50+ Best Fun Websites On The Internet You Can Visit When Bored 2020

Amazing Fun Websites On Internet To Visit When Bored
Hello, in this article we have shared the list of fun Websites on the internet to visit when Bored or wants to spend your free time.

These websites are going to be the best place on the internet kill time and every one no matter what's age will definitely be going to enjoy these fun websites.

1. Weirdorconfusing 

Weirdorconfusing - fun websites
You can visit this fun website and then a pink button saying "Please' to open a link on eBay where you will be going to find something weird or confusing.

Every time you will be going to click on the button, a new link will be opened where you will be going to find another weird thing that you can buy from eBay. You should try this and let us know which wired thing you got.

2.  TED 

TED - fun websites
TED is one of the most popular websites which share quality content like blogs, images, and video. You can visit the TED's YouTube channel and subscribe to their channel to get the notifications of new videos from TED.

On the TED website, you can find the videos from your interests like videos of Technology, Science, Design, Nature, Society, and many more popular topics.

You can log in to this website and share your own ideas with the world through this website and if you want to know more about the TED then you can see there about us page.

3. The Secret Door

The Secret Door - fun websites
You can visit this fun website to explore the amazing places on the earth by using the Google map. You just have to click on the door and this website will find any random place you can explore.

All the places shown are scanned in #D and you can see every detail about that site.

You can click on the arrow to move forward, backward, left, or right. This website also shows the location of the site so that you can actually visit that place in the real world in case you liked that place.

4. Stinkmoji

Stinkmoji - fun websites
You can create cool looking movies with Stink moji. You need to visit this website and then open your camera so that it can scan your face. After the scan is completed you have had to follow the instruction given by this website.

You should also read the article on fun AI-based websites to see the fun thing that artificial inelegance is doing on the internet.

You can share the gifs or the images of your emoji with your friends. You can create fantastic emojis with a facial expression like happy, surprised, and others to share with others. You can choose a different character as per your requirement.

5. Arbitrary Awards

Arbitrary Awards  - fun websites
Did you know that 97% of 80% of companies pay for awards? Well, if you did, that’s amazing because you can make up that stat.

You will be awarded some lines that you would love to hear whenever you will going to open these fun websites.

You can click on the button "I want a new reward" to get the news lines or you can click on the bottom left to share.

6. Tis TV 

Tis TV - fun websites
The Innovation Station is a global platform presenting the best videos on social and technological innovation. The content comes from innovators, their supporters, and from the partners of this fun website.

From then and from you as you can log in to this website to create your account and add videos to this website and then others. There are many surprising videos related to tech. This is one of the best fun websites to kill time.

You can see the article in Google fun trick that you can perform on Google to get unexpected search results.

7. Animade

Animade - fun websites
You can create your own Frankenstein on this website by using the tool provided to you. Just click on the "Play with Frienkinsim" to start something like the game where you can use the eye, nose, brain, heart, and other organs to create a frienkinsim that is alive.

This only one of the fun websites created by graphic designers.

You can see the Frankenstein that you have just created in X-Rays, Fullscreen, or in myopia. But first of all, you have to take the sperm and then place it inside the file logo with the help of the mouse.

8.  Aulpiny

Aulpiny - fun websites
Aulpiny is a website created in mid-2018 which share amazing pieces of content related to tech, gadgets, app, and other similar kinds of thing. You are currently on this fun website.

You can see all the content on this website by going to its home page where every new article is listed or you can subscribe to Aulpiny so that you never miss and newly published article. You can even share your content on this website and we will publish it without any cost.

9.  Oddee 

Oddee - fun websites
Oddee is a website that has a huge collection of odd things that might surprise, shock, or even scare you. The articles are available for free in the form of blog post., lists, and images.

You can log in to this website and see these odd things a=or share any odd thing on this fun website. We are sure you will be going to love this weird website and share this website with your friends.

10. Calmingbrits

Calmingbrits - fun websites
Keep Calm And Let the Fine British and Irish Folks Soothe Your Nerves. None of the calming men or women actually utter the phrases that are accompanied by their image.

Thee images are edit in suck a way that just wishes they did.

Yes, we are aware that Irish people are not in fact British. Calmingbrits is a site where you can find funny or some time surprising gifs. This can be one of the best fun websites to visit when bored.

11. The Useless Web

The Useless Web - fun websites
This fun website is similar to the site that we have seen before i.e Weirdorconfusing. The tigs that make this fun website different from the Weirdorconfusing is that this website opens the link to some other fun websites every time you click on the link. This is the best way to describe this website.

12. Bored Panda

Bored Panda - fun websites
Bored Panda is a kind of site that share article on topics like nature, fashion, history, blogs, and many other interesting topics.

We are sure you will be going to love this boring website. This website also shares the content in the form of photographs, videos, etc. You can register on this website and ad your stories to this website.

13. One Tiny Hand 

One Tiny Hand - fun websites
On this website, you can find images of famous personalities with tiny hands. The original hand is replaced with a hand of a child by editing the images.

You might find these images funny. The slogan of this website is "ONE TINY STEP FOR HANDS, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND."

14. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty - fun websites
You will be going to find a thing which is black and straight but it is flexible. You can move these things by hovering the pointer of your mouse on the telly.

If you will be going to hover the mouse over the gelly very fast then the sudden screen will start flashing.


GIPHY - fun websites
You can find any type of gif in the GIPHY, you just have to enter the keyword in the search bar and this fun website will show present a large number of funny gifs for you. You can share or download these gifs for free.

At home, page gifs are arranged in the order of dates and the trends. You can get the gifs from a category also.

16. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal - fun websites
Oatmeal is a fun website where you can read the comics for free. All the article on this website is present in the form of images and drawing.

You can read the article from topics like cats, grammar, food, tech, and animal. You can buy books, shirts, cups, and other items from this website. Oatmeal can be another best fun website to visit when bored.

17. Reddit

Reddit - fun websites
Reddit is a social media website where you can create your own Reddit account and share your own images, videos, text, thought and other.

You can upload any post if you liked that post and wants to see that post on the top or you can downvote to suppress any post.

18. Unsplash 

Unsplash - fun websites
If you find the full HD images or wallpaper for your phone then you should visit this site. There are all kinds of wallpapers present for free and you can use them for any purpose as the images are copyright free.

Unsplash shares ten images every week. You can upload your own images and share your amazing images with the world.

You can read the article on the best wallpaper website to see and download beautiful wallpapers for free and without sign in.

19. Gravity Point

Gravity Point - fun websites
Whats to learn how gravity actually works? then this fun website can be the best choice for you. You just have to click on the screen to create a black hole and attract all the tiny particles toward that black hole.

You can click on the black hole to make it larger and increase its gravitational force so that it can attract more and more particles.

You can create more than a more black hole and if you will keep clicking on the blackhole then the black hole will going to collapse and all the particles will be scattered.

20. Two Kinds Of Peoples

Two Kinds Of Peoples - fun websites
There are only 2 kinds of people in this world, those that find this blog hilarious and those that have no sense of humor whatsoever.

2 Kinds of People is an award-winning blog and coffee table book that uncovers the everyday differences between us.

21. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur

You can use this website to make amazing sound effects by using some natural sounds like rain, thunder, winds, radio, and many other sounds effect. So, go to this website now and make your music with the help of these effects.

You can adjust the volume of the sound and the intensity for each sounds effect. The Soft murmur app is also available on the Google play store and app store for free. Surely, you will go to love this fun website.

22. A Good Movie To Watch

A Good Movie To Watch
Agoodmovietowatch is home to highly-rated but often little-known movies and shows on popular streaming services. Curated by humans, not algorithms.

The movies recommended by this website are personally watched by humans and rated accordingly. We have tried this website for a week and then we have recommended this fun website.

The movie is selected from websites like Netflix, Amazon, and other movie sharing websites.  You can find the trending movies, latest movies, best movies, and you can even watch a movie according to your mood like dramatic, intense, slow, Sunday, and other.

We have created an article on the best website to stream the movie online for free. You should check out this article as we have put very hard work into creating this article and we are sure you will be going to love these movie sites.

This website shows you the ratings and the small description of the movie so that you can get the idea about the movie before watching it. This can be the best place on the internet to find a perfect movie to watch online.

23. Child's Own

Child's Own

Child's Own founder, Wendy Tsao, is a mother herself who fell in love with the creativity of her children. From their doodles and drawings, Wendy put her craft skills to good use and started crafting plush creations of these pictures.

It wasn't long before the concept caught on and hundreds of families were excited to bring their children's (and their own!) creations to life.

Wendy grew the Child's Own studio, working with a team of talented artisans who shared her love, care, and attention to detail.

Today, Child's Own custom-made Softies are loved and treasured around the world by imaginative kids and the young at heart.

24. The Onion 

The Onion
The onion is an American news sharing website where you can read the news for free. All the news on this website is categorized under politics, the latest news, sports, entertainment, and the opinion.

This website also shared the videos like the onion info clips, 5 things, and other interesting videos.

The Onion is the world’s leading news publication, offering highly acclaimed, universally revered coverage of breaking national, international, and local news events.

Rising from its humble beginnings as a print newspaper in 1756, The Onion now enjoys a daily readership of 4.3 trillion and has grown into the single most powerful and influential organization in human history.

25. Lifehacker 

LifehackerLifehacker is the website that shares the articles having some information that can help its users as the name of this website indicates.

You can learn how everything should be done to make things better than before. You can get the tips and tricks on any topic on this website and you can also share the information on this website.

26. Mix


Curate and share the best of the internet. Mix learns what you love to show you even more. On this website, you can share the best things on the internet with your friends and see the other things are by the users of the mixed website.

The mix is created by the Stumbleupon You can join the thousands of topics and earn referral trficsThrought the Mix's community.

To know more about the fun things that you can do the internet read the article written on our website.

27. Space


​Space is a Website of Future plc. Use by you of this Website and any other websites operated by Future and its group companies, together with all associated servers and all of the functions on or in or available from this fun Website or any other Future Site or the Servers (including, without limitation all chat forums, bulletin boards or other forms of communication) is subject to the following terms and conditions.

If you are curious to know more about the space than you should visit this fun website.

28. I Need A Prompt

I Need A Prompt

You can form an English sentence on this fun website by using the grammar. You can choose what things you need in a sentence like a sentence should have an adjective, noun, verb, location, and other elements. This can be the best place to learn English grammar.

29. Wait But Why

Wait But Why
This fun website shares the article containing the scratches which may sometime look funny. You can get to read a new article every Thursday and Wednesday.

The aim of the website is to Getting yelled at by people who think he thinks he’s an expert on things he writes about Getting scolded by people for using profanity in writing Passionately underestimating how long each post will take to do Trying for 75 minutes to fix this table so the two columns are the same width because WordPress hates happiness

30. Canva


According to us, Canva is the best tool available online for free to make amazing images, infographics, and presentations for free. You can create your free account by on Canva can start creating graphics online for free.

You can use the Canva templets and modify them according to your wish. There is a huge collection of free images available to use on your project.

Making graphics super easy with Canva and we are using this tool to make the images for our fun websites.

31. Wikipedia

We all know Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites where any can find the knowledge or information about anything.

This information on Wikipedia is free and available for everyone. You can read an amazing article in your language on any topic.

If you love reading and want to know about everything then this can be the best website. Wikipedia is the 5 most visited website on the internet.

You can use this fun website to read the article as well as write the article or edit the article present on this website.

32. Quick Draw

Quick Draw
This fun
website is the best for those who love to draw. You can visit this website to draw the things given to us by the computer in 20 seconds.

The first computer will tell you what you have to draw and then you will be having the 20 seconds to draw a thing similar to the thing given by the computer. The computer will keep on telling you about the appearance of your growing.

You can use tools like erasers and if you are unable to draw the object then you can skip that drawing and start the new one. You can use this website to draw fast and improve your drawing. This website actually uses AI to identify your drawings.

33. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer
As you can see in the image above, this website looks like it is the site that is used by hackers. But this not true, you can use this fun website to act like you know to hack and you are trying to hack someone's device.

You have to just press and key and a small part of the code will be written automatically.

You have to just keep on pressing the keys on the keyboard and a large code will be written down by the computer itself and after some time a message will be going to appear on the screen that the access is denied to the device you were trying to hack.

34. Is It Christmas

Is It Christmas
This is a simple website with no element than the large word which can "Yes" or "No". This website tells us that today is Christmas or not.

If you will visit this website on the 20 October or on any other date except 25 October the message will be "NO".

As you can see in the image about. NAHIN is a Hindi word which means "NO". This message is written in Hindi because we have visited this website from India.

35. Online Tone Generator

Online Tone Generator
How high can you hear? This 60-second tone helps you determine the highest frequency your ears can detect.

The range of human hearing is typically quoted as being from 20-20,000Hz, but age and prolonged exposure to loud sounds can significantly lower your ability to hear high frequencies. For best results, perform the test at a comfortable volume in a quiet environment and using good quality headphones.

Feel free to add your result to the comments below, indicating your age and whether you've been exposed to loud sounds throughout your life.

Please note, due to a large number of uncontrollable variables involved here, this is not a scientifically rigorous test, but a rough indicator.

!! Always make sure headphones/speakers are set to a low volume to avoid damage to hearing or equipment. When the tone becomes too faint to hear, stop the test: do not increase the volume of your headphones/speakers.

36. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer
On this cool website, you have to keep your mouse pointer anywhere on the screen. After this website will find out the location of the pointer on the screen and it will generate an image of the person pointing toward the pointer on the screen.

Every time you will be going to move the pointer on the screen the website will be going to take some time to find out the location of the pointer on the screen after that it will be going to generate a new image of the person posting toward the new position the cursor on the screen.

You will be going to find so funny peoples who are point towards a point on this fun website.


Actionable lessons from the world's greatest thinkers and doers make the Big Think audience smarter, faster. Big Think experts are at the top of their field or disrupting it.

The world's largest archive of lessons from the people changing how we work, live, and experience.

Unbiased, trusted, and reliable. Millions of users seek us out, including thousands of experts inside the Big Think network.
38. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

You can visit this website when you are in stress and wants to relax for 2 minutes. After visiting, this website you have to do note for two minutes.

You have not to touch the keyboard or the mouse. A sound effect of the beach will be played in the background to make it fell calm.

39. Forgotify

Millions of songs on Spotify have been forgotten. Let’s give them a new life in new ears. Millions of Spotify songs had been played only partially or never at all.

A musical travesty, really. So this fun website has set out to give these neglected songs another way to reach your earholes, and Forgotify was born.

40. Wizard World Digital

Wizard World Digital
Wizard World Digital is a partnership between warner brothers and Pottermore, delivering the official updates and the products from the Wizarding world and its partners.

Digital experts from the Pottermore have teamed up with clever folks from warner brothers and they have been adding experienced creativity and innovators to the team from all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

41. How Stuff Works?

How Stuff Works?
HowStuffWorks got its start in 1998 at a college professor's kitchen table. From there, they quickly grew into an award-winning source of unbiased, reliable, easy-to-understand answers, and explanations of how the world actually works.

Today, their writers, editors, podcasters, and video hosts share all the things they are most excited to learn about nearly 30 million visitors to the site each month.

42. MUBI

There are always 30 hand-picked films to watch or download. From forgotten gems to the festival-fresh cinema. From cult classics to award-winning masterpieces. Within the 30 there are specially programmed smaller curations.

These include double features, filmmaker retrospectives, spotlights on major film festivals, and long-running themes. Cinema should be viewed on screens of all shapes and sizes.

Curators scour film festivals for the most exciting and original new films, which they release to the big screen with the same care and attention that they give to their curated platform.

43. WikiHow

Why should you choose wikiHow first? Because they put their hearts into giving you the most helpful how-to guides on the Internet.

Most publishers have just one lonely author crank out an article and call it good. In contrast, the average wikiHow article has been edited by 23 people and reviewed by 16 people.

You should also read the article on a very useful website, you can use the website mentioned in the article to make your day to day work easier and faster.

44. Down for Everyone or Just Me 

Down for Everyone or Just Me
This site checks if a website is down for everyone or just you.

For example, if you can’t load or login to Facebook you can check if Facebook is down here and we will tell you if it is down when our servers check.

This can be handy to know if the problem is with everyone or just something with your ISP or local area.

45. CBR Comic

Crb comic - fun websites
CBR (formerly Comic Book Resources) was founded in 1995 and quickly became the go-to source for comics industry news, discussion, and community. Over two decades, the site has amassed a readership of 60 million-plus users, including 75 thousand members of the CBR community forums.

Our goal is to supply anyone interested in comic books, superheroes, and geek entertainment with information and resources that will provide a greater appreciation and investment in the medium (whether you’re a lifelong comic book enthusiast or a casual superhero movie fan).

Despite mixed backgrounds in publishing, journalism, and creative writing, CBR editors, writers, and contributors have one thing in common: a passion for the comics industry.

CBR also has the honor of publishing columns and features from the most well-known names in comics, writers, artists, and publishers, including Warren Ellis, Erik Larsen, Steven Grant, Robert Kirkman, Gail Simone, and Mark Millar, to name a few.

46. BuzzFeed 

BuzzFeed  - fun website
BuzzFeed is the world’s leading independent digital media company, which leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally.

There massive cross-platform network includes. BuzzFeed Originals, which creates articles, lists, quizzes, and videos; BuzzFeed Media Brands, which comprises a portfolio of identity-driven lifestyle brands including Nifty, Goodful, As/Is, and Tasty, the world’s largest social food network.

BuzzFeed Studios, which produces original content across broadcast, cable, SVOD, film, and digital platforms; and BuzzFeed News, which includes world-class reporting and investigative journalism.

The company also includes BuzzFeed Commerce, which develops products and experiences, as well as licensing and other strategic partnerships.

47. XKCD

XKCD - fun website
He is just this guy, you know? he is a CNU graduate with a degree in physics. Before starting xkcd, he worked on robots at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia. As of June 2007, he lives in Massachusetts.

In my spare time, he climbs things, opens strange doors, and go to goth clubs dressed as a frat guy so he can stand around and look terribly uncomfortable. At frat parties, he does the same thing, but the other way around.

48. Zillow 

Zillow  - fun websites
Zillow is one of the best websites you can use to find the property for yourself. With its free tool, you can find the best properties near you faster on the website. You can see this article on the best website to find the best property online.

It starts with Zillow's living database of more than 110 million U.S. homes - including homes for sale, homes for rent and homes not currently on the market, as well as Zestimate home values, Rent Zestimates and other home-related information.

Zillow operates the most popular suite of mobile real estate apps, with more than two dozen apps across all major platforms. Zillow launched in 2006 and is headquartered in Seattle.

49. Supercook

Supercook - fun websites
Do you have only a few ingredients at home and don’t know what to make? Supercook is a recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you currently have at home.

Supercook has indexed hundreds of thousands of recipes, so no matter what ingredients you have, Supercook has you covered.

For best results, make sure to tell Supercook about every ingredient you have at home.

The more ingredients you add to Supercook, the better the recipes will be! Supercook is also a practical way to save money. Take full advantage of the ingredients you already have, and naturally buy fewer groceries.

50. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy - fun websites
Apartment Therapy is a home and decor site, designed to inspire anyone to live a more beautiful and happy life at home.

Launched in 2001 by interior designer Maxwell Ryan (nicknamed “the apartment therapist”) as a weekly newsletter for clients, Apartment Therapy officially became a media company in 2004 and has since grown to become a leading source of design inspiration and tips for real people looking for real-life decor solutions through a fascinating look into how people from around the country live at home.

Through a combination of expert advice, shopping guides, and DIY how-to’s, it’s our mission to show how people are making their own homes more beautiful with unstaged and true-to-life tips and photos for range of budgets.

Every day we feature a new House Tour – submitted directly by our readers showing real imagery (i.e. without professional styling and photography) of homes of all sizes and styles built on budgets big and small, to show the way we live today.

Capturing the inspiring ideas and solutions in these one-of-a-kind spaces, along with the people and life that takes place within them, we show how our readers can create their favorite looks in their own homes.

51. Netflix

You can use this fun website to watch movies, episodes,s, and web series online. These fun websites can ve the best place to watch all the latest movies.

The best thing about his website is that the content on this website is based on your language and your country. So is you are living in the United States then the content will be based on as per your country.

There are many Netflix original web series you can watch once creating your account on his fun website.

These were the best fun websites where you can visit when you are felling bird. We are sure these websites can replace your boredom with joy. You can tell which one was your favorite fun website and if you know any other website than you can share with us.




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