Top 67+ Health Blogs And Websites to Read in 2020

Health Blogs to Read
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best health blogs you should follow. Everyone has the right to access to preventive health care and the right to benefit from medical treatment under the conditions established by national laws and practices.

A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities.

Being healthy and fit in simple terms means taking care of the body. We should remember that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. Check out the list of best fitness blogs and websites.

Good health of mind and body helps one to maintain the required energy level to achieve success in life.

All of us strive to achieve wholesome health. So here are some famous health blogs in the world.

1. WebMD Health Blog

Health Blogs to Read now
WebMD aims to provide information in forms of articles which seems to be very helpful for the people and results to be very good for their help.

This is the health blog with the most number of unique visitors each day. It also has a symptom checker which is used for diagnosing their symptoms and gets rid of it.

Using this site you can find a doctor or a dentist near you associated with this Webmd and get consultations from them. This health blog is very useful in buying medicines at a very low price.

The site includes information about drugs. It is one of the tops of health care websites by unique visitors. It is founded in 1998 by internet entrepreneur Jeff Arnold.

2. Harvard Health Blog

Health Blogs to Read now
Harvard Health Blog is originated from a medical School named ‘Harvard Medical School’. Their physicians and editors publish a variety of health news and issues and motivate the people by their articles to stay a healthy life and give people good advice on health problems and their preventions.

3. Medical News Today

Health Blogs to Read now
Medical News Today is a web-based on medical news. It was founded in May 2003 It provides the real ailments and curves to the people that how to prevent themselves from any disease by providing them articles and information on sites.

4. Healthline Nutrition Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read now
Healthline Nutrition provides a daily article on the topic like nutrition, weight loss, and health. These are based on scientific evidence and are written and checked by experts. Their licensed nutritionists and dieticians strive to be objective and honest.

This health blog looks very simple with white background and so spacious. So it is easy to navigate and can be accessed easily by people of all ages.

This health blog has nearly 20,000 articles about healthcare which have been reviewed by specialist doctors, nurses, and subject-related experts. This health blog gives a very good health diagnosis and tells you the right measures to be taken.

5. Mindbodygreen Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read now
Mind-body green is a lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring you to live your best life by mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.

They aim to share healthy food recipes and body movements so that people will remain healthy.

6. Nutrition Facts

Health Blogs to Read now
Nutrition Facts aims to share a series of articles, podcasts with the people that are based on scientific facts. They also provide a diet that is full of nutrients and tell us good ways to maintain the digestive system.

7. Food Politics Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read now
Food Politics is a series of articles that were published in the daily newspaper, its aim is to focus on the reviews and developments within the global world food.

It is the term that encompasses not only food policy and legislation, but all aspects of all the production control, regulation, inspection, distribution and consumption of commercially grown and even sometimes homegrown food.

8. DrAxe Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read now
Dr.Axe’s full name is josh Axe. He is a doctor of natural medicines, chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and author with a passion to help people to get well so he releases articles related to fitness remedies, low carb diets, and health advice to the people.

9. Examine Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read now
It helps the audience that which type of work about nutrition and supplements by an unbiased source. From day one the main goal is to read the research and make sense of it and then put it online.

They are an educated company that looks at the research nothing more and nothing less.

10. Mark’s Daily Apple

Health Blogs to Read now
Mark Sisson daily musings on health, nutrition, fitness the health industry, and the low carb, paleo, Primal Lifestyle. They have more than 300,000 subscribers. That was again a big achievement for them.

11. Diet Doctor Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read now
Diet Doctor is designed to provide the reader with information on low carb and keto diets, so they are informed to lose healthy weight.

They have delicious recipes, amazing meal plans, the best keto videos, and a supportive low-carb community. They show no ads, take no industry money, and sell no products.

12. Wellness Mama

Health Blogs to Read now
Wellness Mama gives it’s audience simple answers to create healthier families whilst discussing health remedies, recipes, and much more in their articles, books, and podcast episodes.

The Wellness Mama blog provides a way to the audience that how can they live a happy life with their family and friends which was also a great work

13. Chris Kresser Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read now
Chris Kresser shares his experience on a whole host of health and medical topics through articles on the site, he also offers private patient services.

14. Mercola Natural Health

Health Blogs to Read now
Mercola Natural Health was founded by an American alternative medicine proponent, an osteopathic physician.

It teaches them to live happily and healthy life by their articles. Until 2013 Mercola operated ‘The Mercola Natural Health Center.’

15. Mayo Clinic

Health Blogs to Read
Mayo Clinic is one of the best health care health blog which renders you many facilities in your fingertips. This health blog allows you to find a doctor for your consultation.

Many people have lots of symptoms but don’t know what was happening to them. So this health blog helps you to find what your problem was with a symptoms checker option.

Mayo Clinic experts are some of the best doctors in the world who are in top rankings. On this health blog, everyone can find what are the symptoms for a particular disease too.

16. Zocdoc Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
Zocdoc health blog is one of the best healthcare websites which is almost available in all the cities. This health blog allows you to find doctors associated with Zocdoc in your locality and get advices from them.

It also gives you a wonderful facility of talking to the doctors in video calls for a better experience and fast solution. One can chat with nurses available and discuss their symptoms and they’ll get to know the precautions to do.

17. Medexpress Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
Medexpress is a health care health blog that gives you fast remedies and you will find a solution within an hour. This site will be active every day from morning 8 to eve 8.

And the best thing is that you can find a doctor and consult them without an appointment. You can find doctors associated with Medexpress in your city and consult them too.

18. Trustcare Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is very simple and easy to navigate. This health blog offers a patient portal in which the previous medical conditions of the patients will be noted and the treatment will be given on that basis. This health blog has an urgent care facility for all patients.

Apart from urgent care it also gives a trust care facility which includes heart care, chronic care management, etc. Patients can pay their bills easily using the pay bill option available on that health blog.

You can also find many latest articles based on health care available on that health blog which is a very interesting and useful one.

19. Infinite Medical Express

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog especially focuses on diagnosing, treating, managing acute, chronic illness, etc.  Apart from online consultation they also offer office visits or home visits and perform physical examinations too.

Their health blog has a health tips forum which has many video demonstration for health care which is very helpful for everyone.

20. Lockport Express

Health Blogs to Read
Their services are good for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. They also offer special services like IV therapy, school and sports physicals, occupational medicine.

On this health blog, physicians are available all the time to service you and you can wall-in any time without appointments.

21. Lifebridge Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This is one of the best online healthcare websites with nearly 3000 physicians located nearly in 100 locations. Their motto is to serve compassionately and provide high-quality health care to improve the health of every individual and our community.

You have to fix the appointment to get a consultation from a doctor. This health blog also has a patient portal which will be very helpful in treating the patients as per the old records

22. Medicine Net

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog has a special forum called symptoms checker in which everyone can check by inputting their symptoms and can find what they may suffer from. In the diseases and conditions forum, there are common diseases arranged in alphabetical order so it will be easy to use and navigate.

It also has an option called media in which they will prepare slideshow and show us how the diseases ate transmitted from one to another.

23. National Institutes of Health

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is a U.S government healthcare health blog. This health blog has various articles about various diseases and problems which will be very useful and interesting too.

This health blog was ranked 2 in 2019 for the biomedical science by the nature index.

It has a group of people to research about pain. This health blog looks very elegant and it will be easy to use by people of all ages.

24. Cleveland Clinic Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This is also one of the most popular health care websites in the world. Here you can choose your preferred doctors based on names or specialty etc.

Most people visit this site to get a second opinion from the nation’s best doctors and they were happy in consulting them. This health blog has a very attractive forum called the patient stories which was too heart touching.

25. Indiana University Health

Health Blogs to Read
This is one of the best health care websites. This page renders various information about various critical diseases and produces an awareness of it. You can fix your appointment to consult the doctor.

Providers of medicine from various places are associated with these websites so that this will help in the fastest door delivery of medicines

26. Netdoctor Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is very popular in the UK. This health blog offers various options like consulting a doctor, diagnosing your symptoms, etc. Apart from physical health it also offers consultation for mental health too.

It tells you what are the best medicines to intake while we are suffering from common diseases. Only a few websites offer care for mental health. And this health blog serves to be the best among that.

27. Health Unlocked

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is the world’s largest network for health. The specialists are active 24/7 to help you. Nearly 600 organizations have been associated with this health blog and supports by producing new equipment. This health blog has specialists in 300 different fields.

So people affected by different diseases can get benefited by visiting this health blog and get connected with the specialist doctors and makes their life a better one.

28. Stem4 Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This is the health blog, especially for teenagers. It is to deal with the mental health of teenagers and get away from the disappointments from then.

They will tell you the proper diet to be followed and the measures to get rid of depression. It also has a menu for the teenagers addicted to something and gives them good counseling and advices to get out of it.

29. Nuffield Health

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog has many health care services which are wonderful. Their motto is to build a healthy nation by rendering health care services from day-to-day.

It provides many free health events to a wide range of digital health content. Using this health blog, one can find nearby websites and gyms associated with this.

30. Mercy Virtual

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is a simple health blog with lots of valuable options. It works 24/7/365 days. It has many special options like Vconsult, Valet, etc. One can contact a nurse and ask them for free advice at any time they required.

This is the world’s first virtual health care center. This health blog looks very attractive with the pictures of happy patients. The smile of all the patients made this health blog looks better.

31. Kids Health

Health Blogs to Read
This is the health blog exclusively for kids. But also it has several options to help parents and teens too. It is an online health care health blog to overcome the issues and diseases caused by children.

It gives very valuable advices for the teens who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol and so on. Kid’s health has to be maintained properly because they get attacked soon by bacteria etc.

So this health blog helps the parents in continuously monitoring their kid’s health and their teen child’s mental health. This health blog is a too handy and useful site for all the parents.

32. Weight Watchers

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is really helpful in maintaining your body weight. It gives you a huge number of tips in reducing your weight and to maintain your body fit. It has diet charts for various kinds of people based on their capabilities and requirements.

We can find how to do exercise to burn your belly fats, sugar fats, etc. People in this modern world should be very careful to maintain their weight.

Their intake of food contains a large amount of fat which is a little difficult to burn out. Using this health blog you can find their BMI and can know whether you are normal or obese.

If any sudden increase in weight you can visit this site and find the easiest way to burn your excess fat.

33. Men’s Health

Health Blogs to Read
It is a health blog made predominantly for men. Men can visit this health blog and get free health advices. It has many options to learn about fitness, diet to be followed, etc. Attractive articles are present on this health blog about, nutrition, fitness, style, etc.

Men’s health is necessary to be good and fit because they never spend their time caring for themself.

So this health blog helps the men to take care of themselves without sparing much time. They can get to know whether they are healthy without going to hospitals. This health blog is the most necessary one which every man should use.

34. American Cancer Society

Health Blogs to Read
As the name indicates this health blog is for the people who are the victims of cancer. Their motto is to attack cancer from all angles. Apart from medical support they also render emotional support.

They know that waiting for the cancer confirmation test is ridiculous, so they offer to support emotionally and gives you the courage to withstand such situations.

On their health blog, we can find a huge number of people who got cured of that deadly disease which will be very motivating to all the cancer victims.

Though fighting with cancer is the toughest one, they want to make the victims feel comfortable and easier just by giving online counseling, motivation, etc. They also make telephone contact with the victims and encourage them.

35. Epocrates Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog has a simple look with a white background. You can simply search the disease by which you are affected or the symptoms you have in the search bar and find thousands of solutions. You can find the pills by its ID and get it.

This health blog will help you to diagnose the problems easily and gives you a simpler solution with the correct medicine to intake.

People can easily navigate on this health blog. A huge number of people found this health blog useful and recommends them to their friends and relatives.

36. Health Grades

Health Blogs to Read
The motto of this health blog is to find the best doctor and get the best care. In this too you can connect to your doctor online, get consultations from them.

This health blog is the most worthy online health blog you can find millions of doctors who are connected to this health blog and pick the right one you want to treat you. You can find the best doctor based on name or your locality or specialty etc.

This health blog offers a special forum where you can find the open reviews of patients about each doctor and you can also select a doctor based on their ratings.

37. Castle Connolly

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog nominates the best doctors around the world and makes them a member of this health blog. People can find doctors near their locality or even doctors from other countries and get online support and care.

The top specialties of this health blog are Dermatology, Family Medicine, Sleeping Medicine, and Endocrinology, People feel that it is easy to access this health blog and they are satisfied by the care and support of the doctors and nurses. Special care is given to people of old age.

38. Care Dash Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog you can find a doctor, compare with one another and you can review your doctors too. This health blog made searching a doctor in your locality for consultation easier.

It can locate you directly and tells you who are the top doctors available near you are. You can even contact the physicians abroad and get free advices too.

One can find various articles and blogs about online therapy, healthcare, etc which are the most interesting ones.

At the bottom, you can find a news dashboard which consists of various achievements of care dash and so on.

39. American Pregnancy Helpline

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is made to help pregnant women in America. On this health blog, pregnant women can chat with experts and get their valuable advices. Most women don’t know what to do and what not to do while they were pregnant.

This health blog gives you a clear idea of what are the things you have to follow while you are pregnant. Women can also clear their doubts about pregnancy.

This health blog offers an online pregnancy checker too. This method is done by answering several multiple-choice questions and you will get the most probable answer.

40. Fitwise Physiotherapy

Health Blogs to Read
Fitwise Physiotherapy health blog offers online physiotherapy consultations which are the most necessary ones. During the absence of the physiotherapist, you can visit this health blog and get a very good consult online physiotherapy guidance.

People of old age cannot visit the hospitals often to do physiotherapy instead they can use this valuable health blog to do physiotherapy.

This health blog has too many articles about physiotherapy and healthcare. This health blog seems to be very useful for everyone

41. Olathe Health

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is very attractive and the most used health care health blog all over the world. Their phone number is clearly visible at the top and anyone can call them and clear their queries.

The main page consists of video running at the back in which you can find the patients are very much satisfied with their service.

It is located in 60 different locations all over the world. People living in any corner of the world can visit this site and ask for help.

42. Smart Patients

Health Blogs to Read

It is an online community where patients and their families can learn from each other. It lets the patients interact with other patients and share their experiences.

It has an inbuilt search engine that lets the patient or the user search what they are interested in and get to know about it. This site is built up to give more scientific knowledge to all the patients.

They thought that their patients must know what kind of treatment they are taking and what are the new machines and technologies developed to get rid of that disease. This is a good platform to learn and get treated.

43. Iodine Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
This health blog is built with the main aim of promoting better medical facilities for all people. This health blog looks so simple with easy navigational options.

Some people may have the tablets in their hands and might not know the name and usage of the pills. Under such circumstances this health blog is useful.

It has an option to check what tablet you are having by previewing different tablets and their uses. They also developed an iPhone app to make people come out of depression.

Most people can’t understand the medical language and the prescriptions of physicians. So they have introduced a medical translator too which seems to be useful all over the world.

44. NPR Shots

I would advise you to make NPR Shorts your go-to blog. The healthcare tips provided in this blog cut across general human health. Here, you will be able to access both national and international news on healthy living.

What makes this blog peculiar is the fact that it not only inform you about body health but also about the insurance industry. Apart from many blogs, NPR Shots will give the latest updates concerning healthy living.

This is one of the best websites/blogs related to health, which is the state’s go-to source health news across the nations of the world. It keeps you in the track on everything concerning the public health and the latest news in the insurance industry.

Every time you will be at the high, know about the current events about the health space. Also, you will be on the top knowledge of the epidemic, which is about to affect the world or which is affecting the world.

45. Delish Knowledge

Health Blogs to Read
Are you a vegetarian? Have you been toiling in your attempt to prepare your favorite meal? Here is your destination. This health blog will ease your cooking by providing you with organized and straightforward recipes.

Alex, a registered dietitian who manages this blog, is passionate about your health. Eye-catching cooking videos and additional ingredients make this blog peculiar, and learning becomes more manageable.

If you are less experienced in vegetable preparation, then this health blog is your starter kit. For the unbeatable chefs, there is a lot to be learned from this platform. Delish Knowledge blog has more than you might think, but you can’t note this unless you follow it.

Delish knowledge is the health-related blog that deals with healthy vegetarian cooking. The content in the blog is mostly from the registered dietitian, Writer Alex who posts the cooking videos and the ingredient shopping tips.

You can check the best vegan paella in this blog even when you are in the working premises. A Vegetarian or anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle can use this blog as his or her starter kit for the plant-based recipe because of different complexity and ingredients.

46. The Real Food Dietitians

Health Blogs to Read
The diet adventures who truly love their cooker, Whole 30 plan and Instant Pot can use this health-related health blog. It has the recipes for every phenomenon of the diet and the tips of doing the meal prep effectively.

Also, this health blog is all about living well, eating well, and being well. You will find different dietitian-authored recipes that are crucial in the health life of every person irrespective of age and occupation.

47. My Fitness Pal

Health Blogs to Read
My Fitness Pal is a special and unique blog in its way. In this blog, you will come across stories of people who have already won the battle of reducing weight and maintaining fitness. These people give an account of their journey from poor health living to a superb health living.

Furthermore, you will also benefit from trainers’ tips, which includes workouts to help you to burn body fats. There are also tips containing dietary information, which will assist you in reducing calories. For those who might have been highly distressed by obesity, this is the blog to follow.

With My Fitness Pal, it provides inspiration through the real-life stories of people before and after having the victory in a healthy life. There are essential guides and trainer tips on big topics like fat-burning workouts, low-cal meal options, and hydration.

Also, there are niche subjects such as micronutrients which give the fine details on the nutrients that are in every type of food to be consumed. My Fitness Pal is beneficial to people who want to reduce their body weight and also to those who want to get a balanced diet in their daily meal.

48. Fit Bottomed Girls

Health Blogs to Read
To those people who are frustrated with the ideals and the status quo, they can try Fit Bottomed Girls, for it offers the refreshing change of step.

The founders, both the certified fitness professionals, preach body positivity and confidence, which is crucial to people. They normally take the considerate approach to fitness, which has a direct impact on people.

Their roadmap to a healthier life is the route to the doable daily workouts and a good dosage of meditation. Also, they have the nutrition-packed recipes which help to improve the well-being of a person.

49. Fit Foodie Finds

Health Blogs to Read
This is the best health blog/blog related to health, which is made for the serial Instagram scrollers. It has gorgeous photos of the healthy meals which are exciting when reading them. The healthy living posts posted primarily focus on the food ingredients and recipes that will intern lead to a healthy life.

Also, they include the workouts, mental health, relationships, and DIY beauty, which are essential to the healthy life of a person. The style-conscious readers can love this blog because of the health articles gallery that has all aspects of health articles.

50. Toby Amidor Nutrition

Health Blogs to Read
Tony is a blogger who is a multiple-time author and a registered dietitian who creates the contents useful for home cooking. He creates the games for the home cooks using the latest food news, nutrition, safety tips, and ingredients.

Also, he makes you see the kitchen as the exciting and reigniting place when you are cooking and cruising. In the blog, there is a heavy investment in the creative meal prep, together with a series of articles on things such as food used to fight depression.

51. The Healthy Maven

Health Blogs to Read
This is a peculiar health blog run by an experienced blogger Davida. What makes this blog unique is the fact that it covers your 360-degrees health requirements. Experts are used to explaining and demonstrating to you how to keep fit.

Recipes of all healthy meals you can think of under the sun are provided. Workout and other physical body exercises are some of the topics covered at length. If you think of the best health blogs, consider this as one of your go-to blogs.

This is the best health blog/blog related to health to people who need the 360 degrees approaches on the self-care together with the betterment advice in the gym, home, and in the workplace. With the Healthy Maven, it offers the recipes for any type of meal that includes salads, soups, sides, and more

. You can get information on the DIY tips where you can learn the ways of making the yoga mat spray and quick workouts. Check out the article on best health blog and apps to learn yoga for free,

In this blog, you can also get the supplementary podcast, which is with the help of blogger Davida and the guest wellness experts.

52. Naturally Savvy Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
With this health-related health blog/blog, it deals with ways on how to reduce toxic in life through organic living and alternative medicine, which is less toxic in the body.

The blog gives you the right herbs which you can be eaten, for instance, ginger, which is good digestion herb, and also the products which you can avoid such as dryer sheets for they contain carcinogens.

You will also get a fair warning on the site, which can result from people who are unfamiliar with certain effects of materials and foods.

53. The FitNest Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
The FitNet blog has been well organized by blogger Zehra, who is determined to guarantee you a smooth to fitness. She gives you an account of her journey on fitness and family life.

You will also have an opportunity to connect with fitness enthusiasts. Therefore, enjoying interaction will be part of your day.

There are also outdoor and indoor exercises which are fit for the beginners who might not be highly experienced. Zehra’s kitchen found in this blog gives you healthy recipes for the preparation of a favorite meal.

This is the best health blog/blog related to health to connect with the healthy aficionados who need more support, not just from words on any documentation.

There are sharing information, comments, and also ideas from blogger Zehra where she gives out what is in her heart on the views on her family life and her fitness journey.

For the beginner-friendly, you can look at this in the outdoor and indoor exercise perspective. Equal attention is given to stretches like what is given to the workout. Also, you will get more healthy recipes that are tested in the home kitchen of Zehra.

54. Eating Bird Food

Health Blogs to Read
Think of doing things differently? Then you should follow blogger Brittany. Her blog has innumerable alternative ingredients and medicine, all for your healthy living.

She shares resourceful recipes accompanied by captivating stories to keep you in the move. Nutritional advice is given at length to guarantee your wholesome goodness.

Given that you have a dream of having the holistic nutritionist on speed dial, then you can meet the blogger by the name Brittany.

She has many tips on the balanced life living using vegan ingredients and alternative medicines. Brittany gives the recipes that you will not get anywhere like chocolate chia pudding.

You will also get the travel stories from this blog, which offers the wholesome goodness in the hidden-gem cities, for example, Charleston, Michigan, and Grand Rapids. These travel stories are crucial to the healthy life of a person.

55. Pumps And Iron

Health Blogs to Read
Anyone who wants to know a workout game may browse in this health-related health blog/blog posts, which are written by the personal trainer. You will get procedural instructions on how to pump, to, and flex.

In this blog, you will get different ideas of exercise, which are broken down into crucial categories such as target area, structure, and studio equipment. These exercises will make a person have the right posture and be flexible in the body.

56. Well+Good Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
If you are interested in boutique fitness and natural beauty, Well+Good is your site. Well+Good is a blog that was founded by Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue aimed at improving health living wellness. This blog will always update you on modern nutrition, giving you tips on how to upgrade your health.

Initially, the blog was launched as a lifestyle news publication, but it has gained its popularity over the years. Any information about modern foods and stylish, healthy living is available on this platform.

Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue are Well+Good’s co-founders, which is the best health-related health blog/blog. It was launched as the new publication and premiere lifestyle which is dedicated to the well-being of people.

The blog helps in trend-spotting healthy living information, which can benefit the readers who want to live a healthy life. Also, there is a report on boutique fitness, natural beauty, and modern nutrition, among others.

57. Yahoo Health

Health Blogs to Read
Yahoo Health should be your go-to resource. It provides you with a wide range of information that cuts across all the dimensions of healthy living. A healthy diet and body fitness are not the only topics, around which this blog revolves.

Moreover, it has published many health-related articles that, if utilized, can contribute to holistic life wellbeing. Information about intellectual health is also available.

Yahoo Health is a go-to blog that has a holistic appearance on healthy living, which has many articles on every subject about every health dimension. The health blog has different tips on which everyone can adopt when eating and the fitness tips which can be embraced.

They also publish articles on intellectual health, relational health, and other attractive topics that attract one to keep on reading.  You will get the daily briefing of every episode that has happened in the health sector, which encourages many people to visit the blog.

58. Greatist Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
You might think of the things you need to know about health, but you might take even a decade to guess what is on this site. Greatist focus on general wellness accompanied by special tips that vary from each other. It deals with articles of beauty, physical body fitness, and food recipes.

Other features, like workout videos, will guarantee you relaxed and well-developed muscles. Oral hygiene topic is also tackled in detail, keeping you in the know, on issues relating to oral health.

Greatist is the best health blog/blog related to health, which focuses its articles in a wide area of wellness topics, which include beauty, food, workout videos, and fitness. In these articles, you will find the amount of toothpaste you need to use and the playground of the workouts.

The workouts information will give you the way-out on how to carry out the physical exercise to improve body wellness. Also, there is more information which you will be engaged in always and things which you never knew about them in the field of health.

59. Wellness Today

Health Blogs to Read
This health-related health blog/blog is the affiliate of the Integrative Nutrition Institute, which has compiled the valuable resources on health for the readers. You can get articles that are handpicked, written in-house, credible articles from different websites.

This health blog works help to promote global healthy wellness and fitness and a shift of thoughtful dialogue in the community.  You will also get different information on types of foods like proteins and vitamins and their usefulness in the body.

60. The Balanced Life

Health Blogs to Read
Robin Long, who is the fitness instructor, has come with this health-related health blog/blog with the motto “Grace over guilt.” There are different barre and Pilates free workouts, which are designed by Robin Long to assist busy women who need at-home fit exercise during their regular duties.

The health blog offers many workout videos that act as a supportive membership community, and it is filled with intentional living tips and healthy recipes. There is a workout series that helps to meet fitness goals.

61. Fitting It All In

Health Blogs to Read
Fitting It All In is a blog that was launched by Clare, who was a medical student. Clare is a highly experienced trainer since she is a convalescent of an eating disorder.

On this health blog, women have an opportunity to interact with Clare and are able to recover from unhealthy body image. The blog also caters for mental health and diet management.

Fitting It All In is a blog that was started by a medical student by the name Clare after she recovered from the eating disorder. Typically, she is passionate about eliminating the stigma, which is around mental health and eating disorders.

Also, she aims at promoting recovery and healthy living for those people with unhealthy self-esteem and body image.  For women who need to recover their health, work with Clare, who is the certified universal health coach who loves to work with women.

62. Everyday Health

Health Blogs to Read
Everyday health is used to cover every form of health that you can imagine. In this site, different resources have varieties of illnesses and systems related to health issues.

The interesting thing about this health blog is that it has daily health tips and articles which offer emotional and mental health.

On the health blog, there are health tools such as meal planner, diabetes journal, and symptom checker, which make it easy to access every information in the right manner.

63. Yoga With Adriene

Health Blogs to Read
For those who believe that yoga is an invigorating part of their life, Yoga with Adriene will reignite their healthy living. Here, you will come across countless yoga videos at different intensities. Beginners need not worry since this health blog has a special exercise for everyone.

Individuals who are highly experienced in yoga also have a reason to smile on this site. Varied health scenario is tackled in a way that upgrades everyone’s healthy lifestyle. Workouts and gentle stretching provided here, will lower distress and ameliorate their digestive system.

When you want to reap many yoga benefits from the health plan, then Yoga with Adriene is the best health blog/blog related to health. On this health blog, many free yoga videos have different intensities for people at every level, which can be accessed there.

In Yoga with Adriene, there are yoga workouts for all health scenarios, which can be imagined starting from relieving stress to gentle stretching to kick-start digestion after a heavy meal.

64. Nutrition Stripped

Health Blogs to Read
Initially, McKel Hill had not yet discovered her calling until she landed in the field of nutrition. Over time, she has now escalated on the ladder of nutrition and dietetics in a great way.

McKel Hill is the founder of Nutrition Stripped, which is one of the leading websites that has caught the mind of the followers. Interviews on healthy living are carried out on this platform to improve your lifestyle.

There are also articles on diet and experiences meant to help your body function. For the kitchen enthusiasts, food recipes are readily available to guide you in preparation for your hearty meal.

McKel Hill, who is a nutritionist and dietician, found her calling in the field of nutrition suffering from lethargy and migraines. She came with this health-related health blog/blog as a way of encouraging the readers who experience such conditions. She does this through interviews, recipes, lifestyle articles, and accessible resources.

In this, she gives you the basics to help you enjoy the incomparable flavor and benefits of the whole foods, which is truly a healthy nature bounty.  With her articles, make you feel and look the best when preparing whole foods.

65. Sonima Health Blogs

Health Blogs to Read
Why Sonima blog? This is precisely your go-to health blog. It has countless special features that make it stand out.

First, the health blog is attractively designed with resourceful articles which suits your requirement. Information about healthy diet and how to conserve excess meal is readily available. For your mental fitness, yoga sessions await you to utilize them.

Whenever you feel distressed by daily activities or otherwise, Somina should be your refuge. What makes this health blog unique is the fact that it caters to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sonima is not only beautifully designed but also has many features of resources and articles on yoga, mindful living, and food. There is read up and at-home yoga sessions videos which you can tune in to get the right way of using the holiday meal leftovers.

When you want to reduce the stress, you can use this blog and also if you want to achieve body wellness, mental and physical freedom.

66. Mommypotamus 

Both old and young moms have been in search of a reliable pot of information. Their main aim is to raise healthy families. Mommypotamus is providing more than you can imagine.

Expectant mothers gain vital knowledge about their health, from the point of conception to the point of nursing the infants.

The life of pregnant moms is discussed in detail to enable them to make sound plans before delivery. For first-time mothers, you need no worries.

You will benefit from resourceful information concerning your health. Beauty, natural health, and sanitation are the elements that will stick you on this blog.

67. Happy Fit Mama 

This is one of the best blogs, especially for those who are interested in physical exercise. Are you an athlete who is inspiring to upgrade your talent? Find no other blog. Here you will interact with Angela, who is a Certified Exercise Psychologist.

You will have wonderful exercise sessions from outdoor to treadmills. Also, if you need a passionate running couch, look no further. Happy Fit Mama will provide you with all this, aiming to improve your ordinary exercise sessions. In addition, yoga and healthy baking are also part of the experience you will enjoy.

68. Avocadu Health Blogs 

At Avocadu, you will come across its founders Alex and Lauren. These two fellows decided to start this blog to enable people to understand facts about healthy living and avoid misleading fad diets. Under this blog, you will find food guides and recipes that will change your normal food preparation procedures.

The site guides your healthy eating and can also change your daily physical exercise timetable. There are also eye-catching videos that involve workouts to help you cater for your body fitness. Avocadu is a blog that checks on your general body wellness.

69. Life by DailyBurn 

Life by DailyBurn is a perfect blog that is run by DailyBurn. In this platform, you will find some organized hearty recipes which will be of great importance to your home kitchen. Looking for healthy gadgets article? Strain no further. Life by DailyBurn health blog has already discovered your need and has creatively made them for you.

What we have already discussed is not enough. Life by DailyBurn has not left out your mental health. A lot of information on mental health and sleep has been offered in detail. Anything to do with your holistic health living is provided to guarantee your achievement.

These were the best health blogs you can read for free. These blogs shares news and the latest information related to health. You can share the experience of using these blogs with us in the comment and tell any other health blogs that we should add in this article.




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