27+ Technologies That Have Changed The World And Will Be Changing

Technologies That Have Changed The World And Will Be Changing
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of technologies that have changed the world and the technology that will be changing the world in the future.

When Philosophers and Activists were propagating the need for Change, Technology showcased the mankind about the "change" that they have been talking about.

Technology has become the epitome of change in every aspect. All forms of human work, which had been previously considered difficult and unattainable has become sophisticated and instant due to the technological inventions.

Technology is being used in various fields of operation which makes the job being done more swiftly and accurately. Despite technology is multi-dimensional, we can focus on some important aspects where technology had helped change people's lives.

Technologies That Have Changed Communication

Technology helps the masses on a large scale by providing them efficient communication opportunities.

1. Mobile Phones

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Right after the evolution of telephones, mobile phones have become the right hand for many people in the world. Historically speaking, the wireless phone patent was first given in US Kentucky in 1908, but it was operated as a two-way radio.

Only in 1973, real mobile phones were invented and marketed to the population. Now, there are thousands of companies that sell mobile phones and smartphones with various features and sensors to facilitate human activities. Check out the list of best tech blogs and websites to read article and get the latest news for free.

2. Network Technology

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Generation network is one of the technological transformations which are used to make the communication more efficient and user-friendly.

Previously, when you connect a call from the US to India, there would be a time delay in reaching from one end to another end, but due to the arrival of the fastest communication technology like the 4G and 5G networks, the interaction has become so reliable and efficient.

Thanks to the LTE and WiMAX technology which is used in the 4G network and the MIMO technology used in the 5G network which made long-distance communication qualitative.

3. Digital Media Communication

Technologies That Have Changed The World
You need not wait to see your loved ones who had gone abroad until they return. Here come the video-communication applications like Skype, Zoom, etc.

Skype is one of the clear video communication applications which is used worldwide for video chatting. Zoom is more secure and most probably used for official video communication.

Due to the lockdown, most of the offices and businesses run through video communications like Zoom and Skype. Digital media technology is growing day by day and makes human operations more facilitative and quick.

4. Messenger Applications

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Previously, you would not know whether the message you sent reached the receiver unless they reply to that. Thanks to the messenger applications which had relieved the stress of people about the messages and their safety.

Most of the messenger applications use Encryption technology to prevent the messages from being cyber-attacked.

Certain messenger applications include Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, Telegram, etc. provide unique messaging facilities to their users thereby making their messaging more facilitative.

For instance, Whatsapp has a backup option for data storage and a two-factor authentication option for their security. In the telegram, you can save your messages on your channel. There are other such options in various messenger applications that can be explored.

5. Internet

Technologies That Have Changed The World
The Internet is one of the greatest assets of technology. It can be sure to say that without internet technology would not have grown this much and would not even grow further. In that case, the internet had geometrically spread its wings multi-dimensionally in various fields. Some technological advancements of the internet include

6. Cloud Services

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Internet is being used by millions of population and it is hard to store the data in the servers and maintain them. The cloud computing services store the data in the cloud and manage them without creating confusion.

Further, cloud services are more secure and can be maintained efficiently. Some of the cloud-computing service providers are AWS cloud services, cloudways, IBM, etc.

Cloud computing can not only be done by large companies but also by individuals to store their personal data in the cloud.

It is the independent service storage medium where you can store even your personal information. Check out the article on the best cloud storage services you can use for free to store your files.

7. Blockchain Technology

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Blockchain is a digital medium which makes the digital transactions and records more verifiable and unique. It is a protocol that acts as a ledger where the transactions and processes between the two or more computers are stored and managed by a peer to peer network.

Once the data is entered and stored, in which previous information cannot be altered without altering the subsequent blocks and hence it needs the network majority to sort things out.

This has been crafted to prevent hacking and altering the data without prior permission of the majority of users.

8. Internet of Things

Technologies That Have Changed The World
This is a series of interconnected devices that are programmed to perform certain functions for the conduction of business using unique identifiers without the need for a human to computer interaction more often. This is the technology that is used in various fields like offices, fire alarms, burglar alarms, etc. Even in homes, the IoT is being used in door-locks, smart gardening, smart fences, etc.

9. PoS Devices

Technologies That Have Changed The World
It is common in the supermarket to see the billing monitor which is different from the usual monitor. It is one of the PoS devices which make the billing and sales easier and effective. The swipe machines used for card transactions used in various stores are also the best example of the PoS. They make the transaction easier and help in smart digital payments.

10. Google Balloons

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Project LOON is the word of the century as Google decided to expand its internet access to remote and rural areas where the cell-phone towers and the internet connectivity cannot be given.

Installed to provide qualitative internet service to the unreachable, this is one of the technological marvels in internet history. The LOON balloons provide aerial wireless network below the cloud range at 4G-LTE speed for uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Technologies That Have Changed Medical

There are many technologies used in the medical field which have changed the world of medicine forever and they will be changing it more and more in the future. Without these technologies, it would be very hard to imagine the world.

11. Organ Transplantation

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Organ transplantation is the process of removing the affected organ from one body and placing the fresh organ into the recipient and resumes the metabolism. This is an artificial technique to retain the life of the affected person which is one of the medical marvels in technological history.

The first successful organ transplant had been conducted in 1837 using the Gazelle model. Now, many organ transplant machinery has been invented to facilitate doctors in saving their lives.

12. Stent Technology

Technologies That Have Changed The World
As heart attacks and coronary diseases have been on the rise especially in developed nations like the US and Europe, stent technology had been introduced in the medical equipment forum. The stent is used in the Angioplasty technique in which it is placed in the affected blood vessel and ballooned to expand the blockage and to reduce the cholesterol storage in the blood vessel.

13. Scanning Equipment

Technologies That Have Changed The World
After the arrival of X-rays, which is used to scan the bones but not the soft tissues and sponges, the medical field has advanced itself by the introduction of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Topography). They help in identifying the blockage and the defects in soft tissues like the brain, liver, heart, and enzyme glands.

This helps in the advancement of medical technology to treat the disease more accurately than doing medication in assumption.

Technologies That Have Changed Genetic Engineering and Cloning

Genetic engineering is a scientific process in modifying the gene to tackle the hassles and to make them "survival of the fittest". Even though there are many side effects and undeniable consequences, we cannot eliminate the technology altogether.

As of now, it is being used in some high yield crops and it is in the testing level in humans. But, genetic engineering will be the future of medical technology.

Cloning is the scientific process of taking the gene from the organism and making identical copies of them. It is restricted in humans due to its ill-effects but it is being tested in animals and is used in research areas to store rare species and organisms. The first cloning is done in a sheep in 1996 at the Roslin Institute of Scotland which was named "Dolly".

14. Personal Computers And Other Electronic Updates

Technologies That Have Changed The World
The personal computers had made a revolution in the 20th century and after that, advancements in the computing segment had been on the rise year after year. Even the Personal Computers had widened its base with the upgrade of processors and operating systems. Regardless, other such inventions had overtaken the PC.

15. Robotics

Technologies That Have Changed The World
The Word "robot" was invented from the word 'Robota' meaning "Forced Labor" in Czech.

Robotics has been considered as a dire imagination and thought that it would be impossible to create a pseudo-human unless, in 1920, the research for the robotics has been started.

In this 21st Century, we can see the assistance of robots in many corporate and personal spaces, and soon it will also hold an impeccable space in every household in the future.

The automotive function of robots is initialized with the help of Neural Schema, which acts as an operating system in robots.

16. Smartphones and Smart Devices

Technologies That Have Changed The World
It is very hard to remember how many steps you walked per day and how many calories you burnt while doing any physical activity and at what rate your heart beats while you are running and during rest. Technology has the answers to all of that.

It will answer your questions on your personal health with the help of the sensors and helps you to keep track of yourself now and then with the help of the smart devices. Smartphones and smart devices had become the lifeline of human beings nowadays.

17. Drones and UAV

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Right from your marriage or any function based photo-shoot to the military and secret missions; the drones are useful in capturing the moments and help mankind to satisfy their wants and targets. UAV is mostly used for military purposes, but it is used for some civilian purposes too. You should read the article on the drone and the uses of drones in the present and in the future.

18. Android TV and Foldable Gadgets

Technologies That Have Changed The World
You are not required to connect your television to the cable network if you can connect it with your mobile and chill on Netflix. Internet and mobile phone can together make wonders on your television too and you cannot spend an extra penny on cable networks anymore.

Also, the arrival of foldable television and foldable tablets and mobile phones had made mankind realize the reach of technology.

Technologies That Have Changed The Way of Applications 

In earlier times, a business would be considered well-equipped only if they have a visiting card and a proper business set up. But at present, a qualified professional business can be rated good if they have a mobile app and a website. Applications and web have changed the view of the business and its growth. Certain businesses run only through the mobile application.

19. Fund Transfer Applications

Technologies That Have Changed The World
You need not have to wire transfer your funds if you want to send the amount from the USA to India. If you have an account in Paypal, the matter is solved. Within 3 to 5 business days, the entire transaction will be over and your money will reach the targeted account without any hassles.

International banking had never been this safe and secure before. You can also rely upon fund transfer financial companies like the Western Union, etc.

20. Food Delivery Applications

Technologies That Have Changed The World
What if you cannot cook this day and you have to buy some food. It is so easy with the food delivery mobile application where you can order your food in your aspiring hotel and get delivered at your doorstep.

21. Online Shopping Application

Technologies That Have Changed The World
You need not worry if you are not able to get your desired product in your nearby store or supermarket.

You can order online and you can get them within a week from anywhere around the world. Online shopping sites are so friendly and it is easy to use. Some of the known online shopping sites include Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

Most of the online shopping sites despite making the purchase easier include some attractive discounts where you can buy your dream product at a very low cost.

Technologies That Have Changed Power Generation

Power is the vital source for living and technology had made some fruitful outcomes for uninterrupted power supply. Science and technology had come up with new sources of power supply to satisfy the huge population without deteriorating the environment.

22. Nuclear Power

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Nuclear power is produced by the fission process where heavy metals like the Uranium and Plutonium are being used to produce power.

23. Hydrogen Energy

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Hydrogen energy is produced by the fusion process in the first place and then the fission process is being used in the second stage of production of power. Hydrogen energy is one of the promising conventional sources soon.

24. Renewable Energy

Technologies That Have Changed The World
The future of energy production is Renewable energy. While the above-said sources are non-renewable, solar, wind, and tidal energy are renewable and eco-friendly. Moreover, it is easy to set up a renewable energy source at home and produce our power. Solar energy panels can be fit in the rooftops of the houses and corporate offices to reduce the power dependency.

Recently, the International solar Mission has been initialized for solar rich countries to enhance the production of renewable energy and reduced dependence on the conventional sources of energy.

25. Battery Vehicles

Technologies That Have Changed The World
As the petrol prices and the vehicle count are going up simultaneously, the technology to operate battery vehicles and rechargeable vehicles have come up in the market. It is not only energy-efficient but also eco-friendly.

Technologies That Will  Change The World

Other miscellaneous technologies are recently hot in the ground. These technologies are in their initial or development stages and need much improvement before we can use them. Some of them are

26. Artificial Intelligence and Big data

Technologies That Have Changed The World
If machines and computers can think more quickly and come up with a solution, then it can be used to fix certain targets and decisions, right? Yes, artificial intelligence is the capability of computers to learn the situation and make quicker decisions appropriately. Artificial intelligence has become the future of computer technology. You should read this article on the AI and the uses of Artificial Intelligence.

27. Virtual Reality

Technologies That Have Changed The World
Gaming has gone to the next dimension through virtual reality. It made gaming live and humorous. Not only gaming, but virtual reality is also being used in many other businesses like the jewelry business, Optic business, etc.

28. Space Exploration

Technologies That Have Changed The World
We are moving towards the finding of the evolution of the earth using the Big bang theory and planning to send humans to space via the evolution of private programs like SpaceX. The thirst for mankind to find out the mysteries of space is undeniable and never-ending. Read the article on the biggest space exploration missions that have ever happened in history.

29. Robo Taxis

Technologies That Have Changed The World
As stated by Elon Musk, Robo taxi is autonomous driving cars that have multiple sensors to have an impeccable discipline and sharp-edged driving technology. They will be the future road rulers as it will reduce road accidents to a great extent.

The world is moving faster day by day and is it is assisted by technology. Technology never has an end. It is a line segment that can be dotted but cannot be limited. If a technological aspect is produced, it does not end there.

Humans will go for an upgrade in the future to make it much more perfect and focussed. Despite the good things, there is certainly bad things technology will bring, but with proper control, we can completely control the entire process and move the world to the next level for sure.

Now, you have to tell us which technology you think have changed the world most. You can also share your thought about this article and tell us any improvement that we should make to this article in the comments.




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