Top 57 Tech Blogs And Websites To Read in 2020 (Reviewed)

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best tech blogs and websites on the internet. Have you ever thought about the times if technology wouldn’t have existed?

Well, the first thing that would have come across your mind is that would there be any human life existing without technology?

Over the past years, the field of technology has seen immense developments that have affected every aspect of an individual’s life.

These tech blogs have technology geeks who help the users in choosing the right products that will fulfill their requirements by comparing the products and giving an unbiased rating. The technophiles are provided with the most cutting-edge news which they can use to choose their gadgets.

Thus, here are the best technological websites and blogs that one should go through when in need of some information or help regarding any sort of thing in the field of technology.

1. The Next Web

Tech Blogs to You must Read
The Next Web is an online publication that gives information about technological developments, coding, security, and infrastructure. It conveys an international perspective on the latest news about internet technology, business, and culture.

TheNextWeb is the leading technology blog that focuses on new technology, opinionated perspectives, startup companies, and other remarkable stories.

Mostly it covers topics and guides which are related to culture, technology, and business. Similarly, you will get useful articles like the upcoming gadgets, coding, the internet of things, cloud, and security infrastructure in all over the world.

It’s highly recommended for everyone to visit and read the articles in TheNextWeb if you want to be updated about the new technology in every field. What is impressive is that you will receive millions of people who usually visit the tech blog monthly to acquire information.

They are famous for having first-class information on technology happenings. They help to navigate technology innovations which could be the new normal.

They host an annual series of conferences to discuss technology startups in Europe.

Their most followed online event series is called couch conference. The next web gives opinionated perspectives on remarkable stories for the next generation of technology enthusiasts.

2. Tech Crunch

Tech Blogs to You must Read
TechCrunch with more than 10.1M followers on twitter is an American online publisher founded on June 11, 2005, by Archimedes ventures, led by partners Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. This mainly provides articles related to new tech gadgets, business related to tech, and analysis of emerging trends in tech, including topics like Startup companies, venture capital, Spacex, Funding, and Artificial Intelligence. Check out the list of the world's largest companies by revenue.

One of the most engaging sections of tech crunch is Crunch Base, each profile section provides details for each company, start-ups, upcoming events, including funding received, incubators, headquarters located, trending profiles and the names of the founders.

It is a tech blog that wholly focuses on the technological industry. It gives an in-depth analysis of various trends that are emerging in the field of technology, tech news, and business-related to the same. It also gives immense reports one technology startups.

TechCrunch focuses on the technology industry and it majorly reports the emergence of new trends in technology. The AOL owned tech blog is famous for profiling tech businesses and their products.

This tech blog has created a niche for themselves in bringing information about technology startups and profiling new tech businesses.

The tech blog is also available in different languages and their mobile application allows the flexibility of receiving breaking news about internships and tech startups on your smartphone.

3. Tech 2

Tech Blogs to You must Read
It is an Indian tech tech blog that portrays information regarding gadgets, gaming, science. It also caters to its users with product reviews which ensures that the technophiles choose the right product for themselves.

This is the best tech blog technology that mostly shares guides and articles which are related to new technology like mobile, TV, laptops, tablets, and gaming devices. Other than this, it covers videos, photos, and podcasts related to the latest trend in technology.

In the same way, it compares the new gadgets or websites to get the right product. On this tech blog, you will gain valuable information that will make you read daily.

Also, this information will assist you when you want to buy a new gadget in the market because you will have full details of what to buy.

It is India’s widest reach multi-platform when it comes to technology. One of its key features is the Product Comparison tool which makes it all much easier to select the right tech product. It is a user-friendly platform that makes it easier to be accessed by a person of any age.

4. Technology lab| Ars Technica

Tech Blogs to You must Read
It is one of the earliest programmed websites for tech news. It focuses mainly on gaming and tech news along with certain reviews and analysis.

In full the tech blog is called Arts of Technology. It is majorly visited by IT professionals and super geeks. It uses a fun and accessible way to pass their findings, they use a reader-focused approach and prioritizes the quality of their posts.

It publishes news, review, and guides on computer hardware and software, technology policy, and video games in a less formal tone.

Ars was the first one to be created in an eBook and PDF format. The owner’s vision to create this tech blog was to make technology easier to be understood by tech-savvy people. The tech blog also gives business news and policies related to them. Check out the list of largest smartphone companies in the world.

5. The Verge

Tech Blogs to You must Read
The verge is a technology blog that produces in-depth reports and analysis. It gives all the information required to know what is happening in the technology and gadgets industries along with the forecasts of what innovations can take place in the mere future.

It has a feature of weekly shows that covers up all the information about developments and inventions that have taken place in a week.

It gives complete freedom to its users to make comparisons of different devices they wish to, making it easier for them to have a better understanding of the gadgets they chose to purchase.

The tech blog is known for publishing news, feature stories, guidebooks, product reviews, and podcasts. Their focus is mainly on the launch of products and giving reviews on these products.

They aim to cover the intersection of technology, science, arts, and entertainment. Sometime in 2011, the tech blog was called exemplary.

Their mission statement tells it all about the blog “The Verge is an ambitious multimedia effort to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience.”

6. Read Write

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Read Write is a weblog that focuses on showcasing the product reviews. Information and analysis of web apps, technological trends, social media, and networking.

Launched in 2003, ReadWrite is a technology blog. RW is building a next-generation technology media company focused on delivering relevant information in a way that prioritizes readers' productivity not page views or time spent on tech blog.

RW brings together a dedicated community of specialized themes such as connected cars, smart homes, AR, VR, fintech, and APIs. It has over 1.5M followers on twitter. Technorati ranked ReadWriteWeb at number 12 in its list of top 100 blogs worldwide, as of October 9, 2010.

It promises to bring along communities dedicated to specific subjects such as smart home, AR/VR, etc under one roof. It is a leading media platform and has been listed by Forbes.

7. How-to Geek

Tech Blogs to You must Read
How-to Geek is a tech magazine that is a blessing for amateurs. It provides technical help to the readers. It offers tutorials, tips, and ‘How To’ guidelines specifically for Windows and Linux.

It has easy access and the language used is easy to comprehend. This tech magazine has 10,000+ in-depth articles that are read by people across the globe daily. You should read the article on the use of technology in learning and teaching.

8. Engadget

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Engadget is the spot when looking for original sources for tech news and reviews. It uploads the most compelling videos for its users. Its content is based on technology, gaming, and entertainment.

It gives its users the platform to witness the technology’s tomorrow! It is a huge platform for all beginners with new and innovative ideas regarding technology.

Engadget is home to technology news and reviews. It was established in and since then, it has grown from a comprehensive source of consumer tech news to a global media organization blurring the lines between technology, gaming, and entertainment.

Engadget uses compelling videos to reach out to its audience with its first-hand reviews features and breaking news on technology-related people, products, and ideas that can shape the world.

9. Gizmodo

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Gizmodo is a youth-friendly tech blog. It showcases a collection of short videos to fulfill the demands and needs of the users about technological developments.

It also provides expert opinions about the latest gadgets in the markets worldwide. It has a plethora of posts that give the users a wide insight into the tech world.

Gizmodo is popular for its independent reviews on newly released products. A unique feature of this blog is their DIY experience section where they use technological products to demonstrate DIY instances.

They have declared that “they come from the future.” The columns they publish include reviews, Science, Design, on-field guide, and the Video segment. Personally, their most eye-catching column is their “Pale of the Future Column”.

Gizmodo was originally launched as part of the Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton. Gizmodo has a subsite called io9, which focuses on science fiction and futurism.

10. Recode

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Recode focuses on technology and media. It is a platform generating all the tech news, reviews, and analysis with the help of experts and intellectual journalists. It has an Open Sourced feature that lets the users know about the up comings in the field of technology and tech companies.

This tech blog was formerly named Re/code and it is a subsidiary of revere digital hence, owned by Vox media. It is an independent blog that focuses on the business of Silicon Valley.

Recode uses the most informed and respected journalists in the tech space.

They hope to reimagine technology journalism as everything surrounding the tech business needs to be rethought renewed and refreshed at all times.

Their posts have allowed them to be conveniently classified as technology-related news, reviews, and analysis tech blog.

11. Wired

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Wired is a tech magazine that focuses on making the users aware of how technology affects human culture, economy, and politics as well. It uses the modern style format magazine which deals in tech news, data science, and geek culture.

WIRED is a monthly American magazine with over 10.4M Followers, Published in prints and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect our lives, culture, and economy.

Topics they write about are Artificial intelligence, Hackers, Driverless cars, Computer security, Global Warming, automobiles, News, business, Tesla, inc. And iPhones. WIRED is sure to be an engaging tech blog to visit. Don’t miss out on WIRED’s latest posts.

Wired also has a monthly print magazine that started publishing in 1993. Wired focuses on the controversies surrounding technology business. They focus on disclosing the effect emerging technologies have on culture, economy, and politics.

Their major topics hinge on hackers and robotics. Their unique feature is that they discuss these topics in an engaging tone and use a light tone to pass the information.

12. CNET

Tech Blogs to You must Read
CNET is a tech news tech blog for today’s generation. It provides the best reviews about hardware and also provides in-depth coverage of tech issues and events.

It is a creative and easy to access tech blog offering news, videos, and ‘how-to’ guides for the technology prevailing. It also offers a platform for acquiring information regarding finance and cars too.

CNET is the world’s leader in tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, how-tos, blogs and podcasts, launched on 5 March 1994. Also, CNET has region-specific and language-specific editions.

These include English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. According to the third-party web analytic providers Similarweb and Alexa, CNET is the most read technology news tech blog on the web, and as of 2015, one of the 200 most visited websites worldwide and has over 200 million readers per month. It has 1.7M followers on twitter and publishes 30 posts per day.

This tech blog was formerly called Computer Network and is also owned by CBS interactive. They provide tech news, unbiased reviews, videos software downloads, and a podcast.

It is popular amongst tech freaks because it offers free downloads of software, mobile applications, and mobile games. It covers major topics on smart home devices and electronic accessories.

It divulges in the latest consumer technology breakthroughs and helps their visitors with what to buy and why to buy them.

13. Free Technology for Teachers

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Free technology for teachers is a tech blog that provides users especially teachers the knowledge about using technological resources in classrooms. This tech blog allows users for availing of customized workshops for schools and conferences.

It pays attention to making users aware of the use of various video creation tools in all educational subjects. It talks about all kinds of educational technologies developed to date and conducts workshops to know the uses of google earth, google books, google search for taking classes.

14. Venture Beat

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Venture Beat is a leading source when it comes to tech news. It helps the tech enthusiasts, makes it easier for the entrepreneurs to make decisions.

VentureBeat was founded in 2006 by Matt Marshall, is the leader in covering transformative tech. They help business leaders make smarter decisions with their industry-leading AI and gaming coverage.

It has more than 711K followers on twitter and they publish 5 posts per day. The VentureBeat web tech blog consists of a series of clear news “Beats”: Big data, Cloud, Deals, Dev, Business, Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Small Biz, Media, Mobile, Marketing, Security, and Social.

Also, the tech blog includes one of the main sections, the semi-different publication, games beat. GamesBeat focuses on the videogame industry.

VentureBeat poses as a leader in covering transformative tech to help business leaders make smarter decisions. In their own words, they report tech news that matters.

The tech blog that was created in 2006 publishes news, long-form features interviews, and videos detailed enough to aid the decision-making process of tech entrepreneurs and tech executives.

One can get all the information regarding the upcoming events and press releases here! It also has a feature of providing webinars to its users regarding the technological industry.

15. Starship Technologies

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Starship technologies focus on the delivery of local goods being done by smart delivery robots. It gives an in-depth insight into the technology used behind the delivery robots. It depicts and talks about the future of technology.

16. Fast Company

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Fast Company is an escalating media brand that publishes editorials based on innovations in the stream of technology, design, and leadership.

Fast Company claims to be the future of business. It is an American magazine published monthly in print and online. Their focus is on technology innovations and technology leadership and how these can affect businesses.

Fast Company is probably the oldest technology blog that is followed by generations of technology enthusiasts and it is owned by Mansueto Ventures. Their Newsletter subscriptions allow for daily technological updates.

It is a platform suitable for today’s youth. It also has a feature ‘Newsletter’ that enables users to customize their newsletter which only a few companies offer.

17. Cool tech| digital trends

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Cool tech is a tech blog that helps users understand how technology affects their way of living. It is a platform that keeps people updated about all the news and reviews regarding emerging technology, new products, and scientific research.

Digital Trends is another largest hub of technology, computer gaming devices, and interesting lifestyle guides, founded by Ian Bell and Dan Gaul in June 2006.

Digital Trends is an award-winning multimedia tech blog that guides consumers to the best products and services available today and uncovers the innovations that shape tomorrow's lives.

This brand interacts with more than 100 million people per month. It covers guides related to tech, computer gaming devices, cars, photography, etc. They publish 30 posts per day.

Another quality thing about this brand is that they “cover tech for the way you live: not just gadgets but the power they unlock in your life”. If you are interested in technology, Digital Trends is strongly suggested.

To add to its index, it also provides deals of various gadgets along with a buying guide to get hold of the best product wisely. It also offers video series for the same.

18. Android Authority

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Android Authority has a love for mobile technology. It is a source for android users. It is basically an android news blog dedicated to giving expert tips, news, reviews regarding android phones, apps, tablets, and rooting. Other than the basics it also has an option of ‘giveaways’ for its users.

This blog could be said to be all things android. They publish news, tips, and expert reviews on android phones, android apps, android tablets, rooting, and how-tos.

The tech blog sees android as the backbone of the world’s most widely used operating system.

They review android products in details as soon as they hit the market. Their reviews are not restricted to phones also as they review android versions as well.

19. ABC News

Tech Blogs to You must Read
ABS News is a platform to read all the technology reviews and get updated with all the latest science and tech developments. It offers live coverages and shows regarding technology.

It is a one-stop destination for tech headlines. It also has a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle programs

20. BGR

Tech Blogs to You must Read
BGR platform is the daily news source for technology and has been featured for the same by many news sources. In its early stages, it focused on providing users the information even before the release of any gadget.

Boy Genius Report is a leading online destination for news and commentary focused on mobile and consumer electronics markets. It’s the exclusive and up-to-date source of mobile news and leader in the technology category among early adopters, knowledgeable techies, and casual readers.

Launched on 20 October 2006, today, this tech blog has evolved into one of the most respected sources of technology news, in-depth analyses, and product reviews on the web and has over 153.6k followers on twitter. BGR is a one-stop-shop for all of your technology news feeds.

BGR covers topics ranging from consumer gadgets to entertainment, gaming, and science. It is a go-to tech blog for early adopters of technology products and technophiles due to their exclusive content on mobile technology and product reviews.

For instance, it showcased the android 2.0 system to the users in 2009 itself. It talks about the mobile and consumer electronics market. One can get information about gadgets, games, and stories on the web from this tech blog.

21. O’Reilly

Tech Blogs to You must Read
It is a blogsite that helps in spreading the knowledge about innovations taking place every day. It has a unique way to keep the users updated about the latest information through online services, tech conferences, and technological books.

22. Tech Dirt

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Tech Dirt is a tech blog that reports about all the technological advancements, legal challenges, business, and economic policy issues faced by the technology industries. It focuses on information privacy and also on copyright reforms.

 A key feature of this blog is that it allows users to remove advertisements. It has been praised for its “sharp, pity analysis of current tech issues” and was also nominated for Webby Awards.

Tech dirt focuses on all the “dirt” surrounding the technology industry. It offers the framework to analyze and offer insights into stories about changes in policies and their relation to technology.

It discusses legal issues that can affect tech companies’ ability to innovate and grow.

This tech blog allows users to post stories that cut across legal challenges of the technology industry, economic policies that have a relationship with the digital revolution and intellectual property, patent, and copyright reforms that could have a significant impact on the tech industry. You should read the article on the greatest impacts of technology on the us.

23. Torrent Freak

Tech Blogs to You must Read

Torrent Freak is a publication. It showcases all the latest news regarding copyright, privacy, and everything in the field of file sharing. Torrent freak’s text is a free content and is used as a source for reporting digital issues to date.

24. Apple Insider

Tech Blogs to You must Read

As the name suggests, Apple Insider provides in-depth knowledge about apple products. It gives the latest apple news, analysis, reviews, and ‘how-to’ guides.

It offers its users the price guides of its products along with several deals and discounts taking place throughout the world.

25. Make Use Of

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Make Use Of is the guide for this generation’s technology. Other than advising people about popular gadgets ‘Make Use Of ‘gives tips for browsing and gaming.

It makes people aware of all possible ways to use gadgets and technology.

26. Tech Spot

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Tech Spot is a computer and technology publication. It provides users with technological news and analysis that helps the IT decision-makers along with gamers and tech enthusiasts.

Its articles are read by thousands of people worldwide. Along with the tech news, it also publishes hundreds of active discussions and has a massive database.

27. Techmeme

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Techmeme is a platform that scraps out all the information from multiple sources and by compiling all the links it provides the most important news of the moment to its users.

Techmeme is a technology news aggregator. The tech blog offers essential tech news of the moment and it is said to be “not for dummies”.

This tech blog brings together filtered and archive-able news summary drawn from hundreds of news tech blogs and tech blogs.

It hopes to use its one-paged summary approach to give near real-time news and generate conversations and commentary for technology leaders.

It helps in tracking all the changes that have taken place in the history of technology and also talks about the changes that are taking place every day around the world.

28. Reuters

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Reuters is a stage where the users are updated with the latest tech news and the latest product releases taking place in the markets worldwide. It also calculates and depicts the industry performances and sales figures of various companies.

29. Fossbytes

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Fossbytes is a leading source of tech news in India. It gives information regarding the updates in games, car models. However, Fossbytes focuses on security and hacking news, tutorials, tips, and tricks for the same and VPNs.

30. iMore

Tech Blogs to You must Read
iMore is a platform dedicated to broadening the worldwide users of apple. It offers detailed reviews as well as comparisons of gadgets.

It provides expert analysis and ‘how-to’ guides for the entire range of Apple products like iPad, MacBook, iPhone, iWatch, etc.

31. Wirecard Blog

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Wirecard Blog specializes in financial payment methods. The information shared is gathered from specialists in this stream who give their expertise.

Users get detailed information about digital retail, mobile finance, and banking which is going to in-demand shortly.

32. Extreme Tech

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Extreme Tech is a terminal for news and penetrating analysis of emerging science, trends in the field of technology, software, hardware, and gadgets. It also talks about the fundamentals of the stream of technology.

33. InfoWorld

Tech Blogs to You must Read
InfoWorld provides users with product reviews, information technology news, and business technology news.

It is helpful for IT decision-makers who are seeking to modernize their sector’s operations and want to attain business advantages by staying one step ahead when it comes to technology. It avails a lot many reviews for the users written by top-notch technology geeks.

34. TechHive

Tech Blogs to You must Read
TechHive is a unique platform that guides the users to the products and also makes them realize how to make the most out of it.

 It provides the latest news and analysis specifically on Smart home technology. It tells users about lighting controls, home security, smart appliances, and home entertainment.

35. Geek Wire

Tech Blogs to You must Read
Geek Wire is a national technology news tech blog that provides tech news, commentaries and focuses mainly on the happenings in Seattle. It covers news about most of the innovative technology companies worldwide.

Geekwire launched ten years ago, which is known as the technology tech blog, which has many audiences who are loyal to the tech blog. Some tech-savvy readers are distributed all over the world who typically follow their posting on the breaking news, unique insights, and expert analysis in the industry of technology.

Also, its focus on technology reviews, home entertainment system, and covering gadgets which are mostly used by people. This has made this tech blog popular because of the daily posts on technology news and articles.

Geek Wire is one of the most widely followed tech companies in today’s time and also is the most vibrant startup in the USA.

This technology news tech blog’s community consists of high ranking entrepreneurs along with tech scientists.

36. Arstechnica

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
In the year 1998, this tech blog was launched by Ken Fisher and Jon Stokes that was owned by Conde Nast.

It covers most of the news and opinions on various topics such as technology, science, politics, and society. its popularity is high in commonwealth countries although it does not gain any popularity in most parts of India.

Arstechnica covers the news and opinions in science, technology, and society, which was launched by Ken Fisher and Jon Stokes in 1998. It publishes news, guides, and reviews on computer science, hardware, technology policy, and video games. Also, you can get related to science and technology articles, videos, photos, and slideshow. Arstechnica remains to be the trusted source for the technology policy analysis, gadget reviews, technology news. The latest breakdown of scientific advancements, software, and hardware all over the world will also be got on the tech blog.

On average there are 79 posts a day. Their fan following is 1,200,000 over twitter . and its social engagement frequency is marked as 934.

If anyone needs expert advice on fundamental aspects of tech, one should contact them. The can be found in New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco.

37. Mashable

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
Mashable is a digital tech blog and it doesn’t focus on just technology. It covers science, entertainment, culture, and social good. The tech section covers everything about technology about creatives.

Mashable is a global, multi-platform media tech blog, founded by Pete Cashmore on 19 July 2005. It has over 9.79M followers on twitter.

This blog covers the latest technology news, gadgets, science, Interesting stuff, and provides helpful guides to internet users. They combined their vast knowledge of tech with their massive knowledge of business to tell you about bitcoins.

Mashable’s record 45 million monthly unique visitors and more than 28 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities worldwide.

Their YouTube as an extension of their tech section offers a lot as well. Mashable was created in 2005 and has progressed since then to become the go-to tech blog for most tech lovers.

38. Tech Review

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
This list would be assumed to be incomplete without the MIT tech review blog. This blog is owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but it is editorially independent of the institution.

It came into existence in 1889 as “the technology review” but the relaunch expunged the ‘the’ in the title. Their sole focus is educational pots on technology innovations.

39. ZDNet

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
This is published by CBS interactive as well tech republic. They focus on breaking news, technical analysis, and technology research. Their tech blog posts help tech professionals stay in touch with the latest IT innovations.

ZDNet aims to keep Technology professionals ahead of the curve when faced with IT issues. They use mostly videos to pass their information.

40. Hacker Noon

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
Hacker noon is seen as where hackers start their noon.  This tech blog has a lot of writers and these writers prioritize giving unfettered stories and honest opinions about happenings in the tech industry, it covers major issues that coders and developers would find interesting such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and how to maximize coding applications. Check out the list of best websites to learn coding online for free.

41. Wire Cutter

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
The wire cutter is a subsidiary of the New York Times. Most tech tech blogs place their focus on mobile phones as well as smartphones but wire Cutter extends their niche to technology innovations in areas like Home and gardening appliances, Kitchen innovations, and even travel technologies.

Visitors to their tech blog are assured of new product reviews, deals as well as buying advice.

42. Slashdot

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
This tech blog is one of the few tech blogs that can be said to be an original technology news tech blog. This tech blog is the reason for the term “the Slashdot effect”.

The Slashdot effect is a sudden but temporal surge in traffic a tech blog receives when a high traffic tech blog refers its visitors to the said tech blog.

A unique column on the tech blog is the firehouse column that allows visitors to post stories and articles. The articles are voted upon to make the home page.

43. Stack Overflow

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
Stack overflow stands out for being an open community tech blog for coders. This is a question and answer blog which helps thousands of coders and developers by giving answers to the world’s toughest coding questions.

Indeed, the tech blog comes in handy for professional developers who aim to be ahead of their game.

It is likely the widest online community that allows developers to learn and share their developing experiences.

44. Macworld

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
This tech blog is for Mac die-hards or even iPad newbies, the tech blog focuses on products from Apple Inc. they have the scoop on what is new and what is best on the apple block.

They talk all things apple ranging from News, tips analysis of all things from apple Inc., this doesn’t exclude apple software and applications and they give the best buying advice for Apple Inc. products. The tech blog posts are published by Mac Publishing and its print issue started in 2014.

45. The Gadgeteer

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
The Gadgeteer has been bringing gadget news and reviews to its audience since 1997. It specializes in news and reviews about smartphones, gadgets, photography gear, audio devices, video gadgets, and geek toys. They give first-hand user experience tips after product reviews.

The amazing feature about the gadgeteer is that it reviews reach down to littlest accessories like chargers and earbuds. Their column “Julie’s favorite gear” is a diary of ever-evolving tech gadgets and accessories.

46. Incredible Lab

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
The incredible lab follows the principle that it is no longer necessary to attend schools or colleges to learn a particular thing. They hope to use their articles to expose their visitors on how technology can make life incredibly easy.

This tech blog allows users to discover how best to use technology. The tech blog is a subsidiary of incredible labs Inc. who developed a software solution for time management called Donna.

47. How-To Geek

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
This tech blog is an online technology magazine. According to them, over 15 million people access their articles every month.

Their catchphrase “we explain technology” pretty much tells us what they do it is more of a help blog- its posts include mostly tutorials, tips and guide on how to smoothly navigate windows and Linux operating system.

48. Github

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
It is a tech blog for GitHub Inc. a subsidiary of Microsoft (it was acquired in 2018). It has a vast repository of open source code and stands at the forefront in open source development in the present day.

Github brings together the largest community of developers to enable them to discover, share, and build better software.

It also serves as host for software development version control using Git. Git is used to tracking changes in source code during software development.

49. Man of Many

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
Man of Many is not a primary technology tech blog. It is one of Australia’s largest independent men’s lifestyle tech blogs but their technology column or section is noteworthy.

It has great reviews on tech gadgets and gear about everyday life concerning their primary audience - Men.

50. Tech Republic

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
This tech blog is a trade and online social community for IT professionals. It is popular in its space for providing IT professionals with a distinct blend of original content, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT leaders on the internet.

This tech blog originated in 1997 and has a vast resource library and an educative YouTube channel.

51. Tech Radar

Tech Blogs to You Can Read
This tech blog is a British online publication and it was founded in 2006. It has editorial offices that span across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

It is al tech blog for the latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, home entertainment systems, gadgets, and more.

The distinct feature of this tech blog is the fact that it has a column where it reviews wearables. It is owned by future plc, the sixth-largest publishing company in the United Kingdom.

For the popular gadget related and technology news tech blog, you can look for TechRadar, which is known for providing helpful guides on laptops, mobiles, and tablets, among others.

It focuses on the technology with the editorial teams, which are distributed in the US, Australia, UK, and India. The best thing about this tech blog is that they publish android related guides and news.

On the tech blog, you will get the latest covering gadgets, technology reviews and news, mobile phones, home entertainment systems, and deals. Also, it provides different rates concerning the types of mobiles, smartphones, and tablets.

52. GigaOm

This is the blog media company that offers news, opinions, and analysis of startup companies and emerging technologies. Its function is to publish technology related topics like security, cloud, risk, analytics, data, research, and Al.

It was founded by Om Malik in 2006 which allows you to be updated on the emerging trends which impact the industry.

GigaOm is the leading global voice concerning the emerging technologies which help to transform the enterprises with insight and guidance in data-driven worldwide. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco in California.

53. Technorati

Technorati is the best tech blog, which is the publisher's advertising platform and search engine, which serves as the advertising solution to many bloggers and tech blog viewers. It is the leading search engine and tech blog directory which offers blog claiming processes, top lists, and authority scores.

The tech blog owners and bloggers are assisted in getting many views on the tech blog and quality technology news and guides. Other than this, it covers the guides which are related to apple, android, and gadgets, among others.

54. Lifehacker

This is the best tech blog that gives you the information about life hacks and software and provides ultimate authority details on optimizing any aspect of tech life.

It was launched by Gawker Media in 2005 but is presently G/O Media own it. There is a rage variety of general life tips and topics and tricks which are covered in the posts of Lifehacker.

It has the motto of tricks, tips, and downloads of getting things well done. You will get four international editions that have specific content from the local readers.

55. BusinessInsider

BusinessInsider is known as the fast-growing technology blog with deep financial tech, industry, and media verticals. In 2007, this tech blog was launched like the business news and American commercial tech blog by insider Inc.

It is known as the most significant technology tech blog which has international edition operations in UK, India, Germany, France, China, Poland, Netherlands, South African, Europe, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. On the tech blog, you will get different articles that are related to the latest technology.

56. MacRumors

This tech blog was fast launched in 2000 like aggregates Mac and Apple-related news, reports, and rumors. The founder of the tech blog is Arnold Kim, where you can get Mac, Apple, iPad, and iPhone coverage news, stories, and reviews accessories.

As the online platform, it is focused on Apple rumors and news, life blog offers, MacRumors, buyers’ forum, and guides for the active users. This makes the tech blog to be interesting to view because of the amusing articles on the latest and trending technology you can imagine.

57. GadgetsNow

GadgetsNow is known for being the best technology related tech blog where you can read reviews, get the latest news and launches. You will get rumors and news about gadgets, telecom, apps, BPO, industrial trends, and IT careers.

Being known as the global technology destination read the tech blog, it covers anything and everything in the technology industry.

The tech blog is rich in latest technology news, gadget ratings and reviews, latest and popular gadgets features and specifications, photos and videos, and charging prices. Also, you will get the trending comparisons of mobile phones, slideshows and videos, and articles.

These are some of the best tech websites you can start following to get the latest posts related to technology. We have tried their best to create this article but if you know any other tech blog that they should add in this article then you can tell us and please share your experience with us to make this article better and more helpful.




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