13+ Common Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Common Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid
Hi, in this article we will be discussing about some of the most common mistakes made by the new bloggers. You can make these mistakes too when starting a new website or blog.

You should always try to avoid these mistakes because in the end, by making these mistakes you will be going to waste your time and money. Let's discuss what are mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Using a free Domain

Many bloggers start thereby using free domains like Blogspot, Wordpress, six and many other free domains provides. 

Using free domains can be good if you want to get an idea about blogging and how it works but it's not good if you want to do a long term blogging.

There are many disadvantages of using free Domains, Removal of the content, and SEO unfriendliness is two major factors. If you are using a free domain then the platform who is providing the free domain has the right to delete your content anytime.

Also, using a free domain is not google for SEO. Generally, the content available on the platform with free domains does not rank well on search engines which results are very less or traffic.

Using a custom for your website tells that you are serious about blogging and you are investing time and money in your content and website. Custome doing also ranks higher in the search results and get more traffic from search engines.

You can try this by making a search on Google and then see how many websites are ranking on the first page of google with the free domains like Blogspot and Wix.

You can buy your first custom domain from domain registrars like Google Domin, Godaddy, and Namecheap.

Buying custom domains for your website also ensures the security of the URL for your website. You should buy a domain as soon as possible before someone else buy your desired domain.

If you are using a free domain like Blogspot or Wordpress then it's going to very thought to monetize your blogs with absence or any other advertising services for the publisher.

Website using the free domain does help in building trust with your readers as the free website looks like may and ready are less interested in that kind of website.

Also, free domains are very long and hard to remember, which can make it difficult for some to type your website's URL on the search bar.

2. Not Choosing a Good Hosting

The second most command mistakes that blogger makes is choosing a bad hosting for there website. A bad showing does not provide the basic feature and it can make it frustrating for you to deal with technical issues on your site.

Generally, cheap hosting has very poor customer service and there is very little that you can customize as per your requirement.

A  free hoster doesn't provide a fast loading speed to your website which will be going to make your website load slower and this will result in the higher bounce rate and less traffic.

You can use hosting by Hostinger or Bluehost which provide a very useful feature and good customer service at less price.

HostGator is the most reliable service provider. Powerful hosting features and proactive customer support make it eat the competition.

It’s always been a wise decision for me to choose HostGator as a companion in my online business journey.

The paid hosting also proves the technical support and backup for free so that you can manage your website and the content easily. Also, it makes your website faster and improves performance.

3. Use A Free Theme Or Poor Design

You should avoid using free themes for your website as you can't fully customize your theme. The free themes don't help much is ranking your website on Google or Bing

By using a premier theme for your website you can make your website look clean and beautiful. Premium also provide a useful feature like customization and AMP, that help in increasing the website load speed.

Premium themes are responsible and due to this they look perfect on all the screen sizes and make your website mobile-friendly.

Google also uses the mobile-friendliness of a website as it's ranking factor and if your website looks good on the desktops but it looks horrible on the smartphone device that your website is not going to rank that much higher in the search results.

So, using a premium then good for user experience and it also helps in rankings.

If you are using the free theme on your website then there are chances that the same theme is used by many other websites but by using a premium theme for your website you can make your website distinguishable from others and make your website design unique.

4. Not Capturing Leads On Your Blog

When you start a new blog it is obvious that it will be getting very little traffic in the beginning. So, you should try to capture lead as much as possible. 

You can make people buy stuff from your website or capture their email address so that you can email them whenever a new blog [ost id published on your website.

In this way you can convert your reader to subscribers are buyers. An email subscriber is very important if you have a new website because your website will get very little traffic from Google and this means only a few people will reading your article. 

By making your reader subscribe to your email newsletter you can make them keep on coming to your website and generate traffic your new website and build trust with your reader.

There are two ways you can due to converting your reader unsubscribed, one is by email and another is by web push notification.

Collection email is the most used method on the website but making your reader subscribe to push notification is very easy and fast.

If readers will enable the notification for your website in their browser, you can send a direct notification to their device and when they will go to click on the notification, your website will be opened.

If you want to use the web push notification on your website then are much best push notification service provides you can use to add this feature to your website for free. OneSignal is one of the best tools you can use and it free to use.

5. Not Narrowing Down Your Niche Enough

If you have created a blog for the first time then you might be writing articles on any topic you think you can write about. Believe me, this will not be going to work in the long run.

You have to pick a niche for your website and write articles only about that particular topic. If you are publishing the article read to food and pets on the same website then an article on from your website will not be going to rank on Google.

This is because Google does not like to rank a website that shares articles related to different topics. 

You need to pick a particular topic in which you are an expert and you can write consciously about those topics. If you want to know more than one topic that you can create multiple websites.

By making different websites for different topic you can increase the traffic and this will also going to increase the conversion rate as peoples related to a particular topic will be visiting your website. And it will be easy for you to recommend products to buy.

While picking a niche for your website you need to keep in mind that the niche is profitable and it can be monetized easily.

If you are writing about the topic that no one wants to read or there are very less advertiser who wants to show their ad on your website then you will be waiting for your time and money.

6. Focusing On Quantity Instead of Quality

Many newbies blogger generally focusses on generating more and more number of blog posts and video without pricing and value to the reader. 

It's right that you need to consistent in creating content for your website so that when people visit that can find new content on your website and the same is for the search engines. But focusing only on quality will not good for the long term. 

It can take some time to create content for the website and sometimes it can take a week to create a single blogs post but if your article is investing your time and money in creating the content for your website then it's okay if it takes time because at the end you will be proving the value to your reader.

It's not necessary that you have to publish an article every day to get the traffic to your website.

It's okay if you publish one article every one or two weeks because if the article contains the information which is valuable the this single lost can generate thousands of visitors to your website.

If you have a new website then you should try to produce as much as content you can but you should also keep the quality in mind because if you are generating the pieces of constant that no one is linking and sharing then this will going to tell Google than the users are unhappy with the content on the site and in this way you will not be going to get much organic traffic.

7. Copying Content 

I have done this mistake when I have start years ago but soonly I understood that it's not going to work if I need want to keep blogging for long. 

It's totally useless to copy content from other sources and then publishing it on your website.

If you're copying content from another website then it's only a waste of times and it also shows that you are not serious about blogging.

If you want success than you have created your own unique and original content for your website. In this way, you can build a better relationship with your reader and rank your website on Google.

Copying content from other sources only makes your website look spammy for Google because the search engine like Google is perfect in finding the pilgrimage content on the web and you can never rank your website with copied content. 

Taking content from other websites and then publishing it on your website can also result in copyright infringement and you can lose your website along with all the content.

Google permanently ban the website with repeated copyright infringements. If you like you can hire a content writer but copying from other websites is not a good idea.

You should also avoid using the free content-generating tool for your website because Google knows everything and you can fool google when it comes to content originality.

8. Using Free Tools For Backlink

Every blogger know that backlink is very important if someone wants to rank higher in the search results and sue to this some new blogger think that by using free tools for building backlink to their website can work for them.

But believe me, this will only be going to negatively affect the training of your website and in the extreme case, Google can ban your website from ranking in the search results.

You should strictly avoid using tools for creating backlinks because their tools provide a backlink from random websites and forms.

Google can easily identify the backlinks create to manipulate the ranking of a website in the search results.

If you want to get the backlink for your website then you can directly email the website owner and ask them if they can link to your articles and website. This is the best way to get the backlinks for your website.

For Google, the number of backlinks doesn't matter at all. Sometimes getting 1 backlink fro the authoritative website is better than getting 100 backings from the spammy websites or unrelated websites.

And if you are getting a backlink from the spammy website or from the websites which are not related to your niche then this will not be going to help in better rakings instead this can negatively affect your rank and in some cases, Google can ban your website. 

9. Using Too Many Plugins

If you are using Wordpress to manage your website then you must be familiar with the plugs. 

You can find a plugin on Wordpress for everything and due to this many new bloggers add a large number of plugins to their website to make their website perform better.

But adding too many plugins can increase the page load time make your website slower. Also, using random plugins for your website can result in issues related to security.

10. Not Optimizing Your Content For SEO

If you are starting a new website then the majority portion of the traffic that your website will be getting if from a search engine like Google so it was important to make optimize your website for search engine and your website higher in the search results.

You can rank your website in the search engines by learning about SEO. You can get free and consistent traffic from Google with title SEO.

If you are using Wordpress then you can Yoast SEO plugin and it will do the majority SEO for your website.

If you want to learn more about SEO and how you can make your website SEO ready then you can read the article then I have written on your website In that article I have tied my best to explain basics of SEO and how to your make you new website SEO ready and get traffic from Google.

11. Not Using Provocative Headlines

After writing an article it can take few weeks for your article to rank on Google if you have a new webisye and then Google will test the performance of your articles in the search results and if your article will get more click then any other website in the search result than this will be going to tell Google that people are loving the content on your website and Google will rank your website higher in the search result so that more and more people can find you website.

To get more click or higher CTR in the search results you have to optimize your title and description so that when some make a search he can related his query to your website and then click on your listing and visit your website.

I have seen many newbie bloggers make a big mistake by not optimizing the title and description of there blogposts.

By making some little changes like adding numbers, figures, and current years you can increase your CTR and get more traffic to your website with creating content.

12. Not Engaging Your Reader

Engagement of users is very important if you want the long term success and want to convert your reader on to the buyer. 

If people are not engaging with your content then and leaving your website in less than a minute then this sends a signal to Google that people are not hayed with the content on the site and ultimately the ranking will going to drop.

If you have a new website then you have to engage your reader with your content so that they can be on reading more and more articles on your website.

For this, you can add the internal link and add the social share icon to your website so that users can easily share your article on social media and you can get more traffic.

Page speed and the advertisement on your website are also a major factor. If your website takes more then 3 seconds to load then you will lose the majority part of the organic traffic to your website.

Too many distracting advertisements and popups are the worst things thing that you can do with your reader.

13. Not Promoting Your Blog Content

According to Neil Patel who is an SEO expert and digital marketer, you need to spend 20% of your time in creating content and 80% time in promoting your content or service. 

If you have a new website then you can send 70% of your time in creating content and 30% percent of the time in promoting your content.

Because if you have a new website and you are continuously producing content for your website but only a few people on the web know that your website exists so you need to promote your website as much as you can in the beginning so that people can see the type on content billable on your site.

If you can generate traffic to your website in the beginning by promoting your website then this will tell Google than the people are actually searching and visiting this site and it must contain useful content.

Ultimately, Google will be going to start ranking your website in the reader's results in lesser time.

14. Targeting Main Keywords

If you are publishing articles on a new website that you should always focus and try to rank for the long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords are easy to rank and convert very well. 

With a new website will very little monthly traffic and with no backing, you can rank your article for main keywords with high search volume.

Tying to rank for long-tail keywords is the best practice for the new blogger because Google will never go to rank your website for the keywords with high search volume and high competition if you have a new website.

By using long-tail keywords you can rank your website easily the search results and get some traffic from Google.

This will help in provide the data to Google which it can use to determining the user experience on your website.

Now, it's time to end the article here. we have tried our best to list all the common mistakes that new blogger makes. You should avoid making these mistakes and try to fix them as soon as possible.

You can share which point you liked the most and you can also share your experience or suggest any point that we should add in this article in the comments. If you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comments.


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