Top 25 Real Estate Websites for Property Search 2020

 Real Estate Websites for Property Search
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best real estate website you can use to find the property, house, etc.

For every person who comes online and search for House and Property in their search in Google, then they are able to see these websites first in their search results.

We are sharing these websites in detail so you can be more familiar with these and will be able to get more information through these websites about your search for House and Property.

1. 99Acres

99Acres is one of the leading real estate company which is managing its portal with various types of properties which includes residential and commercial properties and even builder projects are also available on this website.

You may find a lot of options across India as this website is recognized as best and famous in India.

This Company is known as number one real estate company in India. 99Acres has received many awards and recognitions in India.

This Company is providing an Apps facility also so that you can manage your listing through the list and can get information through your mobile-only through this App only.

2. Coho

Coho is one of the leading real estate company which is providing real estate properties in India major cities such as Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Noida.

This Company has an aim to offer the best class services in providing the best place for living in these major cities as mentioned.

By providing all types of living facilities such as Individual House / Villa, PG on Rent, and various other types of properties.

3. Colive

On Colive website, you are able to get the details for fully managed rental houses. These are available as per customer’s requirements and nearest to IT Parks and business hubs.

Colive homes are fully designed and furnished with the latest technology-enabled security features. These homes are completely serviced and professionally managed.

These homes are available with various options and within your budget.

This Company is a brand name in India and providing services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai and this Company is planning to expand in Pune and Mumbai very soon.

4. Common Floor

CommonFloor is a platform which is offering to home seekers, sellers and real estate professional a place find a property, to sell a property and to manage real estate projects respectively. On its website, you can search for rent houses, buying house, and others.

This website contains more than 5 Lacs active property listings. This Company has more than 70 Lacs Visitors on its website. This Company is also offering an App-based application that you can utilize to manage your listing.

5. Grab House

Grabhouse is one of the leading Company which is offering flats on rent. This Company is located in Mumbai and famous for finding rental accommodations.

This company comes into Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate, Rental, and Rental Property criteria.

6. Housing

With the Housing website, you can explore flats for rent, explore new projects, list your property online, and more. Housing is one of the leading Real Estate Company in India which is covering almost all areas of India.

Within various cities in India, you can find your relevant property option for that you are looking for on it.

You can even Sign-Up like other websites to manage your all listings and more. Hosing is recognized in India’s best companies to work for 2019.

7. India Property

This Company was founded in the year 2006. IndiaProperty is the number one Real Estate Company in India which is managing buying, rent, and selling options for all its customers.

This Company helps to its customer to choose the best property as per their choice even it is a residential property or commercial property.

For sellers, this is a nice place to publish all of your property listing through this website, this is very easy, convenient and suitable to all sellers to use this platform to manage their all listing.

8. LandCraft

LandCraft is powered by LandCraft Developers Private Limited is one of the leading real estate company which is managed by Garg Group since last fifty years. LandCraft Company was recognized in the year of 2006.

LandCraft has got approval from IIT Delhi for its structural design. This Company has in-house Lab and Quality Control as per ISO norms. This Company is using modern technology such as Mivan Shuttering.

On its website, you can find a lot of projects available, so you can choose one as per your requirements.

9. MagicBricks

MagicBricks is one of the famous website to search all types of property as per your requirements. You can see options such as Buy, Rent, PG, Lease options onto its website. This Company is providing its facility majorly in New Delhi only.

You can select a cost as per your budget; you can choose a location in Delhi as per your preference, you may find the option to see Top Localities option onto its website. You can see Properties, New Projects, and Agent information on its website.

10. Makaan

Makaan is one the leading real estate company which has 10,000 and more highly rated sellers across India.

You can search on its website with Buy, Rent, and Agents. This Company is providing is offering its services in various cities across India.

On the top of this website, you will see an option to download its app, so you can manage your listing and search for your property, all you can do with this App only.

11. NestAway

NestAway was founded in the year 2015 by its members Deepak Dhar, Amarendra Sahu, Smruti Parida, and Jitendra Jagadev in Bangalore.

While keeping the things in their mind, these members created this website for young people to find their solutions for home in a big city.

Single women or for working professionals, this website helps them to find the best house for living purposes.

This website helps its customer to search for a house-related all problem, because, through this website, you can get a better option.

This website is specially designed for offering flats, houses, and rooms for rent purposes.

12. Nestoria

Nestoria one of the best portal where you can search for an appropriate property as per your requirement.

This is a nice place for everyone to complete your needs because of a large database it has for your search from residential to commercial properties, all types of properties option you can see on its website.

This portal is famous to search properties worldwide in most countries and in various cities; you can find a best residential or commercial property option on its website.

On the home page, it displays a list of properties available in various cities and sub-cities in India, and on the bottom it displays Country option.

13. NoBroker

NoBroker is one of the leading portal, on which you can find Buy, Rent, Commercial options; you can choose a city where you want a property to purchase or rent, or for leave. You can post your Add for free on its website.

You can choose NoBroker because it avoids brokers, offers free listing, you can shortlist without visit, and can find rental agreement. NoBroker also provides Business assist plan for all builders.

This portal offers an option to download the App through it. You can manage your listing through this App and can use this App to search for various types of properties as per your preferences.

14. Olx

Olx is a best place and famous nowadays in India to get information about all types of properties available in India across various locations as per your needs.

You can easily list your property on its website or can find a better option for your property search.

Olx is helping many customers from all over India and helping them to find a perfect and suitable place for living purposes.

You can easily download Olx App through Google Play Store and so you can manage easily your all listing through it. Olx is a brand nowadays in India and has more than 5000 employees.

15. OxfordCaps

OxfordCaps is a place which offers biggest student’s accommodation or hostel facilities amongst cities such as Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun, Pune, Greater Noida, Indore, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad.

OxforCaps will provide you residence facilities nearest to your University / College. OxforCaps provides all your room requirements as they know you came to University / colleges for study purpose, so they take care of your ambitions while you take a room on rent with them.

16. OyoLife

With OyoLife you can search a room for rent and these rooms you may find fully furnished and managed by Oyo Life, you may find safety and security because there you will find high-quality Cameras installed.

Oyo rooms are your pocket friendly and as per your budget. There is one more benefit provided by OyoLife because it has built a community that will take care of your all needs and will treat you as a family.

You can find various amenities included in OyoLife rooms such as Wifi, TV, DTH, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, CCTV, RO, Limited Power Back-Up, AC, etc.

17. PropertyWala

PropertyWala is one of the leading platforms which is managing its portal to complete all your real estate property needs.

With PropertyWala you can advertise your property, and manage you're all listing with it.

It is also offering advanced search options for all buyers for all types of residential and commercials properties.

You can find instantly contact information on the property holder on this website. Anyone can search on its website for free of cost without paying or without Sign-Up.

18. PropTiger

PropTiger is the best real estate portal in India to buy properties. You can choose your preferred city for search and enter a areas where you want a property to purchase and then submit, then after you will see a list of properties.

You can select one as per your requirements, and contact to the property holder easily. On its website more than 1 Lacs and thirty nine thousands verified properties are posted with all accurate information.

19. Quikr

Quikr provides facilities to its all users to connect easily with the buyers and sellers online for these properties through its portal.

Quikr is India’s number one classified platform and because Quikr really cares about its every User’s needs.

Quikr was founded in the year of 2008 in Bangalore and this is spread in more than 1000 cities in India.

Quikr is doing complete dreams for all people who want to purchase their own dream house in a place where they want to live the life as superb.

20. Real Estate India

RealEstateIndia is one of the leading real estate companies in India which is offering best house to buy in various cities in India.

This platform provides you all available options on its portal in a wide range. This portal is acting as a search platform for all its user in such a way that all users can meet their requirements here.

This is a very old Company as this Company was founded in the year 1997. On this website, more than 1 Lacs Visitors are visiting on daily basis.

This Company is offering all types of residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and all other types of properties. This platform is offering free of cost access for buyers and sellers databases. This portal is covering almost all sections of India.

21. Roomster

Roomster is one of the biggest platform worldwide that fulfill your all requirements at one place. Through this website, you can search a property in any of the country globally as per your requirements.

Having such a database, this portal is recognized as best for every user. Roomster is also offering an App that you can download from Google Play and it is completely free to download and to use.

22. Squareyards

Square yards is one of the leading Company in India which has biggest database of property listing across India.

This Company has spread in 10 countries and 30 cities, it has the biggest compliant network, and 25000 plus projects and 2,50,000 plus listings. This Company has recently received ET Growth Champion 2020 Award.

23. StanzaLiving

StanzaLiving is offering world-class famous accommodation facilities by providing technology-enabled, high-quality, and service-led housing ecosystem.

So that you forget all your tensions while living in these home which is designed best while keeping various things in the mind in favor of its customers.

At present, this Company is offering accommodation facilities in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Noida, Pune, and Vadodara. And now this is planning to launch very soon in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Kochi, and Nagpur.

24. Property Sulekha

Through this website, you will be to access a large number of databases related to your property search.

You can even list your property on this website for free to cost and so you can manage your listing also on this website.

On the right top corner of this website, you will see Download App options, so you can easily download the App and you can use it for various applications.

25. ZoloStays

Zolostays is one of the leading Company that is known for biggest platform for Coliving. People who want to live together, and want to share things together such as meals, study, thoughts and ideas, so Zolostays is the best place for these people.

At Zolo, it arranges your stay comfortable, and with food options too. This Company has good team for managing the things and known as support team, there is free maintenance provided by this Company and fun arrangements also taken care by this Company.

Finding the best home, this is a dream for everyone but to complete your dreams, there are various website which is developed and managed by many of the Companies. But to get the right place, this is very important for everyone to avoid risks.

To reduce such risks and to get safe and secure way to find your dream home, most of the companies are checking that whether these homes or place are genuine or not. That’s why, we have mentioned above the top real estate website which will help you to complete your search and to find a dream home for you and for your family.




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