title is the most important thing that you need to do to get a higher CTR in the search results and if your articles will be getting higher CTR your ranking will definitely going to improve and ultimately you will be getting more traffic to your website.

According to a study, only 2 out of 10 people will go to read the title of the article and then clicking on a link to visit your website to read the article. You can do the following things to make optimize the title for higher CTR.
  1. Key title short about 50-60 words long.
  2. Add numbers and figures in the title.
  3. Add the current month or years.
  4. Add the targeted keyword at the starting of the title.
  5. Use phrases like how-to, top, best, latest, etc.
These are the best ways you can use to increase your CTR. An interesting heading (h1) if not only helps in the more clicks in the search results but it also generates more click when the article is shared on the other platform like social media.

23. Use Beautiful Theme To Get Traffic

Using it's clean and beautiful doesn't directly help in getting more traffic from Google to higher ranking but it improves the user experience.

Good user experience means the reader will be going to stay for longer on your site and they will be going to read more articles on your site, they can even share your article with there friends.

All this will be going to result in higher traffic. Also, Google uses the user's experience as it's ranking factor.

If people are visiting your site via Google and they are quickly leaving your website then this will tell Google then users are unhappy with that website or the constant the website and eventually, your ranking will be going to drop.

You can avoid using elements like popups and too many ads on your website as this can be annoying for your reader and distract then when they are reading your article.

Autoplay videos are one of the most annoying things for user please stop using them on your website. You should ask your visitor whether they want to watch a video or not.

24. Use SSL For Your Website

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption-based Internet security protocol. It was first developed by Netscape in 1995 to ensure privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. SSL is the predecessor to the modern TLS encryption used today.

You should get SSL certification for your website or use https for your website as this will make the user feel safe while surfing your website.

Google uses SSL as it's ranking factor and this is the reason you rarely see a website in the 1st position in the search results with HTTP they are always https.

Getting an SSL certification is very easy and quick. For this you can use a free service like Cloudflare to get an https for your website instantly and improve your ranking in the search results, this will ultimately going help in generating more traffic to your site.

25. Add Video In Post To Get More Traffic

If you are writing a how-to article then adding a video in your article can help you in getting a higher ranking in the search results and video from your article can also rank on Google video and user click on your video to visit your website to watch the video and read the article.

You can even get the video in the featured snippet and generate the maximum traffic to your site. If it's hard for you to make a video related to your article you can use Youtube videos in your article.

Just video youtube > Find the perfect video you can add in your article > Copy the embedded code and then paste that code in your article. That's all.

If you like you can create your own video and lead then to Youtube or any other video sharing platform and then embed the video to your article. This will help you more views from another platform also.

26. Use Infographics To Get Backlinks

You can create infographics on your own and add them to your article so that whenever someone uses your infographic on their website you can get a backlink and the referral traffic to your original article.

You can use free tools like Canva and Piktochart to easily create infographics with amazing tools for your website.

You use the free version if you have a new website as there are all the necessary features available in the free version also that you need to create informatic infographics.

You can Google reverse image search to find which website has used your infographics on their website and see that is they have provided the backlink to you or not.

If not, then you can email them and ask them to like back to your original article. This is one of the easier and effective ways to get backlinks for free.

27. Response To The Comments

You should add the comment section to your website if you are not already using it because by adding comments to your website you can increase the engagements on your articles and it will help you in getting a higher ranking in the search results.

And if you already using the comments on your website then you should respond to each and every comment posted by anyone because this will make the reader comment more and more on your article they can engage better with your content.

By using the comments you can know what people are liking about your site and what they are not and use can use their feedback to make the necessary change in your site so that you can increase traffic your website.

These are some of the best ways you can use to generate traffic to your website for free and quickly I have tried my best to create this article but if you have something to add to this article you can tell me in the comments and you can also share any other way of getting traffic to the website than I have not mentioned in this article so that we can make this article more and more helpful.




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