25+ Amazing Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today 2020

Artificial intelligence occurs when human intelligence gives life to a machine that is capable of handling the same tasks as an actual human being. Human traits such as problem-solving and learning can be found in robots with artificial intelligence.

The aim of creating devices like this was to enable them to learn, reason, perceive, rationalize, and then act appropriately to achieve the intended results.

Science has taken leaps in AI such that machines that provide essential functions like calculations aren’t taken seriously. AI has revolutionized the new economy that comes with information technology.

AI has gradually grown to a field of study that has allowed room for human development. Programming and repetitive processing enable the software to upgrade every time by recognizing familiar patterns and features.

AI focuses on setting up the right algorithms and fine-tuning them for perfect results. Other specialists in AI have benefitted from its impact on cybersecurity. Industries that have improved as well include banking, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

AI has become a reliable choice for many businesses because of its accurate predictions and its ability to process sizeable amounts of data in a short time.

Functions of Artificial Intelligence

It is essential to remember that AI is just a program that tests the machine’s developing skills as it also gains experience for future purposes. Therefore, it is mostly for enhancing human activities and supporting us.

1. Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars
Using a combination of deep learning, image recognition, and computer vision, AI specialists created a machine. Tesla, a world-class car courtesy of artificial intelligence, has won many accolades due to its self-driving features and predictive capabilities.

One look at this car and you can easily understand why it is referred to as the epitome of technological coolness. The system must account for all data and estimate its actions to avoid a collision.

Car enthusiasts love Tesla because of its high-tech innovations plus its beautiful, flawless designs. Matter-of-fact, the company, gets software updates regularly so they can ensure that the cars keep getting smarter.

2. Siri

Artificial intelligence is behind most of our successful speech recognition software like Siri. These kinds of programs tap into your personal or public information automatically, learn what they need, get ‘smart’, and can then help you.

Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, taps into your personal and public information automatically and can then get ready to help you.

It also helps us to find the information we need, call or text our contacts, schedule tasks on our calendar, and can even add events to it. Check out the article on the Siri tricks and Google Assistant tricks to get more out of your assistant.

3. Alexa

Alexa, Amazon’s brainchild, became a hit globally for its ability to decipher speech from a distance. For those with limited mobility, it can do just about a million things, from shopping to scheduling appointments and setting alarms.

4. Navigation Programs

Navigation Programs
Google Maps, just like Alexa, give us directions and answer our tough questions using our natural languages. With the pin or name of the location, Google Maps is capable of directing you entirely.

Moving further, Google Duplex can perceive human behavior taking the game to a whole new level.

Courtesy of these navigation programs, we can now drive ourselves or be driven to the exact locations we would like to visit while determining our most favorable means of transportation.

5. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry does and will continue profiting massively due to artificial intelligence. Initially, they incorporated industrial robots to perform specific tasks to increase the workflow and boost profits.

Today, robots are working hand-in-hand with human workers because of the advancement of technology in artificial intelligence.

6. Automobile Research

Automobile Research
Different automobile companies are using AI to generate data that will maximize profits. An automobile company like Volvo conducts its research on autonomous vehicles.

By monitoring their vehicles’ performance, they can keep earning their stellar safety record that guarantees customer satisfaction.

The same applies to BMW, which uses AI data all through design, engineering, and sales. Known for its Level 5 autonomy delivery, the BMW can efficiently deliver a vehicle that can drive itself by next year.

7. Music Creation

Music Creation
Wiz Khalifa, Elle King, and Ambassadors once released a single “Not Easy” that became number 4 on iTunes Hot Tracks. For them to release this song, it was based on findings generated from data searched through newspaper titles and conversations (both online and offline) about the theme of the song.

After defining the theme, they used programmed algorithms to create music with various musical elements that led them to that exact piece. By inputting complementary material in the machine’s learning system, it then influences the song’s lyrics.

Artificial intelligence uses the artificial neural network to educate musicians on the tempo and tone of the song that will be a hit. Check out the list of best music apps and websites you can visit to listen to music.

8. Music Distribution

Music Distribution
Musical content by AI is a result of the sentimental analysis, music wavelength analysis, and rigorous calculations. Pandora is a revolutionary music tech today because of how AI has impacted its distribution.

Using their musical DNA that has 400 musical characteristics, the system gets to recommend to the user songs that they would not have normally played.

The same applies to Spotify which creates playlists or mixes for the user based on their favorite music genres or what they have been listening to lately.

9. Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry
Modern-day applications have been created in a way in which they get ‘smarter’ and the database expands with time. Applications such as Netflix and Showmax have been programmed to work in such a manner because of their predictive algorithms. For instance, Netflix goes through thousands of previous and current records to analyze TV shows and movies.

From the records, the data draw out similar shows that have been successful using that particular theme while foreseeing the ratings.

The app considers moods, the type of day, season, or time, e.g. Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, etc. It also considers the consumers’ habits, likes or dislikes.

Recently, Netflix which is OTT’s media service provider had a collaboration with the production team of the popular series, Black Mirror. Choosing to tell the story differently, they released a movie that gave their audience the chance to tell the story by clicking on either option on the screen.

So you pick your favorite character, twist the story anyhow you want to, as per the choices you have made. Having rigorously analyzed consumer behavior, artificial intelligence, through Netflix, invented a new way to tell a story.

Due to their high accuracy levels, its predictive technology has increased its popularity to customers who later coined the phrase “Netflix and chill”.

You should check out the list of the best movie streaming websites to watch movie snd series for free and without login.

10. Finance

Financial applications, like TurboTax and Intuit’s Mint, have disrupted financial institutions for a while now. Artificial intelligence software is often used to predict trading on Wall Street.

Experian, a credit reference agency, has been growing its gigantic amount of data (3.6 petabytes) from public information and transactional records from most marketing databases.

There are over 100 million operational Amex cards in the world, which means that American Express transacts over $ 1 trillion. Without AI’s machine-learning algorithms and data analysis, there would be several cases of fraud and losses of millions. You should see this article on the best financial blogs.

11. Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts
Chef Watson, from IBM, came up with the most ingenious way of sharing his lovely recipes. This virtual sous chef is by your side as you cook, taking you through each step while you both recreate the recipe.

This creation is usually based on the ingredients you have in your kitchen or the meal that you are craving. The system will learn about what is in your kitchen versus what you’d prefer to eat, then guide you to a tasty dish you can manage to cook.

By working on different combinations to bring out unique flavors, this chef is gradually teaching us that human beings and artificial intelligence can create and develop more in the kitchen together.

12. Banking

Banks have come up with more effective ways of targeting customers and keeping them around. By using chatbots, they can inform their clients of additional services, favorable loan interests, credit limits and offer them investment opportunities.

Armed with this information, clients are now capable of improving on their decision-making.

13. Amazon

Amazon has been in existence for many years now and has been known to make some serious money online. Its transactional artificial intelligence redefines itself each and every time by getting smarter at predicting online consumer behavior.

As consumers, by the time we are trying to figure out what products we are interested in, Amazon is already shipping them out. Today it is one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, has increased its sales tremendously over the last few years.

By growing the data in their systems, they have become more accurate and precise in their findings. In fact, courtesy of the predictions made by AI, it is possible for this technology to predict your next purchase before you even know it. Check out the article on the best online shopping websites.

14. Travel Industry

Travel Industry
Artificial intelligence has greatly impacted the world of travel, and not just in aviation. Boxever, a company co-founded by Dave O’Flanagan, has improved the customer experience in travel by enhancing the experience of the traveler.

Through machine learning, Boxever delivers micro-moments by finding new ways to engage their customers throughout the journey.

Another example is of a very luxurious travel concierge company called John Paul, which predicts existing clients’ needs and wants.

The system can comprehend their desires being the number one reason why John Paul services millions of clients through Air France, VISA, and Orange. Check out the list of best travel blogs and websites you can use to plan your next adventure.

15. Media

Journalists and media outlets rely on AI to write interesting pieces. Newspapers like the Washington Post, New York Times and Reuters enhance the value of their work by having the system educate them first on the audience’s needs.

Once informed, they can conduct proper research into stories the audiences are interested in and deliver relevant, timely pieces. AI once produced a book that was nominated for a prestigious award.

16. Smarter Agriculture

Smarter Agriculture
Globally, we are facing a food crisis and analysts predict that we need to increase the rate of food production by 50% by the year 2050. AI has come up with a tool that analyses the soil profile to determine which one has more nutrients just by looking at the pictures.

Other applications for smarter agriculture include crop management, climate prediction, the growth of organically nurtured crops, and fertilizer optimization.

17. Cybersecurity

Machine learning and AI in cybersecurity products give security teams the means to prevent malware and cyber-attacks. By using relevant software, companies can detect anomalies and halt suspicious activities.

AI sends alerts of emerging attacks online after analyzing the data to identify malicious code. By alerting the users early, the companies can counteract the attacks before damage is done. Check out the article on smartphone security tips to stay safe while using your device.

18. Healthcare

Most pharmaceutical companies apply machine learning to come up with faster diagnoses, cost reductions, and favorable patient outcomes. One of the best examples of healthcare technologies is the IBM Watson that understands us and responds to our questions.

Other programs include chatbots that assist clients with answers, schedule appointments and cater to the billing process. You should read the article on the best health blogs.

19. Customer Support

Customer Support
Chatbots are very dissimilar to AI-enabled assistance, in that a chatbot is programmed to answer questions that are planned with the user’s steps, whereas AI works in a more penetrating manner which involves consumer interaction.

AI seeks to enrich the customer experience by fully engaging the consumer.

20. Gmail

Most of us already know that Google’s success is mostly because of its artificial intelligence. It has many products that use AI including Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

Just like Siri, Gmail uses machine learning to stop spam or unwanted mail from our inboxes.

The system learns from past experiences and can make accurate decisions on the type of mail that does not interest the user.

By pushing unwanted mail out, Gmail protects us from malware or suspicious emails. Google has recently incorporated Smart Reply, a service that suggests to us what we might write next based on the replies of our previous conversations. We have created an article on useful Gmail tricks you can use to get more out of this app.

21. Google Now

Google Now
Google Now is very alike to Siri and is also referred to as Google’s personal assistant. It collects data from other Google services to provide us with the information we seek.

It performs single tasks exemplarily even though is not as effective as Siri. Check out the article on Google tricks to use Google in a better way.

22. Google Translate

Google Translate
This application delves through thousands of translated pages to deliver a statistical analysis of various language patterns.

When we pose a question, it is instantly programmed to give an answer as precisely as possible. The more we make use of it, the more accurate it gets at translation.

23. Social Media

Social Media
Have you ever observed on your timeline, either Facebook or Instagram, that there is content suggested for you either based on your preferences or what your friends are also consuming? Systems like this use an enormous amount of data to conduct an analysis and help you find the content you may be interested in.

Therefore, its algorithms are updated regularly to improve the customers’ experience each time.

By analyzing your conduct, rules of engagement, and behavior in general within the site, Facebook is capable of knowing your interests. Your likes and comments as well can predict the content that you’d like to see on your timeline. Check out the articles on hidden Facebook tricks and Instagram tricks to get more out of these apps.

24. Law

For a very long time, lawyers had to sift through documents in the discovery process. Part of this was also a fear of indiscretion, making it a very overwhelming process.

Automating this process has become the only way forward because of timely reasons. Law firms are coming up with chatbots for their searches.

25. Education

Teachers are expected to maximize their time with the students during the day and impart knowledge to them. However, these same teachers have several classes to prepare for and teach, mark tests, and work on their needs.

With the automated grading system, teachers can now work at their own pace and provide additional support to their students. Check out the websites for online education to learn new skills for free.

26. Superhuman Quests

 Superhuman Quests
Scientists have made us of AI by pushing their limits. MIT-based scientists, with the help of an MRI scan and 3D imaging, can predict cancer up to 5 years before it begins to show.

Diseases and viruses can now be detected faster than they could before. It is argued that AI is capable of performing surgery techniques.

27. Extraterrestrial Exploration

Extraterrestrial Exploration
AI has opened up the curiosity of other scientists as well. Space scientists have begun searching for life on other planets.

AI bots are scoping the galaxy hoping to find another planet that can sustain life, even just for a season. Check out the list of biggest space exploration missions that happened in the history of mankind.

Most of us did not know that AI existed until we learned how it has revolutionized technology in such a short period. By now, we know the crucial role it plays in our lives and its significance. Over the years, AI has imbibed the skills we possess e.g. read, write, see, speak, hear, touch, smell and soon enough, to perceive emotion.




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