Top 45+ Websites for Booking the Cheapest Flights 2020

Websites for Booking the Cheapest Flights
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best websites and apps you can use to book a flight online. Traveling is a passion for most people in this generation.

It is not like before as there is a lot of social media platforms are available through which people are informing the world that the specialty of their culture and country.

Surely those who watch these on social media might interested in visiting such places and experience the atmosphere over there.

This is happening all over the world and that is why you can see different people around the world in your town.

You can also see the people around you visiting different places which we haven’t heard even before. If you want to visit a place which is not much familiar to you require a lot of planning.

There may not be somebody who has to guide you for this. For travel planning, there is a lot of websites and mobile application available in the webspace.

All of these provide flight booking, planning the holidays, train ticket, bus ticket, car rental, property rental, etc. You can choose the correct options which are suitable for your budget and taste. The following are some of the flight booking sites and applications for the same.

1. GoindiGo

Indigo is a wonderful low-cost airline that operates from India. Mobile app for booking tickets also available for this airline. The basic options like flight booking, manage booking, holiday packages, etc are easy to handle in the app.

You can read the article on best-traveling websites and blogs on the internet or an article on the best website that can help you in planning your next adventure or trip.

Discounts for senior citizens, students, and armed force personnel and minor age group passengers are peculiarities of this service. Group booking options available with a minimum of four passengers is one appealed by group travelers.

Special rate for families with four to seven members is a gifted offer combined family trip. Flights operate almost all destinations within India and the Middle East. Other than this go indigo operates only to selected destinations.

Those destinations are Europe, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Colombo, Maldives, Malaysia, and Thailand. Indigo provides various discount options which include 6E rewards with the co-operation of other business partners.

2. Go Air

Go Air is one of the best budget airlines available in India. It operates among all domestic destinations in India.

The International destinations limited only to the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The website lets you for flight booking, Web check-in, flight status, etc.

Goair provides discounts for special categories of passengers like students, armed force personnel, senior citizen, and minors.

If you are planning a holiday trip “Goholiday” option on the website may be the most liked one. All packages are inside India only.

3. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the official carrier of Qatar. Booking flight tickets, managing the booking of hotels, holiday packages, etc. are available Website and mobile app.

Booking to Major destinations is divided into five parts as The Americas, Asia and Pacific, Europe, and Middle East Africa for your convenience. Special Holiday packages inside Qatar and outside Qatar options are easily accessible on the website.

Qatar Airways offer a different flexible option like changing the travel date, hold the ticket for time being, etc. during this current scenario, Also they announced 100,000 complimentary tickets for the health workers around the globe as a token of motivation.

4. United Airlines

This app offers a more dynamic experience, giving you access to personalized information throughout your journey – all while keeping many of the same features you know and love intact.

Because of its redesigned home screen, the app gives you quick access to important details by opening the most useful and relevant information.

At the bottom of the screen, a navigation bar will help you find the app’s most popular features.

Other features also include a “My Trips” section where you can find upcoming active trips, a “My Profile” section with your account information, and a brand-new inbox that stores travel notifications.

With this app, you can check the amenities on your flights and your position on the upgrade and standby lists.

While you’re at the airport, explore interactive airport maps to find a United Club location near you.

Also, view and change your seat assignments, or enhance your trips by adding Economy Plus seating, Premier Access, United Club passes, and more. You can also change, cancel, or rebook your flights right on the app.

5. 777Airlines

777 airlines worldwide send us flight deals even till the last minute. It helps you find, compare, and book cheap flights faster than ever before – all from one app.

They have won numerous awards as best flight comparison app and are recommended by many other bigwigs, those are with CNN, the New York Times, Mashable, TIME and the Daily Telegraph.

With only one tap, you can see which ticket is the cheapest, quickest, or best deal.

All you have to do is choose and you are ready to travel the world! All these in addition to other features such as filtering tickets quickly and easily by stops, departure or arrival time, airlines, airport, ticket type, and travel flight booking site and also searching for the cheapest dates to travel with the help of the price calendar.

6. Emirates

Emirates is the national air passenger carrier of the United Arab Emirates. The flight booking site manages flight booking, hotel booking, as all do. Car rental, tour activities, etc are some unique activities on this website for you.

Online check-in can be done on this flight booking site. The destinations divided into five sections such as Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, America’s ad the Middle East.

This covers around 150 destinations around the world. Also, emirates have a tie-up with other airlines like Qantas, Flydubai, etc. so that the passengers can get more coverage other than 150 destinations. Emirates hospitality and service are well known to the world.

The mobile app service is also available. The flight booking site provides information about fleet sizes, employees, and milestone achievements, etc.

7. Oman Air

Oman Air is the official airline of the Sultanate of Oman. You can book flight tickets around six parts as GCC, the Middle East/Africa, Indian Sub-continent, Far East, Europe, and Australia including domestic service.

Like all the other flight booking sites flight booking, managing the booking, hotel booking, holiday packages are available on the flight booking site.

The mobile application is also available for Oman air. The option of Sindbad provides frequent fliers with special discounts and offers.

You can use the “Stop Over” option for exploring the country Oman by paying an additional amount for one or two days.

8. Air India Express

Air India Express is a low-cost airline in India. Mobile applications are also available for Air India Express. Travelers around Indian destinations with Middle East countries can choose this website for flight booking only.

The two additional destinations available are Malaysia and Singapore only. Other options like a hotel, holiday package, etc. are not available on the flight booking sites. They are providing very limited domestic services.

9. Air Arabia

Air Arabia is a low-cost airline by UAE and based in Sharjah. International flights operating from 43 destinations and divided into three sections as the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

 Flight booking, modify the booking all options are available once enter the flight booking site. Holiday packages, Hotel booking cab booking options are other utilities in this website.

Georgia and Armenia packages found cheaper than other holiday packages and mostly used by travelers in the Middle East. Pilgrimage package like Umrah & Taif also available with Air Arabia is another specialty of airarabia. Air Arabia's mobile application also available.

10. Air Vistara

Airvistara’s mainly operating destinations are in the Asia Pacific region. This airline is a joint venture of TATA and Singapore airlines.

The website permits you to book flights and manage to book like other travel flight booking sites. A lot of amazing holiday packages are available on the flight booking site.

Almost all the Indian domestic destinations are covered by Air Vistara. The mobile application is available as Vistara. Silk Air and United are the other airline partners.

11. Expedia

Expedia is available in forty countries in their languages. This website provides your flight booking, hotel booking, holiday packages, etc. with exclusive facilities.

Rate comparison is one of the most attractive options you can avail of providing the necessary details in

“Last minute deals” option is another comfortable facility for latecomers who travels within fourteen days is for that kind of passenger.

The mobile application is also available for this flight booking site. The flight booking site provides various options for the traveler/passenger to select according to your budget.

12. Cleartrip

Like any other app, this also helps us find cheap flights. It also helps to restrict our search results to a particular airport or city or a specified date on the calendar.

The new feature in this is now you can make one-touch flight bookings in less than 60 seconds if your card from which you are making payments is already saved in it.

Other than the conventional credit card or debit card you can also use net banking or also mobile wallet to pay for the ticket.

This flight booking site is available with a mobile application which is one of the popular mobile apps now. The abundance of options flight booking site with a comparison of flight rate, hotels, activities, train tickets, etc. are major eye-catcher of the users. In the country's options, it is showing two regions that are the Middle East and India only.

UAE visa application option is a rare one out of other apps in cleartrip. All the required information on the UAE visa process is shown there. You can compare the flight rate as per availability and selection can be done as per your choice.

13. MakeMyTrip

Plan and enjoy a perfect trip with India’s #1 online travel company - MakeMyTrip. Easily search and compare flights and make quick bookings with saved travel preferences and recent searches.

Book hotels with up to 45% discount and pay at the hotel at the time of check-in.

Get access to all your flight and hotel details in one place and also cancel it any time you feel without much difficulty with just a click.

This app is designed for safe and secure payments as it uses PCI DSS compliance. PCI DSS is the payment card industry security requirement for entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data, and has been endorsed by all the major card brands Visa Inc., MasterCard Worldwide, Discover Network, American Express, and JCB.

This is one of the prevalent flight booking sites available for booking flights, hotels, holiday packages, etc. for travelers around India, UAE, and the USA. A comparison of the different flight rates is available on a single click. The flight booking site is providing various promotions with different partners.

The mobile application also available for this flight booking site and all the options available in that also like managing the booking, cancellation of booking, etc.

14. Booking

The flight booking site provides the details of flights, hotels, car rental, etc. The comparison of different flight rates is available on the flight booking site. After providing the source and destination the details of all the available flights will be listed with rate.

It is easy to choose the flight depending on one’s budget on booking. This booking provides the details with currencies of your choice.

The mobile application is also available for booking. The flight booking site provides lots of options so that the passenger can choose the correct flight with his suitable choice.

15. Air India

Air India is the official air carrier of India. It operates domestic and international flights for a variety of economic classes.

You can choose both the mobile application and website for the service of air India. Flight booking, manage the booking, hotel booking are the major services on the flight booking site with other transportation, and stay.

Air India is one of the service providers which offers Special discount for seriously ill persons and a senior citizen on submitting the required application form which is available in the flight booking site.

In the country option the only USA, Canada & Australia are available on the website. You can get all privileges for flying returns in the options on the airindia website.

16. Agoda

This is also a travel flight booking site using for flight booking and other related services. Property rentals are somewhat exclusive in Agoda.

The price comparison of different flights is available after providing the details. The rate can be viewed in different currencies around the world. You can view different options available and select the required one depend upon the budget.

17. Priceline

Priceline is an app with hotel deals, discounts on rental cars, and cheap flights. With this app, you also get exclusive deals on hotels thus making your travel much more cheap (in addition to best deals on flights).

It also shows you the nearest hotels and also rental cars nearest to the airport at your destination.

You can also easily make changes in your plan at any time with the apps My Trips feature. You can also access your travel details from your phone even though you booked with your computer after you sign in from your phone as well.

18. OMIO

OMIO app makes booking of flight hassle-free in the most convenient way and with the specifications you desire. This app allows us to pay in our own currency irrespective of where we are it Dollars or Euros or even Rupees.

You need not worry about your travel from the airport where you land to the place where you want to actually go.

You book cursor buses or any other transport to travel from point A to B. it has partnered with many airlines that are globally acclaimed to provide the best deals that no one can.

19. . Yatra

This is India’s largest travel app which allows us to plan our travel without any hindrance. One can book for one way trip or round trip in a single window without changing the window in which you are presently working with the prices of different airlines also available in the same window.

You can easily modify the search results by changing the date on the calendar in the yatra mobile app.

Book hotels for your trip and also get an extra discount on your flight tickets making your whole trip cheaper. Also with this app book interesting holiday packages at cheap prices and leave the rest of the travel plan to them.

As the name depicts this is an Indian travel agency flight booking site. In this flight booking site online cruise ship booking is also available additional to flight booking, hotel booking, holiday packages, etc. Flight price comparison available so that suitable airlines can be selected.

Flight details of domestic and international flights are available on search. Discount options are also available from different business partners. The adventure tour package is another facility found on the flight booking site. Mobile application with the same name is available.

20. Ixigo

It is India’s leading travel app with AI-based, intelligent features that help you organize, book, and track your trips.

It offers the best prices, exclusive discounts, and a seamless booking experience. Ixigo also predicts flight fares for upcoming trips, sends you fare alerts and helps you save up to 40% on flight tickets.

The ‘Explore Flights’ feature in it helps you find your ideal holiday spot, in your budget! Also Enjoy other unique features such as a smart holiday calendar, flight status & tracking, bus booking, and much more.

You can also personalize your hotel search, compare hotel tariffs, and find the cheapest room rates with the best deals & discounts.

A travel search flight booking site and application showing different flight details from which customers can choose the required flight. Flight details from all international and domestic destinations available with details.

Special offers from different business partners also available for travelers' benefit. Other options are available are buses, trains, and hotels. They also claim the 24X7 support and safe payment gateway.

21. Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor does not only help you find cheap hotels but also helps you find cheap flights. This app lets you find cheap flights using its features.

You can search for a flight from any airline worldwide and select if you are aiming to have a one-way or a round-trip ticket. Both the departure and arrival dates are user-defined.

In this, you can sort out the cheapest flight out of the search results. You can set the price range that best suits your budget. Flights that match the price range you set will be highlighted in green to help you spot that flight.

This is a popular flight booking site for travel planning and flight booking. Applications are also available with the same name. Different travel options are available on the flight booking site other the flight booking.

Hotel booking, holiday packages, car rentals, shopping, and cruises are some of the other options available on the flight booking site. Flight rate comparison can be done after giving the travel details.

Almost all international and domestic airports are available for search. Travelers can book the flight as per the availability without any difficulty through this flight booking site.

22. Kayak

Kayak is another great app that searches for cheap flight prices. You can also book hotels and rent cars through the app, then check all your trip information in the “Trips” tab, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Kayak also has a live flight tracking feature. As your vacation approaches, easily see if your flight is on-time and receive updates about gate changes to put your mind at ease.

A travel agent flight booking site and application with a variety of options for flight booking and travel planning. Different other options available are holiday packages, flight+ hotel, car rental, etc.

There is one more option “Guide” in which travelers can get the details of the popular travel destinations of the selected countries. A total of 55 countries are available for selection.

The details can be changed to the local language and English as per the choice. Like other travel agency flight booking sites Kayak also provides the flight comparison with details for a better selection.

23. Goibibo

Goibibo is one of the well-known flight booking sites for travel booking with all other travel options. The common flight booking, manage the booking, hotels, tour package, etc. are available for you on goibibo as well. Domestic and International flight details are on your fingertip on the website.

Goibibo ensures hassle-free trip booking experience, so that you save money every time while making hotel reservations, flight tickets, bus tickets, outstation/intercity cab & taxi, IRCTC train ticket bookings, etc.

Search, book, and compare domestic & international flights and compare plane ticket fare trends and stay updated on changes through fare alerts. Also, book exclusive luxury hotels in the app with no hidden charges at all.

What you see is what you pay. It allows you to reserve your room with 0 costs and you can pay the whole amount at the time of check-in. It also gives you cancellation benefits.

All offers for flights and hotels are categorized under “View All Products” for your easy access. Goibibo also arranges a tourist visa for certain countries viz. UAE, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

They are also making arrangements to provide Singapore Visa also which they indicated in the flight booking site. These options along with car rental, train ticket booking, etc. easily allow the traveler to plan the journey with ease.

24. Skyscanner

Skyscanner’s flight search tool is reliable and easy to use. It searches the best deals as specified by you suiting your preferences on the web and sends you the links of all the results matching your search.

You can also filter your flight search by searching for the stopovers, the duration of the flight journey, time of the journey according to your leisure, and also any preference of airlines in which you want to travel.

In this app, we can also book rental cars and hotels, and every other thing which would be useful for us if we are planning for our vacation and thus this app is a one-stop solution if the purpose of our travel is for a vacation.

This app also makes it easy for us to compare prices for the journey to different cities and also variation in prices of the flights on other days as well due to which we can book our flights on a day which is cheaper for our pockets.

The most popular travel flight booking site used in the world. The key user-friendly option here is the regional setting where 32 languages can be selected and the country and currency of your choice. That will allow you to view the local deals available in the country.

Flight booking, car rentals, and hotel booking are the main options available. Flight rate comparison allows you to select the better option considering your budget. A lot of tour packages and their details are available with price and other details. Mobile applications are also available for this flight booking site.

25. Paytm Flights

Paytm is a well-known money transfer flight booking site but it now provides the flight booking option too. International ticket booking is separately categorized on the website.

Payment can be done through Paytm itself is an advantage compared to other travel flight booking sites. All options like cancellation, modification of the travel date available with hotel booking, train ticket booking & bus booking.

Mobile applications also available as known to all. For Indigo customers who booked the flight during lockdown period some additional service provided for changing the travel date against the canceled ticket.

26. Spicejet

Spicejet is a widely used low-cost airline all over India. All most all the Indian domestic destinations are covered by Spicejet whereas International flights are available only to Bangkok, Colombo, Dhaka, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Kabul, Muscat, and Riyadh.

Special discount option available for the families for single booking (more than 4 members), Senior Citizen, Armed force personnel, Student and unaccompanied minors. Web check-in, manage the booking, holiday packages, and hotel booking options are available through Spicejet.

Online visa services for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Hong Kong, Maldives, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are available with conditions and terms. Surely there is a mobile application available for Spicejet.

27. Flipkart Flights

Your favorite shopping app and website Flipkart is also into flight booking if you don’t know. They come up with flight booking options for their customers. Passenger can search the flight details for any destination around the globe.

A comparison of rates will be provided once the travel details were given. Different discount options are available with various business partners. The travel services of Flipkart can access through mobile applications also.

28. Musafir

Musafir is a travel agency flight booking site operating from the Middle East and India. In county option available only UAE, India, Qatar, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

But Musafir arranges an online visa to countries. All details about online visas are available under the category “Worldwide visa Assistance”.

The mobile app is also there for you to finding the flight, booking the ticket, etc. Also, versatile tour packages are available in Musafir.

29. Via

A travel agency flight booking site operating from Bangalore, India. Flight booking, tour packages, hotel bookings, etc. are available as usual. India, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore are shown in the country option.

Tour packages and hotel details of these countries are presented on selection. Mobile applications also open. Forex service is an additional option in VOA than other flight booking websites.

You can exchange money through the flight booking site and cash can be collected from their branch later. This is an additional facility is useful to a great extent for international travelers.

30. Travelocity

Travelocity offers free cancellation on most of your bookings and thus do your bookings with this app with confidence. It also has a 24hour helpline to answer all your queries.

Didn’t book your hotel until the last minute? No problem you can book your hotel here till the very last minute and don’t worry about payment in advance you can pay once you check-in the hotel.

It offers you attractive deals on your flight bookings both one way and round trip. Plan your vacation packages with deals on activities, cars, and more.

Travelocity is a subsidiary travel flight booking site of Expedia. Various smart holiday packages and airline details are presented. Selection can be made after comparing the flight details. On query, it is presenting all the range of available flights. 

Other than that flight and hotel cruise ship details are also obtainable. A very good website for you who can make the choice after checking the various options. Mobile applications are also available for handy usage.

31. Momondo

Momondo is a nicely designed, easy-to-use app with an effective search engine for both flights and hotels.

The best feature of this app is that the search results are automatically sorted out into the list of the cheapest, the quickest and the best flights, which are displayed in individual tabs at the top.

The “best” category tends to combine good prices with convenient timings.

If you’re looking for someplace to go just to escape from the daily stress and chill out but don’t know where to go, the app also has a map, displaying flight prices from your location to various destinations.

A colorful travel flight booking site for flight booking, hotel booking, and holiday packages, etc. A graphical representation of flight rate comparison supports you to make the flawless decision.

 Almost all the destinations included for flight booking.

The flight booking site can be changed to 52 different countries and prices can be viewed in any required currencies in the world. The mobile application also readily available for use.

32. Happyeasygo

An Indian travel agency flight booking site for booking for flights and hotels. Accessible flight details will be listed after giving the details. “Early bird offer” provides a discount for who books the ticket for those who books make an advance booking.

The terms and conditions are detailed in the flight booking site. International and domestic flight details are existing on search. Mobile applications and different partner discounts are also available.

33. Opodo

This famous flight booking site allows the traveler to book the ticket, buy holiday packages, hotels, car rentals, etc. Mobil application is also available for the flight booking site. A rate comparison is available with full details.

Selection can be done based on this. With simple methods flight booking site allows you to complete the necessary requirement without any hassle.

34. EaseMyTrip

EaseMyTrip is an Indian travel agency flight booking site for flight booking, car rentals, holiday packages, etc. The flight booking site also provide you the facility of arranging the visa of any country around the world.

Visa status also can be checked by providing the application reference number. Flight rate comparison also available with all details.

35. Google Flights

Google also launched flight booking flight booking sites which allows you to compare different flight rates. All
International destinations included within this.

Also, you can view the price in your required currency. After providing the details of the destination the flight booking site will show the hotels available at your destination.

The “Explore” option helps you to select the activities available at your destination. Graphical representation of the price details available.

36. Easyjet

EasyJet is an app that aims at solving the problem of expensive airplane tickets. Searching and booking for cheap flights have been made easier with this app and aside from letting you do so, the app can also help you manage your flights.

You can add your passport details to the flights you have booked and add or change a flight using the same app.

Sharing your flight details and trip information with your family and friends is also possible with easyJet via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media.

Although the app is limited to searching for cheap flights only throughout Europe, coming updates will probably extend its service to more locations.

37. CheapOair

Booking flights for your trips is made easy with CheapOair Flight Search, an app that specializes in finding cheap airplane tickets.

Finding affordable flights may sometimes be time-consuming, especially if you don’t know where and when to start. CheapOair Flight Search can help you save up to 65% on airfares from various airlines.

And of course, the filter feature is also available, allowing you to sort search results according to price, travel time, airline, stops, and airports. Saving your flight searches will also be of much help to you when booking another flight in the future.

 This app has also taken customized your trips a little higher with a tool that allows you to select your seat and meal preferences during your journey.

You can also have your itinerary mailed to you if you are still uncertain about booking the flight. You can confirm the booking at a later time either using your computer or just book it straight from this app.

38. Kiwi

This is a Czech start-up and gained a lot of popularity due to its unique features and powerful search engine. One of the unique features of this app is that when there is a changeover of flight on the same journey.

In such cases, this app also shows the cheapest flights for your remaining journey and you can choose from the pool of flights that the app provides for your remaining journey. This is useful for people who want to plan a budget-friendly journey.

Not only this, but this app also provides protection from flight cancellations or delays or scheduled changes. This is possible due to its unique feature of the kiwi guarantee.

39. Skiplagged

Skiplagged has a unique (and controversial) feature called “hidden-city.” The app finds cheaper which no other app can give you by turning your final destination into a layover which makes it cheaper than taking a direct flight.

For example, let’s say you wanted to fly from Los Angeles to New Orleans, and the cheapest direct flight was $250. Skiplagged might find a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta, and there’s a layover in New Orleans.

This flight only costs $190. You book the tickets from Los Angeles to Atlanta, but after you reach New Orleans, you can ignore the next leg of that flight that is to Atlanta. This is done by taking advantage of the loopholes with the airline system.

40. OnTheFly

OnTheFly is another great money-saver app. It has a travel date calendar, perfect for people who won't take note of their flight dates. Although this app doesn’t support the booking of flights, this can still be useful for searching affordable plane tickets from millions of airfare deals given daily.

OnTheFly is very simple to use and the settings in this can easily be changed as per our liking. You can either search for flights that follow a set schedule or search for a flexible flight, one that can leave anytime. You can also set the number of stops a flight may have, whether two or three stops are fine with you or you don’t want any stops at all.

A table in the app shows the airfare, the airline, departure and arrival times, and duration of the flights as per your search requirement. This apps gives you more choices when you are searching for the cheapest flight and also any other preferences you may opt for.

41. Orbitz

Hotels, Flights, Cars is a great app that can be used for something more than just the basic searching and booking. Orbitz – Hotels, Flights, Cars searches for flights and sorts them according to price.

In addition to this, the app also shows you your flight status, the gate of arrival, and also the baggage claim information. This feature is useful when you are traveling or you are picking somebody up from the airport.

You can also store your trip details even without the use of the Internet so you can access the info without scrambling from place to place just to have a connection. Your trip details may be stored locally so you have the ease of accessing it, even during your flight.

42. Hopper

When you’re choosing your flight dates, Hopper shows you a useful color-coded calendar indicating the cheapest dates to fly each month. Once you select a journey, the app’s trademark bunny offers you advice on whether or not now is a good time to buy.

Hopper predicts if the prices are likely to fluctuate in the next few weeks and how much you could save by waiting.  You can then request to be alerted when prices for a certain trip drop.

43. Jetradar

Jetradar provides a high-quality flight search tool. But its main strength is that it shows the cheapest flights available to various destinations from your location. Find out the most affordable places to fly from your place. The map in the app shows prices for each destination.

When you select a country from the map, it brings up a list of all possible airports in that country and shows the cheapest routes from our place. This feature doesn’t take dates into account. It is, however, a great research tool to identify the cheapest routes to different places.

For example, if planning a trip to Japan, you can infer whether it’s generally cheaper to fly into Tokyo or Osaka from your home town.

44. HolidayPirates

If you’re looking for a cheap flight but are flexible about where and when you want to go, HolidayPirates has some of the best deals at our disposal. The app’s flight search engine is good, but the best feature of all is its “All Deals” feature.

It offers several trips at great prices you can browse through. Just click “All Deals” and see what looks good for you, if you want to spend a week in Croatia or a stay in Switzerland for Christmas. Some trip offers consist of just flights; others include accommodation and other benefits.

45. Aviasales

Cheap airline tickets are now at your disposal. The Aviasales app compares airfare deals from hundreds of airlines and travel agencies, sending great deals on airline tickets directly to your smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device.

Flight booking with this app is made all the easier. A convenient price map in there displays cheap plane tickets across several destinations. You can pick a place, book flights with peace of mind, and save money and also time wasted in searching each price for each place individually.

Low-cost airlines can now take you places you’ve always dreamt of seeing! Fly a few days before or after your chosen date and save up to 70% on your airline ticket price! Air ticket prices can vary depending on the day or week.

Book flights knowing you’re getting the best deal. Finding the cheapest airlines in itself is not enough. Add the particular airlines in your favorites list and get a notification when the price of it changes.

46. Jetblue

This is an award-winning app that can be used to book, manage, and check-in for your trips, access boarding passes, and more.

In the app, you can update your seat selection, add extras or make changes to your itinerary with just a few taps and also check-in from the app itself which saves you a lot of time and energy lost from standing in the long queues for a boarding pass, and guess what this is also paperless.

Get in touch with any of the Jetblue member and get all your doubts cleared with the all-new feature of “chat now”. Also, know the “hotspot” places near you by tapping on the city name in the app if you are traveling to that place for the first time.

47. Volaris

The Volaris app will get you flying at the lowest prices all year around. This will help you with everything you need on your next journey. Book the best flight among our 197+ routes.

You can save contact and traveler information to make every booking even faster. Skip the check-in desks and kiosks and save yourself time and energy by skipping the long lines.

You can view your boarding passes offline. Join them in their no paper initiative! Keep track of your flight information: boarding time, boarding group, seat number, itinerary so you get to the airport on time.

If you add your boarding pass to your wallet, you can check the best way to go to the airport with a map, and review our baggage policies.

There some of the best websites and apps you can use to book flights online. You can use these websites and apps to share your experience with us in the comments and tell us any other app or flight booking site for booking flights we can use in this article.




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