65 Best Vegan Blogs You Should Read in 2021

Best Vegan Blogs Every Vegan Should Follow

Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best vegan blogs you can follow. 

By reading these vegan blogs you can find plant-based inspiration and the other mind-blowing vegan foods and recipes.

As there are tons of vegan blogs on the internet that can make it difficult to find the best vegan blogs so we have tried hard and our best to make this list of best vegan blogs. 

These vegan blogs aren't arranged as per there rankings so you can choose the best one for yourself.

The very popular Vegan diet has been gaining a lot of popularity in people all around the world for different ethical environmental and health reasons.

Plant-based diets have been adapted by many bloggers around the world to provide their readers with unique and healthy recipes. 

The vegan diet is also known to help you shed those extra kilos and also helps you maintain a healthy heart.

Additionally, this diet also protects you against type 2 diabetes and certain cancers as well.

1. The Full Helping

The Full Helping

Gena Hamshaw is a vegan blogger and a dietitian who covers yummy vegan recipes in her detailed vegan blog. 

She also believes in providing her readers with information on weight management, eating disorder emotional eating, and nutrition.

Her vegan blog will also give you additional information on the life cycle that includes pregnancy and infancy.

Behind this aesthetically pleasing vegan blog is Gena Hamshaw, a dietician who specializes in plant-based eating.

She was inspired to start this vegan blog due to the eating disorders she had in the past and she speaks on this matter in a section in her vegan blog called the Green Recovery Series, here she also invites other people who have found that clean eating has improved their struggle with their eating disorders.

Her recovery process has shed some light on the benefits of a vegan diet and she has been exploring this ever since.

In this vegan blog, she gives her two cents on mindfulness, nutrition, healthy eating, and even self-care.

Her exquisite recipes include her curried delicata squash chickpeas, vegan dumplings with quick-pickled radishes and almond miso sauce, and many others.

Gena is a registered dietician who has been blogging for 10 years. 

She has always believed in creating wholesome vegan recipes for her readers with a sense of fun and awareness of each ingredient.

So if you are new to plant-based eating and looking for some guidance and amazing vegan recipes lookout for this vegan blog. She also provides counseling in eating disorders and women’s health.

2. Blissful Basil

Blissful Basil

Ashley is a psychologist who turned into a passionate blogger who fell in love with cooking under the guidance of her parents.

Blissful Basil, a vegan blog owned by Ashley Melillo, a former psychologist and now the writer and photographer of this vegan blog, has all you need to know about simple plant-based vegan recipes, wellness tips to unearth vibrancy, health, and happiness.

Her Loaded Nacho Potato Wedges are one of her amazing recipes that will absolutely help you find the bliss behind veganism.

Blissful Basil is a vegan blog dedicated to unearthing the happiest side of life through a wholesome, wide array of healthful foods, we allow ourselves to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Run by Ashley Melillo.

Her recipes have a variety of flavors, textures, and Colors in every dish. She believes in cooking recipes that give us wholesome happiness.

Her vegan blog has some wholesome vegan recipes which can be easily prepared and some wellness tips on vibrancy, health, and happiness. 

3. Oh, She Glows

Oh She Glows

This website is filled with different kinds of vegan and mouth-watering simplified recipes. 

If you are having a game night with your friends check this vegan blog to create some yummy vegan dishes and have your friends coming back for more every time.

Angela offers great plant-based recipes on her vegan blog for her readers without feeling any least bit deprived. Her vegan recipes are mostly free of gluten, soy, and processed foods.

Just like the name, Angela Liddon started this award-winning vegan blog because she believes you can glow from the inside out based on what you feed on.

Her recipes are plant-based and are free from gluten, soy, and processed food. 

Her love for plant-based eating is evident from the 500+ recipes that you can pick and choose from, in her vegan blog.

Angela even has a cookbook and an app dedicated to healthy plant-based recipes. Heading over to Oh She Glows guarantees that natural glow we are all looking for.

She has a million readers each month on her vegan blog and has a cookbook in her name that has been translated in many different languages and sold worldwide to her readers. 

4. VeganRicha


If you are an Indian residing outside India and looking for some lip-smacking vegan recipes, then check Richa’s website for easy and delicious Indian Vegan recipes for your household.

She also experiments with baking and prepares scrumptious dishes. 

Some of her proceeds from the vegan blog to support different organizations.

Richa Hingle vegan blogs about Indian vegan recipes, vegetarian, Eagles, Dairy-free, Most Gluten-free, Soy-free.  

What keeps her food vegan blog going is to prove that food choice is not about giving up something, it is about finding something better.  

Her motto is Eating plants until we photosynthesize.

Richa is the award-winning recipe developer, blogger, and photographer behind the vegan blog Vegan Richa. 

Her first book, Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen was a number #1 best seller on Amazon and she features it in her vegan blog which has a variety of recipes, resources, and recipe videos.

Vegan Richa is definitely your go-to if you’re looking for recipes with an Indian touch. 

If not, don't be discouraged because she has recipes from different kinds of cuisines. Her veggie burger recipes can attest to that!

5. The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8

Brandi is a talented model turned cookbook author who enjoys cooking and is an expert in creating oil-free recipes.

This vegan blog was begun by Brandi Doming in October 2013 inspired by the simple and creative ways she could use in her cooking to hearing her husband’s gout. 

This vegan blog is one that accepts everybody and aims to make healthy cooking fun and simple.

The number “8” in the vegan blog name represents the number of ingredients Brandi uses to make her meals.

Find easy-to-make vegan recipes that are made with whole foods, oil-free and decadent desserts. Run by Brandy.

Can you imagine that she makes her vegan chickpea curry and vegan scampi in lemon wine sauce with 8 ingredients or less? Check out her vegan blog to see what other scrumptious recipes you could be missing out on.

Her vegan blog consists of some delicious recipes that have only 8 ingredients or less. 

She believes that her passion truly lies in baking and creating yummy desserts.

She tries to create different versions of her recipes as she is aware that many people have certain allergies for some food items.



Katie lives in Los Angeles with her husband and her cats. She had spent hours in her kitchen experimenting with different ingredients creating recipes. 

Apart from cooking, she has also written children’s books.

This vegan blog covers a lot of vegan recipes ranging from burgers, smoothies, homemade recipes, and in case if you are wondering what to cook during a holiday season, she has curated a menu for that as well.

7. Fork and Beans

Fork and Beans

Carra started her vegan blog in- order to explore her allergen-free baking skills. 

She is someone who would help you to cook some friendly and creative vegan food for your children.

Cara, the author of this vegan blog, is a fun-loving mom who started this vegan vegan blog in 2011 as a way to explore her allergen-free baking skills. 

She makes people with dietary needs feel normal and provides numerous recipes on special diets.

Here, creativity and health meet to make the perfect cocktail. 

Also, If you have kids or you just want to have fun meals like vegan Cheetos, Fork and Beans are a must-have on your bookmarks.

This vegan blog also covers ideas on crafts/activities that will keep you and your children engaged for hours at home and have fun together.

8. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker strongly believes in cooking a delicious, simple home-cooked meal. 

She shares very simple cooking recipes in her vegan blog that requires readers to have less than 10 ingredients, 1 bowl or less than 30 minutes to cook a dish.

While checking her vegan blog you can also indulge in some shopping and they have new recipes every THREE days with a mix of savory and sweet and it includes desserts as well.

9. Sweet Simple Vegan

Sweet Simple Vegan
Meet the couple Jasmine and Chris the young and fun couple who have transformed their hobby into passionate cooking.

Jasmine Briones & Chris Petrellese are the creators of Sweet and Simple vegan. Just like the name, this vegan blog is aimed at sharing homely recipes that will definitely thrill all five of your senses. 

Raw vegans, gluten-free dieters, and just people who want to eat more greens are more than welcome to try out these vegan recipes.

Their homemade pita bread and 5 ingredient stuffed peppers are just but a few of their many superb recipes. 

Even more so, the lovely couple gives out plenty of lifestyle advice on their vegan blog so if you want to know how to reduce waste sustainably, Sweet and Simple Vegan is your go-to!

During her college days, Jasmine had an eating disorder however shortly after turning vegan slowly it helped her connect with people all over the world who had adapted veganism and health.

Chris was an animal eater but one day he was inspired by a speech he decided to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Both of them together through their vegan blog would help you transform your passion into cooking some fun, healthy, fresh, and delicious vegan recipes.

10. Keepin’ It Kind!

Keepin’ It Kind!
Kristy is famous for recipe development and food styling along with her husband who also does the photography for the page. 

She is known for using mostly organic ingrown or seasonal plants for cooking vegan recipes for her readers.

She also has a cookbook featuring 125 recipes for the family, does review for many vegan restaurants, and enjoys sharing her vegan travel tales.

11. From My Bowl

From My Bowl
Caitlin's food philosophy is to strongly be listening to her body and giving it what it demands from. 

Apart from cooking some yummy vegan food, Caitlin is also a photographer, videographer, and recipe developer.

She believes in wholesome and budget-friendly vegan recipes. She also offers oil-free substitution for every recipe that she curates for her readers.

12. Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie
Katie enjoys her chocolates every day and believes in eating desserts every single day. 

She has been featured in many popular magazines and news networks for her recipes.

If you are a lover of chocolates or any form of desserts then this vegan blog provides you with options from cookies, ice creams, and yummy candies.

Thinking of going vegan but worried about dessert options? Katie got you covered! Katie Higgins has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, FOX, The Huffington Post, and ABC's 5 O’clock News.

Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day! If this doesn't convince you, head over to Chocolate Covered Katie and try her black bean brownies, they are one of her many sinfully delicious recipes.

13. The First Mess

The First Mess
Staying connected to Mother Earth has always been Laura’s idea. 

Laura had found her interest in cooking while working in different restaurants and also has a huge range of cookbooks in her name. 

She believes in cooking simple wholesome vegan recipes for her readers in her vegan blog.

An award-winning vegan blog with beautiful photography and healthy, seasonal recipes. 

Run by Laura Wright. The First Mess is all about cooking with natural, whole, plant-based foods, eaten seasonally, and sharing wholesome meals.

14. Olives for Dinner

Olives for Dinner
Erin lives in Boston and had initially a strong dislike for tofu and vegetables however once she learned to prepare them there was no turning back.

Her cooking has a lot of oils and nuts added for a rich and depth flavor to vegetables. 

She enjoys curating comfort food with a special focus on seafood and Asian inspired dishes.

In January 2011, Erin Wysocarski created Olives for Dinner, a vegan blog dedicated to vegan cooking. Erin’s story is quite different because she hated vegetables, she never watched a cooking show and she could barely boil water.

However, her love for animals made her a vegan superstar. Her story is as shocking as her recipes.

Brunch is now easily enjoyable in the comfort of your own home. 

Erin’s mixed berry compote and creamy chia seed pudding with a side of loaded baked potato hash brown waffles would be ideal for this Sunday!

15. Gastroplant

Best Vegan Blogs
Based in New York City, Thomas was inspired by his wife to start his vegan blog. 

We love Thomas’s vegan blog for his recipes that has bold flavors added for the extra punch and entirely plant-based recipes.

Traveling around the globe has him to create vegan recipes that evoke vibrancy and excitement. Eating a vegan rich diet food has helped him to uplift his mood, physical energy, and create an abundance of diverse foods.

Thomas created this vegan blog to share a library of globally inspired recipes. 

He aspires to eradicate the notion that vegan eating is about limitation and not abundance.

He started this vegan blog after discovering and experiencing the numerous benefits that came as a result of eating a plant-based diet.

He shares a collection of colorful and tasty recipes from all over the world such as his mushroom fried rice and popular hijiki salad which has a Japanese tang to it.

16. Happy Hearted Kitchen

Best Vegan Blogs
Jodi is a passionate cook and a sourdough bread baker and believes that food brings people together from all spheres of life.

In her vegan blog, she writes about plant-based seasonal cooking and her association with the local food initiative to create a vibrant food system. Apart from blogging she also conducts regular workshops and events.

17. Jessie – May

Best Vegan Blogs
Jessie believes in good food nutrition and that depicts in her vegan blog which has delicious vegan recipes and pictures worth drooling. 

You will find her sharing many tips from the farmers market and nutrition-based recipes.

She is a nature lover and enjoys surfing when she is not cooking. 

Also, if you are an avid traveler, she regularly updates on her travel adventures in her vegan blog.

18. Love and Lemons

Best Vegan Blogs
This is a very beautiful and aesthetically done vegan blog by the duo Jeanine and Jack. 

Jeanine loves seasonal food and that’s where she draws her inspiration for her vegan blog.

This is a healthy, seasonal, whole foods cooking & lifestyle vegan blog by Jeanine. 

She is the author of Love & Lemons Every Day Cookbook, named the best spring cookbook by the New York Times.

The Love & Lemons Every Day Cookbook is packed with over 300 pages of delicious, easy, healthy recipes that your family will love. 

A food vegan blog with fresh, zesty recipes, anchored by Jeanine and Jack

The couple has curated recipes for healthy breakfast ideas, appetizers, or dinner recipes who enjoy traveling together around and draw their inspiration from these experiences.

19. Nora Cooks 

Best Vegan Blogs
Nora hated cooking until she turned into a vegan lover who believes in cooking recipes that is enjoyed by her family and friends around.

Her vegan blog would help you cook vegan dishes that would help you save a lot of money and time. 

Her recipes will also help you cook dishes for your children who are picky eaters.

20. Like A Vegan

Best Vegan Blogs
Growing up Chelsey, always enjoyed playing with animals in her backyard and once she turned 19, she decided to turn Vegan to store her original recipes and share them with her friends.

Apart from recipes she also writes about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel.

She fell in love with cooking after turning into a vegan and her vegan blog consists of recipes for every season with every picture that has been beautifully captured.

21. Pick Up Limes

Best Vegan Blogs
Sadia is a Canadian based vegan foodie who had created her vegan blog to share uncomplicated vegan recipes. She enjoys creating nutritious and healthy recipes for her readers.

Her vegan blog consists of recipes that provide many substitutes for meat products like nuts, seeds, soy products.

All her recipes are made with natural ingredients whole-food, healthy fat sources like beans, lentils, and seeds. 

You can also check this vegan blog for some mental and emotional health around food and nutrition for your toddlers and children.

22. Vanilla and Bean

Best Vegan Blogs
You would love this vegan blog for Traci’s 40-year-old young soul and her gorgeous photography and love for sweetened baked goods and varied dessert recipes for all the vegan lovers.

In her vegan blog, she also gives out notes on cooking and baking to her readers as she believes every person’s palette is different There is also a section for non-alcoholic and cocktail recipes that you can cook up for those special occasions at home.

23. Bittersweet

Best Vegan Blogs
Hannah Kaminsky is a multi-talented baker, writer, and photographer who has also won an award for her vegan blog that has some bright and boldly curated recipes and amazing photography that would make you drool and wanting for some more.

Anthea Cheng is a chef who makes whole plant-based recipes with a twist to them. I would easily recommend her vegan blog to anybody who wants to enjoy fun looking meals and have a blast preparing them.

The recipe developer has taken vegan cooking to the next level with her colorful recipes. 

Some of these include vegan chocolate rugelach, basil alfredo pasta, vegan cherry ripe cups, and many more.

She also has some gluten-free recipes, refined sugar-free, and nut-free so that everybody is more than willing to dig in.

The burst of color in her food resembles the burst of flavors you are assured to get once you try out her meals.

24. Rainbow Nourishments

Best Vegan Blogs
Anthea is based in Australia and comes from a family that owned restaurants. 

Growing up she enjoyed relishing different cuisines ranging from Chinese, Italian to French She believes in practicing kindness to people around and the environment and has shared recipes in her vegan blog that are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and also nut-free. 

Her vegan blog also has some yummy dessert recipes for your taste buds.

25. This Raw Some Vegan Life

Best Vegan Blogs
Emily lives in Canada and enjoys adding tahini in her food and loves dancing. She talks about how she eats plants because of her love for her body, the planet, and other living beings. 

She also practices meditation, mindfulness to name a few.

She draws her inspiration to turn into a vegan eater when she had started to cook raw vegan desserts. 

She has written famous cookbooks and, in her vegan blog, she has filled it with vegan recipes ranging from some yummy salads, pies, tarts, and a whole lot more.

26. VeguKate

Best Vegan Blogs
As the name suggests Vegukate, through this vegan blog Kate wants to celebrate cooking delectable vegan food by educating her readers about nutrition, having a piece of knowledge about food, and creating different recipes that work for our body.

She derives her inspiration from her mother and grandmothers and traveling around the world. 

Her vegan blog consists of whole-food-based choices and she also enjoys gorging on some dark chocolate.

27. One Arab Vegan

Best Vegan Blogs
Raised in Bahrain, Nada is a chef, health foodie, fitness enthusiast, and animal lover. 

She created her vegan blog while living away from home, but the eagerness to created nutrition-packed recipes.

If you are a lover of middle eastern cuisines, then check this vegan blog as she enjoys cooking healthy plant-based food that is packed with nutrition and that will help you to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle and share experiences.

Nada Elbarshoumi, a UAE based Egyptian writer, started this vegan blog in an attempt to recreate Middle-Eastern cuisines with a plant-based twist.

Belonging to a culture that does not really understand veganism, Nada boldly continues with her journey sharing her traditional Middle Eastern recipes such as her decadent vegan tofu halloumi and occasional pieces on health and wellness among other lifestyle items.

28. Oh My Veggies

Best Vegan Blogs Every Vegan Should Follow
This vegan blog contains recipes and e-cookbooks with a mix of vegan and vegetarian recipes, and some tutorials and nutrition tips as well.

Also do check her e-book recipes that are affordably priced and can be viewed or downloaded on your phone or computer.

Oh, My Veggies is a vegetarian food vegan blog that lays emphasis on real food made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

They have about 700 recipes, and their slogan is Meatless made easy.

They have delicious recipes like Eggs Benedict with Avocado and roasted red pepper, Grilled Veggie Gyros with Creamy Cucumber Dill Sauce, Sweet Potato Cakes with Lime and Avocado, Rich and Creamy Spring Rissoto with Asparagus and Peas, Vegan Elegant Involtini with Harrusa Sauce, Maple Balsamic Tempeh Burgers, etc.

29. The Korean Vegan

Best Vegan Blogs Every Vegan Should Follow
If you are a fan of Korean dishes, you should check this website where Joanne who is also a lawyer during the day, prepares some beautiful food and provides some gluten-free vegan recipes for the readers.

30. Vegan in the Freezer

Best Vegan Blogs Every Vegan Should Follow
You would want to check this vegan blog if you have just started to learn cooking. 

The vegan blog created by Ginny has healthy plant-based recipes that include asparagus, olives, and if you wish you can even freeze them for future meals and relish them later.

She always creates and taste’s every recipe before her readers can cook them at home.

31. The Colourful Kitchen

Best Vegan Blogs Every Vegan Should Follow
Illene Godofsky lives in New Jersey and is a certified health coach, cookbook author, and photographer. 

She cooks everything colorful and writes her vegan blog by combining her love for color, texture, and all things rainbow with plant-based cooking. in her kitchen.

She has written her vegan blog after years of experimenting with different types of food. 

Check her vegan blog for some easy to follow vegan recipes to help you create a colorful platter every day.

She has also designed a course for busy mothers to curate delicious recipes for their young children.

This is a plant-based vegan blog written by a certified health coach, plant-based cookbook author, food photographer, and mother. 

Through this platform, she has managed to share plenty of plant-based recipes from soups to desserts and even raw recipes.

On her vegan blog, she also has a section where she gives advice on how to raise children who are colorful eaters by using cheat sheets, audios, and recipe booklets. 

If you are all about colorful eating or want to incorporate more color in your food then the colorful kitchen is here for you.

32. The Mminimalist Baker

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Just like the name, The Minimalist baker is a perfect website for vegans who want to make delicious simple food using fewer ingredients, less equipment, and cook for 30 minutes or less.

However, do not let the word “baker” intimidate you because as much as the vegan blog has recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth, it also has amazing recipes that would make a delectable main meal! 

The website is also very organized and you can pick out the recipe you would like based on your dietary needs and cravings.

Looking for an Asian- inspired dairy-free appetizer to eat during the fall? You should check out the crispy Shallot Spring Rolls with Seared Tofu- or better yet, just put in your preferences and you will be spoilt for choice.

33. A Couple of Cooks

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Behind the award-winning vegan blog are the healthy power couple Alex and Sonja Overhiser who have written a vegetarian cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking and have been featured in several talk shows including Oprah and the daily show.

‘A couple of cooks’ contains countless recipes from main dishes, drinks, desserts, you name it!

They also have a YouTube channel where they have DIY recipes, healthy dinner ideas, instant pot recipes, ‘how to’ videos ranging from things as simple as ‘how to cut an onion’ to ‘how to feed sourdough starter’!

What is surprising is that the married couple completely switched from eating fast and frozen meals to eating a home-cooked mostly whole food plant-based diet.

34. Hazel & Cacao

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Talida started this vegan blog in 2016 after suffering from severe hormone imbalance. She was inspired by the power food has on health.

Here, she provides solutions to hormone balancing through sweet and savory recipes and even drinks. 

She also shares health articles and the resources she uses to make her amazing food.

She has numerous recipes ranging from raw vegan to savory lunch ideas. Her recipes include creamy vegan mushroom pasta and raw vegan chocolate plum slices.

35. Vegan Heaven

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Sina began Vegan Heaven in 2014 and since then has been sharing the plant-based recipes and the whole-food meals she cooks with fresh ingredients.

She also informs us about her travels and her vegan journey in her vegan blog as she dares us to take a walk on the green side with her.

The lentil Bolognese makes such a great weeknight for the whole family! It’s super easy to make, packed with nutrients, and soooo delicious! It is packed with vitamins and it’s a great source of protein and iron. So It’s really perfect vegans and vegetarians.

Her vegan meatballs with spaghetti, one-pot pasta, and many other recipes will have you taking her up on that offer instantly.

36. I Love Vegan

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Brittany and William are the happy couples behind I love vegan. Together, they made the decision to shift to a vegan diet and they have been sharing their hearty and wholesome recipes through this vegan blog.

To sweeten the deal, they give information on the transition to a vegan lifestyle, benefits, advice for beginners, and many other helpful tips.

We can honestly say that visiting this vegan blog would make veganism easier to sustain to those who find it quite the pickle.

I mean, why wouldn’t it be when you can easily snack on their delicious vegan spinach and mushroom mini quiches and more?

37. Simple Vegan Blog 

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Lose is the creator of this amazing vegan blog. The Simple Vegan Blog targets everyone with a belly. 

She shares plenty of simple easy to make recipes which can get ready within 20-30 minutes or less.

Her recipes and instructions can be followed by anybody including those of us who have never even been to a kitchen! All this simplicity certainly does not compromise the quality of her wonderful vegan food.

The delicacies are a myriad, but a few of them include her Vegan Jambalaya and her General Tso’s tofu.

38. Holy Cow!

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Vaishali shares nutritious plant-based meals on her vegan blog along with her husband Desi who photographs these meals. 

She started Holy cow! in November 2007 after she realized she did not want to mix up her l for food and her love for animals.

This is a vegan food vegan blog with 750 delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes for cooking and baking. Healthy, plant-based family meals from scratch.

Run by Vaishali Honawar. She encourages that vegan food can be amazing and that there is no better way to save animals than to stop eating them. She is from India but lives in the US.

You will find recipes for homemade vegan cakes, cookies, pies, and bread. You will find tons of Indian vegan recipes here.

She is a mom to a picky 10-year old a lot of her recipes are kid-friendly. And because she was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, she cooks, eats, and posts many gluten-free and soy-free recipes.

Her love for animals and pets sends a chill down my spine. Her dog, Leo, was rescued from a dog meat farm in Korea.

Lily was a street dog rescued from Puerto Rico. Billy, their adorable tuxedo cat, was found roaming the streets of Virginia.

Here, she shares DIY spice mixes, Indian food recipes, 1 bowl recipes, and even vegan swaps. 

Her vegan olive oil brioche with aquafaba is just but one of her many mouth-watering recipes.

39. Veganosity

Vegan Blogs You Should see
The owners of this vegan blog are Linda and Alex, a mother-daughter duo who enjoy cooking vegan recipes together and sharing them on their vegan blog.

They have a fine range of recipes for different palates. 

If its sugar you crave, this vegan blog ensures these cravings are satiated by a cranberry apple compote, a raspberry chocolate pudding parfait, or any other of their many sweet recipes.

If it is a mix of spice and salt you’re after, Veganosity’s savory recipes will ensure you get it.

40. Nutriciously

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Alena and Lars dedicate this vegan blog to three major causes vegan nutrition, plant-based recipes, and vegan transition. 

They even have a vegan starter kit that provides tips that you can incorporate in your vegan transition to enable you to maintain a fully plant-based lifestyle.

Aside from that, they provide tools that better your vegan journeys such as best vegan documentaries, guides to plant-based kitchen tools, and even vegan transformation stories that will make you eat more plants. 

These are just a few of the many resources provided.

They also provide plenty of plant-based recipes such as easy homemade vegan wraps, high protein post-workout snacks, and more recipes packed with flavor and nutrients.

41. The Compassionate Road 

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Gemma Davis, the ambassador of the animal protection group Voiceless, is behind this website which aims to inspire people to make more mindful choices.

Just like her vegan blog name, she aspires to create positive change amongst us through her speeches at workshops and events, so we can all make the switch to a vegan lifestyle.

This engaging vegan blog contains free resources such as health, food, lifestyle, animal welfare, and other categories.

She also educates her readers by providing cold hard facts about the environment, animals in the food and fashion industry, and other interesting reads.

Gemma provides all this genuine information and writes it in a way that is captivating to her readers. So, if you're looking to make your wardrobe vegan or to whip up some mean walnut pesto pasta, they got you covered.

42. Liv B 

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Liv B’s vegan blog is categorically arranged and it contains all kinds of delicious recipes from side dishes to entrees to pantry friendly food and so many others.

Aside from her delicious recipes, Liv B also has a section dedicated to her lifestyle where she talks about everything from her favorite essential oils to how to deal with digestive issues.

She makes it possible to enjoy her vegan chili cheese fries while she informs you of how it is to be vegan on a cruise.

43. Chef Chloe

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Chef Chloe Coscarelli has been vegan since 2004. She became the first vegan to win a culinary competition with her plant-based wonders.

She unwillingly turns carnivores into loyal herbivores with colorful and enticing snacks such as Cajun Yam Fries and Pineapple Guacamole which you can find on her vegan blog.

She has released four books since 2012 with simple recipes such as Hawaiian Teriyaki-Pineapple Burger and Maple Bacon Benedict.

She has also appeared on many television shows such as The Today Show and others which you can find on her website.

44. Sweet Potato Soul

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Jenne, a soulful chef who grew up with a love for sweet potatoes gives us tons of tasty, easy-to-make recipes improvised with a southern touch.

She even dedicates a section of recipes to her sweet potato fascination and we can truly see what the fuss is all about! Nonetheless, she doesn't neglect dishes lacking sweet potatoes.

Her vegan mac and cheese and other nutritious recipes shared through this vegan blog, her YouTube channel and her cookbook, will be the judge of that!

45. Veganlovlie

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Teenuja and Kevin started this vegan blog back in 2008 which was a year after they became vegan. 

They have not looked back ever since! Their flavorful recipes are influenced by their Mauritian heritage and they immortalize their daily eats through sharing these recipes on their vegan blog and YouTube channel.

Their unique recipes include a vegan cheesy Nooch tomato fried rice, red bean mochi recipes, and many other delicacies. Veganlovlie showcases the burst of flavor that is the lovechild of veganism and Mauritian cuisine.

46. Post-Punk Kitchen

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Isa Chandra Moskowitz, a self-taught cook and the writer of this vegan blog, became vegan way before blogging and plant-based diets were as popular as they are in this day and age.

She started this vegan blog in 2003 and ever since, her love for food and feeding people has been evident in the delectable recipes she provides her readers with.

You can only imagine the spectacular meals that emerge from her simple and carefully crafted recipes such as her raspberry pretzel thumbprints and fried tofu eggs.

47. Green Evi

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Evi’s love for whole foods led her to create this food recipe vegan blog where she shares numerous plant-based recipes accompanied by beautiful photos of her food.

Her unique recipes include freezer-friendly meals, no yeast bread, and even Hungarian recipes! Thanks to her love for green juice and avocado, we have different fantastic vegan recipes to choose from.

48. The Kind Life

Vegan Blogs You Should see
As an extension of her book, The Kind Diet, the American actress Alicia Silverstone created The kind life as an online resource encompassing different areas of veganism.

Be it parenting advice, vitamins, tantalizing recipes, history lessons, animal saving initiatives, The kind life has it all! Wherever you are in your vegan journey, this vegan blog warmly welcomes and supports you through this path to healthy living.

This forum is a great way to share your experiences and to learn about others' experiences too! You can never feel lonely or confused.

49. Bake and Destroy

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Natalie Slater uses themes of punk rock, pro wrestling, and heavy metal to violently knock down your taste buds.

You can thank her later. 

She creatively assembles multitudes of vegan information such as product reviews, recipes for every craving and culinary cheat codes and shares it on her vegan blog using humor and pop culture references.

Her cookbook Good Food for Bad Vegans will have you enjoying every page while preparing highly palatable meals that will keep you wanting more.

50. The Curious Chickpea

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Eva’s vegan blog is a cocktail of plant-based recipes from different cuisines namely Ethiopian, Italian, Thai, and Indian. 

This is a positive space for people who love animals and who share an interest in cooking.

Eva brings a multicultural perspective to the kitchen with her and this enables her to make healthy spectacular dishes and bless us with her exquisite recipes such as her famous Vegan Malai Kofta Indian Dumplings in Curry Tomato Cream Sauce, cocktail chana samosa others.

The Curious Chickpea is definitely worth looking into if you have a penchant for ethnic cuisines.

51. Deliciously Ella

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Ella Woodward is a British food writer who established the brand Deliciously Ella in 2012 after suffering from a chronic illness known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) which drove her towards eating a plant-based diet.

She then found out that clean eating improved her health and due to this, she shares numerous vegan recipes and even sells vegan products. 

She also has several yoga videos and cooks books.

Ella also has a fun app where you can recreate many of her plant-based recipes such as her roasted Jerusalem artichoke salad, her bang bang cauliflower with sweet and spicy sauce, and more. 

This website will absolutely reveal to you the sweetness that is plant-based eating.

52. Jessie May

Vegan Blogs You Should see
Jessie May named this lovely vegan vegan blog after herself. 

Here, she shares her must-read vegan health story which is quite honest and informative.

She also provides her readers with incredible knowledge which all dieters should know about such as the benefits of nuts and seeds, how to make nut, seed, and peanut butter, how to make nut and seed milk, and more.

Her photography, tips, and tricks on farm produce and her recipes will ensure you a long and delightful stay on her website.

53. Milk Bar

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Most of the people love to eat sweet and it makes the dish more delicious if it is made by a loved one. Milk bar presents you dozens of recipes to make your life sweeter.

Next time if there is a birthday party at your home, you are not supposed to worry about the cake.

Milk bar will guide you to make your party memorable by sharing sweet recipes. All the credit goes to Christina Tosi for giving a platform where you can get the best recipes.

54. Heavenlynn Health

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
There is an interesting story behind this vegan vegan blog. Lynn is the official owner of this vegan vegan blog. 

She came up with the idea of sharing recipes with others.

Years back she diagnosed with hypertension and started cooking dishes. 

This made her calm as mentioned earlier food is not only stuff to eat, food is an emotion to control your mood.

Anyhow, Lynn shares some beauty products at her vegan vegan blog. 

An inspiring story for all the people out there to understand the relation between food and human being.

55. HUEL

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Many nutritionists are suggesting fuel products as they offer products such as ready-made shakes and flavor boosters to give nutrition.

Huel also shares some healthy recipes with us to make our lives healthy and fit. The best thing about Huel is that they present simple recipes to make our lives easier.

56. Sous Chef Cooking Shop

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
The website is owned by renowned chefs of the UK. They share their well-known recipes and cookware to make your kitchen a better place.

Moreover, there are techniques at the vegan vegan blog to make your job easier. 

There are kitchen related articles at the vegan vegan blog to help the viewers.

57. Tori Avey

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Tori writes about the food and recipes in such a good manner that the reader will feel like it is being cooked in front of him. 

This is the beauty of an author that she describes understandably.

Many vegan vegan blog visitors have said that she is extremely talented as compared to other chefs.

58. Wholesome Yum

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
The place where you can find low carb and keto diet recipes. To make your life ordered and easier, get help from the vegan vegan blog in grocery shopping lists.

There are weekly diet plans available at the vegan vegan blog. 

Generally, the vegan vegan blog is specially designed for people who are very diet conscious. Get to the vegan vegan blog and do follow a diet plan to make your life easier.

59. Curry Place

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
The website especially focusing on the North Indian recipes. 

Most of the recipes are of curry food made with Indian spices plus you can get the recipes of delicious kabobs.

Moreover, the curry place restaurant has two locations in Maryland. 

If you are a true Indian food fan, the vegan vegan blog is for you to make some mouth-watering dishes at home.

60. Tsubi Soup

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
When we talk about food, how can we forget about the soup? Soup is considered to be an important part of the food, Tsubi soup presents some delicious recipes about soup.

You can order online to get frozen soup which is healthy and free of chemicals. 

You can make this soup with the help of recipe share at their vegan vegan blog to have a good yummy day.

61. Firehouse Bakery

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Patrick Ryan is the owner of Firehouse Bakery and extends his limitless love for the food. Patrich had a law degree but his ultimate love for food forced him to start a bakery business.

He developed a vegan vegan blog where he shared the recipes of pizza, hand made bread and pastries.

Check out the recipes ate the vegan vegan blog, make some delicious pastries for your loved ones.

62. Southern Kitche

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Established in 1981 in Tacoma Washington and is extremely famous for homemade food. People love the atmosphere and the food of the southern kitchen.

They share extremely delicious recipes in a very simple way that a newbie can also try at home. 

The good thing about the restaurant is that they use the local fresh products for the food they prepare.

63. The Country Cook

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Brandie is the author of the vegan blog shared at the vegan vegan blog. The country cook shares some delicious ways of making desserts and many other weeknight dinner recipes.

Brandie started making desserts and other foodstuffs from a very young age, Basically she is from Virginia.

64. Jo Cooks

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Joanna Cismaru is behind all the recipes shared at jo cooks. 

She is the author of the vegan blog shared, photographer, and a well-known chef. 

She shares some food hacks to make your food extremely delicious and good looking.

65. Cap Beauty

Vegan Blogs You Should Read
Cap beauty is a store where you can find wellness and beauty products. They believe that the diet a person eats impacts his/her beauty.

That is the reason they started selling organic snacks, teas, and grocery items. 

Moreover, they share the recipes of organic snacks and teas to enjoy a healthy and beautiful life.

These are some of the best vegan blogs that you can read and follow. 

You should read these vegan blogs and tell us which one is your favorite and share your experience of reading these vegan blogs with us so that this vegan blog can improve this article and make this article more useful.


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