Top 25 Most Popular News Websites You Can Trust 2020

Currently in today’s world, thanks to globalization and taking into account the ease access to the information.

There is a notable need to be constantly informed about what is happening in the world, even more nowadays with the health circumstances that face Worldwide, however, there is an enormous amount of fake news circulating daily, as well as biased media that do not allow us to fully understand the facts that generate news on a daily basis.

For the above mentioned, factors such as truthfulness of the information, ease of understanding, quality of navigation within the portal, and audiovisual aids to present the information they seek to transmit will be taken into account.

In addition to this, it will be indicated which is the area where each of them has been characterized whether they have it, and why it is considered as their strong point.

1. Flipboard

This app has news and magazines for its users and has several years in the main section on mobile platforms and has accumulated more than 500 million downloads, with a great rating, it has easy-to-use gesture navigation and You will never find many of its animations on any other news portal.

It offers its users from the first moment of use, a questionnaire, to indicate their main interests, and the app automatically organizes the best news for each of its users, based on the search information that each person inserts into their platform.

2. Inshorts

This is an App for Smartphone, on it you will find the news in small fragments, all its news have a maximum of 60 words which would allow its users to stay informed of the most important of the day without spending too much time, which makes it one of the most interesting for most people in the world because if you have free time at your lunch or before going to work you will be able to know the latest news on your topics of interest.

At the moment it is only in the universal language, but this has not been a barrier for thousands of people in the world to prefer it, since it compiles both national and international themes.

3. CNN

Another one of the great and popular news, however, its design on the website is somewhat congested although here for users who prefer it, which is millions.

It offers all the most relevant news for each of its users, this also offers different variables when we are tired of reading since he has the option to read the news for you in podcasts, he has a newsletter where he sends you quite interesting articles about the latest in the world.

It has great strength in political and business matters, although it does not neglect any of its other themes. Since it has a great team of editors in each of these.

4. Buzzfeed

If you register in this community, they will always present you with the most recent stories in which you will be able to interact with different bizarre questionnaires on the topics that best suit your interests, in which they stand out: video news, quizzes, and food, entertainment, movies.

If you access this website you will have an entertaining afternoon filling out these questionnaires, demonstrating your knowledge, observing a compilation that they will offer you in offers from thousands of stores or objects intended for a specific activity, such as cooking, beauty, home and others.


In this app for smartphones, you will undoubtedly find one of the best applications for news, so you will be aware of everything at the exact minute that the news is published since you will receive an immediate notification about the publications of your interest.

This app has a customizable access portal, this means that it is the user who designs how he wants to see the news on his cell phone, in addition to all this, he has the possibility of adding favorite news sources such as (the old reader, RSS, in reader) and but this is not all, what matters most is that only news that actually interests the user will appear, when adapting these sources.

6. Microsoft News

This important company took the work to create an app for android news, which became the largest news service in the world, its team of editors is responsible for selecting the most interesting news for the user with the themes that are actually preferred by him. 
This also has the ability to enable notifications to be aware at all times.

7. MIC

This interactive portal shows its users global news of political, cultural, wellness, innovation, music origin and, in general, the most read notes of the moment, this is a rather striking portal, because it stands out for its incredible content presentation since it makes use of striking images to catch the user's attention and present the news.

8. Inkl News

This app is one of the great favorites of users, largely because it does not need paywalls. It does not contain ads and it does not clickbait, which makes it a very efficient app, it also stands out for publishing news on topics of great interest such as climate change, scientific discoveries, and everything about the most important news in the world.

9. Inoreader

This app collects the news of greatest interest from each country, where users can select the most important topics for them, so its portal is wherever it is used, on computers, tablets or cell phones, it will only show what the user is really interested in, in addition to this, it offers the possibility of saving the news before it expires on its main page.

But for users who purchase a pro subscription, it also offers other tools such as, text translation, pop-up notifications so that their users are always aware of everything.

10. Reddit

This can become a great source of news because it has thousands of subreddits on different topics, it has a voting system on important news when they are published, so on the main page they will always be published the most important news.


This is an interactive viral news website, which gathers the most popular news on the entertainment category in Google during the day and is transmitted through regular articles accompanied by images, videos, and/or questionnaires.

This portal has been considered one of the most important since it has the latest news leaving the most popular and viral. The news that you can find in this one is available for all ages, genders, and nationalities.

If you choose this interactive portal, you will gain knowledge in different subjects of popular areas, such as travel, movies, modern technologies, gastronomy for beginners, beauty, sports and you will also include a bit of knowledge in world basic politics.

12. Feedly

This app has a new design adapted to all its users to make it even easier to read all of its RRS sources, it gives the possibility of also integrating platforms such as TWITTER, EVERNOTE, BUFFER, PINTEREST OR LINKEDNL, always with the sources Favorites that each user chooses will have a unique experience, offering the latest news the first time they are published.

13. Google News

This news portal is constantly changing, always adding great tools so that the reader always stays aware of everything, here you can read the news from around the world, in an instant, because you will have articles, stories and some reviews of journals.

14. Pocket News

This app allows all its users to save the news they prefer at their whim so that they are read whenever they want, it will also offer podcasts, so if they have any other pending tasks to do, or they are just tired to read, they only have to select which is the news they want to hear and POCKED will read it for them.

15. Geek Tech

This is an app in Spanish that specializes in high-tech news, it is so important within the sector since it brings together the most important articles published on sites such as Xataka, AndroidPIT, MovilZona, among other relevant web portals in the market. 

Additionally, among its great attractions, the design of the app stands out, which even has a dark mode, and its interface is one of the cleanest and lightest on Android.

16. News Republic

This app is very popular in downloads for android, this is because it allows you to follow the favorite pages of its users, facilitates their interaction, allowing them to share the selected news and add comments.

Additionally, it offers its users personalized content according to their preferences and has a section with the best videos of the day. 

Within the categories it manages, politics, sports, economy, culture, gastronomy, geek, among others stand out.

17. ZIG

This app is excellent to save time and get the news in which you are interested in an easy and pleasant way, its way of operating is to do a brief survey of your interests and then present the news about those topics in a summarized way and detailed, so you won't find long stories that unnecessarily delay reading.

18. BBC News

This great news newspaper known worldwide has its presentations both on websites and in the app, as well as a newscast on satellite television, it is one of the most popular by the press in too many countries many of its articles are used for them to keep their citizens informed in different areas, such as politics, science, and opinion.

Its platforms are quite pleasing to the eye, they are easy to use and all its news, in addition to its great pillars, because here all its users can find absolutely everything that happens in the world, and it has a section to know what is the most relevant by country if you visit this page I assure you that you will know in detail each of the news.

19. The New York Times

One of the most important not only in America, worldwide, has three languages ​​to offer, English, Spanish and Chinese, but it also has a fresh and quite manageable design, it will bring very interesting news to all its readers. 

In addition to being one of the most influential world-class, it always offers many articles, stories, and news, it has too many themes, its great editing teams will make you last too long on this portal if you need to always be informed on what happens in the world.

20. NBC News

This is another of the most popular in the world since it also comes from a large machinery industry, its main focus is news from the United States, but even so its international news is quite complete, it also offers for all its users a podcast section to read your most interesting news for you.

21. Tweetdeck

This is a website for news, this portal is managed only on its website and it is managed in columns, it has updates in real-time, its only criticism received is mostly because they do not have and it has an algorithm so that the words are always searched by the user, are those seen in their columns.

22. Twisted Stifler

This website, came up with an innovative idea because it not only seeks to transmit, but its main concern is that all its users find interactive education in its main topics of interest, its strength is nature, space, art, travel, architecture. 

Their portal is very visual, you will find in the trilled themes like the image of the day, you will find a classification of what they call (the best of) there you will find the most interesting news for them on topics in general culture, with great images of beautiful places, fun facts. 

There is no doubt that if you want to see great photographs of beautiful landscapes and tourist places to go to, this will be a good option.


This is a portal of Spanish source that has more than a million downloads has made it become one of the most popular platforms in the world, thanks to the fact that in its format it uses an algorithm that collects the most interesting news for the user who is using it because it includes more than 100 news categories, all of them different and allows combining the news from the countries that he wants to read and has the possibility of being used through his website and also offers its users an app to download on your smartphones.

24. Newsfold

With this app, your users have a simpler and more personalized reading experience since they will be able to choose between font types, size, cache image storage, gesture navigation, and even offline reading, in addition to this all users have the option to add your RRS sources that you prefer, but the portal will always offer new means to find your topics and other topics of interest.

25. Reuters

This is a UK-based news agency, its home page is fairly easy to navigate, it brings news from around the world, with an emphasis on markets and politics, however, it also has sections on other areas of interest, so that all its users in more than 94 countries prefer it, it brings great audiovisual tools to make it even easier to appreciate the news.

There are some of the best new websites and apps you can use to get the latest news for free. You can tell us any other website or app that we should add in this article and don't forget to share your experience of using these websites and apps with us in the comments.




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