Top 55 Music Apps And Sites To Download Songs Legally In 2020

Best Music Apps And Sites To Download Songs Legally
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best music apps and applications you can use to listen to music for free. For ages, we have advanced, one thing that has remained unaltered and that is our love for music.

It is a fact among us that none of our acquaintances dislike music. They might like a different genre of music altogether but the common passion that we as human beings share is the music.

If we study ancient times, singers used to visit the courtyards of kings and emperors for amusement. Then as time passed humans developed a radio through which people could listen to music. Then came the gramophone followed by the tape recorder, cassettes, CDs, and DVDs.

But now in the 21st century, we have literally every musical piece, every song of our choice just a click away.

The age of technology and the internet has made everything extremely easy. If we like a song or a musical piece, the first thing that we do is to search the web to download it. Also, nowadays we have the luxury of apps that are dedicated to uploading music regularly.

The list of such apps is enormous, hence we have shortened the list and discussed the best apps for listening to music. Let’s have a look at the apps and their content.

1. Youtube Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
Youtube Music was released on the 12th of November 2015. Youtube Music is Google's big streaming service. Listening to music becomes easier with this. You can experience the best quality of video streaming music. Free users are ad-supported.

With premium, users can listen to ad-free music, download, and also they can listen to music in the background. In background play, you can actually listen to music with the device locked. It is available in almost all countries. Keeps track of your music and recommends playlist and songs according to it. Live concerts can be seen in this.

Youtube Music is available in Android devices, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos platforms offering the users with a plethora of music to explore. You just name the song and Youtube Music shall fetch that song for you to enjoy.

YouTube music is an ad-based music service which is free to download and use. If you are using the free version then there is no feature to surf for your favorite tunes offline. It has a large collection of music, remixes, and mash-ups available for free surfing.

You can try the app free for up to one month. This YouTube originated app also offers you the facility to go for live performances and many more. Like youtube it also provides you recommendations based on your choices and favorite tracks. In short, it is a complete package of your musical world.

2. Spotify Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
Spotify is one of the largest and the most common musical music app among music lovers. It was founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon on the 23rd of April 2006 and it was released on the 7th of October 2008.

Like YouTube, Spotify also has these unique features of providing you recommendations based on what you have searched for previously. These recommendations are weekly i.e. you will get recommendations of 30 songs per week.

If you get a subscription you can get offline access, listen to ad-free music, listen while you are offline, and can also stream on-demand.

It supports a radio-like experience with some unique features. You can also get a free membership but that will be ad-supported. Its on-demand features have made it the most popular site for surfing music with millions of paid users.

With the availability of the mobile application currently, there are 271 million users, out of which 124 million are paid users.

You can search for songs according to artists, songs, or podcasts. Sharing options are available on this, you can share your favorite song or playlist with your friend. It also has a sleep option.

Free users can only listen to music. The premium users pay $9.99 per month with which they can listen to songs ad-free, video streaming, offline usage, unlimited skips, HQ audio, and more. The cons in this area, it doesn’t have a live radio or lyrics.

3. JioSaavn Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
Founded and released in the year 2007 in the name Saavn by Rishi Malhotra (presently the CEO of JioSaavn), Vinodh Bhat (President of JioSaavn), and Paramdeep Singh (Executive vice-chairman of JioSaavn) the music app had acquired rights to over 50 million songs.

Although the emphasis is mainly on songs from Bollywood and English songs this music app is a host to songs from various parts of India in 15 different languages.

On the 23rd of March 2018, Saavn merged with JioMusic (a subsidiary of Reliance Industries) for US$1 billion. Although JioSaavn is a free service user can also subscribe to get premium facilities like ad-free music and music when offline.

A mobile application has been developed and released by the company which is supported by the iOS, Android, Google Home, Alexa, Windows OS platforms.

4. Pandora Media Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
The company was founded by Will Glaser, Jon Kraft, Tim Westergren in January 2000 in the name of Savage Beast Technologies.

With this website, you can create your own radio station that includes all the genres and artists of your choice as soon as you enter it on the site. It’s a great tool that recommends you, your favorite music according to your searches and feedbacks.

It offers two paid plans-plus and premium that is ad-free, you can also go for its free, ad-supported version. Plus version costs $4.99 per month whereas the premium version costs $9.99 per month.

The two versions have features according to their costs. The plus version has access to skips, replays for an unlimited time, it also has high-quality music. The premium version includes the plus features and download facilities and access to all the music collections.

Advertisement sponsored service. This strategy made the services free of charge for all the users.

As per April 2013, Pandora Media had a user base of 200 million with 70 million users active every month.

5. Yahoo! Music

Music Websites To Download Songs
Owned by Yahoo! And subsidized by Oath Inc a wide variety of services were provided by Yahoo! Music. Users who already had an account in Yahoo! Had access to tens of thousands of tracks organized by genres, artists, songs, albums.

Yahoo Music began as a music app and magazine under the name “LAUNCH”. Later Yahoo acquired LAUNCH Media in the year 2001 for US$12 million. Hence the music app was renamed to Yahoo Music.

Some of the products and services provided by Yahoo! Music are Profiles of artists, music videos and lyrics, Official coverage for Grammy Awards, Yahoo! Music Jukebox, Yahoo! Music Radio.
As of March 2007, in terms of audience engagement and time spent on the website, Yahoo! Music became the leader among all the online music sites.

6. Google Play Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
The service Google Play Music (a subsidiary of Google) was announced on the 10th of May 2011 and launched on the 16th of November 2011. While the product was in its beta version, Google invited users for using it for 6 months.

Well certified for being a google product, the app has a big collection of music, so that you can find your favorite music or artist immediately from this plethora. You can choose music from a wide variety of albums like new releases, Bollywood top 20, 90’s special, and many more. It also provides the facility to upload your legally owned music.

While some music can be surfed directly, some require a radio connection. You can also pay a subscription to get an ad-free experience.

To get a subscription you can pay $9.99 per month or you can also opt for a family plan (up to six members included) by paying $14.99 per month.

Available on Android, Android TV, iOS Google Play Music is a platform for streaming music and videos.

Google play music is one of the widely used apps worldwide. It has a bulk collection of the music library. You can actually search songs by favorite artists, radio stations, tracks, by visiting top charts, new releases,s and more. Most of the features are free and you encounter ads. You can ignore the ad with a premium. In premium, you also have a family pack.

By radio stations you can actually listen to songs by genres, decades, activities, moods, and so on. It just makes things easy. Access to major platforms even in ios.

If you are looking for a site for on-demand tracks this would be the best. Users can upload their own music. Quality of music is good and it allows all kinds of users to stores files up-to 50,000 tracks for free.

This music app not only just allows users to stream music but also offers the users with the option to upload their choice of music.

Furthermore, the paid Google Play Music subscription allows users to stream 40 million on-demand songs from the catalog. Also, the paid members of Google Play Music had access to Youtube Music Premium.

7. MySpace Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Founded on the 1st of August 2003 by Chris DeWolfe, Tom Anderson, Jon Hart MySpace was the music app for musicians to gather. Currently, Tim Vanderhook (CEO), Chris Vanderhook (COO) are the leading the company.

MySpace was once a popular social website. MySpace has relaunched itself to stream free music and video. Even now you can interact socially with this website. Tons of music are available in this. You can discover new artists and new tracks.

 Signing on the music app is not necessary for listening to music. You can search for songs based on genre, artists, or song name.

Maintains profiles for artists. Uploading songs is possible in this, but you have to sign in for doing that. Overall MySpace can be used for social networking and music streaming.

MySpace is a social networking music app for musicians to display their creativity and talent. The music app had a huge impact on pop culture. Here the musicians can also connect with budding musicians and build a fan following and can also sell their composed music.

MySpace was acquired by News Corporation in July 2005 for US$580 million. In the year 2006 MySpace became the most visited music app surpassing Google.

8. Last.FM Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
The music app was created by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel, Michael Breidenbruecker, Thomas Willomitzer, and Richard Jones and launched on the 20th of March 2002. is a cool website. It has around 60 million users. It can be used on any platform. It is good for both streaming and download. is integrated among Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, and so on. It is available in almost all countries.

The best feature in this is Audioscrobbler. The Audioscrobbler keeps track of the music you listen to and suggest music based on your liking.

Lastfm is a great platform to listen to free music. Being one of the first social networks and streaming services before other alternatives came along it is favored worldwide. Its special feature called “Scrobbles” tracks your favorite music and recommends you based on your search history.

It also gives you a recommendation of music based on the popularity that is it recommends those tracks that are highly in demand and are searched recently by the community.

Scrobbling is done on LASTfm but it does the same work of providing you recommendations just as some other services like Spotify, youtube music, SoundCloud do.

It does have free and premium users. For the subscription, you have to pay $3 per month. You can search for music based on the album, genre, artist, and more. You can also interact with people or friends.

Owned by Viacom CBS, this music app uses a music recommender system called the Audioscrobbler for storing users’ tastes and preferences in music. This helps to guide the users and suggest songs that they might like.

9. Daytrotter

Music Websites To Download Songs
Daytrotter is a subscription-based music discovery music app that was founded in March 2006 by Sean Moeller. As they claim themselves to be “the source for new music” Daytrotter records live music sessions with established as well as with upcoming musical bands.

The recorded tracks are uploaded on the music app or even the live sessions are streamed for the users to watch online.

With tens of thousands of music available in their database, users can literally spend the entire day listening to a new song after each song.

10. Hype Machine

Music Websites To Download Songs
The Hype Machine was created in 2005 by Anthony Volodkin. After developing the music app he sent the music app address to Lucas Gonze of Webjay to get feedback.

Instead of feedback Lucas Gonze posted the website’s link online and hene The Hype Machine was officially launched.

During the initial stages, the Hype Machine was a database for music. It was more like a mixture of Pandora Media and

Being a song aggregator, the music app uploaded music from mp3 blogs for the users to look up for the latest songs, create their own playlist, and buy the albums.

11. NPR Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
NPR Music is an American based privately and publicly funded project of National Public Radio. It was launched in November 2007 and has been a non-gaining media for its members.

NPR Music has diverse content on its music app with interviews, articles, reviews, songs, etc. all in one place.

Some of the programs contained in NPR Music are All Songs Considered presented by Bob Boilen, Alt. Latino presented by Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras, From the Top presented by Christopher O’Riley.

12. Soundcloud Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
SoundCloud was founded in August 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. Based in Berlin, Germany this music app is a platform for audio distribution and sharing music.

Sound cloud is also one of the famous websites. It has around 175 million users. It can be used on any platform. They have three types of users free, pro, pro unlimited. Free users can access only basic controls and music is ad-supported.

Sound cloud has a unique collection of music created by worldwide artists. You can refer to it as YouTube for music.

Again the free membership of sound cloud is ad-supported but you can also get an ad-free experience by switching to the premium plan sound cloud go+, it supports your ad-free environment with the offline facility of listening music. The premium plan can be bought at $9.99 per month.

As it provides an opportunity for various artists around the globe to upload their music with sound cloud pro, another premium plan of the service, you should invest a little more time searching for your favorite music. So, if you are looking for an acknowledged service for music than you should choose the option.

It does have lyrics for the tracks only if the artist uploads it. It provides an instant messaging service that allows artists to have interacted with fans. The cons in this area, it doesn’t provide a personal album for the playlist.

SoundCloud is one of the largest online music streaming service providers in the world with over 175 million users every month. The unique feature that separates this music app from others is that this music app acts as a platform for other musicians to showcase their skills.

13. Concert Vault

Music Websites To Download Songs

As the name goes this music app is a vault for all the concerts and live performances that have ever been held in the USA. It also allows the users to watch the live streaming of concerts.

Apart from living music concerts and archived music concerts the music app also hosts comedy as well as interviews with artists. Although the music app is just allowed for the paid members, the free trial period for a month can change your mind to opt for the paid subscription.

14. Stereomood Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Users named it as the “emotional radio”. Just as the name goes, Stereomood was a music app where users can listen to music as per their moods.

The algorithm of this music app was very accurate as the search results brought up correct data. For example, if a user is feeling extremely lonely then he/she just has to type the keyword “lonely” and songs will be fetched as per his/her feeling.

In this way, users could also explore other songs as per their moods. Users can also mark the songs as their favorites for future references.

15. This Is My Jam

Music Websites To Download Songs
An extremely simple idea that has led to making the lives easier for music lovers. You like a video you can share it for others or you can even upload your personal jamming videos for other users to like or comment.

The option to explore on this music app is more and just by a few clicks users can find themselves spoilt by choices. Users can follow other budding musicians and follow them for more music of similar choice.

16. Gaana Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Ganna being one of the best regional music apps is streaming worldwide. The app has a unique algorithm as it creates your desired playlists depending upon each individual's taste. Gaana is free to use, but you can also go for a premium plan that is Gaana+ which is the paid version of the app. Along with monthly one can also get an annual plan with the premium plan.

Depending on your internet and listening pattern, the app itself creates your playlist so that you can enjoy your favorite music without searching a lot, this is one of the most favored features of the app. Want an app that will automatically suggest you, your favorite tracks, then this is the best-fit app for you!

This is the largest commercial music streaming music app in India. Launched in April 2010, Gaana has a user base of over 150 million in a month.

Gaana is one of the fast-growing apps. It has been leading the Indian market by making 150 million users. Depending on your listening style it will create a curated playlist. Gaana has free and premium users. The best thing about this music app is, it provides lyrics of any song you need. It has a collection of 21 language music.

Free users are ad-supported and premium users have access to ad-free, offline download, unlimited songs, and HD music. It has radio streaming and also you can search for music based on genre, artist, album, and more.

The gaana application is available on Windows OS, Android, Mac OS, and iOS and has music and songs from various parts of India in 21 different languages.

17. Hungama Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Hungama Digital Media Entertainment was founded in the year 1999 by Neeraj Roy, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Hiren Ved, Ashish Kacholia, Lashit Sanghvi as an agency for online promotions.
Since the formation, the company has expanded its reach to distributing music from Bollywood and other Asian countries.

Hungama is South Asia’s largest digital media. Hungama is available in 47+ countries and has around 20 million users. Runs on the web, Blackberry, iOS, Windows, and some major platforms.

Listening songs becomes easier in this, you just have to select your mood and it suggests songs according to it. Has two version free and pro users.

With Pro, you can download unlimited songs, ad-free, and more. You can unlock pro with rewarded coins also. Online radio and lyrics of songs are available in this. The Loop songs, you hear will appear on top.

18. Discogs Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Created by Kevin Lewandowski the music app was launched in November 2000. Initially, Kevin Lewandowski planned to make the music app a database for electronic music.

But since January 2004, changes have been made to the plans and support of hip hop, Latin, rock, funky, blues, etc were added. Furthermore, Discogs started supporting the classical genre from June 2007 onwards.

Currently, Discogs is a host to 11.6 million releases by as many as 6 million artists in 1.3 million labels. The number of users as of January 2019 is recorded at 443,637.

19. Amazon Music

Music Websites To Download Songs
Amazon Music previously known as Amazon MP3 is developed by Amazon. The music app was launched on the 25th of September 2007to provide a free download of songs and also allows users to search songs by genres.

Initially, Amazon Music offered more than 2 million songs from 180,000 various artists in 20,000 labels. These labels included EMI Music and Universal Music Group. But these offerings were only limited within the US itself.

If you have Amazon prime in your phone then don’t worry about any other good music platform because Amazon prime music is here to help you fulfill your desire to listen to good quality music.

It features more than 2 million songs along with 2000 playlists and stations.  It is all ad-free for a prime member with features of unlimited skips and available for offline playback.

Even if you are not a prime member, it allows you to surf the platform but listen to top playlists and thousands of stations on ad-supported bases. Just dive into the apple app store and go to search for Amazon prime music from where you can enjoy your favorite music.

Listen to songs ad-free with unlimited skips and offline downloads. You can create your own playlist. Amazon also curates playlist by action, mood, or occasion. If confused about subscription, you can try it for free which is available only for the first 30 days.

20. Jamendo Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
Well known for having a large collection of digital service and free music Jamendo was founded by Pierre Gerard, Laurent Kratz, Sylvain Zimmer on the 1st of December 2004.

Subsidized by the Belgian companies Audio Valley and Independent Management Entity, the music app is an open community for all the music lovers.

Jamendo is a free streaming website. Downloading is free in this. Suitable only for independent music. If you are looking for mainstream tracks this is not the site. Well curated playlist for music explores and they are updated regularly.

The music in this is protected by the Creative Commons License, so downloading is safe in this site. It is a great site for an independent artist.

The presents itself as a platform for passionate music lovers and musicians who want to display their skills on this platform. Thus, allowing the upcoming artists to earn through the online platform rather than through licensing.

21. NoiseTrade Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Founded and launched in April 2008 by Derek Webb, Joe Kirk, Mark Nicholas, David McCollum, Brannon McAllister NoiseTrade is a global online audiobook.

NoiseTrade allows its users to upload their self made musical pieces and from there other users can just download the ZIP files for the songs.

22. iTunes Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
Developed by Apple Inc., it is another great app for playing music. With this apple app on your phone, you can download, play, and organize digital multimedia. The app allows users to optimize sound and share the iTunes library wirelessly.

ITUNES's basic focus is music, however, it has expanded its features and started to support digital video, podcasts, and e-books. So, it can be referred to as a music cum all-rounder app for users.

Itunes is one of those music apps that are designed to control by the users. You can search for your favorite music, surf for your beloved artists, and design your own library with your favorite tracks.

In the year 2003 when was the iTunes Store was launched, it was called the name iTunes Music Store. At that time users could buy as well as download songs of their choices from 200,000 tracks.
In October 2005, Apple Inc announced that users can now enjoy movies and TV shows through iTunes.

23. iMesh Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Released in the year 1999, iMesh was a music app for sharing media and files available in 9 different languages. Listening to DJ stations was the most unique feature that the users were entitled to on this website.

The users of iMesh were given access to over 15 million videos and songs. In the USA and Canada, users could opt for the Premium subscription or the ToGo subscription. Another option was provided to the users wherein they could purchase their choices of music for 99 cents.

24. MTV Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Launched on the 1st of December 1977, initially, MTV presented TV shows hosted by video jockeys.
Later with the development of the website, MTV gained a large user base and the users also got a platform from where they could get the music of their choices. The music is free for downloading without the need for a subscription.

25. Stereogum

Music Websites To Download Songs
Stereogum was founded in the year 2002 by Scott Lapatine. This music app is a type of online music magazine and this is what separates the music app from other music-related sites.

This music app emphasizes publishing news on music, interviews of artists, and reviews. This music app has received several awards such as the Plug Award, Entertainments Weekly’s best music app, and Blender’s Powergeek 25.

26. eMusic Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
eMusic was initially launched on the 8th of January 1998 in the name of GoodNoise Records. This music app is an audiobook and online music store which operates primarily on a 30-day subscription.
This online digital music store was the first music app to sell DRM (Digital Rights Management) free mp3 music and tracks.

The platforms on which eMusic is available are Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux. Currently, the music app can be accessed by users living in the European Union, the United States, Canada, Norway, Switzerland.

27. Unsigned Band Web

Music Websites To Download Songs
The Unsigned Band Web was founded by Ron Dillehay in 2004. The concept behind the music app is to provide a platform for musicians and bands who have not signed a contract with recording studios.
One of the most striking differences is that the users can interact with artists, rate, and share reviews about their music.

The music app has over 12,000 unsigned bands with more than 15,000 songs for the user base. Also, the music app has streamed over 11 million songs all over the world.

28. MP3

Music Websites To Download Songs
Launched on the 17th of December 1997 and operated by CNET Networks MP3 provided details about digital music, songs, artists, community, and technologies.

The music app was named after the popular music file format MP3. On this website, popular independent musicians could share their compositions and skills.

29. Epitonic Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
The music app was launched in the year 1999 and became the platform for both signed and unsigned artists of various genres.

The music app provides free mp3 file downloads, full album streaming, and streaming radio channels.
Epitonic managed to gather over 400 content from independent labels from various artists.

30. Pure Volume

Music Websites To Download Songs
The music app PureVolume was launched on Thanksgiving Eve of 2003. When the founder Brett Woitunski came to know about the CNET had planned to take mp3 offline. In that situation, the creators captured the market.

Previously known as Unborn Media, this music app was associated with uploading and streaming music as well as discovering and promoting new artists.

31. Free Music Archive Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
The music app was founded in the year 2009. Free Music Archive is one of the leading apps for uploading and storing royalty-free music.

In 2012 FMA organized a competition for creating videos by remixing contents from the FMA website.

In 2013 FMA organized another competition wherein competitors had to compose an alternative for “Happy Birthday To You” without any royalty. Monk Turner and Fascinoma won the contest.

32. Reverb Nation

Music Websites To Download Songs
ReverbNation was launched on the 31st of October 2006. The primary focus of this music app is on independent music. It also emphasizes on bridging the gap between the musicians and producers with venues for collaboration.

In December 2009, ReverbNation collaborated with Microsoft for the launch of a sponsorship program called Playlist 7. In this program, the best 7 artists would be promoted and will be given a chance to showcase their skills.

33. Songza Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
Songza was owned by Alphabet Inc on the 8th of November 2007. This music app allows users to stream music for free.

As claimed by the music app owners, this content of this music app was made by music experts. Users can get music as per their mood and time of the day. The playlists of Songza offered music from waking up to going to sleep.

Songza was acquired by Google on the 1st of July 2014 for an amount between US$ 15 million and US$ 39 million.

34. Live365 Music App

Music Websites To Download Songs
Founded in the year 1999, this music app is an internet broadcasting channel for radio stations. In this website, people can create and customize their own radio stations online or can also choose from the array of human-created radio stations.

The Live365 application is also available in iOS, Android, and branded devices such as Philips, Sony, Logitech, etc can also support Live 365.

35. iHeartRadio Music Site

Music Websites To Download Songs
The music app is owned by iHeartMedia and iHeartRadio was launched on the 1st of August 2008. The music app serves a free portal for broadcasting and streaming radio stations online.

The services provided iHeartRadio includes 250,000 podcasts, also offers recommendations for music, and also allows users to save and replay music from live broadcasts.

While most of the services and facilities are free, only the on-demand feature is available for the subscribed users.
iHeartRadio is also available on web OS and the Xbox 360.

iHeart Radio is completely a free streaming music service. Functions somewhat like pandora. Offers free radio and live stream. You can create your custom radio and it’s completely free. The sleep timer is present in this by which you can set the timing to turn off the music.

Plays tracks in the best audio quality and lyrics are also available. Can be used in all major platform. It has over 18 million songs and 400,000 artists.

You can pick songs by genre or location. Mainly used in the US and Canada. The best part of this is you get access to all features free.

On the 20th of April 2012, iHeartRadio was launched on iPad, and on the 8th of June 2012, iHeartRadio struck a deal to power Yahoo! Music.

36. Deezer Music App

Deezer is a great music app for streaming music. It has around 14 million subscribers and 56 million licensed tracks. Unfortunately, it is not available for many countries. You can choose songs by genres, radio stations, and fun pre-made mixes.

You can add music to your custom playlist and also share it with your friends. It can run on mobile, computer (windows, ios), smart tv and car systems. The web player is also available.

It is a French online music streaming service that allows users to listen to music content from record labels. Currently, Deezer is having more than 56 million tracks in its library and over 30,000 radio channels.

Deezer has a huge library tracks. The app has a free account and a subscription account. The subscription account is split into Deezer premium which costs $10 a month which gives you access to over 40million songs.

Its record labels include Music group, Sony Music, and Warner music too. If you are finding an international music app that is both precise and well-liked than Deezer will be appreciated by you.

It does have free and premium users. Free users are ad-supported and also have limited skips. The premium pack is for $99 per month and for the first month you can try it for free.

37. Tidal Music App

Tidal is completely based on subscription. Tidal supports high fidelity service. It has 3 million subscribers and it provides lossless quality. It has around 60 million tracks and 240,000 video track. However, for the first 30 days, you can try it for free.

It is a platform for emerging stars. Tidal opts for one band every week for exposure. Tidal has live streams concert based on-demands. It presently available in 40+ countries.

If you are looking out for good quality music, you should go to tidal. Of course, you should have good internet.

If you love to listen to high definition music videos and exclusive content with special features than go for Tidal. It provides you music, podcast, and video streaming services right in a click.

Tidal claims to have a collection of 60 million tracks with 240,000 music videos. It offers a 30-day free trial and after that, you can apply for a subscription to continue all the amazing features of the app.

38. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio or live life is a radio streaming website. It is more like pandora. It suggests a curated music station. You will explore, internet radio stations with this.

Slacker allows users to upload their album. The best in this is, it allows free users to listen to unlimited songs.

But, they have to endure the ads which come after 5-6 songs. With premium, it is ad-free, unlimited song skips, on-demand, offline music, and some more features. Disastrously it is available only in us and Canada.

39. TuneIn Music App

TuneIn is also one of the free streaming websites. You don't even have to sign in for listening. Runs on a major platform. Consists of various collections from religious to rock. It has 60 million active users. The corporation name has been changed as Airable in November 2019.

Presently it has 22 language tracks. Other than music you can also browse Sports, audio-books, talk genre, or news. Songs can be pulled on the artist, location, language, and more.

If you want to add your favorite radio, you got to sign in for that. It does have an ad-free premium package and the first 30 days are free.

40. Apple Music App

Apple music library gives one access to over 40million songs. The music app gives you access to any song and from any artist of your choice. While using the app it gives you no problem while swapping it from either saved song or radio. The app is available for android and iOS.

Apple Music provides other content like documentaries and concerts which you may find it good. This music app provides a subscription account only which costs $5 for student sub, $10 a month for individuals, and $15 for family options. New members are given a three-month free offer.

Apple Music is a website/app which streams music and video. Initially, it was only for apple user but now it can be used in major platforms. Streams 60 million songs. The bonus point in this is the Beats 1 radio. The 24/7 live radio has a characteristic curated playlist by popular DJs.

It has great service in On-demand streaming music. Like the other apps and apps apple music also recommends music based on your listening. It has a “For you” section where you get the recommended curated playlist. If you are an iOS user, this is the best streaming app you can ever have.

41. Dash Radio

Dash Radio is another free streaming music app with Internet radio. With this, you can listen to songs ad-free. Runs on Amazon, Google device, and major platform. Search music by genre and add to your dashboard, so that you can easily access it in the future.

Sharing can be done on social media. It has over 80 original radio stations. Stations are curated by DJ, Radio Personalities, musicians, and music taste-makers.

42. SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast is also an Internet radio website. It has around 89000 stations. Runs on all major platforms. It is not only a streaming site, but you can also create your own stations. For running your stations, you would require a web host with sufficient bandwidth.

Music can be pulled from genre, stations, or artists. Video streaming is also present in this. You can discover a variety of genres, new artists, Old or new favorites, and more.

43. Mix Cloud

Mix Cloud is a Crowdsourced website.  If you feel like listening to music for long hours, this is the best site to go. Search songs by genre, artist, or stations. Get to explore radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts by passionate creators.

You do have live streaming in this. Creating your playlist is possible in this. Mixcloud runs on iOS, Android, and even on Smart TVs or Apple tv. For ad-free listening, you can subscribe to it at $2.99 per month.

It is a popular British online music streaming service. Mixcloud offers listening, distribution of shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts worldwide. It offers a legal streaming service with artists and creators owning their creations. Currently, Mixcloud is having about 17 million users. If you want to get a pro account on Mixcloud it cost about $15 per month.

44. Jango Music App 

Unlike other streaming apps that charge a fee, Jango radio is absolutely free. The app gives you access to browse music, create your own station, and explore by categories. Jango radio gives you an ability to share the station with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Jango is a free streaming music site. Makes listening easy. You get access to songs without sign in. Jango is available worldwide. Recommends various playlists based on activity or mood. Service can be accessed through a web or app or smartphone.

Users can create a custom radio station. Can discover new music and new artists in this and you can also rate songs. Uniqueness in this is, users can listen to your radio station and you can listen to theirs.

45. Accu Radio

Accu Radio is another free streaming website. It is a multichannel Internet radio. Grasp two million users per month. Accu radio is accessible internationally. As you land on the music app you are free to access.

Click on any artists or genre on the homepage or you can browse your song and start listening. It is ad-supported but you have unlimited skips which other sites don't offer for free users. Usable in major platforms. If you want fewer commercials, you can sign up for a totally free account.

46. 8 Tracks Music Site

8 Tracks music app can be considered as a blend of a social networking site and Internet radio. Uses magnetic-tape technology which was popular in the US around the 1960s. It’s quite an interesting site.

Unlike other website, users here creates a curated playlist which must contain at least  8 tracks and get to share their creation with the world.

You can also listen to other user’s playlists. Subscription-based is also available(8 tracks plus) which is free for 14 days. Free streaming is provided in radio style.

47. Wynk Music App 

Wynk assures ad-free music for free users. It offers 1.7 billion Indian and  International tracks. Has two subscription versions Wynk plus and Wynk freedom.

Wynk Music offers its services to Airtel users. Although, anyone can enjoy the free version of the app. It has a unique feature of using a lesser amount of data while you are streaming music and podcasts with your own mobile data.

The app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Wynk has a huge collection of music tracks with over 1.8 million songs across India and the world. You can get music according to your mood directly on the app. It also has a premium plan that is wynk plus plan, where you can enjoy unlimited downloads and offline play the songs just at Rs. 99 per month.

Wynk also streams through Internet Radio. You can download songs in mp3 format and the quality of the track is also good. But downloading can be done only with a subscription. Runs on iOS, Android, or web.

Widely used in India and free subscription is given for airtel users. The radio station is based on mood, religion, retro, action, and more.

48. Streamsquid

Streamsquid is a free streaming website. Streams music via Youtube, Soundcloud, and other legal platforms. Streamsquid is a relaunch of Grooveshark. Tracks are categorized by genre and radio. Allows to create own playlist and it is ad-free for free users.

Suggest tracks according to your liking just like other websites. You access recent tracks from history. Lets you to share the playlist with your friends and also to get hold of your friends playlist.

49. Audio Mack

Audio mack has a streaming service that enables you to know playlists from genres, hor songs, and new songs. It has over 4 million tracks. Songs are arranged into a variety of playlists. When listening to the song of your choice, the app allows you to comment on the song, also you can save or download the song so that you can listen to it later. Audio mack gives you a free account or a subscription account. The subscription account costs you $5 a month. Available for iOS and Android.

Audio Mack is quite popular among the young generation. This music app is good for both streaming and download which is absolutely free.

Runs on all major platforms like iOS, Android, web, and more. Browse music by songs, artists,s, or album. The categorization section is categorized as Top songs, trending, top albums, and playlist.

In trending music, you can also search based on the genre which makes it easier to know what is trending in your favorite genre. Has user friendly-interface as Soundcloud.

50. CCTrax 

CCTrax is entirely a free music app because it is available as Creative Common Music. You get access to all features without even creating an account. The music app is safe for downloading.

The layout of the music app is beautiful, where you can browse music according to license, labels, genre, and artist. Tracks are categorized into Electronica, Dub, Techno, House, and more. One of the best options in this,  you get to download a whole album at one time.

51. Sound Click

Sound Click is the best music app for downloading music freely. All though it is a downloading website, it is not user friendly like another website.

The tracks are cluttered a bit. It does have some cool features such as custom radio stations, interacting with listeners on a forum and also get information about your favorite artist.

The E-card is a special feature in this, in which you can send wishes to anyone on their birthdays or any occasion with text and you can also add background music to it.

52. Audio Archive 

Audio Archive is a great music app for both listening and downloading. The library consists of 2 million audio files. Live streaming, radio stations, audio-books, podcasts are also available in this site, which you can access freely.

As another website, this is not categorized, but you can filter songs according to language, creator, media type, and more.

You get to download even global mainstream tracks free.

As I mentioned earlier the need for music is insatiable. The more you listen, the more you look to explore. The aforementioned list of music apps will help to choose the best and make your music journey adventurous and smooth.

53. Saregama Music App

Saregama offers you the opportunity to listen to music or even download the tracks at a minimal cost. Like other music apps and services they also offer premium membership plans through which one can order DVDs and VCD’s at home.

The music app is an iconic collection of old and new songs. It’s retro and evergreen hits will surely move you to another world.

Saregama has also launched its savegame caravan audio service where you can enjoy 5000+ old songs and radio-like experience by just paying nuts. Its caravan version is literally a boon to all who love to listen to old Indian music.

54. Raaga Music App

Raaga is an Indian music streaming service. It provides your songs, podcasts, and videos in various languages. It includes several regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and more. It has many genres like Hindustani classical music, Carnatic music, and others.

However, the site is free to use it is ad-supported. Over time the site has also started to venture its original content including music and shows. It is a great site for all the users who love Indian music.

55. Shazam

It is another blistering app by Apple Inc. for music after Apple music, but the best part is it is free of cost. Along with music, you can also enjoy a variety of movies, advertising, and television. Like many other apps and websites, it also gives you recommendations based on your all-time history.

The software is available on several platforms including IOS, watchOS, tvOS, etc. However, the app does not pick up live remixes, still being an apple product it is recommended.

It has its own database of songs. Its working principle is somehow different from other apps as it creates a fingerprint of the searched song and searches for the song in its database with the help of the fingerprint.

There are some of the best music apps and apps you can use to listen to music. We have tied our best to make this list of music websites. Share your experience of using these apps and apps within the comments.




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