Top 41+ Best Survival Blogs You Should Follow 2020

Best Survival Blogs You Should Follow
Hi. in this article we have shared the list of best survival blogs and preparedness blogs you can follow.

We are sure that you will be going to find these survival blogs very useful and you will gain knowledge and inspiration from these blogs.

All the blogs listed in this article provide high-quality content so you can get the best possible information for free.

1. Willow Haven Outdoor Survival

Willow Haven Outdoor Survival
Willow Haven Outdoor is a Survival & Disaster Preparedness Training Facility located in Central Indiana.  Their mission is to promote, teach, share and preserve outdoor living and survival skills encompassing topics from primitive skills to disaster preparedness.

Their 10,000 Square Foot Willow Haven Lodge is located on 21 of Indiana’s finest acres. Their land has a unique mix of meadows, forest, ravines and low-land swamps that collectively provide a variety of survival training environments.

2. The Survivalist Blog

The Survivalist Blog, one of the oldest and most informative survival and preparedness websites on the web. The website is run by Dan F. Sullivan, owner of and his right-hand, Tara Dodrill.

The rest of the team is comprised of highly-experienced preppers, homesteaders and firearms experts with a wealth of knowledge to share.

Dan has been in the online prepping world since 2012, though he first started the homestead life ever since he was only 5 years old.

The transition from a homesteading mindset to a prepping mindset made sense, and over the past years, he’s been recruiting the brightest minds in the prepping community to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.

3. Imminent Threat Solutions

Imminent Threat Solutions
Imminent Threat Solutions provides knowledge that empowers individuals with indispensable skill-sets to explore their world and prevail against all threats.

Learning how to recognize and respond decisively to the countless threats that surround us is vital to preserving their inherent liberties.

Built on a foundation of relentless questioning, they endeavor to present an unbiased evaluation of informative topics, reviews, and resources through relevant channels of communication.

Bryan founded ITS in 2009 with the help of brothers in the Naval Special Warfare Community. While never completing BUD/s and becoming a SEAL, he made it through the large hurdles of Hell Week and Pool Comp with Class 251.

After being rolled post Pool Comp in 251, he sustained a service ending Draeger Dive Injury in 2nd Phase with Class 254. Throughout his time in the Navy and his love of gear and the outdoors, the idea for ITS was born.

After leaving the service in ’05 and with the help of the GHe Bill, Bryan picked up where he left off with his Associate's degree in Computer Science and finished his Bachelor’s at the University of Texas in Communication Technology with a Journalism minor.

Using these skills coupled with his Military Service, a Web design background and past work at a commercial photography studio he pooled his resources and started ITS.

4. Preparedness Mama

Preparedness Mama
He is a Denali Gillen. He is the face behind PreparednessMama. Like a mother, He tends to worry about whether or not He is prepared for whatever may come his way.

He is like to know that He could provide for and take care of his family if an emergency should arise. Being prepared is the key to a worry-free life!

When you know you have a plan and could execute it in a crisis, it takes a load off your mind! He lives on a farm with his husband and they grow things for a living.

Self-reliance is a big part of their lives! They love working hard and watching their hard work pay off. They also love knowing that if they needed to, they could grow what they needed to keep eating.

5. Modern Survival Online

There were already a lot of articles, what more could He add? A lot, actually. Prepping is a never-ending endeavor there are so many things He learned and applied about 5 years ago when I got started. He could probably write down at least 10,000 topics and still not cover everything.

Growing up with his grandparents half the time on their homestead, and with his parents in the city, He was able to learn a lot from both environments, but the things most relevant to prepping were learned on the homestead. baling hay, foraging for mushrooms, taking care of livestock.

He could go on and on with the things He learned at a very young age, but He is not here to brag. He does want to do is tell you He searched long and hard for preppers and homesteaders and brought them here so they can teach you about survival, homesteading and firearms. They have Charles, a man with HUGE experience in everything related to firearms.

You’re probably familiar with his articles, they’re simply amazing. he also writes in-depth articles on survival and prepping, that benefit They also have Tara to cover survival and homesteading. She’s actually a farmer and coordinates a not-so-small survival mutual assistance group.

6. The Prepper Journal

The Prepper Journal is a daily survival blog devoted to a wide variety of preparedness, survival, self-reliance and personal defense topics for readers who want to protect themselves and their families from seen and unseen disasters in their future.

The Prepper  Journal was started in January of 2013, to help people become more prepared for life’s curve-balls. It is their belief that anyone can take steps to be more prepared for natural or man-made disasters regardless of your age or physical ability.

With that in mind, they want to do anything they can to motivate people, share lessons learned, actually learn from lessons, and continue to learn along the way.

All to provide a platform for others to speak out about preparedness topics and to share their own personal experiences. Since starting the Prepper Journal they have published well over 1,700 articles that have been viewed more than 12.1 million times.

They have had visitors from over 180 countries and are fortunate to be featured on such industry favorites as SHTF Plan, Survival Blog, The Daily Sheeple, Survival Life,  DC Clothesline, Prepper Website,  Ready Nutrition, Activist Post and so many more!

7. Prepper's Will

Prepper's Will
The winter months can be, at times, either monotonous or bustling, much like any other season. However, due to the piercing of cold and the lonesome feel of the naked earth, one can be easily persuaded into motionless, lazy days of rest and tranquil.

It is those monotonous moments they will discuss in this article. More precisely, they will discuss the need to create a survival notebook.

8. reThink Survival

reThink Survival
This site is dedicated to providing top-notch family emergency preparedness resources, tools, and tips to better prepare you and your family for nearly any disaster or emergency situation. He guarantees it.

This is accomplished through engaging regular content, many hundreds of videos and “how-to” articles, as well as plenty of quality articles and content links.

Take a tour to understand this site better then pick your favorite way to follow, be it email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. You’ll find plenty of reasons to come back often!

He enjoys discussing and learning daily and certainly enjoys sharing what He has found as well as what He learns with you, hence the reason for this website. He currently enjoys living in the Seattle metro area with his wonderfully supportive wife and two very active boys.

They are, after all, the entire reason why He does any of this stuff. He would love to have your feedback in the comments section of any and all posts.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas. You may also choose to follow me via RSS Feed, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

9. Survival Sullivan

Survival Sullivan
When He was really young, around 5, He would spend 3-4 months a year living in the countryside with his grandparents, away from the noise of the big city He was born in. The fact that they were 90% self-sufficient had a huge impact on his life.

See, when you spend your entire day planting potatoes, mowing the grass (with nothing but a scythe) or entire days out in the woods or grazing cattle, you make a lifetime connection with Mother Nature. This is why, when He first learned about prepping although He was skeptical, He wasn’t against it.

He always knew deep inside of me that the direction we’re being led by their politicians is wrong. After the initial resistance, He was hooked.

He started reading like a madman every piece of information He could find, then He started putting into practice. It didn’t take long for me to become a prepper. After all, He “survived” the 1989 Romanian revolution. He was 5 at the time and didn’t fully comprehend what was happening.

First off, Dan Sullivan is a pen name. He has seen a lot of bloggers use them and, since his Romanian name is hard to pronounce, He went something a little more memorable for his readers across the Globe.

He was going to go for “europrepper” but “Survival Sullivan” was a last-minute decision because it sounded better.

He still lives in Romania, even though that may not be obvious from the articles that He writes (which He proofread to death).

10. More Than Just Surviving

More Than Just Surviving
More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that features wilderness survival and bushcraft articles but also talks a lot about gear, prepping, and a slew of other topics that relate back to the theme of living a survivalist lifestyle. The blog is run by a two-person husband-and-wife team.

Every once in a while you might see a limb of mine in a shot, a part of his hand or foot, but a rare glimpse is typically all you’ll get to see of me on here since He is always behind the camera.

You can’t imagine the number of times he cuts himself playing with knives in any given week, or how content he is to slice through the paper over and over again while testing blade sharpness.

11. Ready Lifestyle

Ready Lifestyle
Joe Ready is an active duty Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team leader with more than 20 years of service and multiple ground combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has a bachelor’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management and has been interested in prepping and preparedness for close to two decades.

Joe’s experience hunting bombs and bomb-makers across Iraq and Afghanistan give him a unique perspective about what it means to live in a real SHTF environment where the government is almost non-existent and the parts of the government that remain are corrupt and only out for themselves.

He’s also spent years studying natural disasters and their effects developing expertise in how to prepare for them before they strike, how to survive during one and how to recover after they’ve passed! Joe is an active member of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and the National Emergency Management Association

Ready Lifestyle isn’t just their name, being ready is how they live their lives. They aim to provide their readers with solid information and thought-provoking articles about all things prepping, readiness, home, and personal defense, and the potential repercussions of a collapse.

Regardless of whether you’re just headed out the door for a weekend of camping or you’re trying to prepare your family for an upcoming end of the world style event, Ready Lifestyle has you covered!

12. True Prepper

True Prepper
TruePrepper was founded by Rusty in 2016 as a blogging experiment and rapidly developed into the fastest growing prepping site. They take time to dive deeper into prepping topics in their articles and thoroughly review survival gear.

Their mission is to ‘spread the prep’ by getting more people involved with their own preparedness.

They do this by looking at prepping from unique angles in their articles, thoroughly reviewing survival gear, and providing giveaway gear to their readers. Importantly, they also strive to clarify the difference between the public perception of preppers and what preppers actually are and do.


SURVIVOPEDIA helps people regain their peace of mind by becoming more self-reliant and self-sufficient in all aspects of life from putting food on the table, to keeping your loved one safe and staying in good health.

14. Prepared Survivalist

Prepared Survivalist
His name is Alan Smith AKA the Prepared Survivalist and welcomes to, your place for anything survival and preparedness related.

Whether you are just starting out and learning the basics of survival and preparedness or are a seasoned veteran in the survival/preparedness community and even know how to grow your own garden, He wants you to feel right at home on this website.

The fact that you have found me in the crowded parts of the world wide web shows me that you area family man/woman who loves your family more than yourself and wants to keep them safe no matter what.realize that technology can fail and understand that you need to be prepared to deal without being outdoors and understand that a disaster is lurking around the corner when you spend any amount of time away from the community.

He created just for people like you. On this website, He will share all sorts of amazing survival and preparedness related ideas and tips & tricks for you to pick up on and apply them on your own.

And of course, it is wise to be prepared when you head out. So He took the time and compiled a list of useful resources that could help you in your survival and prepper journeys.

15. Backdoor Survival

15. Backdoor Survival
Samantha learned the foundation of preparedness on the banks of the Skagit River in the North Cascades of Washington State while being raised by a single father who saw heavy combat in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive.

At 16 she moved with her dad to his home state of North Carolina where she worked on some farm projects before attending Warren Wilson College and graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on Sustainable Forestry.

After college, she and her future husband spend a few years in Ketchikan, Alaska before returning to North Carolina and moving into a small 1970s Holiday Rambler camper on 11 acres of family land given to her by her father. This is when the adventure of building a house and farming began!

Over the years her articles have appeared in various homesteading magazines such as GRIT, Back Home, Backwoods Home, and Countryside and Small Stock Journal. Her writing can also be found on Lew Rockwell and The Organic Prepper.

16. The Organic Prepper

The Organic Prepper
The information found on this website is protected by a Creative Commons copyright. That means that you are welcome to republish any content in part or in full in a digital format, but you must leave all links intact and provide full credit to the author with a link back to this website.

Back in 2010, He was in the corporate world and hating every minute of it. A job He once enjoyed had turned into a stressful grind that took me away from the things He was really passionate about. Like everyone else, he had unfulfilled dreams.

He wanted to spend time with his kids. He wanted to do all those self-reliance projects He read about.

He wanted to write books. Most of all, He wanted to be independent. Instead, He spent his days grinding his teeth and pretending like He actually wanted to be at the office.

Like most stories of dramatic change, it starts out sad. But hang in there. It gets way better.

17. Savvy Survivor

17. Savvy Survivor
Savvy Survivor also focuses on the other two main interests in his life, which are hiking and camping. As hiking and camping are two activities that He values deeply, he is confident in his ability to know how (and where) to find the best backpacks and camping gear you will be able to find on the market.

Savvy Survivor is here to offer all backpackers and campers regardless of your proficiency level everything they are looking for when it comes to the year’s finest backpacks, mountain bikes and more for people of all ages.

They are also a great place for you to come and see what the most viable and useful equipment for camping is. On their website, you’ll see drop-down menus from which you can get expert advice from their panel of professionals.

These professionals can guide you from a beginner camper to advise on how to purchase and efficiently use a paddleboard and/or kayak. Whatever you need advice on, an expert is waiting at Savvy Survivor to help you advance your skills.

The guides on Savvy Survivor will provide all those interested in the outdoors with the knowledge they need to make the most out of any activity. They are also great at giving you ideas on how to successfully set up your very own private backyard to give your home the right amount of outdoor flair.

18. Survivaltek

18. Survivaltek
Survivaltek is the creation of Ken Youngquist, a guy who from his youth was captivated by primitive living skills, and in his adulthood, was intrigued by the television series MacGyver. The result has been the study and practice of survival skills, and the desire to pass on the mantle of preparedness to others.

Over the years Ken has been privileged to appear in various forms of media that include newspapers, magazines, webcasts, and television. Sub-menus to this page include links to some of these events that may be of interest to you which more fully describe Ken’s perspective and personality.

19. Survival Blog

19. Survival Blog
There are now 27,500+ archived SurvivalBlog posts. There it is too much to read through sequentially.

To research particular topics, He recommends that you take full advantage of the article categories and blog database Search window available at the top of the right-hand column at the SurvivalBlog site.

Say, for example, you want to learn more about how to secure your home. In the right-hand bar, down below the scrolling advertisements, there is a list of topic categories.

By clicking on the “Retreat Security” category, only the articles and letters tagged with that topic will be displayed.

Or, you can do a more detailed search, using the Search box at the top of the right-hand bar. For example, if you enter “Security AND Infrared AND Starlight” only those posts that include all three of those words will be displayed. Use quote marks for searching exact combinations of words, such as “log home”.

20. Skilled Survival

19. Survival Blog
Are you as passionate as he is about getting prepared? Do you want to learn more about survival skills and preparedness?

That is exactly what his mission entails…to help fellow patriots (such as yourself) become more prepared, self-reliant and confident in you and your family’s survival plan. Whether it’s a freak natural disaster, political upheaval or TSHTF.

21. SHTF School

SHTF School
His name is Selco and he is from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year He lived and survived in a city WITHOUT electricity, fuel, running water, real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.

He wrote about his experience in a survival online community. Many people wanted to hear about this and asked me all sorts of questions. This was 2011 and the thread is long gone but you can see all his answers in PDF file you get when you subscribe to their newsletter.

On this website, you can read about his experience during SHTF, talk with me and others who are interested in REAL survival, instead of Hollywood or fantasy survival. If you want to learn in detail about how He survived and how He prepares today to have a look at his survival course.

22. Redneck Revolt

Redneck Revolt
Redneck Revolt is a national network of community defense projects from a broad spread of political, religious, and cultural backgrounds. It is a pro-worker, anti-racist organization that focuses on working-class liberation from the oppressive systems which dominate their lives.

In states where it is legal to practice armed community defense, many branches choose to become John Brown Gun Clubs, training ourselves and their communities in defense and mutual aid. ​

In 1921, the term became synonymous with armed insurrection against the state, as members of the United Mine Workers of America tied red bandannas around their necks during the Battle of Blair Mountain, a two week long armed labor uprising in the coalfields of West Virginia.

23. Graywolf Survival

Graywolf Survival
His Soldiers gave me the name Graywolf several years ago on a deployment to Afghanistan due to his thick, gray beard. He started Graywolf Survival in Afghanistan around January of 2013 to keep his mind off things at night like getting blown up and stuff.

And yes, that’s the desk where He does all his work. And his steak. And his beer.

The articles He put on GS are based on real-life experience and research that He knows very well from being deployed in both combat and contingency zones as a US Army NCO and then Chief Warrant Officer as well as doing some contracting work and working with the Sheriff’s Office as a member of their Special Forces posse.

He was deployed to Iraq. He spent many days being shot at and many nights wondering if He was about to wake up in the medical tent on the other side of the post after a rocket attack, or being dragged out by other Soldiers after his hooch got hit or not wake up at all.

This really got to me after a while. Staring at the ceiling every single night, wondering if He is about to die any second. He started spending his time writing again, and it helped.

24. Preparing For SHTF

Preparing For SHTF
He made this site for people who are interested in survival topics, gear and how to prepare yourself for any SHTF situation. Feel free to have a look around, and make sure you come back often. You can also join us on Facebook!

25. Urban Survival

Urban Survival
How many people’s first stock trade was a convertible, subordinated debenture?  (1969) Who helped invent radio data broadcasting of software in 1982?  He’s that guy. George Ure is an expert in many fields.

Such as  Turning around companies, optimizing sales processes, flying airplanes, electronics & communications systems expert, Seattle radio station news director, international airline VP, and vocational college president. Few writers wield his first-hand knowledge in broadcasting, education, transportation, or electronics.

There aren’t too many people who can build a house, too,  but George is that kind of person.  Renaissance Tech Guy.

Being “hands-on” his articles cut across boundaries between personal finance and woodworking, the joys of homesteading, and website development and even cyber insurance.  To him, it’s all cost/benefit balance in finance and in life.

26. Prepared Housewives

Prepared Housewives
He wishes He could say if something happens He is going to stand at his front door passing out all his food & supplies, but He is not (unless you have some Girl Scout cookies).

He has come to realize being prepared is a personal decision people need to make for themselves.

No one can do it for you unless maybe you still live at home with your mom (which He would be, but she kicked me out a while ago). Being prepared to me is much more than waiting for a disaster to happen, it benefits his life every day! This blog is to help those who are ready to help themselves.

He tries hard to take the confusion and excuses out of being prepared and simplify it for everyone. It really can be fun & easy!

He hopes each of you will make the decision to become prepared, better yet, if you are ready to commit go ahead and join us!

27. The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast
The Survival Podcast is a daily online audio show about self-sufficiency and self-reliance in the modern world. He conceived and created this podcast because over the years he has come to realize how fragile the human condition and the United States economy really are.

From June 2008 December 2009 He recorded the show during his 50-mile commute between Arlington and Frisco Texas.

He now runs the show as his full-time business and records it each morning in his home office. Some of the very early editions of this Podcast don’t have the best audio quality but He over time he has updated his recording equipment.

Recording a podcast while driving on the interstate was a challenge but he has found it both enjoyable and a way to reclaim some of the three hours He loses each day.

He decided to give it a try after He found Think Future News a Libertarian minded Podcast hosted by Chris Future (who just plain kicks ass) who also records his show while on the road.


OFFGRID SURVIVAL is a preparedness and survival website that is dedicated to helping people become more self-reliant and better prepared to face the very real threats that exist in today’s world.

The site covers a wide variety of survival and preparedness topics, including information for surviving man-made and natural disasters, urban disasters and crime, and self-reliance and off-grid strategies that can help you survive almost any crisis.

OFFGRID SURVIVAL started in 2007, as an online magazine and resource for people who are interested in survival, preparedness, self-defense, and Off-Grid Living. Feel free to look around, and make sure to come back often. They update the site daily so there is always a new article or piece of information that will interest you.

29. Prepper

So many websites in the survival and preparedness genre are written by wannabes, cheap offshore labor and spambots.  They only publish original content by vetted and recognized experts in their respective fields with full transparency.

The world has more than enough “Top 10” listicles already. They heavily emphasize 100% original and high quality and content from people who actually know what they’re talking about, illustrated with detailed photos and videos whenever possible.

30. SHTFblog

Too often preppers and survivalists lead lives of isolation.  They insulate ourselves from society by putting up barriers of protection.  Some of these barriers are physical, many more are figurative.

They avoid high profile activities, bury their politics and keep to their own.

They do it to be prepared and protect their families, but in the process, they miss out on something community. SHTFblog is all about filling that void.

It is a place where like-minded souls can gather to share best practices, homespun solutions, and political insight.

All of this delivered with the confidence of anonymity, but the familiarity of a common purpose.  Their team has one of the most diverse backgrounds you will find from any survival website.

Their contributors include Marines, off-grid survivalists, college professors, and hardcore gun enthusiasts all with a singular dedication– to build that community.

31. Modern Survival Online

Modern Survival Online
Modern Survival Blog is about Practical Sensible Preparedness. Couple that with the spirit of Self Reliance, the extent of Sustainable Living all while pursuing Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

His pen name is Ken Jorgustin. He writes near-daily articles of opinion and commentary on a wide variety of topics that you may enjoy, especially if you are into preparedness.

Given the many hands-on skills that He has learned throughout the years, He considers myself at this point in life to be a sort of ‘Jack of all trades’ to one extent or another.

His politics? he is neither a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal or Conservative. He doesn’t affiliate with any particular political ‘tribe’. That said, He leans towards Libertarian. His personal interests are many. Too many to list.

32. Apartment Prepper

Apartment Prepper
He is Bernie Carr.  His husband and He became interested in preparing for emergencies after Hurricane Ike hit their city of Houston.  As a wife and mother, He feels very concerned about the uncertain times that they are facing in their country.

He wants to feel more secure and in control, He feels they should not rely on the government to help us in any emergency.

Many preparedness sites that he has read gave me good information but much of it is geared toward people who own their homes or have a retreat.

While they would love to have a rural retreat, that is just not feasible for us yet.  So He needed to do something to feel more productive.

There are some steps they can take now to become better prepared and self-sufficient while living in an apartment in a large city.

He is writing this blog to help not only myself but others who are in the same situation and want to have more control. Though he is interested in preparing for emergencies and disasters, whether natural or man-made, this site is not all about doom and gloom.

He believes in being prepared for most everyday life emergencies that are more likely to happen such as unemployment, illness, crime, etc.

33. SGT Report

SGT Report

GT Report is the corporate propaganda antidote. Providing exclusive original content and interviews with some of the best-known voices in the world of economics and precious metals.  SGT Report is your daily source for truth in a time of universal deceit.

And as the global economic outlook continues to deteriorate, SGT Report urges its readers to prepare for seismic shifts in the global financial system and to prepare for the end of the US Dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency.

34. On Point Preparedness

On Point Preparedness
His name is Michael and he is the owner and writer of On Point Preparedness.   He has been involved in the liberty, truth seeker & preparedness movements ever since the events of  9/11.

In 2015, He was saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ and integrated bible prophecy and ministry into his Youtube Channel and website.  Feel free to contact me with regards to pretty much anything bible questions, news tips, advertisement, training, etc.

35. Know Prepare Survive

Know Prepare Survive

He is sure you want to know more about the people behind the words. They are just a bunch of fun-loving people who happen to be very interested in survival skills, cool knives, and prepping for whatever life may throw at us.

Many of us grew up on Robinson Crusoe, MacGyver, and Swiss Family Robinson (has anyone else ever noticed that they have the same name?) so being able to get out of any situation and making use of their surroundings is something we’ve been preparing for (and will probably never stop) their whole lives.

Like many people involved in prepping and survivalism (and due to a brief stint of infamy after an ill-fated youtube video), they prefer to remain anonymous or use pseudonyms online.

Many of the posts on KPS are not written by me (He is Evan, by the way) but by one of the great guys and gals on their team.

They don’t sign their articles but He is pretty sure you’ll be able to spot his writing. He is the smart-ass one. They might change this in the future but for now, it’s working.

36. Bug-Out Survival

Bug-Out Survival
Bug-Out Survival is a preparedness blog and online resource for anyone interested in knowing how to plan and implement an escape from a natural or man-made disasteror worsea large-scale breakdown of law and order or disruption of modern civilization.

Topics covered here will include an analysis of situations that might require such drastic moves, the survival mindset, equipment, and bug-out bag selection, how to locate and scout in advance potential bug-out locations in your area, and methods of getting to the bug-out location when the time to go comes.

This site will also include reviews of specific gear items, reviews of useful books on the skills needed for wilderness survival, and reviews and overviews of specific locations such as national forest wilderness areas, mountain ranges, swamps and islands that could serve as bug-out locations.

37. Homestead & Survival

Homestead & Survival
At Homestead & Survival, their mission is to provide a vast array of knowledge, tactics, skills, and recipes in the homestead and survival fields, to any and all who wish to live simply and become more prepared for whatever may come.

There are thousands of blogs out there dedicated to providing innovative, educational, and interesting information on the topics of survival, emergency and disaster preparation, green and healthy living, not to mention simple and frugal ways to improve the health and quality of everyday life. There are almost too many blogs to keep up to date with.

That’s why we’ve created Homestead & Survival. They aim to bring you some of the best experts and to trawl through Google, through Pinterest, through Facebook, and through Twitter to find the best of the best blog posts from some of the world’s most incredible bloggers and websites

38. Ultimate Survival Tips

Ultimate Survival Tips
During his first year of college, He became reacquainted with a grade school pal, Bill. Bill was sent by his parents to Valley Forge Military Academy for his last 2 years of high school.

Not sure why just never asked. So Bill was back. Man, talk about “squared away!”

This guy was “high octane” and totally “by the book.” Anyway, they tolerated each other long enough, early on, to become good friends again. He thinks it was his “can do” attitude and adventurous spirit that He really liked about the guy.

Somehow, after months of persuasion, Bill unknowingly fed his yearning for adventure… and it was not long until he had talked me into going Parris Island, South Carolina for Marine Corp basic training, with him, for 13 weeks that summer.

So, for 13 weeks, He learned basic military survival skills, combat tactics, basic discipline. No doubt, it was an adventure that continued for several years afterward.

And guess what? He only saw Bill once in their 13 weeks at PI. Gotta love recruiters.

39. Survival Life

Survival Life
Looking for the best survival blog? At Survival Life, they go beyond providing an array of survival gear, skills, and tips in the survival and preparedness fields for the practical prepper.

They aim to be a one-stop-shop for those interested in prepping, bushcraft, off the grid living and self-defense. They take a logical and no-nonsense approach to survival without bias in hopes of dispelling the myth that anyone who prepares themselves is crazy or paranoid.

Recommendations are important in a survivalist. This is because they have been tried and tested by the community. They feature survival gear essentials from a streaming stylus to urban survival gadgets. Or you can even explore, buy essentials, and even get freebies from their site and their online store.

40. Doomsday Moose

Doomsday Moose
This website contains various articles relating to their impending doom and hopefully will improve your chances of surviving the coming apocalypse. From preparing for that big storm to surviving a zombie apocalypse, they have you covered.

While it is their best intentions that the articles they provide will give you an advantage to surviving when doomsday arrives, there is no way that they can guarantee a successful result from following the advice they provide.

Tips and opinions offered by writers on this page should be personally evaluated to see that it is the best tip for your own personal situations.

Tips and opinions are not necessarily those of The Doomsday Moose. They believe that multiple opinions on the topics they address can stimulate thought and discussion to help their readers make the best and most informed decisions so they can have the best chance to survive their next disaster.

41. Doom & Bloom

Doom & Bloom

They are well-known speakers, podcasters, and YouTubers, as well as contributors to several leading survival/homesteading magazines like American Survival Guide, Survivor’s Edge, and Backwoods Home.

Together, the Altons have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars from book royalties to put medical kits and keep medical supply prices affordable for families everywhere.

42. Survival Joe

Survival Joe
Born in Florida, Joe Jacobs now lives on the outskirts of Denver with his wife and three children. “A single man can probably fend for himself if all hell breaks loose,” says Joe.

“But that’s not a responsible mindset when you have children to take care of.”

The Fragility of The American Dream Three years ago Survival Joe was just an average Joe unaware of the fragility of modern society.

“He was like most Americans. He was focused on making more money, paying the bills, and trying to keep up with the Joneses.” What changed his perspective?

“He started studying economics. You don’t need a degree to figure out that America is on the verge of bankruptcy.” But Survival Joe says that it would be merciful if the country only went bankrupt.

So, these are some of the best survival blogs that you can read.  We have tried their best to make this article but if you know any other survival blog that should be added in this article then you can tell in comments and please share your experience of reading these blogs.




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