7 Biggest Impacts Of Technology On People And Values

Biggest Impacts Of Technology On People And Values
Hi, in this article we have discusses "The Impact Of Technology On People And Values". How many times you got an essay on “Impact of Technology on people’s health and values” and you write it with the help of technology though ironically.

Technology is a roof where all things lie and will take shelter in the future. In our daily life, we use tech gadgets without even noticing it. In passing years are lives change, needs are change so tech gadgets are also changing continuously. It is only through if Technology also changes and new technologies have come.

Day by day human beings have become slaves to these technologies without knowing or we can say that "knowing but still doing. In various fields, technology shows its huge development or worst effect.

The Impact Of Technology On People’s Health And Values
Technology is good but when they become termite to you and your loved ones you never know. History tells us any act which should be done without any control they will become a bombard effect on humanity.

Nowadays we didn’t consider ourselves without technology bitter truth is that technology considers itself without us how?

So as we know like a coin all things have good as well as bad effect Technology too. It depends on you what effect you have to increase.

What Is Technology? 

The word Technology comes from Greek and made up of two words techne means skills and logos means to speak of. Technology is defined as the use of materials, tools, skills, power to make life easier for mankind. Time boundation is broken through Technology once’s can learn anytime if they have the power to learn anything. Technology also develops time management by providing online sections at a particular time.

1. Impacts Of Technology On Education

Impacts Of Technology On Education
Education is a lamp of dark places and technology is a wire in which lamp is Connected. Wire should be modified to get better light day by day. Same Way with technology.

Technology should be changed with time to make education more relevant. As we go through our history we find great personalities always focus on Education.

They always try to convince people to educate themselves. As we all Know India is famous for its medical education.

But time passes and all change. After the industrial revolution “technology” introduced itself and now new technology- Gies overcome old ones it enhances the relationship between the user and the digital world.

How Technology Help In Education? 

How Technology Help In Education?
World changes, education should and changing education technology play an important role in improving students academic performance. If we focus on a few years back we find the main source of education is “blackboards” and “textbooks” but now these traditional classroom education systems replace with smart classrooms system.

While those classrooms were students are learning from the technology they have more interacted towards understanding. Technology not only makes classes digital but also enhances the relationship between teachers and students.

Students should interact with their classmates and collaboration is develop in them while performing any task. Using technology in the classroom develops digital skills in the child. Through VR (virtual reality) students enhance their learning experiences and create new opportunities.

What Is Smart Classrooms?

What Is Smart Classrooms?
Is It More Helpful For Your Child Than Traditional Classrooms?

Smart classes are those were teachers teach students through multimedia. They may be a ppt, video, game or sound. Yes, about 80% of people say that they are more beneficial for students because students can learn while playing games though.

Talking about blackboard many institutes are running though most of them replace blackboard with digital whiteboards where students educate through multimedia.

Slideshow presentations are coming forward in embracing technologies by providing great attraction, concentration towards students. We all know the human mind learns images very fast rather than descriptions.

In the slideshow, you can also add colorful images, gifs, short videos, clips, graphs, animation, soundtracks to make it more attractive. Textbooks! Woo, we call them a friend, right. But now technologies modify them and make “Chromebooks” and “e-books” where you can find it easily in play store.

While some books are free to read and for some you have to pay. Just through technologies, you can order all your books it may be related to your subjects, interest or any competitive level exam.

All have come on your door just one click. So, this is how technology makes education easier and time-consuming.

Nowadays were education is not bounded in any one city, area or a particular community. “social media” play an important role in it. Several podcasts are available on different topics where each and everyone can learn from it. More and more videos are uploaded every minute.

Which helps them to increase their power of reasoning and understanding things easily. Tech gadgets play an important role during childhood. Children are easily captured things that are around them.

While playing them they can improve their thinking power which makes them future-ready. Pc technology help today’s students gain the skill for tomorrow effective task is provided by mentors to students which makes them extraordinary in every field.

Direct interactions with teachers for solving problems make them headache-free to go every time and ask them. One can easily attend online classes from abroad through technology use.

Online classes and courses increasing day by day. The best use of online classes is now days were the world is in the pandemic of the virus but technology doing his duty. Just through technology we can learn and educate ourselves anytime anywhere.

Online counseling is now trending. Through online, you can add up your child in counseling and find suggestions on your problems. Teenagers add themselves in interactive sections to get the right path towards their career.

Future Of Technology In Education

Future Of Technology In Education
Many institutes of technology (BHU) Varanasi, institute of information technology Allahabad, Indian institute of technology Kanpur vice versa facilitates a good education in technology. People pursue technology as a subject and a great future of India will be seen in the mirror of technology.

A study conduct in Beijing where VR students via traditional students post-test. Which shows those students who are from or their average score is 93% while those who are from traditional learning have a score of 73%.

After two weeks again the test is conducted VR average score is 90% while another group is 60% and when they are teaching with a digital learning system they are also done well in tests and score marks more than before.

All data show that technology not only opens opportunities but also a platform where students can develop a decision making skill while giving them gadgets and borrowing from schools/colleges they learn ownership too. Technology makes them take action towards any problems through their skill in the 21st century.

These skills help them in the future. Education is interconnected with technology and without technology education is incomplete and without education technology never happens.

2. Impacts Of Technology On Morning Routine

Impacts Of Technology On Morning Routine
As you all remembered the time when your mom scold you from your bed in the morning?

No, Waking and sleeping are a part of our life and it is not wrong if I say they are also now taking shelter under the roof of technology.

Our morning tea and coffee is now on one go through technology. *Nespresso prodigious smart coffee brewer * which you can control with an app via Bluetooth.

You select the type of coffee and specific time, they notify you for adding water and milk and here it goes for drinking by notifying you on your smartphone.

3. Impacts Of Technology On Communications

Impacts Of Technology On Communications
Technology changes are way towards the world. They always produce better and better equipment for making people work easier. There is a time when we write letters to our loved ones through postcards only and they took 10-15 days to reach their destination but technology comes mobile phones enter in this world.

From which we can send SMS and MMS. More advancement takes place they can also start sharing images through Bluetooth and technologies change, needs change, mobile phones replace by smartphones.

In which we can do anything sharing images, SMS through WhatsApp, connect with our loved ones through social media by Instagram, Facebook, twitter vice versa.

Now long-distance doesn’t matter we can chat anyone face to face through skype, IMO, google duo. Not only we use our mobiles like this we can also control all the things in our house through our mobile from morning alarm till drawn of night curtains.

4. Impacts Of Technology On Health And Living

Impacts Of Technology On Health And Living
Nowadays were diseases increasing rapidly. People try to maintain their health and body by doing exercises. Many tech gadgets introduced in the market which help us in keeping body fit.

One of them is smartwatches, they can calculate your heart rate, footsteps, blood pressure to make you fit beside you can call, video chat or message.

They can also maintain your chart and tells you how much workout should be done to be fit. But what about before these technologies has arrived. We get up early morning make tea for ourselves and didn’t find time for ourselves.

But now through technology, we find time for ourself especially we can manage once through technology. While doing exercise we can control our bedroom, living room, guest room through ac, lights, fans, tv and many more.

These gadgets are connected to your mobile phone through the app. You can easily open your ac so at the time you reach home you’ll find a cool atmosphere. Smart light now becomes popular these days.

According to your need, you can manage all these smart lights if you want a romantic atmosphere you’re just one step to go to create it from your mobile phone and enjoy the melody of light.

5. Impacts Of Technology On Mode Of Entertainment

Impacts Of Technology On Mode Of Entertainment
Nowadays where children and elders both are fond of entertainment. Technology provides you this. In amazon echo, you can tell it to play certain movies through amazon fire or even non-amazon services, besides telling you about the weather and playing music.

And from amazon fire tv stick you can store all your favorite programs, movies even games and watch it later they are travel friendly too and all these things are not possible without technology which makes our life easier to live.

These tech gadgets replace radio, tv and video games all in one.

6. Impacts Of Technology On Working

Impacts Of Technology On Working
The workplace plays an important role in our life which is now taking shelter under the roof of technology. Earlier we had to work from 9am-5pm job and all paperwork had been done by employees.

They face difficulties while managing the bunch of files and somehow many get frustrated but now due to technology all things are done from a computer in a minute you can find a file.

Pc became more advanced day by day which provide accurate work for humans. At earlier where a time limit is bounded but now work from home play a sufficient role in the field of workers. Paperwork change into smart work/digital work.

Through this, we can save the environment by using less paper so no more trees are cutting down. By making ppt we can easily convince our clients for working with us. You can carry video calls, meeting at one click while you are sitting in any corner of the world.

7. Impacts Of Technology On Over All Look Of Home

Impacts Of Technology On Over All Look Of Home
We talking about work and in India work symbolizes a mother who works all day. Before technology women work all day long on Chula chakka but now new facilities have come for their need. Chimney is now introduced for making the kitchen a heat-free.

Sliders are attached to keep utensils their and find out in a second without wasting time. Cleaning of the house becomes a task at that time but now you can just clean your home by a vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaner which cleans your home if you are not at home.

Many cleansing equipment like “smart washing machines” from where you can easily clean your clothes. What all these things is a change, a change comes from technology. In ancient times people go to face out on grounds or bushy areas but time changes and toilets are introduce were people use toilet seats.

More technology develops commode seats are introduced which are very useful for heart patients because lower pressure is applied on the heart on commode via toilet seat. It also helps our legs due to less pressure. Technology does lots of things if we come to count we can’t.

Positive Impact Of Technology

Positive Impact Of Technology
Past five or six years technology put their power in high esteem. From children to adult all are madly attracted to technology. Like smartphones, tablets, tech toys, robots, and many tech gadgets. Become a hotspot for people nowadays.

Technology does not bind on tech gadgets only but they are used in the treatment of many diseases which was impossible in accident time. Cancer well known deadly diseases of ancient time which is now treated with image-guided radiation therapy and all this happen through technology. The present pandemic situation is also treated by technology.

What about China? They built a hospital in just six days through tech gadgets? Yes, robots are their which aware people and help them in this situation.

Instead of getting the worst conditions, people are believing in technology that one day we will find a cure for the fatal diseases. Is it not wrong if we say the whole is now based on technology. Technology now becomes an essential element of our life like oxygen and water. But what when this technology converts itself into a monster?

Negative Impact Of Technology

Negative Impact Of Technology
When technology becomes a monster they will eat you like an ant. While talking about smartphones which are now common aspects. Smartphones damaging our ecosystem as well as our health just to display our social status we displaying smartphones in public and at homes.

The lowering down our contacts we now are more comfortable to attract people through social networking sites rather than physical presence. People vanishing their values their morals.

In India, we have a culture of going and inviting people to our house but nowadays. People WhatsApp us their invitation no less festivals become retrials nowadays which we have to perform by huck or cruck. All are just forwarding their festival pics rather than whishing them.

MMS a great attraction of suicide in teenagers. In India people are women are on (6th highest rate of world) in suicide. And here all morals are thrown out of the window. Not only they ate are values slowly but they are termite for our health.

Smartphones emit electromagnetic radiations called radiofrequency radiation (RFR) when enough RFR frequency is converted into heat. Most of tech gadgets cause harmful effects on human beings yet we fall. VR, 3d films all that cause a great effect on our eyes.

Today's world we notice a small child is infected with some eye disease or they have less power of seen capacity.

Disease like malaria, pneumonia, HIV, tuberculosis, etc still research is going on them. As we all know in malaria certain cuts are used to cure these diseases which have their own side effects burning carbon monoxide which causes lung diseases and nervous disorders.

Many examples are there which spread side effect while treatment. Marketing is all about gaming but what about health? We should take steps in place of health and values. The use of tech gadgets is not bad but excessive use becomes worst.

Is The Technology Bringing Us Closer Or Further Apart? 

Is The Technology Bringing Us Closer Or Further Apart?
For the most part, the answer to this question is simple and clear. Technology brings you closer to family, friends, and acquaintances because it makes us easily in touch with those we haven't communicated with for a long time.

For those who live thousands of miles away from each other, technology has made it easy for people to communicate easily. The list goes on and on. However, for every good, there is bad. For every Ying, there is Yang.

With hyper saturation of communication apps and websites, it is clear that social media and technology platforms are showing no signs of abating in 2017. However, many people worry that when people get more connected to the screen on their phones, they become less interested in the world six Inches after their faces.

If you have reached this blog to find a clear and decisive answer about whether the technology has brought us or kept us apart, you will be disappointed by the time you finish this blog.

Twitter and other instant messaging platforms have enabled people to instantly communicate with each other anywhere in the world at any given time. Social media has opened doors and opportunities you had never imagined before. We've come a long way since the teenager's worst nightmare was getting a Facebook friend request from a parent.

In many ways, the promise of technology brought us closer to each other. Railways took us from the Baron countryside to the city center. Radio, TV and tablets allow us to experience the same stories and access the same information as someone in an opposite corner of the world.

Telegraph wires, audio lines, and hence wireless mobile technology allowed us to communicate with each other faster and faster (and with fewer and fewer cracks).

No one wants to be the person unconsciously taking out his phone while walking on the street, only to cause the domino effect of the angry passengers behind them. But this is our reality. Don't be naive to think that the next wave of human-machine interaction will not crawl us either.

The question is, will it bring us closer to each other or push us further? This calls for and answers how to navigate this change (increase the human being) and implement technological change for the sake of community good (in the workplace).

Whereas I think that to keep the relationships physically and virtually closer we must practice doing both and balance it equally. Because without the internet we cannot survive, so, the only and only thing you have to keep in mind that the human has created the internet and it shows that the internet has created human.

You have to do everything in balance and do not let the technology and the internet pet you. To keep the relations in real life closer is more important and now that we all are quarantine we know that the family matters a lot.

Now we know that every country is locked down and there is no way for a long time we go out the only thing we can do is spend time on the internet, watch series, movies, learn something new.

So somewhere I feel this should be too much that the whole day you spend on the internet and distance you from the loved ones at home! So keep in mind it is both the sides the decision is yours!

As you have read this article please share your thoughts with and tell us what do you think about this article and is you want to correct something or want to add somethings to the article please share with us in the comments.


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