23 Smartphone Security Tips to Protect Your Phone 2021

Smartphone Security Tips
Hi, in this article we have shared the best smartphone security tips you can follow to safely use your smartphone.

After buying a smartphone or device that we need in our daily life for storing confidential and important information like financial information, important contacts, and files, or family photos.

We need to think about smartphone security as it has much useful information stored in it that can be used against us if it reaches to wrong hands.

Smartphone security is now becoming very important than ever before as there is the issue of malware, which can gain access to your smartphone through the apps you download from the unsafe website.

There is a threat that your personal information like your account password can be stolen via smartphone hacking.

Now, you can understand the requirement of smartphone security. Here are the best smartphone security tips to protect your smartphone.

1. Apps Verification

Enable Apps Verification in Your Smartphone
There is a feature present in every smartphone that will help you in disallowing or warn you before the installation of apps that may cause harm to your Android smartphone.

This feature of the Android smartphone will help you in identifying the apps that can cause unwanted functions on your smartphone. 

This smartphone security tip can of great use if you are installing apps from different sources.

To enable this feature on your smartphone go to Settings > Security Device Administration > Enable Unknown Source.

2. Set Screen Lock

Use a Powerful Screen Lock
If you are using a swipe to unlock then you need to change this lock as soon as possible because this type of screen look is not that much more secure.

You can use other types of the screen looks as Pattern, Pin, Face Unlock, or Fingerprint Lock as these types of passwords are highly secure as compared to swipe to unlock.

To set a secure Lock Screen you have to go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock. Now, you can select and set the best type of screen lock for your Android smartphone.

However, the ways of setting a password may vary from smartphone to smartphone, but the level of smartphone security will be almost the same in all the devices.

3. Explore Smartphone's Security Features

Explore Your Smartphone's Features
Android smartphone a full of hidden features that you need to know so that you can use them to make your smartphone secure as much as possible.

So, it's time to sit down and get to know about the built-in feature of Android smartphones. 

4. Enable Find My Phone

Enable Find My Phone
This feature will protect your phone from getting lost or got stolen. With this feature, you can live trace the location of your smartphone with another Android smartphone or on your PC.

You can also control your phone from your PC or smartphone to some extent as you can make your smartphone ring, erase all the data on your smartphone or lock your phone. 

This is the best and easy way to ensure smartphone security after losing a phone. This smartphone security tip can be of great use if you lost your smartphone.

To use this feature go to Settings > Google > Security > Find My Phone. This feature is going to be very useful in case you forget about the location where you had placed your smartphone. 

You can also install Google Find My Phone.

With this smartphone security tip, you can easily find your phone and if it is stolen you can erase all the important information from your smartphone in a few minutes.

5. Use Google Play Protect

Use Google Play Protect
Google had introduced a feature named Play Protect in the Android 8.0  and above versions.

This smartphone security feature is an always-on and always-scanning cloud-based security system that keeps your smartphone safe from harmful apps in the Play Store and on your device.

Play Protect keeps scanning apps for your Android smartphone and identifies them as fake apps.

To use the Play Protect go to  Settings > Google > Security > Play Protect. You can enable app scanning from side-load apps.

6. Use Google Chrome For Web Security

Use Google Chrome
You can use Google Chrome as your browser because Google Chrome is a highly secure browser by Google.

Google Chrome has highly advanced security features that will help you in browsing the internet safely. 

Google Chrome can identify unsafe websites and an unsafe downloading source. Check out the article on the hidden Google chrome features to get more out of your browser.

7. Disable Location Tracking

Disable Location Tracking
Many apps ask for sharing your current position to provide the most relevant and best results to its users, but there any apps that keep tracing your locations even you are not using that app on your smartphone. 

It will be the best practice for you to provide limited Geo-location permissions as much as is possible for you. You can stop any app from accessing your location by navigating to Settings > Apps > Choose any app > Tap on permission > Disable location access of the app.

If it's necessary for you to share your location, then you can use apps that require a less accurate location. 

8. Do Not Root Your Smartphone

Do Not Root Your Smartphone
Many videos on YouTube will show how to root your smartphone. Just look for a good video with more views and just scroll through the comments. 

People would have commented on whether the root worked or not and their opinions.

App Permissions Let's say you downloaded an app to enhance your camera experience. When you install them and open it, it will ask you to give certain permissions to it.

For example, it will ask you for giving access to your camera like that. 

Don't just like "Allow" without reading what permissions it is asking for. Like it might ask for access to your location services or your contacts and much more. 

These smartphone security tips can be of great use if you are rooting your smartphone just for a few new features and making your smartphone vulnerable to security threats.

Don't you feel insecure using such apps? Just think about all these things. If you feel that your smartphone runs well with all these harmful apps, you can use them.

But if you feel that it will cause harm to your device, please stop using it. Rooting the phone is one of the most negative things about smartphone security.

9. Use a Safe and Trusted Public WiFi

Use a Safe and Trusted Public WiFi
Generally, public WiFi is unsafe to use because the information you will be sharing on the network can be visible to anyone.

You will unknowingly share your personal information with an unknown person like your account number and password etc. So, next time be aware of using public WiFi.

10. Install Apps From Google Play Store

Install Apps From Google Play Store
Google Play Store has a large collection of apps that are safe to install on your smartphone as before an apps appeaser on Google Play Store it the test and it had to make confirm that the app is safe to be used in the Android smartphone.

You should not download hacks from any unsafe websites the app that is available on these sites is modified and may cause harm to your smartphone.

11. Use Screen Pinning

Use screen Pinning
This feature will help you to maintain your privacy and help you not getting exposed. 

Actually, with this feature, you can fill an app that will run and no other app can be run by closing the existing app. 

To use this feature you have to go to Settings > Search for Screen pinning > Turn this feature on.

You can use this feature whenever someone asks you for your phone to make a call and you have a fear that he will see my personal contact or he can scan your confidential details or may see your photos. These smartphone security tips can be of great use if you are sharing your smartphone with someone.

12. Install Antivirus For Smartphone Security

Install Antivirus App
Antivirus Apps are very important for smartphone security. These apps scan the operating systems, files, and app to identify risk and remove them.

They frequently run in the background on a preset schedule to make your smartphone free from any malware.

Many antivirus apps are available on the Google Play Store for free as well as the app that needs to be bought that are designed to not interface with the working and speed of your smartphone.

13. Lock The SIM Card

Lock The SIM Card
In case you lost your smartphone and these are some contact numbers present in the SIM card that it may cause you a big loss or someone can use your number without your permission.

SIM lock can block your SIM if a wrong password is entered when the phone is switched on and this will make your SIM deactivated so that no one can use your SIM number in the wrong ways. This is one of the main aspects of Smartphone security.

14. Monitor App Permissions

Monitor App Permissions
The Android smartphone has a very useful feature that provides a piece of complete information about the system requirement and the hardware and software that the app will use after installing.

This feature tells you about access to the app on your smartphone.

You can use this feature to see the access that the app will go to get after it has been installed on your smartphone. You can limit access to the apps on your phone.  

To see the permission you have granted to the app that is installed on your smartphone, you can go to Settings > Search for " Monitor App Permissions" > Click on the about you want to see the permissions. 

15. Stay Updated With Latest Android Version

Stay Updated With Latest Android Version
Google wants to be ahead of its competitors like Apple. So, Google frequently updates its Android Version about one time in less than a year.

You use the smartphone with the latest Android version as every time Google launched a new Android version it also adds some new and advanced features to make their Android operating system safer than other operating systems.

Every update brings a better way to fight against malware and ensure smartphone security.

To stay updated with the latest update in the Android version by enabling the auto-update on your smartphone and to enable this setting go to Settings > About phone or About Tablet > System updates.

16. Do Not Get Apps From Unsecured Source

Do Not Get Apps From Unsecured Source
Downloading Apps From Unsecured Source You have bought a new phone and you want the best apps available including the paid ones.

Search in the play store rather than going to your computer and spending hours searching on google, to find the right app you want. Google has no control over such apps that you have downloaded.

This might bring you into trouble. It can hack into your smartphone and get all your personal details like your phone number, address.

The much worse case is, if you have set up payment details in that app, there is a possibility that your bank account might get hacked. The play store is very big. 

There are more than 2 Million apps. Just download from that.

If you want a paid app, just pay the money and get the app. It is much better than downloading the same app from an unknown source.

These apps will not contain the same code that will be present in the original app. The developer of that app can easily monitor you and this is not good.

17. Do Not Use Battery Savers 

Do Not Use Battery Savers
Everyone wants their battery to last all day. 

So what a person generally does is that they install some battery savers, thinking that it will save their battery.

This will harm your phone badly. Battery savers just reduce your phone's power consumption.

It also kills apps for you. Do you remember what killing an app will cause? You will think that the app does all the work for me and saves the battery from draining.

You will observe that it works for some days and then it just stops working.

Rather than downloading these apps just use the inbuilt battery saver that your Android provides. It's much better. Check out the article on the battery charging tips to increase the smartphone battery life.

18. Stop Installing Fake Apps 

Stop Installing Fake Apps
Stop Installing Fake Apps Please stop installing the apps that promise to bring a feature into your phone that your smartphone doesn't have.

Like an X-ray scanner app. You know that these apps don't work. But still, you will install them and then delete them.

These apps will be filled with ads and they just show up all the time, thus ruining your smartphone. And these apps tend to be running in the background all the time. Killing this app will also not work.

19. Stop Trusting Fake Messages 

Trusting on Fake Messages
You can get fake messages like the message that says -" If you will install this app you will get money, etc".

You have to ignore these types of messages because these messages are only for promotional purposes.

You will be getting no money as these messages make you fool and make you download some harmful apps for sent you to an unsecured website etc.

If you will follow these steps you will reduce the chances of being attacked by malware and viruses or any information leak from your smartphone. 

These smartphone security tips can of great importance as online fraud are happening at a rate higher than ever before.

20. Use Two-Step Verification

Use Two-Step Verification
Two-step verification of very important for the security of private information like bank numbers, email, photos, video, and other sensitive information.

You can use the two-step verification method to stop anyone from opening the app even after the phone is unlocked.

After enabling this feature the person is needed to verify one more time after opening the screen password.

You should ass the two-step veru=ification method for the app like Gmail, Facebook, Apps related to banks, browsers, messaging apps like Whatsapp, and other apps having confidential information about you.

21. Avoid Using Public Charging Ports

Avoid Using Public Charging Ports
You should carry your own charger with you when going on a trip or not at home.

Charging your phone by purging it in the public charging point can result in the stelling of the data in your smartphone as any skilled person can use these extracts the information from your phone via USB.

You can carry a power bank with you so that you can charge your smartphone without any harm and exposing your smartphone to an unsafe charging cable.

22. Turn Off Bluetooth For Smartphone Security

Turn Off Bluetooth For Smartphone Security
It is always recommended to turn off the Bluetooth when it is not in use because any device can connect with your device via Bluetooth and transfer files from your smartphone to any other device.

It makes your smartphone much more vulnerable to smartphone security threats when no password is set for the Bluetooth so always set a password for the Bluetooth.

You should do the same for the wifi and hotspot, always set a password for the hotspot, and avoid connecting your smartphone to the public wifi.

23. Use A VPN For Smartphone Security

Use A VPN For Smartphone Security
VPNs can be the best way to ensure smartphone security and hide your identity over the internet. 

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device to a network. The encrypted connection helps ensure that sensitive data is safely transmitted.

It prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic and allows the user to conduct work remotely. VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments.

A VPN extends a corporate network through encrypted connections made over the Internet. 

Because the traffic is encrypted between the device and the network, traffic remains private as it travels.

An employee can work outside the office and still securely connect to the corporate network. Even smartphones and tablets can connect through a VPN.

You can use a VPN on your download a VPN app or software and install it on your device for free. Using a VPN is free and safe.

We have written an article about the best VPN, you can use on your device to hide your identity on the internet.

These are the best ways of maintaining smartphone security. You should share this article with your dear ones to help them with keeping their smartphone secured. You can also add any other smartphone security tip that is not mentioned in this article.

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