Top 65+ Best Travel Blogs To Read in 2020

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Traveling is one if not the best way to recharge your batteries after a hard-working period.

But where should we travel?

Most of the people ask traveling agencies for advice but sometimes these traveling agencies are making the suggestions based only on their direct opinion or even based on how much profit will be made depending on each destination.

For the past two decades, there is a new trend widely appreciated and used among people that wish to travel and discover new places.

That trend is, of course, traveling blogs and blogs which offer a first-person point of view on each traveling destination.

Some of these websites and blogs are somehow like diaries of persons that travel constantly in which they write after every journey or even during it. Other persons made a career of traveling and sharing their experience with other people.

But which are the best to seek when you are looking for a destination?

Here are the best traveling blogs. I must say that this is not a top so even if one is no. 35 it doesn’t mean that it is not reliable or worthy of trying.

1. Trip Advisor

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
It is one of the first online dating platforms which offers its users to rate and comment about a destination, hotel, restaurant.

They offer even the opportunity to find the best travel prices available by directly comparing them and offering the cheapest result. Very similar to what Yelp is doing but with traveling. You should visit this travel blog.

2. Nomadic Matt Travel Blog 

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is a blogger and also author of best-selling books (How to travel the world on $50 a day and 10 years a Nomad) which decided to travel and share his experience with others.

This is a travel blog by European Matt who shares his travel tips, best experiences, and way of life in Europe.

He also tells us in his book How to Travel the World on $50 a day, how to travel smarter, cheaper, and asking where you want to go around the world.

One of the things that stand up on his website is that when you hit destinations you will find a map that shows every single place that this guy visited so far and if you hit on a particular country you will find pictures and articles on places to see, food to eat and things to do. You should visit this travel blog.

I find it as being very useful when you are on a limited budget but still wish to experience the best of that destination. Check out the list of best websites and apps you can use to book flights online.

3. Dan Flying Solo

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Another blogger offers tips for destinations but in a more professional way. This guy ( Dan ) is basically a professional traveler.

He travels around the world and takes photos ( some of his photos were used even by National Geographic, so you know this is the good stuff.

From what I saw this guy traveled all around the world and you don’t believe it you can ask the hist list of destinations.

There a ton of destinations on his blog that range from Asia to Europe, America to the Middle East. Very good blog and pretty useful if you want a quick pick of your chosen destination. You should visit this travel blog.

4. Lili’s Travel Plans Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
It is a blogger from Belgium with quite an experience with traveling and quite a few followers. From what I’ve found out she was rated #25 in 2020 on bloggers to follow which is pretty good considering that there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers constantly. To be rated #25 among hundreds of thousands is a pretty impressive thing.

From what I’ve seen on her blog she has a pretty cool thing called “ Work with me “ which allows her followers to add information and reviews on different destinations thus adding objectivity to each story written. A cool blog to check out and even “Work with “. You should visit this travel blog.

5. The Blonde Abroad

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is not your everyday traveling blog since it has so much to offer, starting with the type of travel ( budget, volunteer, female, luxury, etc) and going up to traveling gear shop where you can buy camera lens and so on. Virtually this is a travel blog for traveling bloggers.

This solo female travels, and lifestyle blog is by Kiersten that features travel tips, fashion, festivals, and photography around the world.

The trip to Bolivia gave birth to The Blonde Abroad blog by Kiersten who wants to share her passion for travel, love of experiencing new cultures, and her mission to support non-profit organizations.

Through the Blond Abroad, Kiersten shares her life as a fully self-expressed and independent woman with the hope she may inspire others.

’’You are never too old, too busy, or too blonde to pause what you are doing and take some time to follow your dreams.” She says.

But still, it has some amazing pictures and stories regard almost every destination possible. Good content and relevant.


Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Well, this is pretty special. Because is not really a personal blog but a community blog or forum.

Virtually anyone who travels in a particular area can write here a short story of his/her experience. Though it sounds similar to what I’ve said about Trip Advisor is nothing like it.

This is a more social blog with every opinion being up close and personal with no bookings or publicity.

Just a place where you can write about your experience or read about others' experiences. A good place to check or if you consider becoming a travel blogger this is the place to start.

7. One Mile At a Time

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
We have here a website that basically offers news regarding airlines, hotels, and travel-related stuff. A website to check if you already know your destination and wish to be updated with anything that could happen in the meantime.

These days this type of information could be very useful knowledge that we experience radical changes in society and services therefore the plane that you’ve booked yesterday could not be available today.

So if you wish to be updated with any changes that could affect you directly this is a solution to so. You should visit this travel blog.

8. Everything Everywhere

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Yet another blog that has direct experience linked to his post. Basically, the blog was created by a guy named Gary Arndt and this guy has a pretty impressive travel experience … over 10 years to be more precise.

So is obvious that you will find here post on almost every destination possible but also photos that are just wonderful.

From what I’ve seen he even released a Travel Photo Album which is available for free to download on his blog.

Pretty nice photos if you ask me and also it has the same great feature as Nomadic Matt which is the map with every destination visited so far. A good blog to 1check if you are seeking an idea for a destination.

9. Alex in Wonderland Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
It is a blog that is more traveling related than about traveling but still offers some good tips regarding traveling and some stories that could really keep you reading for hours and them contemplate for the next of the day.

It's more of a diary blog that provides an inside view of what it takes to be a traveler and the things that could happen. You should visit this travel blog.

10. Travel Off Path Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
It is a blog that offers lots and lots of beautiful photos of each and every destination that was reached. It offers even some advice regarding how to spend the quarantine if you are a travel freak and many many other things.

A simple but yet complex blog. A must check especially if you are missing the good old times when traveling was simple and let's say “pure”.

11. Ordinary Traveler Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
A blog that offers a lot of travel experiences and photos and advice. Christy and Scott started traveling in 2006 and since then they are doing the same thing with lots and lots of passion as you can see in their writings.

The blog is a simple one but it is loaded with lots of inside information for every destination they have gone to and advice regarding what to do to get the most of each destination. You should visit this travel blog.

12. Everywhereist Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
It is a blog that is travel related but doesn’t focus on traveling in particular. It is like a journal that provides inside information regarding a women’s experience while on the road and also the writing is pretty funny and entertaining. You should visit and read this travel blog.

13. Lazy Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now

A beautiful blog about traveling as a couple and later as a family.

It offers advice on how to travel with kids which I find very useful for those who recently became parents and think that there have now limitations.

This blog confirms that children are not really a handful if you know how to handle the situation.

14. The Longest Way Home

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
A complete blog with complete information that is very useful, to say the least, if you are looking for reviews from a person that knows what traveling is all about.

Even the slogan is on the point: “ My journey, you travel guides “. You should visit and read this travel blog.

15. Travel With Grant

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Even though Grant recently decided to focus on his “Work from home “ diary, the blog still has some amazing tips on how to receive bonuses and gift points that could help you while abroad.

I am sure that he will come back with more traveling experience posts and if they are at least on the same level as the previous ones then the waiting is worth it.

16. Angelina Travels Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
To use her own words “ I am a points and miles fanatic, which takes too many vacations”.

This blog is simply a diary-like blog that offers tips and advice for those who wish to travel and also every single trip of her is explained in detail so that you can make an idea of what you should expect when going in that particular place.You should visit and read this travel blog.

17. Frugal Travel Guy

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is a travel blog that is best suited for people that wish to travel cheaply and in great conditions. He even offers promotions and a starting card for new users.

Great and useful content to say the least. Basically, there is not one single money-saving trick that you could not find on this “GUY”s travel blog.

18. Travel Freedom Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is like the teenage and rebel brother of the travel blog that I’ve previously written about. Basically is a guide on traveling cheap or even free from what they say.

Because you are lectured on how to win a point that you can use while traveling abroad. It even offers a free sign in credit card consult. You should visit and read this travel blog.

19. Girl Eat World

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is a blog for the food passionate. Basically, the main subject is food across the world. But don’t be fooled by the name. It is not only about eating.

You will find here a lot of tips on what to look for while abroad and also what to do so you can get the maximum traveling experience from each and every destination.

20. Practical Wanderlust

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
A blog for a couple traveling. You can find here personal experience posts some of which are pretty funny and exciting to read. And a great thing to check on this blog is the virtual trip for couples option.

Virtually there are videos with which you can experience a minute on the beach, at least visually, while enjoying your morning coffee alongside your soulmate.

21. The Opposite Travellers

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is the sitcom of every couple of blogs. Basically, you have two different travelers ( one that likes to travel in lux and another one which likes to travel simple ) that eventually find a way to deal with the differences.

The posts are fun to read based on their stories and also you can get lots of travel tips from them.

22. No Particular Place To Go

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
A blog that follows the story of two Americans that retired in 2012 and decided to see the world. Even though there are no posts since 2018 so there is no recent information about them, the post that is there is just beautiful due to their authenticity and simplicity.

They are expressing their honest feelings while abroad and also create abound between the reader and the writer.

So much that they actually received a Top Boomer Travel Blog award in 2018. So even though it is not updated it is worth checking just for the beauty of it.

23. The Adventure Junkies

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is basically a guide on how to travel. Well, not really how to but what to do while traveling.

You will find here every traveling activity and how to, where to and even training courses for climbing, diving, cycling and much more. You should visit and read this travel blog.

It is a great place to look at when you are planning travel that might include some activities that you are not familiar with or that you might try to experience. Check out the best website to plan your next adventure.

24. A Broken Backpack

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is a travel blog created by a Canadian traveler named Melissa or Mel which is has a little bit of everything.

Basically, this Canadian blogger is constantly on the move and shares her experiences while abroad. She also provides tips for cheap travel and also a place to check.

25. Legal Nomads

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Besides the great story behind her decision to quit working as an attorney and start traveling across the world, which is interesting and inspiring, to say the least, you can also see the corporate roots while visiting the domain.

From the start, you see a travel blog that complete in every way.

Tips for cheap travel, tips for overcoming language barriers, places to seek and visit, and even a topic on healthy eating.

Name it and if it is travel-related there is a great chance that you will find it here. Great to check even if just for reading.

26. Hey Nadine Travel Vlog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Now, here is a vlogger!

Even though the website contains quite a few posts which are pretty good and worth reading, the main part and the best part is clearly her YouTube channel.

In fact, her YouTube channel us recognized as being one of the best travel-related channels and if this is not a good reason to check it out then I don’t know what it is. You should visit and read this travel blog.

27. The Travel Episode

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Besides the fact that the storytelling is pretty good this travel blog contains a lot of interesting other factors that make it one of the most updated that I saw in quite a while.

Nevermind the pictures, which, by the way, are just mind-blowing, here you will find videos that make you feel like you are already in the middle of the action.

Not so full of tips or another thing that I’ve mentioned while talking about the previous blogs/blogs but you can learn by following them in their journeys around the world and maybe even follow their steps.

28. I Fly Magazine Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Mainly because you will find a lot of mind-blowing videos of different destination all around the world which are filmed by using drones or while flying, to be honest, I can not tell but what I do know is that the videos are just spectacular and when you enter the domain you will be welcomed by great ambient music.

29. Fluent in 3 Months

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
It is a great educational travel blog for those who wish to travel in countries that can be pretty challenging when it comes to linguistic boundaries.

The main focus of this domain is to learn a new language or get hold of it in a few weeks rather than a few months. Pretty great site to check before travel. You should visit and read this travel blog.

30. Fox Nomad Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Remaining on the educational topic we have Fox Nomad which is a travel blog that focuses also on learning before experiencing.

Even though it is not as complex as the one above and it doesn’t have a focused are to look on it is worth checking because you can find here situations thus solutions for those particular situations that might be very useful while abroad.

It is virtually like a “ What happens if “ or “Is getting this with you on your journey worth the money and the effort” site.

Very helpful if you ask me for those that are just beginning to travel and might need some simple assistance when it comes to common issues solving.

31. Cheapest Destinations

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
You might think that the name tells the whole story but it doesn’t. There is more about this blog than just cheap travel.

You can find here a lot of tips on how to travel cheap ( of course ) but also on how to even make money while abroad.

In fact “ How to make money while living abroad” is one of the top posts there.

So if you are looking for a nomad life but still wish to make some money, maybe you should check this post. Who knows?

32. Amateur Traveler Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
As in the above, you might think that the name says the whole story right?

Well...not really. Because Amateur Traveler is a travel blog that acts more like a guide for amateur travelers rather than the diary of one amateur traveler. You get the idea.

The main thing is that this guy started with a simple podcast while abroad in 2005 and now is an award-winning blogger and guide when it comes to travel tips and such. Great page to check.

33. Be My Travel Muse

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
The name is just so cute that it is impossible not to check even though you are looking for something else.

When you enter you see a chill atmosphere with a girl on a mountain cliff just looking ahead.

But this not only an artistic blog/website it is also a practical one since it teaches you how to travel solo and how to deal with different situations while doing so.

It also contains a lot of tips on what to see, what to eat, what to do while abroad. You should visit and read this travel blog.

34. Brendan’s Adventures

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
This is also a travel travel blog but more focused on photography. Why? Well, guess what?

Brandon is a photographer and he travels the world taking photos. Pretty great way to live if you ask me … He also provides tips for those who are looking to do the same ( like what lens to use, angles, and so on ).

A great place to check when on the look for some great photos and videos but also for some pretty good tips.

35. A Dangerous Business Travel

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Here is what Lord of the Rings can do to people … This girl Amanda liked Lord Of The Rings so much in high school that she decided right after to visit New Zealand to check the set up close.

Well after this she decided to visit more and more and more and now she was almost everywhere.

More than 50 countries on 6 continents … She is also a journalist so you can be sure the writing is pretty damn good and also the topics are on the spot.

 Great blog and story behind it.

36. David’s Been Here Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read now
Yet another guide for travelers and yet another great one. This guy went everywhere and has photos, stories, and videos to prove it.

He has posts, pics, and videos that answer, I think, everyone’s questions regarding anything travel related.

This was all. I hope that you enjoyed reading these travel blogs and websites and again please keep in mind that this is not a top.

Every and each one of these domains is great to read, view, and all of them contain things that we could learn from.

37. Fall in Tennessee Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Tennessee's gentle atmosphere and exceptional occasions make it a get-away goal for the greater part of the year.

The most famous occasions to visit are throughout the late spring when children are out of school and individuals getaway, and throughout the fall for foliage seeing.

December, January, and February are the slowest travel industry months. In any case, appearance gets around the special seasons when there are unique celebrations.

Albeit less occupied than summer, spring has a lovely climate and some significant occasions, especially the Memphis in May concert that carries enormous groups toward the western locale of the state.

38. Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Settled somewhere down in the wonderful Tuscan open country, the Toscana Resort offers golf players going to investigate one of Italy's most notorious areas.

When a deserted multi-year old medieval town, Castelfalfi has been breathed life into the back and now offers those meeting Italy the opportunity to appreciate enchanting settlement and neighborliness, delectable food and difficult green.

 All the while encompassed ordinarily, exceptionally old history and a genuinely immortal scene. You should visit and read this travel blog.

39. The Estate Trentham

Best Travel Blogs to Read
The Trentham Estate and Gardens is one of the nation's top guest attractions. Containing 725 sections of land it incorporates one of the most flawlessly reestablished Gardens and Parkland in the nation, coupled to a significant business community including an enormous Garden Center and Shopping Village together with other guest attractions including Trentham Monkey Forest and Aerial Extreme.

Trentham draws in over 3m guests every year, with more than 400,000 dads paying to enter the astounding Trentham Gardens, in addition to another 350,000 individuals going to the next guest attractions on location including the Monkey Forest, winter Ice Rink and the wide scope of occasions.

Trentham Estate lies neighboring the primary A34 trunk street and around 2.5 miles from j15 of the M6 Motorway. It is close to Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire.

The Trentham Estate is the leftovers of one of England's incredible nursery bequests, possessed for more than 400 years until 1979 by the Dukes of Sutherland, who last lived there until c.1910 when Trentham Hall was obliterated.

The Sutherland family ran the Estate as Trentham Gardens Pleasure Park and Gardens from c.1920 yet during the 1970s and '80s through changes of possession it experienced a time of extreme decrease.

It is very notable all through the zone and further away from home and is especially acclaimed for the enormous Italian Gardens planned by Sir Charles Barry in the 1830s. Trentham Leisure Ltd is a piece of the St. Modwen gathering.

40. Twin in Tour Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
India is one of the loveliest nations on the planet, and to investigate it completely occasion bundles in India, for example, these can be benefited. To more readily comprehend and encounter India's land and social decent variety, there is a wide scope of India visit bundles for explorers to pick from.

Shifting from goal to goal, these residential visit bundles in India take you for a loosening up get-away to lovely slope stations, interesting towns, cosmopolitan metros, and astonishing seashore urban communities. Decide to unwind for a couple of days, or appreciate experience pressed voyages through India, the decision is yours. You should visit and read this travel blog.

41. Traveler Theme Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Voyager WordPress topic is a delightful and present-day topic, structured explicitly for movement bloggers.

The rich, network put together format puts the concentration concerning your highlighted pictures. The diverse post types permit you to pick the most ideal approach to show your photographs and articles.

42. Momondo Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Momondo was established as a free metadata flight web index, they were gained by The Priceline Group in July 2017.

It's allowed to look at momondo and they check the costs from a huge number of movement suppliers and furthermore contrast the costs with other travel booking destinations.

43. Thomas Cook Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Ndia, a place that is known for its sublime past and a remarkable future. The demeanor of India will swing you in every manner and make you a piece of its dirt, here and there or the other.

India Tourism holds an odyssey of the assorted landscape that begins with snow-secured heights to tropical pleasures, fulfills your spirit with all the contort, turns, and whirls. They are here to assist you with arranging the best India vacationer goals.

This is an essence of what this humongous nation brings to the table, so prepare to go gaga for India once more.

India is inexhaustibly rich concerning culture and established conventions. With culture changing immensely in each state, it is a blend of customs, which at long last, are associated as one.

While Thomas cook likewise also offers the best International visit bundles which ought to be your go-to ability.

It covers all the vacationer hotspots that give one drench access to the credibility of the goal alongside getting a charge out of it without limit.

Pick your go-to global visitor goal, alter as per inclinations, and take off on an excursion that holds supernatural components. Check out the article on the best food and cooking blogs

44. Black Tomato Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
A large number of customers who express an enthusiasm for India consider it to be an incredible outing, however, feel lost about where to begin.

Our answer? Disregard booking this yourself or running into the arms of an impartial administrator.

Their Travel Experts are really (some would state fanatically) enthusiastic about India and all it brings to the table; regardless of whether that is panting over the mosaic Havelis of Udaipur or detecting a panther while on safari in Rajasthan.

Keep in mind: the entirety of our excursions to India is made totally bespoke, fitted to what your identity is, and what you need to do.

45. Yatra

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Yatra, situated in Gurugram, India, is a one-stop commercial center for all movement related administrations.

The organization gives data, estimating, accessibility, and booking office for household and worldwide air travel, residential and universal lodging appointments, occasion bundles, transports, trains, in city exercises, between the city and point-to-point taxis, homestays and travels.

As the main consolidator of settlement alternatives, Yatra gives continuous appointments to more than 83,000 lodgings in India and over 800,000+ inns around the globe.

Clients can get to Yatra in various manners: through an easy to use the site (, portable upgraded WAP site and applications, a multi-lingual call community, and a system of Holiday Lounges.

46. Globous Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
At Globus, we're snared on movement as a goal, yet in transit travel causes you to feel. Our guarantee is to create undertakings you'll need to re-live until the end of time.

Our story started over 90 years back, when a youthful Swiss Antonio Mantegazza started shipping voyagers across Lake Lugano on his dinghy, sharing stories and uncovering neighborhood insider facts en route. On that lake, Globus was conceived.

Finding an enthusiasm for the travel industry and a skill for business, Antonio's administrations extended past waterway transport to transport visiting, from Switzerland to Europe and afterward, the world.

Following 90 years of curating travel wonderment, our enthusiasm for curating the ideal excursion remains.

At Globus, we have the experience and neighborhood information to make vivid undertakings that cause you to feel alive. Hope to see all the significant destinations, however then go further, to the thumping heart of each new revelation.

As is commonly said, when you're at the time, it's not what you know, yet who you know, and you'll rapidly find our Tour Directors know all the nearby privileged insights and insider tips. You should visit and read this travel blog.

47. Contiki Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
We unite explorers from all sides of the globe to find new societies and a little piece of themselves en route.

Across 350 worldwide outings, we sort out the unpleasant stuff like vehicle and settlement, leaving you with one of a kind travels encounters you wouldn't have the option to book all alone.

All through your excursion our master Trip Managers and Local Guides utilize their neighborhood bits of knowledge to assist you with finding a genuine side to the spots you visit.

48. Tourdust Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
We are a boutique visit administrator having some expertise in extravagance and experience travel for groups all things considered.

Their senior family travel authorities, Ben and Lisa, have 35 consolidated years' experience making uncommon customized occasions.

They have ventured to the far corners of the planet with their families, from the savanna meadows of Africa to the wildernesses of Central America.

49. Visit Brazil

Best Travel Blogs to Read
The travel industry is turning into a significant industry in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are two of the most visited goals in the nation, offering guests (regardless of whether in the nation on business or joy) a fantastic look into the unpredictable legacy and normal display of Brazil.

The travel industry rates soar from the year 2000 onwards as attention to its multifaceted intrigue rose.

There was a period somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2008 that financial issues ruined the travel industry to some degree. In any case, Brazil is the most visited nation in the landmass of South America today.

50. Cookies Sound Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Cookiesound is another sightseeing blog that canters around sharing individual stories from a mother-little girl picture taker team.

And while the photographs are likely what at first attract peruses, what separates this website from others is the individual point of view.

You can tell that this site was made out of an enthusiasm for voyaging. So, in case you're running a touring blog, it's critical to recall that photographs can't accomplish all the work for you in building a crowd of people and setting up a devoted peruser base.

It is a travel blog focusing on personal stories from a mother-daughter photographer team who have created a nice compilation of their journey apart from taking photos around the world.

Though the photos are what initially draw readers in, what sets this site from the rest is the personal perspective that leaves readers to tell that it was made from a passion for traveling.

The site also has interesting, well-written content that is effective in reaching its goals of building an audience establishing a loyal reader base.

Try to invest the same amount of energy making intriguing, elegantly composed substances for your site, and you'll be considerably more powerful in arriving at your site's objectives.

51. Intrepid Travel

Best Travel Blogs to Read
Their voyagers are all things considered and originate from varying backgrounds, yet they share a craving to manufacture real associations through movement. They are joined not by where they've originated from, yet by where they're going.

Brave's vivid experiences take explorers past the standard visitor locates and not far off less voyaged. They're tied in with opening entryways you could just discover with a nearby companion, to get off camera of a goal and discovering what really matters to it.

They're tied in with interfacing with local people and similarly importantly invested explorers causing the huge wide world to feel littler, and increasingly associated. You should visit and read this travel blog.

52. Hand Luggage Only

Best Travel Blogs to Read
This travel blog is by Yaya and Lloyd that comes with food and photography inspiration with complete door to door travel planner.

They share their experience in traveling and a variety of tips on how best to travel and exchange the best travel tips and tricks with fellow travelers.

They are based in London having the benefit of being connected by six hub airports around the city that makes the costs of flights very easy.

They have Eurostar too that enables them to head to places like Paris under three hours and always travel efficiently keeping their cost as low as possible.

An example is when flying shot haul, they make it their goal to only ever travel with ‘hand luggage only’ thus being the main reason for their site's name.

53. Travelsewhere Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
This about all about David Johnston an Australian blogger who writes about solo travel in quieter pockets of Europe and the world.

In his blog, his focused theme along the way has been trying to find places that are a little less traveled; places that are often less considered as an option by tourists hence the name @travelsewhere and his desire to share some of these other corners of the world.

54. Against The Compass

Best Travel Blogs to Read
This is an alternative journey by Joan blog that helps you travel to most unusual and off beaten destinations tracks that inspires us to get out of our comfort zone.

He also writes about beaten track destinations like Iraq and Lebanon with a long and vast history of the two oldest cities in the world.

Lebanon is the most liberal country in the Middle East while Iraq is home to most stunning mountains and landscapes in the region.

55. Sidetracked Magazine

Best Travel Blogs to Read
This is a wonderful tri-annual adventure travel magazine and online journal that features a collection of personal stories of adventure travel, exploration journeys, and expeditions from different writers that inspires us to head out on our own adventures too.

It is more than a magazine -it's about immersed in the journey of those with captivating stories to tell.

The sidetracked journal is released three times per year and brings together some of the finest stories of exploration and adventure. It also presents from extreme human endurance to both cultural and emotional discovery.

56. Eurail Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
It is a Europe travel blog that inspires us to see more of Europe and why exploring Europe by train is an unforgettable experience.

It also keeps us updated on travel tips and stunning photography in Europe.

It also entails Eurail pass that is an easy way to travel around Europe having one ticket, many connections, and the overwhelming option of the timetable in traveling.

57. Sta Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
This is an airfare travel company blog that provides the latest travel deals, tips, and advice. It offers unbeatable airfares for everyone like students and young professionals.

It is essential for students and young people to offer cheap flights, hotel and hostel accommodation, travel information on travel planning, tour, student travel insurance, and international student identification card. You should visit and read this travel blog.

58. Travel Dudes Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
This blog is by Melvin that enables travelers to get resources and travel tips before they set off on their big trips.

It creates cost-effective, inspirational, and engaging travel content for digital and social platforms, reaching an audience of over four million travelers each month.

Working with clients like Austria Tourism has allowed it to create award-winning video and content campaigns for every niche in the tourism industry.

It offers professional advisory services to several companies including the big player in the travel industry, Amadeus [helping build up their new video platform].

59. Visit Brazil

Best Travel Blogs to Read
This is Brazil’s official tourism site related to traveling. It persuades visitors to check out beautiful beaches and hikes through Amazon.

The site aims to create a virtual travel experience that allows users to explore sights of Brazil right from their computer.

Brazil is a huge country, making up almost half of the South American continent and it does this by dividing various regions into different “Experiences”.

By breaking the country into smaller, more manageable areas, the site helps create a virtual travel experience that can help visitors decide where they want to go within the massive country.

You should visit and read this travel blog.

An example is if they are looking for a relaxed beach, they will have very different options from travelers looking for hiking trips or adventure tours.

60. On The Grid Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
It is a travel blog site spanning many countries and continents that one may want to visit including blogs from Aberdeen to Zurich.

This level of organization makes it easy for users to access information, whether they are looking for a guide to a specific city or simply browsing for trip inspiration.

61. Lake Cracken Back

Best Travel Blogs to Read

This website does a nice job of balancing details and design.

It has several menu items easy to navigate and visitors have the option to explore information about hotels, dining, events, and activities essentially all they might need to plan their trip.

This site also explains to visitors why they should visit the destination and shows them great experiences they could have by planning a trip.

Lake Crackenback’s site is a great example of how to walk this fine line and there are several menu items, but nothing feels cramped it is all easy to navigate.

62. Toucan Café & Tours

Best Travel Blogs to Read
It is a Medellin coffee shop that runs tour and language exchange. They make everything easily accessible from the big menu bar.

All the information is available in English thus expanding the audience making them not lose potential customers due to the language barrier.

The site is exceptional comprehensive featuring different types of tours and details about the café, as well as general tourist information for visitors to the city.

Given that the site is designed to provide information about very distinct categories, it is essential that visitors can immediately find what they are looking for.

The straightforward navigation setup eliminates the issue of if a user were to arrive looking for details on a walking tour but think they had mistakenly come to the website of a random coffee shop it would lose a potential customer but makes it easy for users to access the information they need.

63. Travel Oregon

Best Travel Blogs to Read
It is the most creative site designed to attract visitors to the state and it is also a fantastic reminder that travel blogs can be as unique as the destination they promote.

It presents various regions and attractions with a video game-inspired design where the homepage begins by explaining that “Oregon is magic”, and then encourages visitors to learn more about the state with choose-your-own-adventure style calls to action like “wander into the forest” etc. You should visit and read this travel blog.

64. Visit Australia

Best Travel Blogs to Read
It is an Australian official website that takes things a step further by heavily incorporating video mix.

It is designed to encourage visitors to learn more about specific regions of the country, so they can determine which is best suited to what they are looking for in the trip.

The site offers 360 degrees videos that give a more in-depth look than even most high-quality photos could, so visitors can choose a vacation spot and explore it from the comfort of their home.

In this case, Australia’s 360 degrees are fun, engaging addition to the site and are a special way to highlight different locations throughout the country by adding value to the overall site experience.

65. The Hawaiian Island

Best Travel Blogs to Read
It is a travel website that offers a no-fuss experience. Altogether, its elements make for a direct, effective site thus suitable for users who want a simple way to plan a trip.

It features a scenic landscape image with tourists enjoying a hike, and a standard navigation bar with all options you would expect.

Navigation hierarchy is broken down into six basic tabs so that users can find exactly what they are looking for within one or two clicks.

For visitors who are not sure of what exactly they are looking for, the “scroll to continue tag at the bottom of the page encourages them to keep reading and learn more. Altogether these elements make for a direct effective site.

66. Discover Chile Travel Blog

Best Travel Blogs to Read
The first thing you will notice on its homepage likely the stunning image of a whitewater kayaker flying over a waterfall and after that you will see the goal logo at the top page, announcing that it is the “World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination.

“Chile has received numerous awards for tourism that is mostly displayed on its homepage. The slideshow features three hero images, each with a different award at the top that is essentially a form of social proof.

It is chiles official tourism site that has received tittles from World Travel Awards which are compelling and if a visitor in search of an adventurous trip lands on this site’s homepage, they will know immediately that the country offers what they are looking for thus compelled into planning a trip.

67. African Budget Safaris

Best Travel Blogs to Read
It is a site that gives all information a visitor needs to plan their African safari adventure and helps them find inexpensive trips.

The name itself implies that the company’s goal is to provide affordable safari trips. You should visit and read this travel blog.

By highlighting details on budget-friendly, quality tours, and including information about discounts right in their header, the sit makes it clear that providing value is a priority.

So, these are some of the best travel blogs that you can read on the internet for free. Tell us which one is your favorite and share your experience of reading these blogs with us in the comments. You can also suggest any other travel blog that we should add on this list.




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