Top 25 Sports Websites and Blogs To Follow 2020

Sports Websites and Blogs To Follow
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best sports websites and blogs. Sport is one of those things that you cannot see a single person who is not interested in it. Whether he/she not play or not professional in it but they definitely love to watch it. In this, sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Golf and Olympics games.

Nowadays every sport is being an essential part of human life and every person wants to be a fit physically as well as mentally. A sport gives us both of this and we can see every sport has a person who is best in it.

Because of this, there are lots of blogs or articles available on the internet related to sports. There are many sports website s related to this and somewhere they are directly or indirectly involved in sports.

Here we help you out to find out a suitable sports website for your sport need whether you are interested in the latest sports news or you may want to know just a score of a match or you might want to attend a live match!!.

Even if you are a sports person you can get sites for your sports-related shopping also which includes various sports gear, clothing, and accessories.

Last but not the least, this article will provide you various sports website s that provide you fitness mantra, yoga mates, many other devices.

This helps to improve your health and you will stay fit. We have included the best sports website s here. Which are reliable and trusted whether you want to buy sports gear or you want the latest news.


On the top list of our first sports website is this which is very popular and has lots of traffic daily.

This is a sports website for sports news coverage, scores, highlights, and commentary for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, Basketball and Cricket, and many more.

Also, you can see live matches, scores, and all updates about upcoming matches as well. Espn sports website also has a user-friendly mobile app so that you can easily access all this stuff.

2. Marca

This sports website is for sports like Basketball, Soccer, and Football. Where you can read each news related to all this. Also, news of a sports-person who play these sports.

Sometimes, you can also read local news of some countries where you belong from by choosing your country name. Marca is the best sports website for sports news lovers.

3. Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo gives you all the sports information and the latest news about Football clubs, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, Cricket, Motorsports, Horse racing, Cycling, etc.

And add-on to this, from this sports website you can buy tickets for every match. For tickets, this sports website redirects you to SeatGeek.

Also, yahoo provides you videos of all the sports which includes highlights of matches.
Yahoo also has a store that gives you various clothing and accessories related to sports and also team-related jerseys.

4. 247 Sports

This sports website is for 24x7 news related to NCAAF, FB REC which is a baseball sports club.

NCAAB, BB REC which is basketball teams.  If you want to know any information related to this and their team or team members you can visit this site.

All the time this sports blog gives you the latest news of the above sports and clubs.

5. NFL

NFL stands for National football league. This sports website is made especially for National football games.

NFL gives you the latest update about football leagues which includes various News, Records of players, Records of teams, Players of teams, Live scores of matches shown, Live streaming of matches.

On this website, you can also visit their NFL shop where you can buy Various T-shirts for every football team (To support your favorite team!!), Jerseys, Sweatshirts for your fitness needs, Hats for all football teams and also shoes.

6. Bleacher Report

This sports website is giving you news related to NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, WWE and Golf, Tennis, etc.

BR also provides an app(download from the app store) from which you can easily get updates about all the sports leagues mentioned above which includes the Latest News, Live scores, Videos of leagues.

BR also has a BR shop. Where all sports gear is available for you to buy.

There are various collections on it. Bleacher Report is helpful when you want to know about these big sports tournaments which are mentioned above and you enjoy it on this sports blog or app.


CBS is an American sports news sports website featuring various news, videos, and fantasy sports games. Like WWE, NHL, MMA, WNBA, BIG3, and main fantasy of the world OLYMPICS.

There is another thing is that where you make your own team by selecting your favorite players and make a prediction if your prediction goes right then you can earn money.

There is also a shop where you can buy all things related to sports and it is available for Men, Women, and Kids. CBSSPORTS also has the facility to book your tickets for your favorite tournament and match.


NBS is very famous for watching live streaming of all sports like NCAA BK, OLY, SKATING, NCAA FB, HORSES, RUGBY, DOG SHOW, TENNIS, PLL, CYCLING, MMA, etc.

By using this live streaming sports website we can live matches as well as Highlights of the previous match you have missed, see the scores, and much more.

There is also an app on this sports blog with the help of it you can connect your TV and see the live matches with family.

9. WWE

Boxing punch lover is always showed all matches and also a fan of legend that is best in this.
For such fans wrestling the main platform made this sports blog of WWE where you can see all latest news and upcoming matches alerts.

This gives you also a shop category where you can purchase your favorite wrestling t-shirts and various gears for you and your family.

You can buy tickets as well for wrestling matches and whenever you want to see past shows you can watch it any time on this site.

10. UEFA

The Union of European Football Association is the administrative body for Football, Futsal, Beach-soccer in Europe.

On this sports blog, you can get all information whatever you want to know about the upcoming league or tournaments and other related news.

This is very popular in Europe and famous among the fans of football and soccer. Here you can watch the latest videos of these sports and live scores etc.

This sports blog has also a gaming hub where you can play a game on your own & predict the winner; you can download the app for this on your mobile device. It is available in various languages.

11. Cricbuzz

Names say at all!! This sports blog is for cricket lovers. As we know that cricket is a very popular sport and has a higher fan base compared to any other sport.

This sports blog gives you all cricket related News, Videos, Live scores of matches, Player information and rankings, Quiz, Photos, etc.

The app is also available on this sports blog where you see all updates regularly. This sports blog has lots of traffic during the world cup and any other domestic leagues.

12. Championat

This a Russian sports blog where you see all news related to sports like Football, Hockey, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball, and main matches or tournaments like OLYMPICS, etc.

From the news to videos, photos whatever you want to watch. Also, you can get batting training where you see bids and watch videos then take tests and become players of it.

You can book your tickets for your favorite sport also and visit their social media pages for more information.


This sports website is for news of NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, CFB, SOCCER, UFC, GOLF, NHL, CBB. This sports blog has lots of Blogs, Videos, Live scores, Schedule of matches, and much more.

SB also provide shop page where you can buy T-shirts, Hoodies, and other accessories as you like.

This sports blog is very popular in youngsters and who are fans of these leagues. The sites for shopping your favorite sports gear

14. Strava

As we know that fitness is very important for any sports-person. And if you are one of them then this sports blog is for you.

With the help of this app you can track every aspect of your activity like Cycling, Running, Walking, and many more.

And you will achieve your goals by following your routine exercises with the help of it. Starve app can easily connect with your compatible devices.


Being fit is not possible without the help of any tools which can measure your fitness so this sports blog is exactly for it.

There are lots of products which helps you to use for your routine activities and measure to track this. A product of GARMIN includes Outdoor fitness/smartwatches, Map updater, Golf course locator, and much more.

With the help of these little wearable devices you can do your workout or practice of any sport it will be easy for you.

16. REI

This is a very unique sports blog where you can buy various sports gear that is used in sports like Cycling, Snowsports, Mountain riding, camping and Hiking, Swimming, and other fitness activities.
Sports gears are available for Men, Women, and Kids.

It is useful for persons who are looking for their journey to sports. It also offers services for outdoor-oriented vacation.
So, go right now and visit once!!

This sports website is also useful when you plan to go on any trip then you find all the related products at a single place (from this site).

17. NIKE

On this, you can buy all Branded Nike sports gear. This is a very famous brand in sport and fitness.
There are lots of things like tops & T-shirts, Hoodies, Shorts and other accessories & equipment which you can buy from.

Jordan who is a basketball player is a brand ambassador of this and also personally uses Nike products. Nike is the best sports website for many years.

18. Academy

Looking for a sports website that gives you all sports gear in one place, Than your search ends here.

Any sport from Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Softball, Hockey, Wrestling, Boxing + MMA, Swimming, T-ball, etc.

You can also buy many health and fitness equipment like cardio equipment, Yoga, Sports nutrition, and many more.

So a person who recently joins any sport and looking for any sports gear than he/she can visit this sports website get all things at a single place.


JD Sports is a fashion sports website for those who want fashion with the sports.

There are lots of fashionable things like Clothing, Accessories, Edits, and Footwear which are available for all Men, Women, and Kids.

You can also buy accessories from specifying a sport from which you belong to and purchase your favorite fashionable sports clothes etc. Here you can find all of popular sports brands like PUMA, Nike, Vans.

JD Sports have lots of offline stores in the U.K. and many other countries as well. This sports website also has a mobile app the same is used for online shopping and store locator.

20. Adidas

Adidas is a multinational corporation for Footwear, Sportswear, Sports equipment, Toiletries.
This sports website has a big collection of Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, and many more. Available for Men, Women, and Kids.

By filtering you can find your favorite sports gear for all sports whether it is Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, or Football there are various products available for all. For your fitness training or special exercise, you can find the clothes you like.

Adidas has lots of offline stores in all over the world and supply to almost all the countries.


Reebok is an international limited company for footwear and apparel.

Where you can buy Fitness gear, Shoes, and other accessories for Men, Women, and Kids.
So if you want to buy Reebok shoes and any sports gear you just visit this sports blog and go shopping whatever you want to buy.

It is the best brand for shoes for many years so you don’t worry about anything. In sport's shoes, there are varieties for all.

22. Skate Warehouse

Skating is also one of the sport so we can’t go to forget it. This is for them who are skaters or want to be. On this sports blog, you can purchase all gears related to skating like Skateboards, Longboards, Footwear, Clothing, and other accessories.

There are many brands connected with this so you can buy whatever you like. So, what are you waiting for go and visit this!!

23. Badmintoncenter

Badminton is a sport for all age groups that means anyone can play this. If you play it or want to start playing then this is for you.

This sports blog is for badminton centers where you can play by joining their center and here you can make your team or join other teams. This center has also their shops in DUSSELDORF. If you belong to this than you visit there and buy your likely products.


Sports and sports-person both can achieve success when they are following their goals and in the back of them any consultant and proper guidance they were following.

So, for that this sports website is made that helps sports properties better navigate and monetize their assets in the digital space. Every big-budget league or tournament follows this and takes the help of this to manage their game.

They are experts in digital strategy and content development and other platforms as well so it is very helpful to almost all sports.

The post-game is to give you the best advice to make your sports properties in the best hands.

25. Goal

All over the world, there are lots of fans of football so this is a sports website for a football lover. By visiting this sports blog we get to know about the Latest News, Schedule of upcoming matches, Teams. There are live scores and your favorite sports-person news is available as well.

The goal also has its own shopping page where you can buy many clothing and accessories.
The goal sports website also has an app where you see news alerts faster. Goal app is easy to use and all-important league news is provided on your fingertips.

So, above we have seen top sports website s on sports topics that you can visit. All sports website s have some similar qualities and services but you can visit it whatever you like.




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