Top 55+ Fashion Blogs You Should Read in 2020

Fashion Blogs And Websites You Should Read
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best fashion blogs you can visit. A person while shopping and a lawyer at work are very similar, as they look for resources that are best for them.

It is the fashion industry that can boom and win profits online.

This is the best thing about online fashion sites, it provides people variety as well as keeps them updated about the new trends through their newsletters.

It is projected that by 2020, this industry will generate approximately $170 billion, which is the average GDP of Iraq and Algeria.

So the question is, what are some of the best fashion-related websites on the internet? The answer simplified.

1. H&M Fashion Blogs

Founded in 1947 the brand has grown exponentially by catering to the needs of many the right way, making it one of the biggest multinational clothing retailers in the world.

H&M serves the fast fashion needs of almost half the globe. It is genuinely one of the few players in the business who knows the importance of diversity.

One can spend a whole day surfing through its products and still, there’ll be more. If you’re tight on the budget and are looking for something that is a bang for the buck, think no more. H&M is your destination.

The company has truly changed the way people buy clothes as well as other fashion accessories.

It took them 53 years to expand in Europe, however, they dominated the fashion industry in the rest parts of the world in only 20 years.

In terms of revenue, it is the second e-commerce fashion blogs behind Zara. It provides online shopping in 33 countries.

Another reason for its vast popularity is the collaborations between the brand and various other artists like Post Malone, Lana Del Ray, and brands like Kenzo, which are available online and also provide cash on delivery to customers.

We have prepared the list of best shopping websites you can use to shop online, you should check out this article on this site.

2. Zara Fashion Blogs

It is the world’s largest apparel retailer which offers literally everything related to fashion. Be it perfumes, swimwear, shoes, beauty products, clothing, or a new thing that the market has rolled out.

Zara is unarguably one of the fastest brands to bring the latest trends to the people by rolling out new arrivals as soon as possible. The Spanish company specializes in fast fashion.

So, it’s not heavy on the pocket either. You will get value for money products here. Zara knows how to take care of your fast fashion needs.

Founded in 1975, this Spanish brand is a competitor to H&M and is currently the world’s largest apparel leader.

Offering fast fashion to people, the brand is famously known to bring technology into their business.

Some instances are, they built their own factory in the early years of the 1980s and use business tags, which help them in restocking apparel when they are sold out.

Their main motto is to invest their revenue into opening new stores rather than advertising the brand and their products are supplied based on consumer trends.

Its highly responsive supply chain ships new products to stores twice a week. The company’s online business started in 2010 only in Europe.

In 2011, the expansion of online business started outside Europe with covering almost every country and continent by 2015. It was however in 2017 when the online store was opened in India.

3. Nike Fashion Blogs

This name needs no introduction. Nike has inspired generations and was the first one in the business to revolutionize the sneaker industry by making the comfort of the customers its topmost priority. Endless no. of athletes have been associated with the brand.

LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafael Nadal are few of the big names that whole-heartedly endorse the brand. Nike’s topmost products include the Air Max and the Air Jordans.

In the footwear, once you go, Nike, you truly never go back. The brand’s tagline, just does it, is one of the most popular taglines of all time.

Every sportsperson, athlete, and trainer is familiar with this American brand. Ranked at 90 in the Fortune 500 list, this company provides many interesting services through its online platform.

They are one of the biggest and one of the most valuable company In terms of selling sports accessories and athleisure wear.

Their online business and products have seen a skyrocket jump since they launched NikeID, a service provided by Nike which allows customers to design their shoes themselves.

Also, the company ships products some of the brands like Jordan’s, LeBron, and Kyrie, which generate a major part of their revenue.

They keep their site updated regularly and supply to many countries all around the world. Also, the fashion blogs contains a calendar that tells customers about the upcoming launch of a shoe.

4. Nordstrom Fashion Site

Founded in 1901, this is one of the oldest brands in the history of fashion. They used to sell only shoes at first but later started selling clothing, footwear, and handbags.

The prime focus of Nordstorm is providing impeccable customer service by notching up the customer’s experience by taking valuable feedback very seriously. They sell clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, footwear, rare fragrances, and much more.

You name it, they got it!! This high-end retail store is hell-bent on improving every day which justifies the price that they charge for their products. The brand’s confidence in their products is the backbone of their existence. Quality is something that they pay adequate attention to.

They started their online business around 20 years ago when companies like Amazon and Apple were starting to gain momentum.

One of the advantages of this company is that it engages with customers by offering express services, such as order pickup, returns, and alterations at additional locations.

Even during the time of a pandemic, the company offers a smart way of delivering orders, through the trunks of cars. It proves the dedication of the site towards its customers

5. Macy's Fashion Blogs

It has a history of more than 150 years making it one of the oldest retailers on the planet. Macy’s Herald Square is the largest store in the world with more than 20 million people visiting it annually.

This American Department Store Chain offers many products online, making it easy for countless loyal customers of the brand to save their valuable time. The price range for most of the products is flexible so that you can choose what you want and at what cost.

Founded in 1858, this Cincinnati-based brand has become the largest department store in the US. Not only does it offer clothing and footwear, it even offers handbags, lipsticks, and fragrances for both men and women.

It was in 1997, when the official online fashion blogs was launched, the same period around which Nordstrom launched their online fashion blogs.

Also, their main motto has been to indulge in cutting edge technology alongside providing their customers with a sensitive touch.

It is justified by their fashion blogs, which not only sells fashion but also helps women in making their dream wedding come true with the help of the wedding registry.

For someone running on a low budget, there is always a clearance sale and also sales related to any American public holiday. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, and Calvin Klein, are also in collaboration with Macy’s. It was listed at 120th position on Fortune 500 list, simply due to their variety of choices they contain.

6. Gap Fashion Blogs

Founded in 1969, this brand is known for its casual clothing. It is a very young brand as compared to its competitors.

Want to pull off a casual look? Shop from Gap. They focus on making style sleek and plain yet attractive and comfortable. A perfect blend that gives classic look a modern touch. Needless to say, the audience is super wide.

You can also shop for baby clothes here. Clothing from the gap will make you look decent and appealing. Gap clearly isn’t for those who are looking for something flashy.

This brand provides variety not only through its own brand but due to its association with other brands like the old navy and banana republic, which are operated under the same fashion blogs.

In the time of a pandemic, the company has shifted it’s manufacturing management from clothes to face masks online, which proved that this company is not only interested in doing business but also helps humanity.

One more plus point of this brand is that it provides clothes for maternity. Its humanitarian efforts can be seen through its programs of recycling fabrics and saving water.

Even though the company is on rank 181 in the Fortune 500 list, it is one of the best brands in the market considering the efforts initiated by the company to preserve the environment.

7. Shein Fashion Blogs

Founded in 2008, this company has truly revolutionized the way customers do shopping, as it has no stores and people order from the fashion blogs due to its low prices and fast fashion.

This online shopping platform will provide you with designs that are very unique and cut above the rest. Women have developed a soft spot for the brand due to its ravishing floral designs that are hard to ignore.

The brand also caters to products for men that are worth taking a glance at. The clothing from Shein is nothing less than a piece of art. Some of the designs are so good that you can get lost in them. They offer extra discounts to students.

It consists of a great variety on the site. Targeting Asia and the Middle East dominantly, the site follows the motto that everybody should be able to enjoy fashion.

It has its globally positioned warehouses in most of the countries, which helps in more comfortable and quick transportation of the products and make outreach faster to the customer.

The company also provides clothing of almost exact measurement due to its significant amount of size range. Also, the company has a separate site just for India, where people Hence, it justifies a person shopping to check out these amazing fashion blogs.

8. Uniqlo Fashion Blogs

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, Japan, this brand is very famous in Asia. The brand, apart from its online fashion blogs, indulges in experimenting with clothing with art as well as science.

This Japanese company has a variety of high-quality casual wear with exceptional designs. Innovation is what keeps this brand way ahead of its competitors.

For people who are too choosy, Uniqlo is the right place to shop from. Infinite no. of colors and designs that are updated with trends at an unprecedented rate every now and then.

The detailing on their most basic designs is so precise that you won’t get that at the same price from any other brand. Prices of the products are highly competitive which makes the brand a shark in the business. Their slogan sums it all, which is, “made for all”.

The brand is on its way to becoming one of the most successful clothing brands in the world due to its partnership and collaborations with the likes of famous tennis player Roger Federer and Pharrell Williams. The fashion blogs also provides details about the latest arrivals as well as provides a discount.

It has justified itself as a brand that can provide high quality, performance-enhanced, universal, basic casual wear at affordable prices. How famous is the brand? It is known through a survey that at least 1 in 4 people owns a jacket of Uniqlo.

The company’s product planning, design, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities are all in-house, which means that it can stay close to customer needs based on what customers are buying online as well as through stores.

From a brand known to sell cheap clothes to a brand on its way to invade the American market, Uniqlo is surely a brand to look out for.

9. JC Penney Fashion Site

Founded in 1902, it is one of the oldest American brands thriving for success. Selling fine jewelry and clothing, this brand has struggled more than any other clothing brand but still is one of the best fashion websites simply due to its variety.

From selling special gifts on occasions like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day to selling tailored clothes as well as loungewear, the brand has always followed consumer traffic. It has always maintained the company’s standard even though some next door to competitors.

10. Marks And Spencer

This brand along with clothing also offers many other services but what makes it stand out from the rest is its commitment to offering luxurious products that convince the customers that they are paying extra for something worth it.

The brand has been there for more than a century making its mark more permanent every day.

If you are someone who is okay with paying a few dollars more for uncompromised quality then this British multinational retailer wouldn’t disappoint you. The brand knows how to redefine luxury by giving the customer something more.

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is one of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom and the whole world. The high-quality services are being provided to the customers in the areas of clothing and comfort.

Amid lockdown, the company is holding a huge pile of sales to sell its clothing products online. Also, it has been mentioned by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge as one of her favorite brands.

Although companies across the world take it important to adapt to the needs of the customer in an ever-changing industry with the introduction of their new products and labels, the focus of the brand has remained consistent across the decades, providing high-value and premium products to customers through online and offline stores.

11. Adidas Fashion Site

If the brands were a class of children, Adidas and Nike would be two students who would always go head to head and bring the best out of them.

From starting as just another sports shoe brand, Adidas has diversified itself and is selling every kind shoe along with other products like sportswear and casual wear as well.

It is one of the pioneers in the game that has set a name for itself by providing clothing, shoes, and other sportswear.

It has its signature line called the “Adidas Originals”, which has received an enormously positive response from the customers.

It is one of the biggest rivals of Nike in the footwear industry by making shoes that one could kill for.

Kanye West has collaborated with the German brand to make Yeezy, a sneaker line that is known for its comfort. Many have argued that they are a bit expensive but the comfort makes you forget about the heavy price tag.

From collaborations with celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Bape to creating intense hype by bringing out shoes like Yeezy's, Adidas has really shown just about how creative a show can be.

The evidence? These shoes from special collaborations are not available as the rest of the shoes at a store, instead, they have to be either ordered online or bought when they are abundantly in stock.

Their most famous sports shoe line, ultra boost, is available in all parts of the world however the designs are different for each country, hence online a consumer can order a shoe that is not available in stores but available on the fashion blogs.

12. Farfetch Fashion Blogs

A brand famously known by hype beasts, designers, and teens, the brand boasts one of the largest online trending markets in the world.

The brand features all the expensive and trending brands, offering variety in every segment as well as offering creative clothing and apparel. Brands like Off-White, Gucci, and Saint Laurent are all under the roof in this fashion app.

Promoting only through a mobile fashion app, the fashion blogs is known for its ability to display consumer-related apparel and provides the advantage of bidding for a product. It’s is beneficial as there are many instances when a consumer buys a product at a relatively low price.

13. Stockx Fashion Blogs

This upcoming American brand is based only on bidding. But instead of providing only basics, the company also provides a platform for people to sell and buy jewelry, one-of-a-kind footwear, and amazing streetwear, typically famous among teens.

With StockX, it is guaranteed that the goods purchased are 100% verified authentic, never fake.

Every item bought and sold on StockX goes through a rigorous authentication process, putting the hammer down on scammers and bootleggers. They verify and perform a detailed review of packaging, product materials, color, and shoe size.

It’s tough work, but they strive hard to become one of the best fashion-related websites.

14. AE Fashion Blogs

American Eagle outfitters, also known as AE, is a brand known for creating aesthetic upper wear and basic,size-flexible bottom wear. Dominant on creating and focusing more on casual wear, the brand's usual target market is usually tweens, teens, and young adults.

This Southside brand paved its way into the hearts of the people by providing comfortable clothing that gives you a casual look with a price that is neither cheap nor expensive but rather reasonable for the product that they offer. Teens have gone nuts for this brand.

The brand has a line under it named Aerie which has skyrocketed significantly in the past few years. Men and women(especially teenagers) that can’t compromise on comfort as well as cool designs seriously need to consider American Eagle for their wardrobe.

But realistically, older adults are seen shopping for themselves in stores to show that they too can be young and "hip". which makes the target market range vary even more.

American Eagle Outfitters also own Tailgate Clothing Company, a brand that centers around vintage-style collegiate apparel, acquired from Todd Snyder. Hence, it depicts how the company focuses on every type of demographic, leading to its success not only in The Americas, as well as in the Middle East as well as Asia

15. Mango Fashion Blogs

Another famous Spanish brand, the company focuses more on selling female apparels and accessories. The fashion blogs of the company first went public in 1995.

It has however changed the way of viewing a fashion blogs as it feels like the company's creative, marketing, and technology department are very well-fed.

It is simply because the fashion blogs features cut-outs of text messages within the photoshoots of models wearing the apparel.

Also, the company claims they have minimized the usage of silhouettes in their products and approach the audience which prefers to carry themselves in a semi-formal style of apparel.

16. PUMA

Just like the brand's logo, the brand strives and leaps forward towards becoming the best sports brand in terms of designing, developing, selling, and marketing footwear, apparel, and accessories.

Through online, the company continues working on improving product engine, the distribution quality, and renewing IT infrastructure.

Dominant in Asia as compared to the rest of the markets, the company created hype when it collaborated with Virat Kohli, one of the best cricketers in the world, launch his brand one8, the products launched were available only online and was sold out very quickly and made Puma a leading segment in India.

The brand is also famous in motorsports due to partnerships with brands like Mercedes, Ferrari, and BMW, which indulge fans of the formula 1 racing.

17. Crocs Fashion Blogs

The brand raises many questions in a consumer's mind, as the consumer gets attracted by such colorful and one-of-a-kind footwear at the same time experiencing unmatched comfortable cushion technology.

They are popular for producing the most trendy sportswear with great designs that offer value for money. Puma is one of the largest producers of sportswear in the world.

They offer clothing and shoes for every purpose especially for those who take their workout and fitness seriously. Puma understands your training needs.

Be it for a beginner or an intermediate level, and even for the advanced athletes or those who like to go hard in their sport. Adidas and Nike are two of the biggest rivals of the brand.

The consumer gets confused about which slipper to buy but surely does take one pair or thinks about it after viewing it.

It has sold more than 55+ million pairs last year through its wholesale, 500+ company-owned retail outlets and e-commerce websites. Crocs have substantially increased its revenue and expanded its global online presence.

The company made more than $1 billion in annual revenue in 2014 and is now selling in more than 90 countries all over the world, including expanding its business significantly in Australia and Japan.

18. Forever21

Beating all odds and ends, the brands focus primarily on fast fashion clothing and apparel for women. Known for its trendy offerings and low pricing, the company sells accessories, beauty products, home goods, and clothing for not only for women but also for men and children.

Recently, it relaunched its eCommerce site in countries like Canada, Asia, and Latin America, even after filing for bankruptcy. This proves how the company is happy to serve its consumers and its readily putting up a fight concerning its financial capabilities as well as in terms of trendy styles.

19. Charles And Keith

Grown on Singapore shores, Charles & Keith was founded in 1996 but has expanded to more than 300 outlets worldwide. The brand is known for its fast-fashion and high-quality sophisticated products that appeal to the trend-conscious consumer.

It is due to this reason the company is positioned in the ‘affordable luxury’ market, where trend-conscious, medium-high income consumers will have no qualms forking out some extra cash to buy the products they really like.

This not only helps them in selling products but also makes their consumers. It is due to their strong and influential social media presence which generates a good amount of pf revenue for them.

A part of the brand is even owned by Louis Vuitton, it increases the support the brand has and one of the reasons it is known today.

On the busy streets of New York or vacation places like Paris, the company provides every kind of accessories and footwear which can be worn anywhere. Hence, the brand has always been a look-out

20. Trendyol Fashion Blogs

For Turkey’s 80 million inhabitants, Trendyol is the e-commerce platform of the nation. As the number 1 most downloaded e-commerce fashion app in the region, the company has impressed Alibaba, which has helped the team at Trendyol in managing to rapidly expand the brand due to the latter's investment and their innovative tactics for leveraging mobile.

Founded in 2010, the e-commerce market was relatively new and the company seized the opportunity to rapidly expand as mobile shoppers increased.

Mobile shoppers have become the focus of their business strategy and currently, their mobile web and in-fashion app purchases account for more than 85% of Trendyol’s total sales.

Trendyol sells over 200 million items a year. The brand sells all kinds of clothing and apparel for everybody, leading to its success and justifying the reason it should be the world's number 1 fashion-related fashion blogs.

21. AJIO

Owned by the richest man in Asia, Mukesh Ambani, the brand is the one shop to-go for best and trendy fast-fashion in India. Brands like Jack&Jones, Vans, and Superdry are all under one roof, which makes it an all-rounder company.

The company also follows the policy of 'Make in India', which supports the Indian economy.

The company is also popular due to influencers on social media as well as is in good eyes of Indian people due to support provided by AJIO to the Indian local talents. Also, the brand is a competition to Flipkart, Tata Cliq due to the financial boost of Mukesh Ambani.

22. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a UK-based retailer. It specializes in women’s clothing, but also has an extensive line of menswear, childrenswear for both girls and boys and also provides international shipping to select countries in Europe and the US.

Providing high-street the company provides all kinds of fashion from Date-night dresses to the tricky interview outfits. Every week you will find hundreds of new arrivals waiting to inspire consumer's next outfit.

From signature prints to catwalk-inspired looks and the season’s key piece. The company also features comfortable quality of maternity apparel without reducing the standard of fashion.


If a person has watched the FRIENDS series, then the person already knows what Bloomingdales is. Started in 1861, a consumer can get reasonably-priced clothes as well as apparel from luxury brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Gucci, etc.

Although the brand is now owned by Macy’s, the company gives generous discounts to not only customers but also to employees. It is one of the biggest competitors of Nordstrom.

As compared to the rest of the fashion sites, the company has not experienced much interest from the public for online shopping but strategizes to provide apparel in the future based on a consumer’s previous purchase history. Like some other brands, they provide newsletters so that people don’t miss out on the new arrivals.


Just like Netflix provides movies without owning any cinema halls, the club factory provides clothing without owning a store.

Their founding philosophy that states they believe that online marketplaces should act as a facilitator between buyers and sellers and they shall continue to provide a level field to all sellers by not charging any commission fee so that they get to increase their earnings while transferring the benefits to the consumer.

A consumer’s shopping experience is enhanced by providing them deals, discounts, and amazing new designs.

The company maintains most of its focus on the Asian market simply due to the anticipation of Asian consumers in clothing

25. Under Armour

One of the most go-to brands for most gym freaks. The apparel from the brand gives you a very raw and fierce look. The Rock has been associated with the brand. This new player in the game has the potential to give chills to the household names in the industry such as Nike and Adidas.

They are priced good but are loaded with hefty features making them a tough competition. Under Armour might bring a revolution in the footwear industry. To put the cherry on top, they are highly durable.

If a consumer wants to show-off while working out, this is the brand to go for. The company believes in spending the profits in a way that leads to customer satisfaction, instead of marketing.

With collaboration with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Under armor was finally on the same track as of its competitors Nike and Adidas. The brand also offers wireless headphones and earphones, which were launched specially to the gum.

The brand also focuses on making basketball shoes, which are a big hit in The Americas. Hence, the brand should not be under-estimated.


If brands had a boxing match, Myntra would be competing against AJIO for the title. Originally, it was founded to sell gift items in 2007. However, the company now sells clothing and footwear in India.

The company owns the brand Jabong and partnered with the Ministry of Textiles to promote the handloom industry in 2017. This promotes the handloom industry and made Myntra popular within India due to this endeavor.

Boasting 1000 brands under 1 fashion app, the company has eased the delivery of products to remote areas of India, something which other brands are still struggling to cope up with. It truly conveys the message that it is the largest online shopping fashion blogs in India.


This company is widely known for its womenswear including collections of beautiful clothing for womens.

They hire the most beautiful supermodels to promote their products. They also conduct a fashion show annually to advertise their products in a high-profile setting. This brand knows how to make you feel beautiful.

The super comfy silk and cotton feel just perfect on your skin. Their products are exclusively for an audience that wants to feel a little bit special in the clothes they are wearing. Gorgeous designs that are hella cozy by the brand manages to do that just perfectly.

Talking about style, comfort, class, and fashion, leaving out Victoria secret would be disappointing for women.

Not only is the brand known for its lingerie, but it also sells sportswear as well as loungewear.

Since we live in the open-world, being bold and stylish is the new statement, and Victoria's secret helps to proclaim the new statement and helps a woman in expressing herself in the new world.

The brand is always a class apart in terms of the quality of products. Starting from innerwear, the brand is also excelling at selling amazing fragrances as well as classic handbags.


For some when it comes to fashion, it’s Jockey or nothing. The brand has evolved from selling inner wears for all kinds of age groups to selling t-shirts as well as lowers.

A large part of the population buys from this brand due to a variety of collections and designs for every situation and for each type of person.

The company focuses on selling products of medium-range so that every person can afford the luxury of comfort wear while keeping an eye on their pocket as well.

It is the innovation and comfort which ensures customer’s loyalty as well as supports in winning big profits. Hence, this proves that it’s Jockey or nothing.

29. Michael Kors

Michael Kors has been a popular fashion brand among women of all ages. The company sells clothes, shoes, watches, handbags, and other accessories. but is especially known for its signature belt and handbags.

The brand is a high-profile brand but a major part of people can afford this brand. Moreover, the brand is included in a trio which includes Jimmy Choo and Versace.

Mainly, the brand sells its beautiful accessories which are usually given as gifts. Indeed, the next time you want to gift somebody a memorable gift, gift Michael Kors.

30. BATA Fashion Blogs

Till now, some people believe that Bata is an Indian brand. It is so because this brand is a go-to for people who want to buy good quality footwear.

Originated in the Czech Republic, the brand sells footwear in almost every country and is known for its comfortable sandals.

This brand mainly attracts people above the age of 50 because of the comfort and simple yet amazing designs it offers. In India only, the company reported profits of around $46.5 million in the fiscal year 2018-19.

The reason for the immense success of Bata in India is that Indian customers have always had price-sensitive issues and ‘Bata’ has maintained a strategy of minimum prices according to Indian customer requirements.

Bata has more other brands under control. Some of the brands under BATA Hush puppies, spark, Sandak, North Start, Comfit, Mocassino.

31. Jack And Jones

Jack and Jones cater to urban men who are fashion conscious and demands the best look for themselves. The brand became a reality in the year 1990 and at present, its rival companies in this field are Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's.

The brand was history in making and with time the brand became one of the strongest brands for jeans in the consumer market.

During the pandemic, the company is selling facemasks, hence promoting the support to governments in spreading awareness regarding social distancing during.

Apart from jeans, the company is also known for selling polos of amazing designs, luring more support from casual wear consumers.

32. Balenciaga Fashion Blogs

When we talk about fashion, we have to talk about Balenciaga. It is a household name in the industry which won the hearts of many.

This brand is famous for setting new trends in momentum by giving its loyal customers something more. Almost half the Hollywood has been seen wearing the brand at various events all across the globe.

The prime focus of the brand has always been to provide high-quality products with alluring designs that one could kill for. If you’re someone who’s into rap music big time then you would know the influence of Balenciaga on the culture.

33. ASOS Fashion Blogs

One of the most interesting online fashion retailers to ever step into the fashion industry. If you’re one of those people who see a star on a TV show or a movie and think, I want that look. Believe me! ASOS can make that happen.

ASOS is the abbreviation for “As Seen On Screen”. You think about it, they got it. Be it the loose and colorful clothing from the 90s TV show Friends or the Brad Pitt’s leather jacket from the Fight Club, ASOS has it all.

Designs inspired by Hollywood. The British company’s target audience is teenagers and young adults. If you wanna try something new, do visit their fashion blogs.

34. Urban Outfitters

This is one of the most popular clothing brands which is infamous for its alternate fashion clothing in which one gets to witness a shade of hipster culture.

Needless to say, urban outfitters is for relatively young adults and teenagers who love to experiment with different looks.

The only downside of the brand is that it is a bit expensive. If you are going for a modern stylish look that is in sync with the latest trends, then do take a look at this one.

35. Fashion Nova

Instagram marketing was almost alien to most around a decade back. Fashion Nova exploited the first mover’s advantage of online marketing by realizing the potential of Instagram almost right at the beginning.

It has more than 18 million followers on its Instagram handle.

They seem to have a keen understanding of what is fashion for different women. The brand has been at the epicenter of many controversies in the past. Still, its reputation remains unscathed due to their devotion to the art of fashion.

36. Zalando Fashion Blogs

The Berlin-based fashion company is the one-stop for all your fashion needs. The e-commerce platform sells products from various brands on its fashion blogs.

Zalando provides a seamless shopping experience with excellent service which makes the online shopping platform hard to ignore. Genuine products from certified vendors are sold on the fashion blogs.

Easy returns and free delivery on all the orders are some of the things that the European company boasts about.

37. Levi’s Fashion Blogs

When you think about denim, there’s no way that this brand doesn’t come to your mind. Jeans and jackets that are made with impeccable quality of material and crafted by the best make Levi’s a must-have for everyone.

Your closet really needs an update if it doesn’t have Levi’s jeans. Pricing has been kept flexible by the brand which makes it one of the most loved brands ever. Levi has always focussed on comfortable clothing that is highly durable and versatile.

38. Hermes Fashion Blogs

This luxury brand was founded in 1837 with the intent of serving noblemen with leather products which slowly evolved over time. Now, they offer handmade stuff from the finest craftsmen.

“Once you go, Hermes, you never go back.”This has been true for most as the attention to detail that the brand puts on belts and ties, perfumes, ready to wear clothing, watches, and countless high-end fashion accessories are marvelous.

They do charge quite an amount for their stuff but it’s really over-the-top stuff. Many customers have as far as to say that Hermes products are nothing less than an art. Obviously, it falls into the category of brands that offer exclusivity.

39. The North Face

For more than half a decade the brand has made outdoor sports gear which includes clothing, footwear, and equipment that leaves most bedazzled by outperforming the expectations of most.

Many of the folks who are into some kind of outdoor activities or sports big time have referred purchasing of The North Face products as an “investment.”They clearly understand the needs of those who love adventure and provide a one-stop solution with the most durable camping gear.

Be it hiking, mountaineering, surfing, rafting, skiing, or any other recreational outdoor activity, you can trust the brand without a doubt.

40. Tom Ford

One of the iconic luxury brands that charge a considerable amount as they provide you with the sleekest and stylish designs that make you exuberate elegance.

Ford sells fragrance, sunglasses, cosmetics, all kinds of ready to wear apparel for both men and women. Tom Ford has made a huge impact in the fashion world by making one of the best designs ever.

Suits are their specialty. Nobody could look better when wearing one. Take a look at their fashion blogs and you will be tempted to make a purchase.

41. Zappos

This online shoe and clothing online retailer offers thousands of designs with a 24/7 customer service. Zappos is a very reliable virtual platform for shopping for many reasons.

One, it offers shoes and clothing from different brands at a much cheaper rate and two, it has an unbelievable 365-day return policy. The US online company knows how to woo its customers.

Their purpose is to offer the very best customer service which makes the customer come back for more. Their growth was so exponential that Amazon acquired it in 2009 for more than a billion dollars.

42. WhoWhatWear

WhoWhatWear is the latest fashion blogs related to fashion with the headquarters located in Los Angeles in California, US.

It is known as the greatest runway trends, shopping suggestions, and celebrity style from the beauty and fashion experts. W

hen you talk about the original and premium style, and the shopping content, this is the right online blog.

To the lovers of trendsetting fashion and catering can visit WhoWhatWear because it has all forms of fashion that you can imagine. There are many followers of the fashion blogs who visit the fashion blogs daily to read the news and articles of the trending fashion.

43. Lookbook Fashion Blogs

Lookbook offers fashion aspirations from real people all over the world. It was founded in San Francisco in California to give the news on trending fashion all over the world.

Essentially, it is known as the original community-curated and user-generated gallery which show-case DIY fashion photography everywhere from everyday people.

Many people love the site which intern attracting millions of them following because of the interesting information on the current fashion. They normally publish three posts every year.

44. PopSugar

PopSugar is dedicated to giving the latest news on fashion and accessories. The headquarters are located in San Francisco in California to sensitize people all over the world about fashion news.

As a matter of fact, it is termed as the global lifestyle media which is focused on the curious audiences who love fashion news.

This attracts many passionate people to visit the site to know what is trending about fashion and accessories news. It normally publishes eleven posts every day.

45. YesStyle

YesStyle is mostly recognized in Asia because it’s the first online fashion blogs with its workers who distribute different types of fashion and lifestyle products in that region.

In this platform, you will get the right definition of Asian Fashion with the section of Street Photography.

You will attract on the fashion blogs because of their well-organized lifestyle columns which have various fashions that are trending.

Also, you can turn to the beauty vloggers in their platform for the flawless finish. They are known for publishing five posts every week.

46. Fashion Lady

This is known as the Indian fashion blogs related to fashion, which gives the complete and latest insight on the beauty tips, fashion trends, and more wonderful women fashions.

This is done all over the world. The mission of is actually to educate the Indian women about the latest fashions which are trending.

The fashion blogs also gives women information on how fashion may be implemented in common or real man life. They normally publish five posts every week about the latest and trending fashion news and beauty tips that are attractive to women.

47. ManRepeller

This fashion blogs was founded by Medine, in 2010 to cover the information that you need to know about culture, beauty, feminism, and style.

It is known as the award-winning multi-media organization and also the global community for interested and bright people who love fashion. In the same way, there are different news, intelligence, and humor about the trending fashions which are cheaper.

Every day there is a new post on the site that attracts many people to visit the platform to know what is trending in terms of fashion.

48. SincerelyJules

SincerelyJules was founded by Julie SariƱana in 2012 with its headquarters in the United States. Julie SariƱana created it like a way of bringing her signature fashion and style to her friends and followers.

 It first started like a creative outlet where daily inspirations, photos, and thoughts of her style were compiled.

As years have passed by, the brand has developed from Celfie tee and iconic DBA to full sew brand and fashioned cut.

This has gradually attracted many followers and viewers who normally visit the fashion blogs almost daily. There is a new post of the latest and trending fashion every week.

49. Flare Fashion Blogs

For 30 years now, frare has been the top online platform in Canada to give the latest information to women on beauty, fashion, entertainment, and health.

This has made many women reach when they want to know anything about the trending news about the latest fashion in the market in the country.

Also, about 1.7 million women and more are reached using this fashion blogs every month with 17 posts every week.

50. Cocosteaparty

Cocosteaparty is the British lifestyle and fashion blogs which is dedicated to provide inspiring and attainable style for fashionable women.

Typically, it is the leading blog related to fashion with attainable fashion inspiration for young fashion-savvy professionals. The blog features beauty, skincare, fashion, living, makeup, and many inspiring articles about women.

There are many posts on this topic which attract many followers and viewers to read them daily. There are about 30 new posts in every year.

51. StyleSprinter

The blogger by name Katya Bychkova formed this blog where she features everything which happens to her lifestyle from parties to outfit choices and all things which are in between.

There are also exciting stories about her life and the beautiful things surrounding her. She loves featuring the current and the trending stories on fashion which attract many in the blog to read them.

This has earned her fame making StyleSprinter have many followers and viewers. There are always four new posts in the blog which are posted every month.

52. Zanita

Zanita is the women's beauty, lifestyle, and fashion blogs with headquarters in New York in the United States. The top blogger is Zanita Whittington who is the world's most successful and respected blogger who posts different articles about the latest and the trending fashion.

She has contributed greatly in writing content to many blogs like H&M, Vague, and also other countless international fashion platforms.

With different topics on fashion and beauty, it has made this blog to be leading having many followers and viewers.

53. SydneStyle Fashion Blogs

With the help of SydneStyle, you are updated on the current and trending news on fashion. The blog has its headquarters in Los Angeles in California which has turn runway and celebrity fashion into every day, affordable, and beautiful style for any particular occasion.

With the help of Sydne Summer who is a blogger work on fashion editing, hosting, and stylish.

She is well-known for translating the runway trends and the latest red carpet for a daily woman. There is a daily post that is posted on the platform giving the latest and the trending news relating to fashion.

54. FashionBeans

FashionBeans is the fashion-related fashion blogs that is dedicated to featuring men’s fashion and style. The fashion blogs has a team of professionals who give fashion aspirations, grooming tips, trend guides, and style advice on fashion all over the world.

Likewise, it has the duty of showcasing the latest hairstyle for men and street photography.

This attracts many men who love various fashions and who love to be updated on the latest fashion in the market. Many viewers visit the fashion blogs daily because of different posts that are posted several times in the year.

55. WendysLookbook

Wendy is the founder of WendysLookbook where she finds the inspiration in nature, art, culture, food, architecture, music, and people.

The fashion blogs is located in Los Angeles in California where Wendy posts different fashion news as this is a vehicle of playing with colors and shapes to reveal her personal style.

Although she is moved by images on the runways she sees, she is captivated more by images on the streets. This drives her to write and posts different news, photos, and videos on the latest and trending fashion.

56. StyleGirlfriend

StyleGirlfriend was first started by Megan as a favor to his friend, then like a syndicated national newspaper, and finally as men’s style blog. The headquarters is in New York in the United States where it offers friendly advice from the female viewpoint on lifestyle topics.

These topics include fitness, food, home, and travel with a big portion covering personal fashion and lifestyle. Due to the interesting topics being posted there, many people normally visit it to read the content. Every day there are four new posts in the blog.

57. CellaJane Fashion Blogs

When you are looking for the best blog related to fashion then CellaJane is paramount because it features the personal style and personal life of Becky Hillyard. Headquarters are in Prairie View, Kansas in the United States wherein 2012 it was founded because Becky loved beauty and fashion.

The blog became the place where she could document and showcase her personal lifestyle every day. Today, the blog features different topics on beauty, fashion, motherhood, baby, and fitness, among others. There is a new post every day on the platform which attracts many people to view.

Many of these brands must be new, many of them might bring hatred and maybe many of them might even bring happy smiles. But, it is ensured that the knowledge about these websites through their moral as well as financial values make them a part of the best websites related to fashion. You can share your experience of reading these fashion blogs with us in the comments.




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