25 Hidden Facebook Features You Should Start Using Today 2021

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Hi, we have shared the list of hidden Facebook features you can use on Facebook to improve your experience.

Facebook is the most popular social networking website as well as one of the most visited websites in the world.

More than a billion people use Facebook to connect with their friends and family. 

After reading this article on hidden Facebook features you will be able to use Facebook like an expert.

1. Find Nearby Friends

Find Nearby Friends - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden Facebook feature to search for friends who are living near to your house. 

By using this feature you can find the list of friends with the distance at which they are currently living.

The list will be shorted by the name of the place and the time at which they were present at that place.

You find the nearby friends on Facebook Go to Options > Nearby friends.

You need to wave a hand to start a conversation with your friend. You can use this hidden Facebook feature to meet the friend if he/she is present near to the house and don't know that you live in that location.

This hidden Facebook feature can also be used when you need help from your friends as you can see which friends id neared to you.

2. Logout From All Devices 

Logout From All Devices  - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden Facebook feature to logout out from your Facebook account you have left open on your friend's phone.

This hidden Facebook feature can save your account from insecure access to the Facebook account. 

You can logout from all other devices by using your phone or PC on which you are currently login.

To remove all the accounts from all the devices Go to Options > Account Settings > Security > Where you're login in

You will get information related to the login like last accessed, location, and device type. 

Now, you can select and remove the devices which have access to your Facebook account by tapping on the cross icon.

After this, your account will be permanently removed from that device and no information related to your Facebook account will be saved on that device.

3. Buffer For Facebook

Buffer  - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
Buffer is the app you can use to schedule a post on Facebook and see the other useful information like the engagement, shares, and likes on your post. 

You can use this app for Instagram and with some other app.

Buffer is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Web, and other phones and tablets. You can also add to Buffer from your favorite browser using our Browser Extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

To use Buffer for Facebook you need to Install the Buffer app from Google Play Store or from App Store > Create Your Account > Connect the Buffer with your Facebook account.

You can save time and manage all your social media in one place. Buffer is a simpler way to schedule posts and track the performance of your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

No more wasting time, no more logging into multiple social accounts.

Any link, text, picture, or video - just add it to Buffer and you can quickly choose when and where it’ll be posted.

4. Play Basketball

Play Basketball - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden facebook feature to play basketball on Facebook messenger while chatting. 

You need to go to emojis > Select the Basketball emoji and send it to the person you are chatting with.

After sending the basketball emoji the game will start and you can swipe to make a Basket. The game will only start if the receiver gets the message.

5. Swipe For Facebook

Swipe For Facebook - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
Facebook and Messenger are two apps that might be using the most space and battery on Your phone. The size of the Facebook app is quite large.

You can use the Swipe For a Facebook app which is available on Google Play Store and App Store for free. 

The size of this app is less than 5 Mb and it works clipart to Facebook but uses lesser data and memory on your smartphone. Swipe For Facebook has exactly the same user interface as Facebook has.

6. More Privacy

More Privacy - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
Everyone knows that Facebook collects some data about its users to show the ads in which the users will be interested and improve the experience of the users on Facebook.

When you connect your Facebook account to any app or game then the data is shared with that app and more data is collected by that app to further improve your experience.

If you have connected your Facebook account to an app but you are not using that app anymore then you can remove the access from your account.

Go to Settings > Apps and websites > Click on the Cross > Remove to stop that apps or games connected to your Facebook account from collecting information about you.

Now, you will be able to see the list of all the apps which are connected to your Facebook account and is collecting your data.

Tap on the cross icon to remove the access of the app from your Facebook account so that it would not collect more data about you.

But the data that the app has collected about your activities will not be removed. You can see which type of data the app was collecting by clicking on the Privacy Policy link.

7. Limit The Permissions

Limit The Permissions - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You might have provided some permissions to Facebook while installing the Facebook app on your smartphone and you can see the list of the permission you have given to Facebook by using this hidden facebook feature.

You can the permission that you have provided to Facebook by going to Settings ( Phone Settings) > Apps > Facebook > Permissions.

Now, you can sell all the permission that Facebook has like access to your camera, contacts, location, microphone, and other. You can remove the access by swiping the button to the left or turning it blue to grey.

8. Add Your Social Media Profile Link

Add Your Social Media Profile Link - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden Facebook feature to add the links of your other social media account like Twitter, Instagram, and Website to your Facebook profile.

You can go to Profile > About > Scroll down to Contact info > Add the link of your social media accounts.

After saving this information anyone who will visit your profile will be able to see this link and click on them to follow you on other social media apps.

9. Save Links And Posts

Save Links And Posts - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this Facebook feature to save any link, image, video, or product to your phone from Facebook so that you can see them at any time.

As the links and photos will not be going to be last forever on the Facebook home page.

You can click on the option on the top left of the post you want to save to your phone and then tap on Save Post.

Go to Options and then Saved you see all the posts you have ever saved on Facebook.

10. Flat book For Facebook

Save Links And Posts - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can add this extension to Google Chrome if you are using Facebook on your desktop. This extension will improve the user interface of Facebook and make it look beautiful.

Go to Google Chrome Web Store > Search for "Flatbook" > Click on the Add to Chrome.

Flatbook also provides some useful hidden Facebook features like Who unfriended you on Facebook, Increased readability of the content, Read a different news feed, and Viral news suggestions inside your feed.

11. Mute Who Post Too Much

Mute Who Post Too Much - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
By using this hidden Facebook feature you can hide the posts of your friend so that you can see the post that friends have posted on Facebook to your feed.

This will not unfriends that person instead it will just hide all his/her posts. You can use this hidden Facebook feature to the friend who randomly posts on Facebook and at any time.

Tap on the option on the upper left side of the post and then click on the  Hide post to see the lesser number of posts from that person on your Facebook home page.

Snooze Meme hub for 30 Days to completely hide the post for 30 days and  Hide all from Meme Hub to permanently hide the posts from that person so that no post appears on the Facebook home page.

12. Restrict Anyone From Seeing Posts

Restrict Anyone From Seeing Posts - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
Whenever you post an image on Facebook it is by default public and anyone can see it. 

You can select the friends that can see your posts and other than your friends no one else can see your post.

You can make any posted privacy so that only the selected people can see it on Facebook.

You can select the friends, private or public while creating a post on Facebook by clicking on the Globe icon in the news feed section at the bottom right side of the tap.

Select the Public to make your post public and visible to everyone using Facebook, select friends to make your post visible to your friends, or some other selected persons or Private to hide your post from everyone using Facebook so that only you can see your post.

13. Edit Privacy 

Edit Privacy - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden Facebook feature to hide details of your Friend list, the person, and the pages you are following, and the people who are following you.

To Edit Privacy on Facebook Settings > Privacy > Privacy Settings > How people can find can contact you > Who can see your friends list? > Only me.

Remember that your friends control who can see their friendships on their own timelines. 

If people can see your friendship on another timeline, they'll be able to see it in News Feed, search, and other places on Facebook.

If you set this to Only me, only you will be able to see your full friends list on your timeline. Other people will only see mutual friends.

14. Control of Facebook Notifications 

Control of Facebook Notifications  - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
By using this hidden Facebook feature you can set the specific types of notification to get from Facebook.

This feature allows you to choose from specific events for which you want the notification and unselected the events for which you do not want notifications from Facebook.

You need to open Settings > Notifications > Notifications Settings.

Noe, you can select or unselect the events for notifications. Just click on the events for which you want to customize the notifications for example Birthdays, comments, friend requests, and many more.

15. Get Your Data

Get Your Facebook Data  - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can download all your Facebook data like photos, videos, messages and other files that Facebook had collected from you or you have uploaded to Facebook.

With this hidden Facebook feature, you can gather all your valuable pieces of information from Facebook at once.

You can get your Facebook data by Going to Settings > Your Facebook information > Access your information > Click on the download link to download all your Facebook data like posts, comments, links, and other files.

After this Facebook will ask you for your password and once you enter your Facebook password it will send you an email so that you can download all your personal data from Facebook.

16. Photo Zoom For Facebook 

Photo Zoom For Facebook  - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
Photo zoom is an extension for chrome which allows you to zoom a photo on Facebook by just hovering on the photo you want to zoom.

This is a very useful extension as with this you have no need to select each photo and zoom one by one.

You can add this extension to Google Chrome from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Photo Zoom for Facebook, formerly FB Photo Zoom, is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of albums, profile images, and more whenever you hover over an image!

17. Stop Auto-Play Videos

Stop Auto-play Videos  - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You have seen that the videos on Facebook automatically start play when you scrolling down even you don't want to play that video, this can be very annoying but with this Facebook setting, you can stop videos from playing automatically.

You need to Go to Options > Settings > Scroll down to "Media and Contacts" > Auto-Play > Never Auto-Play videos to stop the videos from play automatically.

This hidden Facebook feature will also save you mobile data and will not play any video that you do not wants to watch. You can select a video and then click on the play icon to play that video manually.

18. Add Legacy Contact

Add Legacy Contact  - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
A legacy contact is someone you choose to look after your account if it's memorialized. If you add a legacy contact, that person will be able to make decisions about your account once it is memorialized.
  1. Your legacy contact can write a pinned post for your profile (example: to share a final message on your behalf or provide information about a memorial service). 
  2. View posts, even if you had set your privacy to Only Me. 
  3. Decide who can see and who can post tributes, if the memorialized account has an area for tributes. Delete tribute posts. 
  4. Change who can see posts that you're tagged in. Remove tags of you that someone else has posted. Respond to new friend requests (for example old friends or family members who weren't yet on Facebook). 
  5. Update your profile picture and cover photo. Request the removal of your account
The legacy contact does not have full access to your account. They can't
  1. Log into your account. 
  2. Read your messages.
  3.  Remove any of your friends or make new friend requests.
You can add a legacy contact to Facebook by going to Settings > Security > Legacy contact.

19. Change The Fonts

Change The Fonts - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
You can type a story, status, or connect is a beautiful font style by using the CoolSymbol tool for free. 

This will be going to make your comment look different from others and will gain more attention.

To comment on Facebook with a beautiful font Go to CoolSymbol  > Type your sentence > Copy and paste the sentence in the Facebook comment.

20. Report Post

Report Post - Facebook Features, Tips And Tricks
Many malicious activities are performed on Facebook which is harmful to Facebook users including you.

These activities may include fake accounts,  inappropriate comments, and images posted by some accounts on Facebook.

You can use this Facebook feature to tell Facebook about these harmful activities so that we can make Facebook free from any problems.

You can report a post by clicking on the drop-down icon on the malicious post > Find support or repot post > Select the reason why you have reported to this post > Click on "Send".

After Facebook will see that post and if they will find that the post is violating their policy they will remove that post from Facebook. But use this hidden Facebook feature carefully.

21. Embed The Facebook Posts

Embed The Facebook Posts
You can use this hidden Facebook feature to embed the Facebook post containing the images, videos, or text on any webpage.

You have no need to ask for permission from the owner of the post or who have shared that post on Facebook. 

You have to just select the post > Click on the option (PC) > Copy the code > Past on the webpage you want to embed that post.

22. Dark Mode On Messenger

Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger
With this hidden Facebook feature, you can enable the hidden dark mode feature on Facebook messenger.

Dark Mode in Messenger changes the background from white to black. It can help to reduce glare from your device in low light situations.

To enable dark mode on Facebook messenger Open the Messenger app > Click on the profile and then enable the dark mode.

23. Get The Weather Report 

Get The Weather Report
You can use his hidden Facebook feature to get the daily weather report on the Facebook app. 

By using this hidden Facebook feature you have no need to install a weather app on your phone to check the weather.

You have to navigate to options and then weather. After this enter your location.

24. Share Facebook Videos On WhatsApp

Share Facebook Videos On WhatsApp
Sometimes you will come across a video on Facebook that you would like to share with your friends and family on WhatsApp. 

You could also post it as your WhatsApp status to share with everyone in your contact list.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't offer an option to download videos on your phone directly. This is probably because of some privacy reasons. 

However, there are some other ways that you can use to download Facebook videos.

We have shared the hidden Facebook feature you can use to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp. 

You can either share the direct video link or you can download it on your phone and then forward.

Facebook allows users to share the link of the video on WhatsApp. You can use this hidden Facebook feature if you don't want to download the video.

To use this hidden Facebook feature, Open the Facebook app on your phone. > Now find and open the video you want to share on WhatsApp. > Just below the video, you will see an option named Share - click on it. > Please note that if the video privacy is set to private, then you won't be able to share it. > Click the "Send in WhatsApp" option.

Another simple way to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp is by downloading them. There are various ways you can download Facebook videos on your Android phone.

To download Facebook videos so that you can share them with your friends on WhatsApp, Open the Facebook app on your phone and find the video you want to share. > Tap the menu button (three dots) at the top-right corner of the video and then click the "Copy link" option. > Now, open browser and visit fbdownloader.net > Paster the Link of the video and then download the video from this site > Share on Whatsapp or any other platform.

To know more about the hidden WhatsApp features, tips, and feature you can read the article written on this site and use WhatsApp in a better way.

25. Hide The Active And Last Seen

Hide The Active And Last Seen
Facebook keeps a record of your active status and shows it to your friends in Messenger. 

When you are online, a small green dot icon appears on your profile picture and even if you are not active, the people you have chatted with will be able to see your last seen.

Sometimes you want to hide your active now on Facebook for some privacy reasons. 

For example, when you are busy doing some other things on your phone and you want to ignore someone's messages without letting them know that you are online.

To disable the last seen on the Facebook messenger app, Open the Messenger app on your phone and make sure that you are logged into your Facebook account. > Tap your profile picture icon at the top-left corner of the screen. > Tap profile picture in Messenger app Under the Profile section, you will find an option named Active Status. Click on it. > Turn off the button next to the "Show when you're active" option. (A pop-up box will appear afterward which will ask you to confirm your action. Simply, tap the "Turn off" button.)

With this hidden Facebook feature, you will be able to hide your last seen and active status on all platforms including the Facebook Messenger app, mobile website, and desktop website.

Another important thing is that when you turn off your active status, you will also not be able to see the active status and last seen of your friends and contacts on Facebook.

These were hidden Facebook features. We hope you liked this article and if you know any other hidden Facebook features then you can share with us so that we can add it to this list.

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