Top 45+ Sites To Learn To Code Online For Free 2020

Websites To Learn Coding for Free

Hi, in this article we have shared the list is the best websites you can use to learn to code for free.

Now we’re in the modern age of the internet, coding is much more important than ever and more jobs have been made because of coding.

So, here are the best websites to learn to code, these are not in a particular order, all of these websites are great and recommended for you to learn, so really there is no bad choice in this list.

1. Codecademy

Of course, as most of us know, MIT is one of the best universities to learn technology and coding in the whole world, they have published it’s undergraduate and graduate courses for the world to see freely, but these courses are recommended for adults or more advanced coders.

Codecademy is one of the best places to start learning to code if you are a beginner. It has 45 million users worldwide.

Codecademy offers various programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, Python, HTML, and more.

You can try the Codecademy free lessons first and then subscribe to the paid plan for more detailed and premium content. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

It has a detailed catalog for programming, Data Science, Web development, and game development. If you are a complete non-coder, I would recommend this course.

2. Harvard Online Courses

Harvard is one of the best universities on the planet, they also teach coding courses, and some of them are free!

 Just imagine getting taught by a world-class university for FREE! anyway, this one is pretty self-explanatory. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

3. Coursera

Coursera is amazing at teaching you how to code, they have been recognized by multiple companies and universities such as Stanford, Google, Duke University, Penn State, and many other schools.

On Coursera you get to learn the latest coding techniques, people get jobs that are worth over 120k a year after graduating from Coursera, once you graduate you’ll receive a certificate or an online degree of confirmation that you passed the class.

Coursera is one of the free platforms that offer a wide variety of courses in its course library. These courses are offered by university professors and real trainers.

Currently, Coursera has 1,000 courses offered by 119 institutions. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

It initially offers free courses but you need to pay for the certificates. If you pay for the premium course, you can also get access to some of the premium content.

You can use these certifications and diplomas on your LinkedIn as well as the resume. I would recommend this amazing platform for all types of learners.

Tata, Danone, Airbus, Axis Bank, and there is over 2000 more business partners of Coursera, overall, Coursera is a great website to learn coding and me and lots of other people would recommend using Coursera, it is definitely worth a go.

4. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is also one of the more underrated sites on the list, but the site has a simple design so that anybody can find what they are looking for, the site teaches people of all ages, people even make careers on code avengers, teachers also teach on code avengers.

Code Avengers is a fun and effective way to learn how to code mobile apps, game development, websites, and more.

Code Avengers provides step-by-step instructions to learn coding and consists of 1000s of video and audio lessons, challenges, and quizzes. You can choose the level of learning and the course that you want to learn. You can read the article on the best websites to listen to audiobooks for free.

Once you have completed the course, you can start building real applications with their support to display your skills.

It starts with a 7-day free trial with few limitations but then upgrades to a premium course for full access to their coding course

They have courses to make websites, apps, and games, overall, it’s a good site to learn coding languages as well such as java, python, c++, and other courses, they also categorize levels of students from foundational to advanced courses, lastly, the reviews on Code Avengers are also pretty good with the people who are having subscriptions coming out quite satisfied. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is also a very popular site to learn to code, millions of adults and children come to Khan Academy to learn to code, you can learn HTML or C++ or other programming languages, and this is also one of the best parts of Khan Academy is that’s it is FREE, yes you heard that right! Khan Academy is free for children and adults to use.

Khan Academy is a Non Profit educational portal aiming to provide world-class, free education globally.

Features of Khan Academy include Personalized learning, practice videos, personal learning dashboard feature to monitor your progress and excellent instructional videos. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

Free tutorials on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Algorithms, Database, Cryptology, computer animation, and more are available on the website.

Khan Academy is a vast treasure house of coding resources, to sharpen your coding skills from basic to expert level.

Khan Academy facilitates students to practice at their own pace. The unique feature of Khan Academy is the translation of the resources into thirty-six different languages.

Hour Of Code, taken by Computer Science Educational Week and, is a global movement reaching millions of students in over one-eighty countries through a one hour class, which is an additional feature of the Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a Free website taught by experts in the field.

6. edX

edX is a website which takes courses from universities and places them on the site (Of course with permission) and some of them cost little to nothing in the financial situation, it also recommends you courses based on your history, so if you don’t know what course to do don’t worry, the site has got you covered!

It was founded by Harvard and MIT in the year 2012 and it is a global leading non-profit and open-source online learning medium.

Including the world’s leading institutions and universities, EDX has over 90 partnerships throughout the world, and students can choose courses from 60+ schools.

EdX is a free website to start learning coding in 2for beginners. It is jointly started by MIT and Harvard University. It offers a variety of courses just like its rivals. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

EdX has one of the best resources for learning to code for beginners. With edX, you can learn HTML, Java, CSS, Python, and access to over 100 such courses.

You can spend a few bucks and earn a degree certificate in programming as well as access to the premium content.  If you want to discover the latest advancements in coding and technology, edX is your go-to site.

7. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is a site where there are over 6000 courses, it’s a good website with over forty thousand people getting hired after they got the online degree, yes you heard that right! They even went to the big four Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Plus they have multiple tutorials of most coding languages

As the name suggests, FreeCodeCamp is a free resource to learn coding at the beginner level and the intermediate level.

It offers more courses as compared to its competitors. With FreeCodeCamp, you can get lessons on WordPress, Linux, SQL, HTML, jQuery, React, and Dev tools.

Now, the most interesting thing about this website is that once you have completed the 800 hours of coaching with them, you can practice and get hands-on experience on their non-profit projects.

It has a highly engaging community with professionals and geeks in coding that can assist you and surprisingly some projects. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

8. Code School

Code School can be used for beginners and veterans in the coding industry since there is a variety of courses for everybody, and there are over 1 million users, and there are challenges on the site, for the user to learn and get used to coding, and once the user finishes the course, they will get a course badge, as a sign of passing the course successfully.

CodeSchool has now partnered with the PluralSight online learning platform. It has a 10-day free trial after which you can subscribe to two different plans.

Code School offers scads of courses for the individual looking to gain skills in technology and coding.

You can gain skills in Software development, IT Ops, Cyber Security, Data Professional, and skills such as AI and Machine Learning. This one of the best websites to learn to code. You should check out the best AI-based website.

9. Skillshare

Skillshare is also a giant site for learning, on Skillshare they have videos and experts on the site to help you with your needs or problems.

The site is also well designed, very easy to understand, you can also talk to other people who are learning or teaching on the website, the website also has a user base of around 8 million, so you can find other people that you can learn and understand from.

10. is a very popular site in the US where over 40 percent of students have accounts on and there’s also over a million teachers on the site. is one of the largest non-profit communities for teaching computer science all around the globe. has free courses for the female population and K-12 students who are willing to learn coding and web dev.

It has a clean and sleek interface with animated videos and a quick hour of code tutorials for beginners. comes completely free for all the age groups.

There are also over 82 million projects and classes on, overall, is a great site that has anything and everything that you need to be great at coding.

11. GitHub

We have another educational powerhouse on the list, GitHub is a high-quality site, made for developers to learn about coding, GitHub has been acquired by Microsoft in 2018 which was worth 7.5 billion dollars, overall, it’s a great website to learn code languages like python, HTML, C++. Etc.

Lots of companies also use GitHub to hire employees, these companies include PayPal, Facebook, Airbnb, Walmart, and many more big and high valued companies.

Github claims to be the largest web development software and the largest community for developers with 31 million followers.

It is one of the most multifunctional platforms covering over 80+ programming languages with 500 books.

If you are a professional web developer, you can join this large community of GitHub repositories.

You can connect your LinkedIn profile with a Github profile for a better experience. GitHub is a free platform for beginners but as you grow, you can subscribe to its affordable premium plans.


It is a wide platform for learning how to code for beginners. Bento covers 100+ web development topics and several resources and tutorials online.

With Bento, you can make learning fun and affordable. You can start learning coding for free.

Bento offers a full stack development course with tutorials. One of the most amazing things about Bento is that it has a links section that shows the trending and latest links for learning to code for the beginners.

You can get free examples and documentation for learning the coding.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

13. Upskill

Upskill is a free open-source web development platform for learning the code from scratch. With Upskill, you can learn to code by building real-world applications and follow the same set of features as practiced by the professionals.

Upskill currently offers 200 free lessons and keep adding new lessons on a regular interval.

These courses are taught by seasoned tutors. Upskill can teach and train you with skills such as data algorithms, frameworks, state-of-the-art tools, libraries, and fundamentals of programming and coding.

Courses and video lessons offered by Upskill: Essential Web Developer Course, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, React Framework, using APIs. Some of the courses are free while most of the courses are paid.

14. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT is an easily accessible online course for gaining all types of skills. MIT has an online library of courses that can be accessed anytime.

No account login required, no tuition fees, or no SAT score is required for starting with this course.

I read few online reviews that said it was hard to access MIT but I was able to access MIT with ease. Also, these courses are available in the form of audio and video lessons, online textbooks, assessments, and lecture notes. You should definitely check out the article on the best audiobook websites.

You can find and sort the courses by Topic, course number, or Department. You can learn how to code with supplementary lessons. These courses are available in Korean, Chinese, and Turkish languages as well.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

15. Microsoft Virtual Academy

MSA is a course owned by Microsoft technologies. It is a completely free learning platform for beginners.

Microsoft Virtual Academy offers video lessons, knowledgebase, demos, assessments, and a handful of guides on coding. You can download e-Books and join the online forum for assistance and discussion.

16. Tuts+

Envato tuts or Tuts+ is a great platform for learning how to code. It does not have only free courses but also various paid and useful resources to enhance your skill.

Tuts+ has a large community and discussion forum for online developers.

Tuts+ has a large library for online coding lessons. It has over 570 video courses and free eBooks for the students. Tuts+ covers almost all the programming languages including framework, WordPress, Android development, and others.

Envato tuts+ offers online courses to learn Coding, Web Designing, Illustrations, and Logo Creation. The website has 28000+ how-to tutorials, 1280 video courses, and 41,287 translations. Envato tuts+ provides access to 170+ free eBooks which is one of the best features of this website.

Envato tuts+ provides courses in HTML, WordPress, React Native, PHP, JavaScript, Vue.js, Laravel, Mobile Development in Android, and iOS. Learners can gain access to 1 Million+ Digital and Creative assets at $16.50/month.

Along with the Paid Courses, there are plenty of Free Courses as well for learners looking to explore the content. Envato tuts+ enables the learners to join the community, collaborate and host meetings and discussions.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

17. HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 is owned by Google Developers and consists of all the latest resources and updates related to the HTML updates.

It is an open-source platform so that you can practice coding anytime with the given set of tools and sets.

I would not recommend this site for the newbies as it has limited features. HTML5 has a large set of tutorials and case studies which are created by the web development professional and coding pros.

18. Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a free online learning platform for beginners. If you need an advanced lesson on coding, this is not the best place to do so.

Code Conquest offers training in various modules such as PHP training, JavaScript, Ruby, rail, C++, CSS, and various other programming languages.

Code Conquest has mostly free lessons on coding but you need to pay for some advanced video lessons.

You can read knowledgebase, download the cheat sheets, and practice your skills with quizzes here.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

19. SitePoint

SitePoint was founded by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle in the year 1999 and it is a Melbourne based website. They started as book publishers but later published courses and articles for web developers.

It includes HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile, Design & UK, WordPress, Java, and more in their courses which are accessible easily through catchy menu page.

SitePoint is an interactive platform for learning skills like PHP, HTML, and CSS Javascript. It has a wide knowledge base with tons of articles and free resources to learn.

SitePoint has over 400 books based on coding and web development written by professionals. SitePoint has top-notch quality content and an amazing dashboard to track your progress.

20. GA Dash

GA Dash is a free online course to practice and learn website development in HTML5, CSS3, and JAVASCRIPT for beginners.

These courses are project-based which means you can get practice by building small web development projects side by side.

The best part about this course is the content it offers. Everything starts from scratch, be it building the websites and landing pages.

21. is a free coding learning platform where you can learn new techniques on how to start coding and make money. It has a wide array of courses related to web development and workflow.

Scotch offers various free resources in the form of short courses, tutorials, videos, and blog posts. It offers a variety of advanced programming languages such as Vue, jQuery, Angular, etc.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

22. One Month

One Month is a free coding platform that claims an excellent learning experience to the beginners. It offers various Bootcamp courses such as JavaScript, iOS development, HTML, Python, and others.

While you are learning here, you can build real-world projects for your portfolio on the go.

As the name suggests, it takes 30 days to complete the course and earn your skill. These coding courses are taught under highly professional instructors.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

23. CodinGame

An amazing platform for the developers and the recruiters, CodinGame is a great place to step your coding game. It has a robust interface and animated graphics which creates a better user experience.

With CodinGame, you can solve fun challenges in 25+ languages and learn how to code under the experts.

The best part about CodinGame is that you can challenge your friends and play fun games together with learning.

24. David Walsh Blog

The senior engineer for Mozilla and technical author David Walsh is a 34-year-old software engineer who has created a website called David Walsh Blogs becomes a very convenient website for learning  JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML5, and more.

Students can search through his blog using the tags associated with the posts so that they can read only the articles that are in there interested.

I have read various blogs by David Walsh on software and web development programming languages. David is a senior developer in Mozilla.

It is not a complete membership platform but a blog that has incredible demos and how-to guides and tutorials for coders.  You can learn about JavaScript, React, jQuery, and APIs in this amazing blog.

25. Treehouse

Treehouse is one of the more underrated websites on this list, there are over 300 courses on treehouse to learn about coding, this is another website which makes challenges for the students on these sites to learn properly and remember the lessons that were taught to them.

Treehouse is a full-fledged platform for learning coding and other web dev programs. It is one of the most project-oriented platforms than most of its competitors.

Treehouse offers one of the best and most well-structured coding lessons for amateurs. It does offer a 7-day free trial before you can start with the premium subscription.

Currently, Treehouse offers 1,000 video lessons for web development, UI development, HTML, CSS, and various other programming languages Treehouse offers 300+ courses related to coding languages.

These include Back-end development, front-end development, Wordpress, Android Development, and various skills for the learners.

There are over fifty thousand students on Treehouse, but it is still a neat and helpful website to learn to code, Treehouse is currently partnering with Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Google as well as other large tech companies.

26. Edabit

Edabit is a website where they give you tests and challenges, they basically represent the saying “Practice makes perfect” The site can be used for experts and beginners alike, in fact, people who have been learning and using the site have said the site can be quite addicting to learn from.

It teaches the usual java, python, C++, Ruby, and other coding languages, they also teach over 10000 courses to date.

Edabit is the fastest and easiest way to learn to code. You can learn several coding languages such as SQL, Python, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Swift. You can take online tutorials and classes and practice coding on Edabit editor.

One of the most amazing features of Edabit is its challenge tab. You can select the courses, difficulty level, and begin your challenge with the Level ‘0’. You can also use the shuffle feature to generate an unsolved random challenge to practice coding. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

27. Sololearn

Sololearn allows you to code on any device phone, laptop, or a smart TV, Sololearn has over thirty-seven million people on Sololearn, learning on 1700 lessons, with over 14000 quizzes, overall, the reviews for Sololearn have been great, they teach java, python, C++.

They also have a unique way of showing the progress they show XP and they even have a global leaderboard where everybody on the site can compete to be the best, they have a code playground as well, where the learners on the site can share the projects that they have made, overall, the ideas are very unique and ahead of its time, they also let everybody go at the pace that they want to go at.

Sololearn is a social platform to learn to code for free. It is a mobile-friendly platform which can be installed on android and iPhone. You can also run Sololearn on the web.

With Sololearn, you can gain skills and upgrade your levels, unlock each level, and develop your profile to add your skill on your resume. It offers 100+ interactive lessons and quizzes which are completely free to download.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

28. The Odin Project

The Odin Project has multiple curriculums for your needs, they teach java and ruby and other coding languages, they will also teach you with tutorials, blogs, and online courses, while you are on the site, you can try your hand at making websites or webpages.

Odin Project is one of the most user-friendly platforms to learn coding from scratch. It is 100% free and completely open-source. The Odin project was started by the creators of Thinkful.

It has a complete curriculum for full-stack courses for Ruby and Rail and front end courses for HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

You can start to learn to code for free and connect with a massive online forum by the professionals. After you have completed the exercise or in the middle, you will never feel lost or baffled. You can also build hundreds of portfolios and projects side-by-side.

There is also a large community that is on The Odin Project, lots of people who learned coding from The Odin Project and gone on to have a successful career in the coding industry, the site is also for beginners, so overall, you can be a complete expert or a complete beginner but still learn from The Odin Project.

29. Codewars

As the name suggests, Codewars seems like a platform with a gamified approach and fun platform to learn coding from the beginning. It has a martial-arts theme styled interface with 100+courses and challenges called Kata.

The students can accept challenges and upgrade their ranking based on the points. Each kata consists of a new skill or the upgraded skill of the same programming language.

There is an online community for the users to discuss skills and best techniques for practicing coding.

Codewars is one of the most versatile sites on the list, what do I mean? They teach over 50 coding languages! You will be sitting here all day even I mentioned just 25 of them! The companies that use Codewars include Apple, Facebook, Zoom, and other gigantic companies.

They even have a niche community! People on twitter are praising Codewars, it is a great site with lots of coding language options, they have hit the grand prize! Options, A great community, Financial backing just all of it, this is an excellent site! You need to give it a shot!

30. Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy is an actual school, but it has an online degree, the site also claims that it can teach you to be a software developer in 17 weeks, it has helpful videos as guidelines and instructions, they also claim that they are the top coding boot camp in New York and Chicago.

In my opinion, a website is a good place for advanced coders, people have also been hired by Facebook, amazon, google, but beginners can also give it a shot, and you never know they might do well because the site claims it can teach anybody.

31. App Academy

App Academy is a good school with a great system, they also have online lessons and classes, they won’t make you pay until you get a job related to coding, the average median salary of people who graduate is over a hundred thousand dollars, it has over 3000 alumni who got hired by over a thousand companies, it has also been rated number 1 by SwitchUp CourseReport.

They also choose children based on skill, not money or the amount of wealth you have, it has also been rated by other top rating websites like Esty and, for the notable companies that the alumni have gone to include PayPal, Google, Facebook, and Pinterest.  This one of the best websites to learn to code.

Check out the list of the largest tech companies you should know about.

32. Springboard

Springboard has claimed if you joined the program your career in the coding or tech industry will be risk-free, the rating on SwitchUp by students is an incredible 4.85/5.

The website also has a great system, they will ask you for your teaching preferences, then they will match you up with a mentor that suits you and you’re academic needs, but if I have to be honest, the prices are a bit high compared to the rest of the list, but it has proven some great results.

You really can’t complain, there are also several payment plans from cheap to expensive, but it is worth it, once you complete it you will get a certificate as proof you graduated, there are also several discounts that will Definitely help on the financial situation of things.

33. Oregon State Online Courses

Oregon State is also a great college to study at, and they have online courses for computer science, although Oregon State is a public college, it’s consistently in the top 10 of online education, overall, you are getting are top 10 online education in the comfort in your home knowing you’ve made the right decision, because of the top 10 online education ranking.

34. Coderbyte

Coderbyte teaches you some great coding skills, it also teaches you to prepare for interviews at large companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, the site also uses challenges to show the user progress and, they have over 300 challenges with a leaderboard to show the amount of progress the user has passed through, they teach the regular coding languages like java, python. Etc.

Coderbyte is a complete collection of the coding lessons and challenges which are available in 10 languages.

You can learn how to code in their online editor platform. They offer free courses as well as paid membership for a few courses.

Coderbyte offers courses with the trend. You can learn data structure & algorithms, prepare for the Microsoft and Facebook Interview preparations, and learn basic Python as well as Ruby in just one week.

Coderbyte offers a monthly subscription for $35/month and a yearly subscription for $150/year. In addition to this, you can get assistance from the senior developers on request and also prepare for the job interview questions.

35. Hack

Hack teaches you how to code and program websites, apps, games, and many other things, on the website it gives you some detailed instructions on how to code, make a website and other things, the instructions are very long, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the instructions at all.

The website, if you have a problem or a suggestion you want to make, the hack is all ears, overall, the hack is a free website that has very detailed instructions for whatever you want in the coding industry.

36. Udacity

Udemy is one of the best websites for learning Coding in the year 2020. It is multi-platform and accessible into a platform like Windows, Android, and Mac OS.

It is expertise by the masters of their particular fields and it serves over 45,000 different courses and offers you from free lessons to over $200.

Video-based lessons will be accessible over multiple device and students can track their journey very conveniently.

It was founded ten years ago in 2010 and it was created by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. CEO of Udemy is Gregg Coccari.

Total of 57,000 instructors from over 190+ countries teaching courses to over 50 million students in 65 different languages.

Udacity has free and paid courses, the design of the website is good, they have actual online learning, you will be talking with the person that is teaching you, some of the companies that support Udacity include.

Udemy claims to be the largest education site in the world, so you know they’ll also have some great coding classes, they have coding classes for game developing like some basic coding languages like a scratch to more complicated code languages like python, so they have any coding languages that need or want.

Google, Amazon and IBM, the schedule for the classes are flexible, you can practically learn whenever you want, also lots of people that graduate from the online courses on Udemy, they get software development jobs, and the salaries are worth quite a bit of money. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

37. Bitdegree

Bitdegree teaches you everything about the technology industry, web design, coding, programming and lots of other useful skills in the industry, the site has been rated well by Yahoo and other big websites, the site’s design is also good, and some courses on Bitdegree are free to support the struggle of the world, and it is not just a few courses, there are like over 100 free courses.

Bit Degree is one of the most unique online learning websites as they have incorporated blockchain into the educational process. They provide a lot of free courses on various topics from programming to game development.

They from programming to games development, provide courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, JQuery, PHP, and many more.

They giveaway transparent rewards and an achievement system that they believe will help tech talents to get recruited in businesses. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

38. HTML dog

HTML dog does not just teach HTML!

They also teach CSS and they also teach JavaScript, they are very good at teaching people on how to make web pages, they also teach you coding techniques it and it is very useful if you want to learn anything about coding, it also has detailed instructions, for each coding language.

They have some advice which is needed to understand coding languages, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and if you do not understand the instructions they have examples for whatever you need that is related to the coding industry or the technology industry, they do not just teach you how to make web pages, they also teach you how to make a full-fledged website!

The site’s design is also good, you will find exactly what you are looking for, overall, the site teaches everything you need to learn about coding, the website is a good option to learn about the coding industry. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

39. W3schools

W3school is an online website which teaches you about the mainstream coding languages like HTML, C++, JavaScript, and python, the website also has tests and exercises to make you learn the concept properly and by heart, the exercises are about most mainstream programming languages and some other programming languages.

W3Schools claims itself to be the largest web development site for providing free coding and programming lessons to the beginners. It has countless resources and How-to guides for all types of programming.

Just like its rival, W3Schools also offers free coding tutorials for a variety of programs such as Java, CSS, Python, SQL, HTML, and others.

You can also try using some of the best HTML templates for practice. There are a separate quiz section and an online editor where you can practice and brush up your coding skills. You can connect with the online forums for human assistance.

They also teach web server programming languages like PHP and other languages, the design of the website is also great, they also have examples of web pages and websites, there are also quizzes to make the user remember the lessons that they have been taught on the website. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

40. Codeasy

Code easy is for elementary schooler to high schoolers but anyone can join it if they want to, The website is good for when you are just starting out, the site also has flexible, you can study whenever you want to study, it is a good place to start out in the coding industry.

41. YouTube

All of you reading this might think that I am joking, but I’m being serious, you can also learn coding on YouTube, the site is really a good place to learn about coding, it is, of course, free, there are tutorials on how to make a website, code a game, make an app.

ETC. YouTube is good for teaching you the basics and some intermediate courses and lessons. Check out the article on the best YouTube tricks to get more out of youtube.

42. aGupieWare

AGupieWare is an online learning website that has a bachelor’s Level computer science program curriculum. It is a perfect kick-starter for those who looking to get into the computer programing or coding.

This offers you a wide variety of courses a total of 15. It is featured by 7 core classes, 3 intro classes, and 5 elective.

The curriculum of these courses is similar to those of MIT, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and Columbia.

The website teaches you some bachelor level courses, and python and swift for IOS, although it is not as popular as the other sites, aGupleWare is a great site, they also teach you how to troubleshoot your computer or laptop which is very useful in today’s era, the website’s design is very simple, you’ll find what you need and want on the site very easily.

Well, that concludes this article as I said at the start of the article, there is no bad choice in this list, they are all great places to learn about coding. You can share your experience of using these websites with us in the comments.


This site is interactive where coders help each other expertise with each other’s skills. They connect mentors with people who want to learn to code.

People who use this are either teachers or students so they will not be stuck in the same spot and get solutions for their problems immediately and there process of learning doesn’t stick at one place and it’s got carried away with ease.

Those who will need will get free mentoring whenever they need so it’s also a different way to learn to code because an individual can get enough attention for absolutely free. This one of the best websites to learn to code.

44. Pluralsight

It is an American Online Education Company that offers a variety of video training website which offers you courses on software development, IT administration, and creative professionals.

It was founded by Aron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams. It is powered by 1,400+ experts and Contains 6,500+ courses.

Students got there learning tested and trailed instantly. It got Monthly and Annual subscription option, monthly costs $29 per month, and annual subscription about $228.


CodeHs was also founded in the year 2012 by Jermy Keeshin and Zach Galant and focused on spreading access to and knowledge coding by providing remote tutors.

They are more interested in a classroom setting than the individual and the best thing is that the trainers are totally free to modify and customize class as their needs. They give students expertise problem solving and logical thing skills so they can master their desires This one of the best websites to learn to code.

46. Google Android Training

Google Android Training Program is a flexible and high profile but free online learning website. They offer you intermediate and advanced courses on Android Development, Web Development, Firebase, Machine learning, and Tensor flow.

They also offer you international programs in India, Indonesia, and Africa. After completing a course google will give you a Google developer’s certification, which you use to promote yourself.

If you are a beginner, I will suggest using free sites and blogs to learn to code. Once you have completed the basic training, you can upgrade to the paid plans or look for a better free resource.




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