25+ Browser Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in All Web Browsers 2021

 Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
Hi, in this article we have shared the best keyboard browser shortcuts that you can use on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers.

You can use this browser shortcuts to make the everyday use of browsers easy and fast and increase your productivity.

1. Open The Recently Closed Tabs

 Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
Believe me, this keyboard shortcut for the browsers will go to be one of the most useful shortcuts. Many people know about this shortcut but I want to tell you about this shortcut to those who have no idea about this.

Suppose you are working on more than one tab, lets it be more than 15 tabs and suddenly you clicked the tab that you do not want to close. Well, in this situation you can press Ctrl + Shift + T to open the recently closed tab.

You can use this shortcut to open more than one recently closed tab. This keyboard shortcut for browsers works on most of the popular browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The best thing about this shortcut is that you can use it to open all the tabs if you can close the browsers by mistake.

2. Open The Incloginoto Mode

 Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this shortcut to open the new incognito tab in browsers where you can surf the web privately.

You can use the incognito tab to search anything on Google or open any website privately and after closing the incognito tab on one will be going to get to know about the things that you have done in the incognito tab.

Your search history and activities will not be saved in the browsers. You can press Ctrl + Shift + N to open the incognito tab in Google Chrome and Ctrl + Shift + P on Mozilla Firefox.

Remember the while you will be using the incognito tab you can browse privately, and other people who use the same device won’t see your activity. However, downloads and bookmarks will be saved.

The browser won’t save the following information: Your browsing history, cookies, and site data, Information entered in forms, Your activity might still be visible to Websites you visit Your employer or school and your internet service provider.

3. Open New Tab And Close The Current Tab

 Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
Open a new blank tab in the browser can be super easy and fast by using this browser shortcut. You have to press the Ctrl + T.

After this a new blank tab will be opened in your browsers. You can keep on pressing keys to keep on opening the new blank tabs.

Just as you can open the blank tabs by using the keyboard, you can close the current tabs. You need to press Ctrl + W to close the current tab and Ctrl + Shift + W to close all the open tabs.

4. Undo Changes You Have Performed

 Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
We use this keyboard browser shortcut much time while writing an article of filling a form in the browser.

You can use this shortcut to undo the changes that you have performed by mistake, just press Ctrl + Z and the changes will be reversed. You can keep on pressing the key to undoing more than one change you want to perform.

Now to you can use this browser shortcut to save yourself if you have suddenly deleted the text or paragraph while creating a document on the Google Word Documents or writing a post on Facebook.

5. Switch Betten Tabs

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this keyboard shortcut to quickly toggle between the tabs in your browser. Suppose you have opened 9 tabs at a time and you want to switch to 5th tab then you can press Ctrl + 5 or if you want to open the 9th tab than simply press Ctrl + 9. After this, the 19 tabs from the left will be opened.

You can learn more about the hidden Google Chrome features and hidden Mozilla Firefox features by reading the article written on our website.

You can use this shortcut to switch between the tabs when the number of the tabs opened by you is less 10. This implies that you can use this browser shortcut when the total is not more than 9, but the tabs are more than 9 you would not be able to switch to the 9th tab with the help of keyboard shortcut.

You have to just press Ctrl + 1 to switch to the first tab and Ctrl + 9 to switch to the last tab.

6. Refresh The Tab

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You must be using your mouse to click on the refresh icon at the top of every webpage, but you refreshing a tab with the keyboard is much easier and fast. Just press Ctrl + R.

7. Print The Webpage

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this keyboard short for browsers to get the print of the webpage you have currently opened. You have to press Ctrl + P.

After this you will get the preview of the print, from here you can customize the print and make the necessary change as per your requirement.

You can choose the layout of the print i.e it should be portrait or landscape, the print should be colorful or black and white and you can even customize the pages per sheet.

8. Select the Search Bar

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
Press Ctrl + E to select the search bar and then type your query to search it on the Google, Bing or any other search engine.

Believe me, this is the faster way to search as you have no need to move your curse to the address bar and then click on the address bar to select it.

9. See The Source Code

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this keyboard shortcut for the browser to get the source code of the webpage you are currently on.

This browser shortcut is going to be very useful for you if you are a web designer because you can use this shortcut to see the code behind the beautiful animating and elements on a webpage and get some ideas.

Press Ctrl + U to get the source code of the webpage in the new window. This browser shortcut works on both Google Chrome as well as on Mozilla Firefox.

10. Save Bookmarks

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this shortcut to make the pages or website as your bookmark and add the link of the webpage to the bookmark bar so that you can click on the link to quickly open the bookmarked pages or websites.

You can bookmark the webpages by keyboard by pressing Ctrl + D. After pressing the key the bookmarks will be saves. You can see the bookmarks by navigating to options and then bookmarks.

After bookmarking the webpages, you may see the shortcuts of the pages in the bookmarks. You can press Ctrl + Shift + B. To hidden the Bookmarks bar and press these keys to show the bookmark bar again.

11. Find In Page

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this feature to find the matching of the words or the sentences. You have to just press Ctrl + F and then type the words that you want to find in the content of the webpages.

After typing the words the matching words in the pages will be get highlighted in yellow color.

12. Show Downloads

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
If you are using browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox then you can use this keyboard shortcut to see all the downloaded images, videos, files, and other items or the files that you are downloading from the internet in the new tab. You have to press Ctrl + J.

13. Show Browser History

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this browser shortcut to see all your browser's history in the new tab. From there you can delete all the browser's history in just a few clicks.

You have to just press Ctrl + H and your history will be displayed in the new tab.

You can click on the "Clear browsing history" to remove some piece of history or the entire history from your browser.

You will get the option that whether you want to remove the history of the past hour, last week, last year or the complete history. In history, you will also get the data of the website stored in your device, all the permission that you have provided to the websites you have visited in the browsers.

If you will select the clear all-time history all the data, permissions, cookies, password, users' names and all other information will be erased from your browser and you will never get in the data back.

So think before you clear all the history. You can open the clear all history option by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

14. Turn On Syncing

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
Sync your bookmarks, passwords, history, and more on all your devices Google may use your history to personalize Search, ads, and other Google services You can always choose what to sync in settings.

To Enable syncing click Ctrl + Shift + M. After enabling the Sync Google chrome will going to

Autocomplete searches and URLs - Sends some cookies and searches from the address bar and search box to your default search engine.

Show suggestions for similar pages when a page can't be found - Sends the web address of the page you're trying to reach to Google.

Safe Browsing (protects you and your device from dangerous sites) - Sends URLs of some pages you visit Google when your security is at risk.

Help improve Chrome security - To detect dangerous apps and sites, Chrome sends URLs of some pages you visit, limited system information, and some page content to Google.

Help improve Chrome's features and performance - Automatically sends usage statistics and crash reports to Google.

Make searches and browsing better Sends URLs of pages you visit Google and Enhanced spell check To fix spelling errors, Chrome sends the text you type in the browser to Google.

15. Zoom In/Out The Webpage

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
This browser shortcut will definitely go to be of great use. You can use this browser keyboard shortcut to make the element of the webpage larger or smaller in size.

You have to press Ctrl and + keys to zoom in the pages and keep on pressing the plus key (+) to keep on increasing the size of the images, text and other elements of the webpages and press Ctrl and minus key to decrease the size of all the element on a webpage.

You can also do the same by navigating to options and then Zoom. Click in the reset button to get the original size of the webpage.

16. Go FullScreen

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this shortcut to see the webpage on the full screen. This means that you can increase the size of the webpage to the entire screen and other elements of the screen will be removed.

To make the webpages full-screen press the F11.

After this, the webpage will be switch to full screen and press F11 again to exit the full-screen mode.

You can use the full-screen mode when taking a screenshot of the screen or recording the screen in the browser.

17. Go Backward/Forward

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
Use this keyboard shortcut for the browsers to go to the previous tabs or the previous webpage that you were on. You have to press Alt + Right Arrow to go forward and Alt + Left arrow to move to the previous URL.

18. Stop And Start Reloading

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use these two keyboard shortcuts to make the webpages reload or stop loading a webpage which is taking too much time to load on your browser.

Press Ctrl + R or F5 to reload webpages and press Esc to stop the loading of a webpage.

You can use this shortcut if the size of the webpages is too large and it takes time to load and affecting the internet speed.

19. Get The Help

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
If you are facing any problem in using browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge than you can use this keyboard shortcut to get help on any of the browsers. You have press F1 and a new tab will open and here you can ask any questions and search for the answers to your problems.

20.  Add The Www And .Com

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use this browser keyboard shortcut to add the www and .com after the word that you have typed in the address bar.

If you are using this browser shortcut than you have no need to keep on typing the www and .com after every search.

To use this shortcut first type the name of the website and then instead of pressing the enter alone press Ctrl + Enter.

21. Go To Top and Bottom

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
While scrolling down the web page you can use this shortcut to navigate the bottom of the web page or to the top of the webpage.

By using this shortcut for the browser there is no need to keep on scrolling down or up with the help of mouse.

You have to just press the Home button to go to the top of the webpage and press End to go to the bottom of the webpage.

22. Dock Browser Windows

Dock Browser Windows
Digging into projects often requires opening more than one browser window also called a “browser instance”at a time. This can be an effective way to organize work.

You can open one browser instance for dashboards, one for apps, another for Gmail, a third for Google Docs you’re working on, and, perhaps, one for music.

If you find yourself going back and forth between two browser instances, it’s a good idea to “dock” your screens, or anchor them in place on your screen so they don’t move around. This way, you can access two screens side-by-side.

Hit Alt + ] to dock one browser instance to the left and Alt + [ to dock the other browser instance to the right.

23. Switch Between Browser Tabs

Switch Between Browser Tabs
Docking browser instances is one way to work more efficiently when you’re juggling projects. Another strategy is to quickly switch between what you have open. Within each browser instance, it’s not uncommon to have multiple tabs open on your screen.

People do this often when they’re searching the web or working in different apps, like Gmail or Drive. You can use keyboard shortcuts to switch between browser instances and between tabs.

Click the Alt + tab to switch between the two most recent browser instances. Continue to hold Alt after pressing tab and you’ll get a tiled view of all of your open browser instances. Click Ctrl + tab (no point and click necessary) to navigate between browser tabs.

24. Use Caps Lock

Use Caps Lock
One of the first things you might notice when you switch to Chrome OS is that there’s no Caps Lock key.

But let’s face it, sometimes you need to shout your enthusiasm (COOKIES IN THE BREAKROOM!). In such instances, Caps Lock is just a keyboard shortcut away.

Use the Alt + search to activate and deactivate Caps Lock. The search key typically features a magnifying glass and is located on the far left side of your keyboard where Caps Lock is on other laptops.

On some Chromebooks, you want to press Alt + Assistant, which is the key that resembles bubbles and is located between the Ctrl and Alt keys on the bottom left side of the keyboard.

A notification will pop up and let you know when you’ve activated Caps Lock and again when you deactivate it.

25. Switch Between Work And Personal Accounts

Switch Between Work And Personal Accounts
Setting up a personal account on your Chromebook to coincide with your work account makes it easy to switch between personal and work email on one device.

This post explains how to set up a personal account on a Chromebook. Once you’ve set that up, use Alt + Ctrl + > or Alt + Ctrl + < to quickly switch between accounts.

26. Launch Applications Located On Chrome OS’s “Shelf” or Taskbar

Launch Applications Located On Chrome OS’s “Shelf,” or Taskbar
At the bottom of the screen of your Chromebook, you’ll see a row of icons representing applications. We call this bottom part of the screen the “app shelf.” Keyboard shortcuts let you launch a specific application on the app shelf.

Alt + 1 will launch the first app from the left on your shelf, Alt + 2 will open the second app from the left on your shelf, and so on.

For more help on how to work efficiently on Chromebooks, check out our posts on how to set up a new Chromebook, 6 common questions for former Mac users who are new to Chromebook, how to use a Chromebook if you’ve switched from a PC, and (for IT admins) 5 Google IT tips for driving and sustaining Chromebook adoption.

Whether you’re new to Chromebooks or have used them for a while, these tips can help you and your company complete your work faster.

These were some of the best keyboard shortcuts that you can use while using a browser. These bower shortcuts can make your work simple and fast. If you know more browsers shortcuts then share with us in the comments.


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