Top 37 Yoga Apps And Site To Help You Practice Yoga For Free 2020

Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best apps and websites to learn yoga for free.

For any activity that involves science, it is always better to be guided by a mentor or a teacher. Yoga too is not different from it.

Some numerous apps and websites claim to be best in this domain, however, if we scrutinize it closer, we may find that many of them are just developed for advertising many products without any real content.

Here, our team has carefully gone through many websites and apps which are available on the internet today and has come up with a list of best apps and websites that provide you the best of the Service concerning teaching and guiding yoga.

This assorted list will save you a lot of time and money.

 Links to different websites have been provided below their respective briefings and also the corresponding ratings of apps on Google Play store.

It is to be noted that the serial numbers as shown do not account for the ranking of these websites and Apps.

1. Yoga for Beginners

‘Rome was not built in a day’. Just aspiring for an abundance of health will not make it true unless we are prepared to convert those ideas into actions.

And quite often, the great achievements had begun with very small steps at first.

Here is an yoga app for those beginners, who are interested to follow this path of healthy living. Starting from simple exercises, one can eventually master the art through constant practice and dedication.

Instructions are precise and up to the point making it clear and crisp for beginners so that they are not carried away and get confused by the sophisticated postures that one may come across later.

You should read the article on the best health blogs and websites to get the latest article and news related to health.

2. Simply Yoga Site

Through this yoga app you can avail a personal instructor. The yoga app contains a 20, 40, and 60 minute Yoga routine and guides you through the process.

Each pose can be seen as demonstrated by a certified trainer. Its features include audio and video instructions of more than 30 different poses.

Three predefined routines have been given and the user can choose one among them. On the full version, the users will have the opportunity to customize their routines.

3. Yoga Tools From Sadhguru

Sadhguru is a personality from India who is engaged in the propagation of Yoga since the start of the new millennium.

His Isha Foundation has a campus that sprawls across hundreds of acres at the foothills of Western Ghats of India.

He is also providing online Yoga classes through his specialized programs like ‘inner engineering’.

The distinctive feature of this yoga app is that it provides a five-minute workout so that people can follow it within their constraints of time and space.

4. Finessyoga Site

You will have the opportunity to go through a lot of stuff regarding the nuances of yogic practice through this yoga site.

They are also providing instructions on special asanas for particular health ailments like joint pain, thyroid problems, etc that are now more rampant in men and women above 30 years of age.

Finessyoga also offers an online shop that has various articles that helps you to practice yoga with ease.

The yoga site blog is also filled with write-ups that shed light on the philosophy and science of yoga.

5. Spiritvoyage

A special yoga site that renders you the information on Kundalini Yoga, which is deemed to be of immense value for those who are in search of higher echelons of knowledge. They also provide E-books that instruct on the details of the course.

Meditation is the main focus area of this type of Yoga and is generally recommended for those who have already been into asanas and courses on Hatha yoga before.

6. Yogamint Yoga Site

For those who are looking to improve their mental wellbeing, Yogamint is the right destination. It was created by Hari Bhajan and has tried to incorporate the teachings of Sikhism in Yoga.

Through musings and bhajans (recitals. they have developed a unique way to give a surreal experience to its followers.

7. Gaia Yoga Site

Like the name Gaia, it amuses the one who visits their yoga site through its display of a variety of services ranging from normal yoga instruction videos and articles to big events, documentaries, and even films related to yoga.

 A special feature of this yoga site is that they provide audio mediations with a prior time setting and also specific yoga workouts with a whole description of particular benefits that follow from those workouts.

This yoga site avails to deepen your cognizance, mind, and spirit so that an individual can reach the caliber of consciousness.

This yoga site avails you in reaching the caliber of supreme gratification through learned and multifarious tutors who avail to steady the wavering mind.

The practice of yoga enriches a human being to have his mind liberate from worldly detachment and desires.

All types of videos can be visually examined through electronic contrivances. Every tutorial ranges from a duration of 5 minutes to 90 minutes.

8. Abellayoga

Abellayoga is unique in its method as the team has traveled across the US to teach yoga to their clients.

It was started by Melody Abella, who has achieved a considerable feat by now in teaching yoga for both corporate and private clients.

She has created novel types such as chair yoga, prenatal yoga which suits well to particular clients who face difficulty in exercising because of their temporary or permanent disability.

9. Joywheel Yoga

Compass yoga rests on the pillars of ‘Breath’, ‘Balance’, and ‘be’. It is designed in such a way that it enhances our wellness with respect to mind, body, and spirit.

This integrated paid course starts at 240USD and spans for around 12 weeks, during the course of which, you learn about different techniques to maximize your effort and effectiveness of yoga.

10. Daily Yoga 

One of the best apps intended to provide an overall guide to master the ancient science of Yoga. Leveraging on the technology, the yoga app developers have focused on making Yoga as simple as it is.

This application covers all essential features through which an individual can learn various poses of yoga. This application has a feature of more than 50 work out plans which can be availed by an individual.

The yoga app offers around 500 plus asanas and guided meditation sessions in addition to an exclusive yoga pose library that suits everyone ranging from beginners to masters.

It also provides exclusive guided classes for beginners who have not yet delved into greater depths of Yoga.

11. Pocket Yoga App

This application has more than 200 images and other notable features that guide an individual in learning videos through a yoga teacher in the form of a mobile yoga app in your pocket. The facility of voice messages is also being given.

The yoga app provides you a personal yoga instructor which can be availed at any time according to your needs and specificities.

The instructor will guide you through your entire session and you are also provided with a pose dictionary that explains in detail the correct posture, alignment, and benefits accruing to each pose.

You can also maintain a log to track your progress. The yoga app has also been listed among the “15 Best Beauty Apps” by Instyle and has been featured as one of the “10 great mobile health apps” by CNN.

12. Yoga Studio Yoga App

You can learn and master in Yoga with the help of this yoga app, which also has an accolade of being featured in Google Play’s best apps.

A free 2-week trial is being offered by the team and is considered as user friendly as well as innovative in its approach as it has created a novel idea of incorporating Hip Hop in Yoga to make it more interesting and approachable.

13. Down Dog Yoga App

With around 1 million-plus download, Yoga Down Dog is one of the highest-rated apps on Google Play.

This yoga app is being concretely designed for all individuals who want to learn yoga.

This application provides an individual with a facility of learning preclusive stage of yoga for a period of 3 days, This has a feature of over 30000 configurations which makes it’s very unique.

All those who want to utilize the paid accommodation can avail by paying a nominal amount and they get the facility of learning from seven instructors and 12 wide areas.

It has been reviewed by thousands of clients across the globe and almost all of them have very high praises for the developers and designers of this particular yoga app.

Users can choose their difficulty level according to their suitability and it creates a new sequence each time a user practices the session.

The premium customers can focus on an area and can concentrate their energies into mastering that particular area by opting for customized sessions and more verbal instructions.

14. Find What Feels Good

This classic yoga site provides you a free 1-week trial and its services include an exclusive guide for Yoga and meditation with its unique feature being a program called ‘Empower’ which spans for 30 days.

The yoga site team also has an online shop where you can avail accessories and cool stuff related to Yoga and other allied streams.

15. Asana Rebel: Home Workouts

The yoga app focuses on healthy living and is apt for anyone who aspires to reduce their body weight and a corresponding increase in their overall fitness.

Developers of this yoga app have taken care to touch almost all the aspects of improving one’s overall vitality and health by integrating modern-day cardio exercises into Yoga.

It provides you a window of more than 100 workouts designed by Yoga and fitness experts. Check out the article on the best fitness blogs and websites to stay fit.

 One distinguishing feature of this yoga app is that it is available in 6 different languages so that language does not stand as a barrier in your progress towards healthy living.

16. Keep Yoga App

One of the best-rated apps in the health and lifestyle category. Different levels of Yoga sessions are rendered and can be availed at the timing of your choice.

Each session is designed in such a way that the user can optimize their efforts by opting for a particular segment like that of beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

The guided meditation under professionals helps you to relax and manage the stress issues that were associated with your hectic lifestyle. It also eases the sleep issues like insomnia that is on the rise across the globe.

17. 5 Minute Yoga

For those who are super busy with their daily activities and for those who are always on move, 5 Minute Yoga comes to their help.

Its sessions are designed to provide you the best of Yoga within this short time.

These power-packed yoga sessions provide you a quick solution to balance your bodily functions and keep you in track of a healthy lifestyle if you are willing to spare at least 5 minutes from your daily lives.

18. Yoga-Poses & Classes

In addition to the basic and advanced courses that are being provided by other apps, here you find a collection of sounds and melodies to create the needed ambiance and atmosphere which helps one to reduce stress and relax for the time being.

 Leveraging on the positive vibrations you can drift through the sessions with much ease. The certified yoga experts have designed more than 20 unique yoga classes which are intended to benefit users of all kind.

19. Yoga 108

The Sanskrit language belongs to the Indo-European family and a great number of treatises and texts of ancient wisdom are compiled in Sanskrit.

This yoga app not only helps you to learn asanas but also to pronounce the names in Sanskrit. The audio can be played at any pace so that it can be understood properly.

The graphical representation of poses has been given along with general Sanskrit prayers. The yoga app is also characterized by the definitions it provided for 8 limbs of Yoga which is a holistic approach that assures a person to move into higher planes of spiritual living.

The multi-lingual option is also there as the user may search for poses in both English and Sanskrit.

20. Alo Moves

World-class instructors perform around 2500 tutorials on Alo Moves and can be availed by anyone who wants to master the skills and techniques to advance the yoga practice.

It makes you sweat at the same time helping you to connect your mind and body.

New classes are added weekly to keep you afresh amidst the repetitive sessions that you come across on this journey. You can access the classes in both on and offline through multiple devices.

A 14-day free trial is also provided to allay the apprehensions regarding the yoga app.

21. Bulldog Online Yoga App

It’s a great content-rich yoga app, which has a chrome cast functionality that allows you to play the content on digital television.

It offers a whole range of services from streaming basic yoga classes to advanced sessions that are designed to improve your cardio and core strength.

It is suited for homemakers to working professionals and is the preferred choice of many yoga enthusiasts who want to keep their body and health in shape and balance.

22. Yoga Wakeup

What if you are guided by the start of the day itself? Here is something like a bed tea that reaches you at your bed.

Wakeup Yoga provides you an easy 10-minute audio-guided exercise that you can indulge in instead of spending your first few minutes in social media or scrolling down through the news that is mostly negative.

By starting off your day by doing some positive activity, you will find the change in yourself within a few days.

You will be happier and healthier than what it used to be. Accompanied by soothing music the yoga app helps to get the best version of you.

23. Wave Yoga + Living

You can schedule your classes and can participate in their ongoing promotions and workshops, along with checking out their studio’s location to visit them personally if you want to.

You can optimize your time and effort according to your convenience by informing the trainers about the details. It is one of the recently established Apps in the health and fitness category.

24. Yoga Go: Train at Home

The yoga app is equipped with customized fitness and weight loss plans, in addition to a meal tracker provision.

You will be able to cut down your calorie intake and can effectively burn up to 200 calories per session.

A yoga timer helps you to start wherever you are at the moment. It is definitely a reliable source of simple and effective home-based solutions for your ailing health.

25. Yoga Workout App

It is been seen that many who practice yoga do not know about the correct posture they are ought to maintain while doing yoga. And thus the results get contrary to our expectations and can even end up doing more harm than good. Here comes the solution.

An exclusive feature of this particular yoga app is their 3D videos, which will make you understand the correct posture with respect to angles and movements that one should maintain thorough and clear.

Another plus point is that it is a free yoga app and there are no locked features. You will be able to track and check your BMI to make required changes in your lifestyle habits.

26. Divya yoga

This organization came into subsistence by a divine saint and revered Guru Kripalu Ji Maharaj in 1932. This is one of the best websites through which crores of people have been benefitted.

Various types of videos, instructional materials are being exhibited on this particular yoga site which was being initiated to uphold the archaic tradition of Indian society.

This yoga site presents videos by Swami Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krushna who are regarded as acclaimed Yog expert gurus ecumenical. Pranayama is in a second stage.

Joshi mentions the designation of pranayama, as the yogic breathing process by which “Prana" made silent.

Yogadarśana is conceived in the form of sūtra-s or aphorisms. Sūtra-s are kindred scientific formulas, in which maximum cognizance is condensed and packed in minimal words.

In the absence of inscribed texts, perhaps it was essential and prudent to develop philosophy through that Medium from sūtra-s.

Sūtra-s made it more facile for aspirants to memorize them without the peril of thinning, contamination or alternation generations to follow. The aspirants and seekers are consequently obliged at and muse on them to decipher their correct designation.

It is consequently not surprising that numerous comments have been inscribed to this day to expound what Patañjali packaged in just 195 sūtra-s.

27. Do Yoga With Me

This yoga site avails to learn yoga through experienced and learned tutors and it is being rendering service   since 2008.

This yoga site has been incorporated with a particular mission of availing an individual to stay disease-free and enhearten them to develop a good society.

They believe in offering high-quality accommodation to an individual through professionalism and a value-predicated approach.

They optate to impart  the erudition and power of yoga so that   human beings  realize its full consequentiality and  consequentiality for the betterment of the mundane people.

Various types of products are being offered out of which half of the programme is almost free. An individual can sign up for free membership if he or she wants.

If an individual wants to be a subscriber for a long period of time then he or she has to pay$10 per month or rupees 99 per month in order to avail all types of videos, programs and others.

The products include “yoga classes, yoga programs, yoga challenges, guided meditations, peak pose challenges, a private facebook group “

28. Yoga Meditation Home

This particular yoga site caters to the desideratum of the society concretely to yogis, students, and edifiers ecumenical.

This is a community where an individual can access videos and programs which are being relegated on the calibre of arduousness, its keywords, and the execution of yoga.

The viewers can withal preserve the videos which can be visually examined later on.

Every registered user can utilize this particular yoga site to make friends ecumenical, share, and upload videos among the registered members in the yome community.

This platform provides an opportunity for yoga edifiers across the globe to upload their videos so that participants can be benefitted from sizably voluminous numbers.

29. Yogi Approved

This yoga site is being concretely designed for yoga learners across all globe to enrich their cognizance through practicing and mastering yoga.

They do have a wide range of yoga classes that are being rendered for all types of customers so that they can avail of this opportunity of learning from the top instructors hailing from sundry countries.

An individual can access to a wide range of videos being uploaded on this particular yoga site. It has taken one more initiative in planting trees after a yoga class gets over.

30. Grokker

This is the best practice when one intends to have yoga as a customary routine practice. This platform provides an opportunity to learn yoga and its sundry methods and techniques through high-quality videos offered by yoga tutors.

An individual gets the benefit of availing yoga every now and then when authoritatively mandated.

Besides these, they can withal avail other exercises like cardio, weight control dancing, and others. This yoga site withal exhorts you about your fooding habit through a cooking channel video.

It avails in managing your alimentation level along with a congruous diet which is highly essential in meeting the requisite component of a salubrious lifestyle.

31. Yoga International

This is the world’s most diversifiable yoga yoga site where one can learn multifarious techniques of yoga, cogitation, and others through the connection of 500 plus yoga expert edifiers.

The classes are being taken by widely acclaimed yoga gurus who are highly adept, erudite, and commiserate.

The products offered by these websites are a ying-yang fusion class, autism spectrum disorder, rediscover the frolic in yoga, how to make tranquility, intro to ashtanga, the connected body, etc.

There are sundry types of programs being scheduled for a particular customer.

A 14-day exercise is being held to develop the muscle body and to make an individual physically vigorous.“Peak Pose Challenge” is being carried out to develop the physical fitness which is conventionally 45 to 60 mints duration in a particular  day.

32. Yoga Journal

This is one of the pioneer websites in learning yoga which has been in for more than 40 years. It was being founded by the California yoga edifier’s sodality in 1975.

This yoga site offers sundry instructional videos, poses, programs, and other unique features which makes it highly popular.

This yoga site is categorically designed for incipient and old learners through sundry productive enrichment videos and others which make it a very vigorous brand in this type of holistic approach.

This yoga site has been acclaimed to be one of the top performers ecumenical.

33. Omstars

This yoga site is regarded as “Netflix for Yogis” where sundry methods are being incorporated to train and learn yoga for the neophytes and those who are in this activity for some years.

This organization firmly believes that yoga alone can transmute this particular world.

This organization has come into subsistence to alleviate penuriousness ecumenically.It mainly fixates on children and women and all those who hail from the poorer section of the society.

This organization has no profit motive intention rather the amount which is being procured is being spent for the upliftment of the society.

34. Yoga Today

This yoga site offers an incipient class every weekend which is the unique feature of this organization. It avails the society by fostering excellent conceptions and programs through sundry instructional videos and programs. Every program is being designed in order to meet the desiderata of the customers through innovative poses, videos, pilates, and others.

35. Yoga Vibes

This is one of the yoga site which have been designed for learners worldwide .They can avail the facility of learning from the highly experienced teachers and gurus .An individual can purchase the same videos of online classes by paying some amount.

36. Yoga Daily Fitness Yoga App

This application is being designed for all those human beings who are cost conscious. This is a simple application through which videos, programs and other activities can be watched freely .An individual can also access to 30 day programme to learn yoga and others.

37. GLO

This is one of the best applications for all those users who want to pull and stretch their muscles. This yoga site is being specifically designed for all those who want to maximize the application and the period ranges from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

A small example is the reported rise in type 2 diabetes and obesity across the nations and has been recognized as a serious health issue of concern by the World Health Organization.

These apps and websites are intended to resolve many of the ailments that mankind is facing now due to changed lifestyle habits and socio-economic conditions.

Leveraging upon the technology that was created at the start of this millennium, these Apps and websites provide a service to free up mankind from the non-communicable disease burden he has carried along since the time of the industrial revolution.




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