YouTube SEO 2020: 21 Ways to Rank YouTube Videos in 2020

YouTube SEO in 2020
Hi, in this article we have shared the best YoTube SEO  2020 with tips and tricks to make your videos rank higher on the youtube search results and get more views.

Doing Youtube SEO in 2020 is much easier than doing on Google as it can take more than 6 months to see the results on Google but if you have done the Correct SEO for YouTube than your video can start getting rankings and views on your videos in less than 48 hours.

In this article, we have listed all the import factor that can improve the rankings of a video and get more views on YouTube.

1. Optimize Title For More Clicks

Optimize Title For More Clicks
This is one of the first things that a viewer will go to see on YouTube. You need to choose a title for your video which can best describe your video and make the views click on your video on YouTube.

Use the exact keyword that you want to rank for at the starting of the title.

This will be going to increase your CTR and your youtube video will start ranking higher in the search results.

For example, is you have a video on Youtube SEO than you can give a title like "21 Best Youtube tips for 219". This will tell the views that the video is about the topic they are searching for.

You can use the numbers, make it look like the list, facts, years and use words that can generate emotion.

Before you give name to your youtube video do some keyword research, you can get the best title for your video by using the suggestion provided by the YouTube itself as it is 100 percent authentic and these are the phrases for which people are exactly searching for on YouTube or you can also use the free tools like Keyword Keg for youtube

Do not use the more than one keyword in the title and nerve give a title to your video for which your video is not about because Google and Youtube can listen to your video and Youtube know the content of your video.

2. First 24 Hours Are Most Important

First 24 Hours Are Most Important
If your video gets a considerable amount of view and engagements (views, likes, and comments) within the first 24 hours or 1 day of the publishing. Then this can improve your rankings.

It can take more than 6 months to get rankings on Google but your video can start ranking on youtube within 48 hours. That's why the first two fays are important for the better ranking of youtube.

YouTube will get to know that these people are loving his video and we should rank it higher in the search results so that more people can see this video and people can easily find the video.

Getting a large number of views in the first 24 hours can also result in more suggestions and recommendations on YouTube.

3. Add A Description In Every Youtube Video

Add A Description In Every Youtube Video
Although writing a description for the youtube video hardly has any direct relation with rankings but you must have seen the few lines which appear below the title for every vide on the search results on Youtube.

People may not read the description of your video while watching the video but they will definitely go to see the first few lines of description in the search results and if your description can make then click on your video you will be going to more views and this will also increase your CTR.

Do not leave your description empty or fill the entire description with your social media pages. You add few amazing lines for your youtube video and make people click on your video.

4. Increase Watch Time For Video On Your Channel

Increase Watch Time For Video On Your Channel
Watch time is the average time people watching your videos on youtube. This is equal to the total time by a total number of views.

Try to increase your watch time as this will tell youtube that the content in your video is amazing and people are liking your content.

If your videos are getting more watch time than the videos ranking higher than your videos in the Youtube search results than Youtube will going to start ranking your videos higher for your target keywords.

But if people are clicking on your video and leaving the video in less than 10 seconds than this shows a bad users experience and tell youtube that people are not liking the content in the video.

This will be going to negatively affect your YouTube SEO in 2020 and your ranking will start dropping instantly.

You have to hold the views for the first 15 seconds of the videos as if viewers are watching the first 15 seconds of your video there is an increase in chances that they will be going to watch your complete video or more than half of your video.

You can increase your watch time by providing a reason for the viewer to watch your video to the end. You can show that previews of the content in starting of the video.

You can make the long video (more than 5 minutes and less than 15 minutes) to increase the watch time for your YouTube videos.

5. Improve Your CTR For Better Rankings

Improve Your CTR For Better Rankings
CTR stands for Click-through Rate. It the percentage of the total impression by total clicks for your videos on YouTube.

You can understand this as the total number of times your videos were shown in the search results by the total number of times people clicked on your video.

The higher is the CTR the better ranking you will be going to get for your videos on Youtube. Higher CTR shows that people are interested in your video and they want to see your videos over the other videos in the search results.

The one who searching for anything on youtube will be going to see the three things in the search results about your video and after seeing these three things the views will be going to decide whether he/she should click on your videos or not.

These three things are Thumbnail, Title and the short description of your videos.

To make the searcher click on your video and increases the CTR you need to create a custom thumbnail for your video which looks totally different from the other and makes the searcher click on your video.

You should add the keyword in the title as well as in the description because someone who is typing the query (keyword) in the search bar should see the exact phrases/keyword in the title and in the description.

As your video will be going to look relevant to searcher and views will not be going to click on your videos.

6. Get Comments On Your YouTube Videos

Get Comments On Your YouTube Videos
Comments on a video are very important for YouTube SEO as comments increase the engagement on your video and youtube will going to recommend your videos more often to other users.

Comments are also necessary to know what the viewer thinks about your videos.

7. Speak The Keywords In Your YouTube Videos

Speak The Keywords In Your YouTube Videos
As we have mentioned above, Youtube can listen to what you have said in your videos and according to the words that you have stayed in the videos depend on your ranking on youtube.

For example, if you are making a video on Youtube SEO in 2020 than you should say, "Youtube SEO in 2020" a few times in the entire videos but do not just say your keyword too many times as this will going to affect your Youtube SEO negatively.

Due to this, if you have created a video about the backlinks but after few weeks you decided to change the title of the video to email marketing than in this case your video will not be going to rank your video either query/keyword.

8. Frequency Matter A Lot

Frequency Matter A Lot
It is the number of times you share videos you share in the day, week or month. The more often you share the video the better your videos will rank. This frequency can vary from a few videos per day to 1 video per week or per month.

Whatever be the frequency you should maintain. For example, if you have published the 2 videos in the first week then you should upload the 2 videos next week.

The YouTubers who published the video at a particular time every day/ each week look more Profesional and youtube sees that and recommends your video more often.

9. Content Is King

Content Is King
Content is king. Even if you have done a tone of SEO in 2020 but if the content in the videos is not good, your ranking will definitely be going to drop. You should provide a good reason for the viewers to watch your video over the other videos.

Your videos will not be going to do well is you are sharing the same content which is already present on the internet. Try to create unique and more informative content than your competitors.

Upload high-quality videos, proper size, do not show too much add in the videos and provide proof of everything you share on youtube. Try to engage views in this way they will definitely be going to subscribe to your channel.

10. Create Attractive Thumbnail For YouTube Videos

Create Attractive Thumbnail For YouTube Videos
Thumbnail is the most important element of a youtube video. This the image from your video that a view will be going to see in the first and then the title of your video. You should add a thumbnail that is different from others and make people click on your video.

You should always upload a custom thumbnail to your Youtube videos. You can use free tools like Canva to create amazing thumbnails for your videos. You can also use this tool to create channel art for your YouTube channel.

A perfect thumbnail not only provides a high CTR but it can make the people click on your videos when your video got shared on the social media or embedded in the website.

11. Add Subtitles And Closed Captions

Add Subtitles And Closed Captions
Closed captions are the text that appears at the bottom of the videos. You need to add the CC to your video as this will help youtube in understanding the content of the video.
  1. Go to your Video Manager by clicking your account in the top right > Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos. 
  2. Next to the video you want to add captions or subtitles to, click the drop-down menu next to the Edit button. 
  3. Select Subtitles/CC. 
  4. Click the Add new subtitles or CC button.
The closed caption will be helpful for those who can understand your language (translate the CC) and if your audio is not clear than close caption and subtitle can be helpful.

12. Add Relevant Tag To Every Youtube Video

Add Relevant Tag To Every Youtube Video
Adding tags to your video while uploading your video on youtube can really help a lot as youtube determine the type of content in your video with the tags that you add in your video.

Try to add the exact tags that people are typing on the Youtube but do not add more than 8 tags as adding too many tags can make your video look spammy and your video will not rank higher in the search results.

You can use the Google recommendation that appears when your search for a keyword on youtube or you can take ideas for tags from the Related searches that google shows at the bottom of every result page.

13. Do Keyword Research

Do Keyword Research
Keyword research is very important if you are using the wrong keyword for your video then you will not be going to many views.

You show spent about 15 minutes doing keyword research. Find which keyword is popular or too many people are searching for and then make an amazing video around that keyword.

To rank your videos higher on youtube in 2020 you need to optimize the videos for the keyboards with less competition and higher search volume,

IF you will not doing the keyword research than there are chances that you will make the videos on the topic that no one is interested in and people are not searching for it.

You can use the keyword research tools like Ubbersuggest and Google trends to find a perfect keyword for your next video.

14. Made Videos Better Than Your Competitors

Made Videos Better Than Your Competitors
As we have mentioned before that views should have a strong reason to watch your video over any other video.

Try to make a longer and better video than all the videos present in the Youtube by sharing more info and the tell the things that no one is sharing. This is called the Skyscraper technique.

You can watch all the video that is already ranking on Youtube and find all the point that these videos have covered. The top 10 videos ranking on youtube will provide an idea about the type of content which people want to see.

15. Ask To Perform Actions Before Leaving

 Ask To Perform Actions Before Leaving
You should ask views to like, share, comment and subscribe to your video as this will increase the engagement on youtube video and your youtube video will go to get more and more recommendations which will ultimately go to increase your views and subscribers.

16. Comment On Other's Videos

Comment On Other's Videos
You can also go to your competitor's youtube videos and comment on their every video. You can comment on things that make your videos better than your competitor's video.

Do not try to spam on in the comments as this can result in a ban.

You say positive things about their videos and tell the peoples who are reading the comment about the points that you have mentioned in your video about these points are not present in your competitor's video.

17. Use Google Trends To Know About Audience Interest

 Use Google Trends To Know About Audience Interest
Google trend is a tool by google where you can type a keyword and Google will show you the search trend for that keyword.

If your keyword is getting more searches than the last year or month than you should try to make as many as video you can create around that keyword because more and more people are searching for that keyword and in the future competition for that topic will going to increase and it will be the right time start creating the video on that topic.

With the help of Google trends, you can make the video on the basis of people's interest and improve your Youtube SEO in 2020.

18. Add Cards In Your YouTube Videos

Add Cards In Your YouTube Videos
The card appears at the top right corners of the video. These cars contain the related videos from your channels that views can see. To add cards to a video, follow the steps below. Up to a total of 5 cards can be added to one video.
  1. On a computer signed in to your account, go to your Video Manager. 
  2. Find the video you want to add cards to and select Edit. 
  3. In the tab bar at the top, select Cards. 
  4. Select the Add card and choose what type of card you want. 
  5. Next to the type of card you want to add, select Create. 
  6. If you haven't done so previously, for some link types select Enable first to accept the Terms & Conditions. 
  7. Enter the URL where you want viewers to be sent from the card. Upload an image or select one of the suggestions from the site if applicable. 
  8. Uploads need to be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format and no larger than 5MB. Keep in mind that this image will be cropped to be square. If applicable, edit the title, call to action, and any other text (up to 30 characters). You can change the start time for the card teaser in the timeline below the video. 
  9. Select Create card. 
If you need to edit your cards in the future, just go to the Cards tab and select Edit next to the card you want to change.

Add cards can really help you in getting more videos. You can recommend more videos or add the part of a video in the card and tell the views to see these videos for more info. This will increase the views and the video that you will be going to add in the cards will also start getting higher rankings and more recommendations

19. Add Location To Videos

Add Location To Videos
Adding location to your tell the youtube that your video is about a particular location and if the people are searching for the video from your location then there are better chances that your video will go to get higher rankings.

You can see that less than 10 percent of videos have any location added to them. This means there is almost no competition and your videos will rank much higher.

20. Promote Your Video On Social Media

Promote Your Video On Social Media
You can promote your video by sharing your youtube videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit and ask views to subscribe to your youtube channel for more videos.

People will go to see your videos and if they will the video they will definitely going to search for your video on youtube.

This is a good ranking signal for youtube as this shows that people like your content and your content should be ranked higher and should get more recommendations so that people can easily find your content.

21. Create Playlist For Your YouTube Channel

 Create Playlist For Your YouTube Channel
A playlist is a group of similar video or the group of the video in series. Creating a playlist can increase your watch time and views.

It is important to create a playlist as this will divide your videos into the different categories, it will increase the watch time as people will watch all the videos in a playlist too if they want to know more and this will also make it easier for the views to find your videos if you have made many parts for a topic.

There we the more important as easy to do YouTube SEO tips. You can follow these tips to rank your every video higher on YouTube.

If you are facing any problem that you can share wit us will try to reply as soon as it will be possible for us and subscribe to get more content.


  1. It is very easy to apply these YouTube seo methods but if you have doubts than you can tell us in the comments. You can also share any tips and tricks that we have not mentioned in this article.


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