22 Hidden Google Maps Features You Should Start Using Today 2021

Hidden Google Maps Features, Tips And Tricks
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of hidden Google Maps features that you can use to get more out of Google maps. 

Some of these google maps features might be known to you but others will be going to surprise you.

All the Google maps features that we have mentioned in this article are shown in the above video. You can play this video to see how all the Google maps features actually work.

1. Add Home And Work Place

Add Home And Work Place On Google Maps
You can set the home and workplace on Google map so that whenever you wats to go to your home, you can just select your destination as home. 

After adding your home or workplace you will be able to get the traffic status. 

This can really save you time and you have no need to enter the same address again and again. Use this Google maps feature to save the location of your home and save time.

You can add the home and work add in Google Maps by navigation to Options > Your Places > Labels > Home/Work > Enter the home/Work address.

2. Collaborate With Friends

Collaborate With Friends On Google Maps
You can use this Google Maps feature to select some places and then share with your friends so that your friends can vote for the best place. 

You can use this feature to select the best places for your, restaurants, cafe, college, etc.

To Collaborate with friends on Google maps you have to go to Your places > Shared > Create > Give the name to shortlist > Share (Select the contact with which you want to share the list) > Add some places.

After this, your friends can vote for the best place. After enabling this google maps feature, whenever next time you will be going to search for a place on Google maps, you will be able to add that place to shortlist.

3. Your Timeline

Your Timeline Google Maps Feature
You can view and manage your Location History information through Google Maps Timeline, which is available to both mobile and desktop users. 

In Timeline, you can edit specific entries from your Location History, delete information from ranges in time or delete all of your Location History data. Your Timeline is private, so only you can see it.

You can see your timeline by navigating to Options > Timeline.

If you have other settings like Web & App Activity turned on and you pause Location History or delete location data from Location History, you may still have location data saved in your Google Account as part of your use of other Google sites, apps, and services. 

For example, location data may be saved as part of the activity on Search and Google Maps when your Web & App Activity setting is on, and included in your photos, depending on your camera app settings.

4. Your ContributionYour Contribution On Google Maps

You can use this Google maps feature to make Google Maps more useful for others by adding more information about the places to the map. 

You can add the photos & reviews for the places that you have visited, Check the information submitted by other users, Add the new locations. You can also edit the current information on Google maps for a place.

You can ask the question about the places or business and answer the question asked by the other users about the places near to you.

You can contribute to Google maps by navigating to Options and then Your contributions.

5. Manage Your Data In Google Maps

Manage Your Data In Google Maps
Google saves your data from Google maps so that it can improve your experience by recommending the places based on your search. You can add or remove this personal data from Google maps.

If you give Google Maps permission to access your device location, Google Maps can provide you with a range of services based on your location including turn-by-turn navigation and searching for places along your route. 

As a reminder, if you turn off your device location settings, Google Maps may still show you local results based on your IP address.

And if you enable Location History with your Google Account, Google Maps can help you look up where you’ve previously visited and offer new personalized suggestions.

When you search for nearby businesses on Google Maps, like "coffee shops near me," you may see locally relevant ads that hidden Google Maps feature businesses. You will see [Ad] written near the name of the business in your results. 

As you explore places in Google Maps, you may also see promoted pins by businesses. Google Maps uses a variety of signals to ensure you only see ads that are relevant to you at this moment. Examples of signals include your location, time of day, and your interests.

You can stop Google from using your location history, Web and App activities, and Ads personalization by navigating to Options and then Your Data in maps. From there you can delete your Google maps history as well as stop Google from tracking your searches.

6. Download Your Google Maps Data

Download You Google Maps Data
Google Maps save all the search, places you have visited, and the other activities. You can see all this information Google maps have collected about and you can download all this information to your PC. 

You can export a copy of the content in your Google Account if you want to back it up or use it with a service outside of Google.

To download all your Google maps data Go to Options > Your data in Google Maps > Download your Maps Data (at the bottom) > Select the data to include > Customize the archive format.

After a few moments you will be navigated to another page from there you will be able to download the Zip file of your Google maps data.

7. Safe Search On Google Maps

Safe Search On Google Maps
SafeSearch can help you block inappropriate or explicit images from your Google Search results. The SafeSearch filter isn’t 100% accurate, but it helps you avoid most violent and adult content.

When SafeSearch is on, it helps filter out explicit content in Google's search results for all your queries across images, videos, and websites. 

While SafeSearch isn’t 100% accurate, it’s designed to help block explicit results, like pornography, from your Google search results. With the feature, you can customize the results on google maps as per your requirements.

When SafeSearch is off, we'll provide the most relevant results for your search which may include explicit content when you search for it.

To Enable SafeSearch on Google Maps Open the Google app Google > At the bottom right, tap More and then Settings and then General >  Next to "SafeSearch," turn the switch on or off.

8. For You

For You In Google Maps
You can use this Google Map feature to get information about the events in your location. 

After adding your area, you will be able to see the list of all the events are happening or will happen in the future in your locality. You can add the places to your wish list.

To get the information about the events happening in your locality on Google maps to navigate to For You and then select an area.

9. Explore NearBy On Google Maps

Explore NearBy On Google Maps
By using this feature you can find the restaurant, ATMs, hotels, Coffee shops, and other businesses near to yours. 

You can short these places by the distance, as per your personal match, opening time, ratings, and their filters. 

Google maps will also show the ratings for the place. From here you can click on any place to see the route. You can also follow these places or businesses

To Explore the business near to you on Google maps, you can click on the explore icon or use "Nearby" as a suffix while performing a search on Google maps.

10. Offline Maps

Offline Maps On Google Maps
By using this feature you can use the Google map even when you are offline. 

You have to select an area on Google maps and save it to your smartphone so that you can use the saved are when you are offline, This Google maps feature can be of great use when you want to search for a place with a poor internet connection.

To use the Google maps offline, navigate to Options > Offline maps > Click on "Select your own map" > Select the are on Google maps you want to save for offline > Download.

11. WiFi Only Mode

WiFi Only Mode On Google Maps
If you have a problem with the data consumption by Google maps then this feature is very useful for you because after enabling this google maps feature will use internet data only when your phone is connected to WiFi. 

To enable the Wifi-only mode of Google maps, navigate to Option, and then enable the Wifi only option.

12. Save And Share Places

Save And Share Places On Google Maps
While searching on Google maps if you find any amazing place then you can share that place with people in just a few clicks.

You can do this by clicking on the location > More details > Click on the share icon > Select the contact with whom you want to share the place.

You can also save places on Google maps so that you can easily find them on the map in the future. Click on the Place > Click on the save icon > Select the list > Done.

13. Print The Maps From Google Maps

Print The Maps From Google Maps
By using this Google maps feature you can print out the location of any place on Google maps use this feature only on desktop devices and if you want to print the places from the Google maps then you can click on the Share icon and then click on the print icon.

14. Navigation Settings

Navigation Settings On Google Maps
From there you can customize the navigation interface, tools, and voices. 

You can choose the guidance voice from softer to louder, Change the language, enable media to play controls, change the color theme of the Google maps, and select the distance units. 

To change the navigation settings go to Options > Settings > Navigation Settings > Customize as per your requirement.

15. Clear History Automatically

Clear History Automatically
This hidden Google maps feature can be of great use. After enabling this feature you have no need to clean the search history again and again after every search. 

Your search and visited history will be automatically cleared every time you will close Google maps.

You can enable the Automatic history clear by going to Options > Settings > Map History > Choose to delete automatically. 

16. Customize Notifications On Google Maps

Customize Notifications On Google Maps
Google maps can notify for the traffic in your route so that you can choose the best route for your journey. 

It can occasionally update you about the new things you can do on Maps, you can get the updates for managing a business listing in maps, get the notifications for the foodie scene favorites in your area, and other things.

If you want to get the notification for all these things then you can enable the notification on Google maps by navigating to Options > Settings > Notifications > Customize the notifications as per your requirement.

17. Dark Mode In Google Maps

Dark Mode In Google Maps
Just like Google, Youtube, and other Google apps you can apply the dark themes on Google maps also. 

Applying the dark themes on Google maps will going to change the navigation interface only and the dark themes will not be applied to the whole app. 

Go to Options > Settings > Navigation > Map display > Night.

18. Voice Commands For Google Maps

Voice Commands For Google Maps
Using the voice command while driving is very useful as you have no need to open the Google maps app and then search for the place or get the status of the traffic in your area. 

You can use the following voice commands to perform day to day tasks on Gooogle maps. - "How's traffic ahead?" "How's traffic home?" "What's my ETA?" "What road is this?" "What's my next turn?" "Find a gas station." "Find a restaurant." "Take me to Best Buy." "Navigate home."

19. Add Reports

Add Reports On Google Maps
If you are traveling through a route and you see a crash, congestion, or roadwork then you can share this information on Google maps so that other map users came to know about the accident happened on the route. 

This feature can help others in selecting the best route. You can add a report on Google maps by clicking on the Up arrow in the navigation > Add a report.

20. Share Live Location Google Maps Feature

Share Live Location
You can use this feature to share your live location with anyone so that they can know where you are in real-time. 

They can tell you the correct path on the maps by knowing your live location. To share your love location Click on the up arrow navigations > Share trip progress > Select the contacts.

21. Add Stopes On Google Maps

Add Stopes On Google Maps
With this feature, you can add the stopping points in your journey. These stops will be added to your ways in the form of alphabets as shown in the map above. 

You can use these steps to divide your long journey into smaller paths. To add the stops Select the starting and the ending point > Click on the Options (in the right os the Starting point) > Add the stops.

22. Use Incognito Mode

Use Incognito Mode In Google Maps
You now have more ways to control your privacy on Google Maps. Use Incognito mode when you don’t want your activity, like the places you search for or navigate or to be saved to your Google Account. 

Turning on Incognito mode in Maps does not affect how your activity is used or saved by internet providers, other apps, voice search, and other Google services.

To enable the incognito mode in Google maps On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app Google Maps. > In the top right, tap your profile picture.  >  Tap Turn on Incognito mode.

These were the hidden Google Maps feature, tips, and features you can use to improve your experience on Google maps. We have tried to explain each feature most easily but if you are unable to use any of the above features then you can tell us in the comments and if you know any other feature than share with us.

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  1. Tell us which hidden Google feature, tips and tricks are your favorites which you will be going to use in the future? If you are facing a problem in using any of the feature than you can share it with us in the comments.

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