Top 25 Free Online Courses & Tutorials to Learn Gardening Online For Free

Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best websites and apps you can use to lean gardening for free.

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament concerning gardening?

Where to start, what to plant, what technique to apply, how to maximize the output, and so on?

Well, the solution is at your fingertips. Thanks to technology, gardening information can be easily accessed.

Traditional gardening may have somewhat entailed a lot, and you may unwillingly bypass some essential steps. But thanks to the internet you can access websites and apps that seek to help you out.

Call it a gardening personal assistant at the click of a button. This article lists for you mindful readers, twenty-five websites, and apps related to gardening.

Let’s begin with the gardening websites as they are a library of information and we know knowledge is key, so that comes first.

1. BBC Gardening

Does it sound familiar? You guessed it right. It is the BBCs’ gardening website. It has been described by Learning with expert as thorough and very informative.

In it, is the know-how expert guide to help you get started with gardening.

Access gardening advice as well as be able to identify the various pest and disease that are infesting your garden. It has a plant finder feature to learn on various plants and even be able to create a virtual garden.

This highly informative website contains numerous videos featuring subjects like small garden ideas and winter gardening to give you the knowledge on year-round gardening. A subject that was traditionally overlooked.

2. Thompson and Morgan

Just like the BBC gardening, this too is U.K. based. The company behind it, (shares a similar name with the site) was founded in 1855 and majorly deals with horticulture gardening.

Did you know that horticulture is one of the most lucrative sectors in the agriculture industry of some countries like Kenya? In this website, you can purchase quality seed and they have even incorporated seasonal sales.

Discover in it a range of potted plants and annual beddings that are perfect for pots, borders and basket gardening. It claims to have everything you need to know on gardening, so why don’t you be the judge?

3. Plants Are The Strangest People

If you are looking to be educated and have a good laugh, then you should visit this site. These are the chronicles of house plants, their selection, and care.

Indeed, it is humorously written by an Iowa blogger and has drawn the attention of many all across the world. It is indoor gardening put into real-life perspective and documented.

This site discusses concepts of propagation, watering, feeding and so on. It has well-documented information of the writers a huge variety of plants and photos too.

4. You Grow Girl

It was launched in the year 2000 by a Toronto resident and gardening enthusiast named Gyla Trial. Also humorously written, be able to access unusual plant recipes, some beautiful pictures of the plants, and gardening tips.

It encourages nonconventional gardening rather than just doing it the traditional way.

So if you are looking for nonconventional gardening insights, you should start in you grow girl. Get information on the various approaches to organic gardening places, environmentalism, affordable ways to grow plants and the various styles.

Its initial aim was to empower young girls who don’t have the knowledge to discover their passion in gardening.

5. Cold Climate Gardening

Call it an all in one blog and website with substantive in-depth knowledge of various plant species. In it, are articles (both commercial and academic) that help you to garden in cold climates or short-season climate.

It has achieves with document on suitable plants to the climate as well as soil. You can access insights to grow plants year-round in it.

6. Royal Horticultural Society

Charity begins at home. This gardening charity in the UK was founded in 1804 to promote horticulture. In it, you can access the help needed to find the perfect plant.

You are also able to access essential gardening tips and support to learn how to grow fruits as well as vegetables.

You can buy a wide selection of new and unusual plants in their page. If you leave outside the U.K. please inquire on delivery first.

7. Gardening Gone Wild

Do you want insight into colorful gardening, city gardening, seasonal gardening, and so on? Then this site delivers on that.

Get rich and informative articles to give you gardening insights while being able to access a gallery of garden design for some inspiration.

It has incorporated in its team, a group of garden lovers. With that you get weekly updates on gardening to catch you up on what’s in and with that, broader gardening insights.

8. The Indigenous Gardeners Web Magazine South Africa

As the name suggests, it is a South African based site. It has well-detailed insights on seasonal gardening, resilient plant species for home gardening, and so much more. If you are a beginner then they have a guide ready for you.

This site features an information-rich blog with gardening tips. It also has an insightful plant library for you to see and read on the various species with detailed descriptions.

Whether you live in the tropics or cold climate, essential information is available for you.

9. Garden Africa

This is a U.K based charity website that helps gardeners and farmers in Africa produce food sustainably. Generally, its aim is to work with the vulnerable people to find plant-based solutions to better living.

That said, it supports community gardening and encourages sustainable use of the natural resources available.

In addition, the site has a vast knowledge and insight on conserving horticulture. All its functionality is aimed at enhancing food security by promoting diverse cultivation and food storage.

10. Gardening Channel

A site that not only gives you gardening advice but has also the nutritional benefits of the various plants you are growing. That way, you get to know the wealth your garden posses in terms of health. It has also integrated soil and its composition as gardening insight information.

It has articles on gardening and in addition, you get to leave any question you may have in this regard. A step that is encouraging conversant feedback with all its readers.

Apps have essentially made gardening easier. Let’s face it, not everyone has a green thumb. With apps you are able to access information when needed and personalize gardening. It’s gardening made easier.

As a matter of fact an app is an essential garden assistant for most of us. So here are some top gardening apps to make the perfect assistant for you.

11. Urban Veggie Garden

Do you live in the city and seemingly think you don’t have a gardening space. Then this app is for you.

It gives you insight on indoor planting methods i.e on your terrace, balcony sitting area or anywhere in your house.

I addition, it shares the latest technologies. Plan when you want to transplant; prepare the seeders and the harvest.

You are able to access various gardening tips and tricks through various features. Ask other pot farmers for insights and access related videos. Talk of a space considerate app.

12. Moon Gardening

This unique app generally relies on the phase of the moon to give its users tips on how to care for their plants the following day. It provides suggestions on successful sowing, repotting and transplanting.

Impressively, it gives regional weather reports and suggests the best possible plan for you.

It not only has a reminder feature that helps you schedule gardening tasks but also, a community feature that enables you share photos with other users. This app personalizes gardening for you.

13. My Garden

Ideal for those who seek to do gardening, this simple to use app enables you to make a personalized design of what you envision in your garden. It also gives tips and tricks for the best chance of success.

Among its many features, it provides information on local conditions, the best season to grow what you want, ideas for plants to grow with the best chance of success among other useful insights.

And it is free. If you seek to start gardening, this apps’ applicability would come in handy.

14. Garden Answers Plant Identification

Using advanced image recognition, you can simply snap a photo of the plant you wish to identify then submit. This app gives a detailed information of the plant. It has over 20,000 plants in its database to automatically identify.

If the plant cannot be identified then you can pay an expert to do it. They then provide the information and its care tips.

It also enables you to identify various pests and has a community function that enables user interaction.

15. Planter

Easily design your garden by making layouts to choose your planting plan and convert the layouts into square meter dimensions. In it, you can access a wide variety of plant selection with attached details and descriptions.

This informative app has a schedule feature to help you with watering and fertilizing. You can also add custom plant if it is not included in the database to help grow the app. After all we need each other to grow.

16. Garden Companion

Simply discover which plants to grow well together and which don’t. This app assists you to care for plants with various articles to browse through on gardening.

It record local weather and alert you on the right time to plant your vegetables.

This feature comes in handy especially with the unpredictable weather. You are able to also set reminders to water and fertilize your plants while comparing their yearly performance.

17. Grow it

It has a huge database of various plant species with a wide range of information on them. You simply browse through and click the information button to access the plant information.

It has enabled access to different projects.

Find out which plants perform best at your given location. You can share and see other uses gardens and communicate with them.

18. Plant Snapp

Encouraged healthy and sustainable living is done on this app. It is able to identify medicinal trees, herbs, fruits, flowers and others.

Upload the picture of a plant and have the experts identify it for you. You can also add your plant to the calendar feature to get reminders on keeping it healthy. It helps identify pests too.

The app can be personalized by which plant you choose for your garden and it share what you need for increasing output. It has a free version and premium versions.

19. Gardenize

The most impressive feature is that you are able to document your plant development, track the soil condition and duration of the sun while making personalized notes all in a given section.

It mainly focuses providing information pertaining to caregiving, crop rotation and performance. This app also provides a news feed.

It gives suggestion on types of flower beds and raised beds. In addition, you have an option to create a private or public account. The app is free but you have to pay for information exports and download.

20. Flower Checker

Are you in a hurry to acquire the desire information? Then this app may not be necessarily ideal for you.

However, if time is not an issue as the information credibility matters, then Flower Checker can help. Just take a few pictures of the various parts of the plant (flower, stem, leaves or fruit) and upload.

They have a team of experts that help identify plants, moss, fungi and lichen. The identify cost is one dollar per plant and may take a few minutes or hours. If no identification is made then you do not have to pay.

21. Seed

Planting a vegetable or even a flower garden has truly been made easier by this app. It take you through gardening concepts of how to properly plant a seed or plant a seedling, take care of the soil, and also do a match on the kind of soil and the seed needed for it.

This is essentially important for all gardeners. You are able to access video tutorials, expert opinions and suggestions. You get gardening tips and tricks with the option of uploading images of your garden.

22. Gardenate

Though it offers specific planting info for are like the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the U.K., it has information on growing more than one hundred garden vegetables.

You don’t need internet connection because the information is readily available in the app.

You can synchronize the information with other gadgets, plan your garden, set reminders on the calendar and see what to plant monthly. Also, have access to some planting tips and tricks.

23. DIY Gardening Tips

This app offers detailed instructions on how to plant vegetables or flowers in various languages. Additionally it gives comprehensive information on a given plant. You can access colorful garden design that you wish to emulate.

It has a feature to help with watering and fertilizing. Not only that, but you can also choose from a variety of vegetables planting ideas. In its features, you can share your garden with friends.

24. Sowing Calendar

It is an app that reminds you of all the good way and the best time for sowing. With the help of the calendar feature you have a year-round assistant.

It provides information on sowing different vegetables and gives suggestions needed and suitable for you climate and region. As a user, you can access data and nutrition charts. It has also incorporate the personalized note-taking feature.

25. Leafsnap

You know an app is good when the Natural History Museum uses it. This unique app identifies the plant species by their leaves.

It has high-quality resolution images that help in the identification process. As the name might suggest, you share the image of the plant you seek to identify, and detailed information is provided to you.

Sustainable living can be enhanced by successful gardening. Beautiful landscaping requires order and planning. With the help of essential tools all this can be successful.

Technology is on this tool. Maximize on it. Dive in now!

You can use these gardening website and app to learn gardening for free. Please share your experience of using these websites and app with us in the comments so that we can make this article more and more helpful.




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