Top 50 Photography Blogs You Must Follow as a Photographer 2020

Photography Blogs You Must Follow as a Photographer
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best photography blogs to follow. Photography websites are the best place to find any help with photography blogs. Photography blog websites are the best option to spend your time on.

We spent a lot of time on the internet. In these developing countries, the internet is also developing one's photography skills. And it's the largest topic covered in the online nowadays.

If you're finding an option to complete your carrier with then there is a photography blog that is perfect for you. To kickstart your journey, we have accumulated the top blogs for learning photography. Let’s discuss them more below:

1. Digital Photography School

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Our first photography blog is Digital Photography School. This blog is one of the most popular and longest-running publications on the web about photography.

It was founded by Darren Rowse. In 2006 Digital Photography School was established. They currently have leadership of over 2 million.

This was the best source of collecting information about the photography blog. All of the information on this photography blog is free and if you want an additional level of education, there are so many courses. Which you can have for a fair price.

2. PhotoFocus

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Our second photography blog is PhotoFocus. This blog provides original content from the most successful photographers and it helps you to become inspired for visual storytelling.

This photography blog was created by Scott Bourne. This photography blog was started in 1998. PhotoFocus sees itself as a training asset for both yearning and expert photographers. They need to see their perusers arrive at progress as craftsmen.

In this way, they talk with photographers and business pioneers in the photograph business to gather supportive data from the field. The greater part of their posts contains preparing recordings, helpful digital recordings, and camera surveys.

Photo Focus is a genuine and trustable resource for learning photography. Cause it covers a range of topics from tutorials, business, photography inspiration, software, personal opinions, and gear.

Some of the example articles currently published on Photo Focus include: Using Diffusers or Silks to SoftenLight. The Advantage of AutoISO. Photography Marketing: Five Resolutions for the NewYear.

3. Practical Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Similar to numero uno on this list is Practical Photography. This is a magazine turned photography photography blog, first founded in 1959. The magazine also contains articles on photographic gear, tips, and techniques.

They also have contents focusing on Landscapes, Portrait, Wildlife, and Travell. There is everything you might need, presented clearly and concisely. This is one of the best photography websites on the internet.

4. Joe McNally

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Photographer Joe McNally, whose career has spanned decades, is an extremely famous photographer. He has a blog that perfectly displays his hard work. The three things that are important to note about McNally’s photography blog is With a great layout. And easily accessible. It also does not hurt to have some gorgeous photography.

As an honor winning and globally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally has shot on the task in almost 70 nations. His tasks are for the most part business and article with a customer list including notable worldwide brands. Likewise, he has gone for prominent magazines. On his photography blog, he, for the most part, composes accounts from his excursions and activities, offering guidance for photographers at any degree of learning. Check out the list of best photography blog to download HD wallpapers for free

5. Fstoppers

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
The blog Fstoppers was created in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris. Since then, it has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes and industry news.

Articles that are currently trending on Fstoppers include My Favorite Trick in Photoshop When Editing LandscapePhotographs. Dramatic Lighting Setups for PhotographingAthletes. Ten Guidelines for Using a tripod.

6. Geoff Lawrence

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
The content here is not only helpful, but it is also split into 15+ headings, allowing you to navigate easily. These topics range from ‘choosing a camera’ to what to do ‘after work’, which is his version of post-editing.

Geoff Lawrence is our go-to guy for all the information you could possibly need. The simple photography blog looks outdated, but you aren’t going here for the style, no-no-no.

Every heading is further broken down into clear and concise headings, so you know exactly where you need to go for the information. It isn’t overly complicated, and it works well in helping you get the job done.

7. Popular Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Although Popular Photography was first and foremost a print magazine, it has since shifted some of its focus toward creating an in-depth online blog for photographers.

The photography blog publishes content on gear, how-to tutorials, a buying guide, the latest industry news, galleries, video information, and contests for their readers to enter.

Examples of some of the content you would find on their blog include: How to Create a Striking Abstract ArchitecturalPhotography. Documenting What True Love LooksLike. Film Photography GiftGuide. One Instant is a Peel-Apart Film From the Creators of the ImpossibleProject.

8. Creative Life

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
CreativeLivewebsiteoffersphotographycoursesandtutorials.Theirvideosandvideo courses range from free to over$300.

For all those looking for further help – on Photoshop, for example – this is one of the best photography websites.

These videos don’t just focus on workflows and guides. They can also offer philosophical insights into specific areas of photography. It can even help your photography business.

9. Expert Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Expert Photography blog was built by a self-taught photographer who aimed to make the process of learning photography accessible and understandable for beginners. His goal was to make a high-quality photography blog with photography examples that can help his readers to understand and apply the techniques from his content.

Expert Photography is a resource that has several guides for photographers, such as Photography for beginners. MacroPhotography. portrait photography. Landscape Photography and more.

Additionally, the photography blog produces insightful articles that cover a range of topics within the photography industry. From photo challenges to step by step guidelines and content for inspiration, Expert Photography provides its readers with the tools they need to strengthen their creative skills.

10. Flak Photo

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
A constant source of inspiration, Flak Photo is dedicated to showcasing the very best photography from artists, curators, bookmakers, and photo organizations around the world.

Editor and founder Andy Adams is constantly raising the bar and bringing attention to the industry’s rising stars, best-kept secrets, and names we as image-makers and lovers need to know.

It is without a doubt that we can say Andy Adams is one of the leading voices in contemporary photography today and is definitely someone we should all be paying attention to.

11. Udemy

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Udemy is an online course photography blog, offering you over 340 tutorials just on photography. There is something for everyone here, ranging from ‘understanding your camera’ to ‘the art of black and white photography.’

The courses cost as little as $9,99 and can be seen as many times and you need. You can see how long the courses are, and how many lectures make up each course.

I can guarantee that you will learn about all the things you need to, plus other things you hadn’t even thought of.

After a while, you’ll realize this advanced photography photography blog is great for your photography business.

12. Strobist

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
The Strobist blog is a bit different from the others we have discussed in this article, as it solely focuses on teaching photographers how to use their off-camera flash.

Thesiteprovidesabeginner’sguidetonewreaderscalledLighting101.Ifyouaresatisfiedwith with your learning experience, Strobist has further instructional guides on Lighting with sections 102, 103, and a LightingCookbook.

According to their photography blog, this blog is where you learn how to light. It is the world’s most popular resource for photographers who want to learn to use their flashes like a pro.

Their blog features an archive of photo stories and articles all about utilizing your off-camera flash. This dedicated resource is extremely helpful for photographers looking to strengthen their knowledge of artificial lighting.

From technical reviews to tutorials and in-depth learning guides, these 8 online resources are ideal for any photographer looking to advance in the creative field.

13. The Photo Argus

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
The Photo Argus is a blog for photography inspiration and resources. They bring you useful information, beautiful pictures, tips, photographer features and more.

According to their photography blog, “No photographer is an island. To keep learning and growing, we believe every photographer needs helpful information and inspirational examples. That’s why we created The Photo Argus to bring you fresh ideas, useful tips and techniques and a positive community to connect with.”

This is a beneficial space to further your photographer skills as they offer free resources and valuable tips for any kind of visual creator. Some example articles include:

Winter Photography Tips for LandscapePhotographers.  Simple Tips for Shooting in the rain. Surf Photography Tips: Learn the Basics of Taking Great Photos in the water.

14. Picture Correct

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Picture Correct has 539 pages of content. These range from tutorial videos to photographer written articles on how to get better at a particular photographic area.

Thankfully, there is a search engine letting you quickly find what you’re after. The photography blog isn’t the best at keeping its articles sub-headed or organized. They are just there, meaning the scroll button on your mouse is going to be your new best friend.

We like Picture Correct over here at Expert Photography, because of its diversity. The photography blog will give you tips on ‘how best to clean your DSLR’ and ‘how to add color to black and white photography’. This photography blog has it all, and it is all relevant.


Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Before Behance, Flickr, or even 500px, there was It is the internets’ original online community for photographers. It boasts over 25 years of photography inspiration. With over 5 Million images, it is a little behind 500px. focuses more on the image rather than the photographer.

It is a little outdated and doesn’t look like it is moderated much, which is great. Real photographers should help out real photographers with realistic critiques.

What I also like about this photography blog is that it has a forum. This is a great place to get in touch with all kinds of photographers. You can ask questions about tips, tricks, techniques, and recommended camera gear. Well worth it.

16. Lightstalking

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
I love the name Lightstalking. It makes me think of that dedicated photographer, hiding in the shadows.

Photographers are writing articles for photographers here, and some of the topics are very interesting. They go for areas and techniques that similar photography websites haven’t written about. This is a breath of fresh air.

They have forums that allow photographers to connect. They even have their own Lightroom presets, even if they are a little pricey.

Well, it is almost like that out there in the field, so their name gets 10/10 from me.

17. iPhone Photography School

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
iPhone Photography School is for the niche photographer, capturing on their iPhone. Their mindset is great, as many people can’t afford (or don’t want) a professional camera, like a DSLR.

Techniques found here not only apply to iPhone users, so there is something for everyone. The design of the photography blog is sleek and easily manageable. It even looks great on your…ahem…iPhone.

There are plenty of tutorials connected to three simple areas; Getting Started, Take Better Photos, and Learn Photo Editing.

18. BJP (British Journal of Photography)

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
The British Journal Of Photography has been an establishment in the UK for all photographers to follow. Their monthly magazine was the go-to place for me when I was studying photography. (And it still is today.)

Founded in 1854, it still manages to stay ahead of the times. The photography blog provides inspiration through bodies of work from all types of photographers.

They have student and professional awards. Their photography blog is perfect for finding new and inspiring photographers. You can even apply and be the name that others look at.

19. Behind the Shutter

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Behind the Shutter is an aptly named blog. It is aimed at all the different kinds of people behind the camera, either enthusiasts or professionals. Everyone can get something from this great photography photography blog.

You can also find business tips on how to be successful and make money from your photography. No matter what types of photography you want to pursue.

It’s not hard to lose a whole afternoon to this easy-to-navigate photography blog. At least you’ll learn a lot.

Perhaps it is elevating your photography with better lighting. Or getting tones right for timeless images. Either way, you’ll find something here that will help you take better images.

20. Petapixel

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Petapixel is the news forecasting service of all things photographic. They let you know about reviews and what cameras are good for specific fields. The part I like the most, are the articles on what happens to photographers in the field.

There are so many more functions that PhotoShelter delivers to you, but the idea is that all their features are specifically targeted at professional photographers, and helping them grow their
e-commerce business, or just to reach more people.

22. Fiona Kelly Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
If it’s wedding photography you are looking for, you’re in the right place. Fiona Kelly Photography is the one that gets us through the backdoor to give us all the help we need.

Luckily, we have someone guiding us and have done so for the last five years. She shares with us everything that she picked up along the way. Not just on how to shoot the bride and groom, but also Group Photos Made Easy.

Let’s be honest, unless you are a seasoned high-end events photographer, wedding shoots are daunting. So much focus and pressure are placed on the ceremony and celebration.

23. Dave Morrow Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
If you’re looking for the best photography websites which will help you to improve your landscape photography ideas – look no further Dave Morrow Photography has everything you need to take the shots you want.

To follow his dream of being a photographer, he quit his day job at a high-paying corporate position.

He has also made it easy for you. Head on over to the photography blog and go to the ‘Start Here’ section. He is a guy you can trust, as he spends 3/4 of each year in the wild, capturing unbelievable shots.

From the basics to the more complicated themes, read his photography blog, and get ready to start learning.

24. The Fashion Camera

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
So you want to be an aspiring fashion photographer. Want to capture lookbooks, street fashion, or even high-end fashion studio portraits?

Here in The Fashion Camera, you’ll find behind-the-scenes help when it comes to fashion photography. Liselotte Fleur is the creator and boy, does she have a lot to tell you. Over the past 12 years, she has gained valuable experience that she wants to pass on.

You’ll be glad for the help. No doubt you are aware of how difficult the fashion industry is to break into. You definitely don’t want your images to let you down.

When it comes to fashion photography, this is the person you want to learn from.

25. Into The Night Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Into The Night Photography founded by Royce Blair. He provides useful advice and tips on how to capture a perfect photograph.

As the title of this photography photography blog suggests, it is a place of photographic education on the night sky. And their techniques are so beautiful and unique.

Straight shots of The Milky Way? Including a foreground in your captures? This is the place to come for everything you need.

26. Cambridge in Colour

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Cambridge in Colour photography photography blog was found in 2005. It has gained many photographers who share their tips and tricks. Unlike other photography blogs, this page tells you exactly what you need to take into account to get the shot. So it's really very helpful for you.

Cambridge in Color has such a nice ring to it, even if it does sound a little professor-esque. The photography blog is simple, and some might say even dated. This means the content must be good, as all efforts must be poured into it.

Whatever you need to know, this should be your first port of call. Be it information on lenses, gear choices, or external devices, they have it all.

27. 500px

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
500px photography blog is an online community for photographers, professionals alike. You can search and critique others’ work. Other photographers in exchange critique your photos. This is a great way to continuously evolve and remain open-minded.

They have more than 6 million photographs, so you can never run out of inspiration. The recent design has brought 500px to the top of its market, and now the interface is so much nicer to work with.

500px is not so professional but a semi-professional social media platform for photographers. It falls somewhere between the high brow Behance and above the unmonitored Flickr.

28. Digital Photography Review

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Content of Digital Photography Review is well written, but it lost a few points on photography blog design. Content is king though, so it’s still up there at the top.

The best part about this photography photography blog is the forums. Only a few photography websites have this great addition, meaning you have to scramble through useless comments from others.

Digital Photography Review used to be at the top of every photographer’s list of where to look for information. It is foremost a camera and gear review photography blog, which can be a little too much at times.

The forums let you ask and answer questions based on real people facing real situations.

29. The Spruce

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
The Spruce is both an extensive library of tips and techniques to use, and also a photography blog helping you get the best from your work.

The Spruce name doesn’t sound very photographic, but what’s in a name. You don’t judge a book by its name. The content on this photography blog is created by experts in the photography field.

These are the writers that you want to read from, as they have done it all and found how to do it successfully.

It will give you articles that few websites on this list will give you. Photographer biographies and ‘where to find the copyright symbol on your keyboard’ are just a few. You have no idea how useful that is!

The spruce is more of a WordPress themed photography blog with beautiful photography. It’s also one of the best photography portfolio websites on the internet.

30. DIY Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
DIY Photography has never been so popular. It is a photography blog dedicated to creating your imagination photographs, only using a macgyver mentality and a little time.

Itcameaboutin2006andhasonlygrownbyleapsandbounds.DIYphotographyofferskit reviews and hundreds of tutorials. These can be helpful for you to cut down on some of the costs.

Photography can be an expensive hobby, but not the way this photography blog sees it. For every item of gear out there, there are also cheaper and homemade crafts that are waiting to be crafted.

It is a great place to dip into for ideas and inspiration.

31. TutsPlus

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
TutsPlus articles are written by photographers and other artists, really letting you see photography in all its forms in a new light. Articles will definitely give you help and advice on all photographic subjects. ‘How to read a photograph’ and ‘how to use medium telephoto lenses’ are just two out of many.

TutsPlus is one of the photography websites which is the most searched photography blog for photography information and help. They offer tutorials, courses, and ebooks. All of these are helpful on your way to becoming a master of the photographic craft.

There is a huge database of photography. This will help you to read about some of the photographers and what they do. They also provide more professional and serious articles on how to improve your photography skills. There is no better place for tutorials.

If you’re looking for help with Photoshop, for example, this is a great place to visit.

32. Feature Shoot

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
To begin with, I wasn’t sure what Feature Shoot was. Was it a magazine? Was it an educational photography blog? It is actually both of them.

If you have great quality images, your work will definitely feature well here. A great source of inspiration and help across the board.

What they do is almost written on the tin – they feature those who make the grade. Either from well-established photographers or those who are just starting.

33. Peter McKinnon

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
We all know Peter McKinnon, he has been the main face of photography for the last so many years, and with good reason too. He is a photographer and video-maker and prefers to hand over his tips by video.

He covers smartphone photography, lens and gear reviews, and how to get the shots you want. He is definitely worth a watch, and you’ll get a lot out of the content he puts across.

His videos aren’t poorly done with scratchy sound. They all have grade-A quality, which helps to show prospective photographers his advice in the best light. They are a joy to watch. And it's really beautiful.

34. Scott Kelby

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Scott Kelby is a name that most of us have heard. He is a Floridian and runs one of the biggest online educational communities about photography.

On top of this, his moniker is the original ‘Photoshop Guy’. You can guess why!

If you’re looking for all sorts of photography help, that's the right place to get your help. From reviews to insights, tutorials, and all kinds of help you can possibly imagine.

35. Chase Jarvis 

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Pursue Jarvis ventures to the far corners of the planet catching both still and films. He expects to be. As imaginative as conceivable towards all that I try.

So, his photography blog highlights rousing photograph shoots, notwithstanding tips on the best way to improve your photography. He regularly talks with his subjects or different experts in his blog entries.

36. Gavin Gough

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Gavin Gough is a movement photographer right now living in Thailand. His photography blog is a splendid case of self-advancement. The first page has a little blaze film at the top and a huge photograph underneath.

Dive further into the photography blog and photograph exhibitions are demonstrating just his best work, a blog for individual stories and instructional exercises, and a stock photograph display facilitated by PhotoShelter.

37. Timothy Allen

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Timothy Allen's photography blog is a WordPress blog, marginally corporate in nature as its assembled related to the BBC.

The structure is exceptionally compelling; there is a quick-moving slideshow at the highest point of the first page, and underneath that, a moving portion of thumbnails that are connections to the most recent articles.

The first page is intended to wow the guest and gives simple to follow connects to all the fascinating substance inside the photography blog.

38. Mitchell Kanashkevich

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
An excellent photography blog, the visitor is in no uncertainty that the photography blog has a place with a movement photographer. The route is clear and basic and the photographic exhibitions are shocking.

The photographer has a little assortment of his best photographs. This is significant because the nature of a portfolio is regularly decided by the most vulnerable shot.

39. Face On Images

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Photographer Les Forresters photography blog is a magnum opus of the basic structure. The shading plan of dull grays and blacks, with typography in dark, white, and red is extremely successful.

A moving slide show flaunts a portion of his best photographs on the first page, alongside a pleasant presentation and the most recent news.

40. Pablo Corral Vega

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Pablo Corral Vega is a built-up, notable photojournalist and his photography blog mirrors the nature of his work. Note the straightforwardness of the initial page plan, a shocking photograph at the top, the photographer's name above.

41. Stefan Soell

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
This is another even photograph display, this one is intriguing because the exhibition is contained inside an edge. Edges are somewhat obsolete; however, the bit of leeway here is that the watcher can switch between portfolios without leaving the first page.

The photographer sells artistic work prints and books through the photography blog, and the watcher is left in most likely that he's a specialist in his art.

42. Amy Deputy Photography

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
This is another glimmer based photography blog, wonderful in its straightforwardness. The first page comprises four basic square pictures, interface content, and the photographer's name and logo.

The delicate pastel shades of the photographs on the first-page supplement one another.

The photography blog is additionally bolstered with a blog. Note the high caliber of the portfolios. The photography blog clarifies that the photographer works at the high finish of the market.

43. John Wright

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Photographer John Wrights's first page is a showstopper of the moderate plan. Not having a photograph on the first page is a strong move.

In the same way as other master photographers, download speed is relinquished for impact with a blaze based photography blog. The moving thumbnails on the portfolio pages are a great touch.

44. Last Click

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
This is another showstopper of Flash photography blog composition from a master photographer. The opening photographs are shocking, and I love how they skim here and there.

The photograph exhibitions are a delight to explore and see.

45. Davis duChenin

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Filling in as a task photographer, smash hit creator, and advanced distributer, Davis duChemin has investigated the world looking for convincing pictures.

His customers incorporate for the most part philanthropic associations.

His posts center around individuals, world occasions, and distributions that rouse him. It's not unordinary to discover a meeting with a kindred expert blended into his composition.

46. Depositphotos Blog

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Depositphotos has an extraordinary blog where they expound on photography, structure, and showcasing.

They distribute photography instructional exercises, most recent patterns, stock photography experiences, and advertising tips.

If you need some motivation, you can peruse their meetings with acclaimed photographers, investigate highlighted assortments of pictures from their library or stay aware of the most recent patterns.

47. Ken Kaminesky

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Ken Kaminesky likes to take photographs since he adores the work. For a long time, he has provided the way of life pictures for stock photography offices.

Within fact sound and predictable work, he realizes how to set up a magnificent photograph shoot.

His posts center around instructional exercises and how-to articles highlighting information from the field.

48. Two Loves Studio

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Two Loves Studio is a blog about all that you ever need to think about how to of nourishment photography.

Here, Rachel consolidates her affection for nourishment photography with her instruction degree to share tips, procedures, and data on the best way to take better photographs of nourishment and furthermore how to begin a photography business.

She runs masterclasses to assist you with turning into a specialist at Lightroom, structure, and business for nourishment photography. Her most mainstream posts are centered on focal point and tripods so you can benefit from your rigging.

49. Zack Arias

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
For a long time, Zack Arias has had a fruitful photography vocation. He views himself as to a greater degree a chief than a photographer since he has some expertise in getting his subjects to show their character on camera.

His posts incorporate a blend of his most recent undertakings and his present motivation. His perky demeanor saturates every story on his photograph blogging photography blog.

50. The LawTog

Photography Blogs You Must Follow
Rachel Brenke consolidates her law degree with her photography business to enable different experts to comprehend the legitimate subtleties of the photography business.

She moves toward her photography blog from a business counseling viewpoint. The majority of the presents offer key data to help different photographers manufacture and market their work while remembering the legitimate viewpoints.

He also has a few books under his belt. Namely “The Digital Photography Book, Part 1” which became the best selling book in history on photography. He has won awards for his other works also.


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