Top 25 WhatsApp Tricks You Must Know 2020

Hidden WhatsApp Features, Tips And Tricks
In this article, we have shared the best WhatsApp tricks you need to know about. Today WhatsApp is the most popular and easy to use app that we are using for chatting, sharing images and videos, and uploading status, and many more.

You can use these Whatsapp tick to use Whatsapp in a better way and get more out of this app. Some of the tricks might be known to your but other will be going to surprise you.

1. Listen Audio Secretly

Listen Audio Secretly - WhatsApp tricks
Suppose you get a voice message on the WhatsApp from your close friend or from your family member but you are surrounded by many people and you are not carrying your headphones.

How you would be going to listen to that voice message without making anyone listen to your voice message? You can use this WhatsApp trick to listen to the voice message secretly.

You need to play that voice message and bring your smartphone near to your ear to listen to the WhatsApp voice message secretly.

With this WhatsApp trick, you can listen to a voice message by front speakers instead of loudspeakers on your smartphone (rear speakers).

If you like you can read this article on the list of best websites and apps you can use to listen to audiobooks for free or the best websites to listen to music for free.

2. Get The Info Of Message

Get The Info Of Message - WhatsApp tricks
You can get the full information about the messages you have sent on WhatsApp like the date at which the message was read by the people in a group, the number of people received that message and the name of WhatsApp users that have seen or read that message.

Click and hold the message for which you want to get the information about > Options > Info.

This will show you the picture of your text message and the name of peoples who have read that message with date and time.

3. Reply For The Specific Message

Reply For The Specific Message - WhatsApp tricks
When we chat in a group, there are many messages send by peoples on the same question and sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the which text message is the reply of the which question or when you wants to text a message with the respect to any text message sent to you previously.

You can use this hidden WhatsApp trick to select a text and then reply.

Click and hold on the text you want to reply for and then click on the reply icon ( Arrow ). You can right swipe the message you want to reply to.

4. Reply Privately WhatsApp Trick

Reply Privately - WhatsApp tricks
You can reply to a text message in a group by using this WhatsApp trick. You need to click and hold the message in a group > Options > Reply privately.

By using this WhatsApp trick you can share your opinion with the person who has sent the message without making everyone the group know you opening about the message.

5. Add Shortcut WhatsApp Trick

Add Shortcut  - WhatsApp tricks
You can add the shortcut of the WhatsApp group or an account to your smartphone's home screen so that you can quickly open any WhatsApp group or a WhatsApp profile quickly and can save your time.

Open the WhatsApp group or the profile you want to create a short cut > Options > More > Add shortcut.

Now, you can just click on the group icon on the home screen and then start the messaging.

6. Share Contacts On Whatsapp

Share Contacts On Whatsapp - WhatsApp tricks
You can share the link of contact of a person or a group with someone on your WhatsApp. This is the easiest and the fastest way to share anyone's contact or make some join the group on WhatsApp.

Open the WhatsApp account of the person or a group you want to share > Options > Share.

You can share this link with five people at once on WhatsApp. The person who has received this link can invite or add his/her number to the contact list and start chatting.

7. Mute Notifications WhatsApp Trick

Mute Notifications - WhatsApp tricks
If you are getting notification frequently from a person or from a WhatsApp group then you can mute the notification for that group or a person for 8 hours, 1week, or for 1 year.

Open the WhatsApp account of the person or group for which you want to mute the notification  > Options > Mute notifications.

Also, you can mute the notification by Clicking and holding the account or group and then clicking on the speaker icon.

8. Clear Chat WhatsApp Trick

Clear Chat - WhatsApp tricks
You can use the WhatsApp trick to clear all the text messages and all the other media files like a text message, gifs, image, and videos from any WhatsApp account or a group.

Open the account or group for which you want to clear the chats > Options > More > Clear Chat.

You can use this whats truck to erase all the personal chat with the person your too close so that no one can ever get to know about the exchange of personal information between you and other person and use this WhatsApp tricks carefully as once you have cleared the chat it is hard to get them back on your phone.

9. Know Your Favorite

Know Your Favorite - WhatsApp tricks
You must be many contacts on the WhatsApp but with this WhatsApp trick, you can know who is your favorite one and with whom you talk the most.

To see with whom your chat the most on your iPhone, just go to Settings > Storage and storage usage > Storage usage and for Android go to Settings > Data and storage usage > Storage usage.

Now, you can the person who is occupying the most data on your phone. The more is the storage usage the more you chat with him. The storage usage shows you the combined data of chats, videos, images, and other files.

10. Format Text On Whatsapp

Format Text On Whatsapp - WhatsApp tricks
You can text a message with different text fonts to differentiate some text from the other texts. You can change the font of text onto Bold, Italic, and strikethrough. 

To make a text bold add the star (*) at the staring and at end of the text or paragraph.

To make the text italic add the underscore (_) at the staring and at end of the text or paragraph.

And, to make the text strikethrough add tilde (~) at the staring and at end of the text or paragraph. This is one of the coolest WhatsApp tricks you can use.

11. Unblock Yourself 

Unblock Yourself - WhatsApp tricks
Someone has blocked you on WhatsApp then you can use this WhatsApp trick to unblock your WhatsApp account from all the accounts which have blocked.

You need to go to Settings > Accounts > Deleted My Account and then uninstall WhatsApp from your phone. 

Now, restart your hone and install WhatsApp again from Google play store or App store. Now enter your phone number and start using your WhatsApp account.

Done! now you are unblocked from all the account that has blocked you.

Warning: Use this WhatsApp trick when it is really required as the one you have deleted your account, all your WhatsApp data like chat, images, and other files will be lost forever.

12. Use Whatsapp Web 

Use Whatsapp Web  - WhatsApp tricks
You can use this WhatsApp trick to use your WhatsApp from your computer or laptop. You can send and receive messages, images, videos, and other files directly from your PC.

To need to just connect your phone with your PC.

You can use WhatsApp web by going to > Scan the Qr code by your phone and then start using WhatsApp on your PC.

when you have connected the WhatsApp your PC you can send and receive files from your pc as well as from your computer or laptop.

You can use the WhatsApp If you need to see all the features of WhatsApp web and need a complete tutorial then you can search and read our article on the WhatsApp web.

13. Use Google Assistant  Send WhatsApp Message

Use Google Assistant  Send Whatsapp Message - WhatsApp tricks
You can use Google Assistant to send the message from your WhatsApp account. This WhatsApp trick is going to be very useful when you are driving and want to send a WhatsApp message to your friends.

You can say, "Hey Google, Send a Whatsapp message".

After this, you need to tell Google about the person to which you want to send the message and then speak the message.

This can take some time but this is the best way to send WhatsApp message when your hands are not free.

You can read the article on Google Assistant tricks to know more about tricks like this.

14. WhatsApp Group Video Call

Whatsapp Group Video Call - WhatsApp tricks
You can make a group video call on WhatsApp with this WhatsApp trick. You can add more than 2 people and then start making a video call but the person whom you want to add to video call be using the WhatsApp and should be online.

To make a Grop video call on WhatsApp, Select any one person > Click on the video icon on the top > Add a person (at the top-right of the screen) > Search and select for another person wants to add to video call.

You can repeat this process to add more than one person to your Whatsapp group video call.

15. Share Your Location 

Share Your Location - WhatsApp tricks
You can share your current location with your friends on WhatsApp without installing and other apps. You need to click on Attach icon > Location > Share live location.

By using this WhatsApp trick you can select the time for which you want to share your live location or current location with your friends on WhatsApp.

You can select the duration like 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours depending on the time for which you want to share your location. Click on the Stop Sharing to stop sharing your live location with that person.

16. Edit Photos On WhatsApp

Edit Photos On WhatsApp - WhatsApp tricks

You can use this WhatsApp trick to edit your photos before sharing them with anyone on WhatsApp. You have no need to install the different app to edit your photos to share them on WhatsApp.

You can edit the photos before sharing them on WhatsApp by selecting the photos and then click on the,

Draw Icon on the top of the screen to draw something in the photos or to circle something in the photo. You also can change the colors and the width of the pencil.

Text Icon to add text to the photos. Slide on the colored line at the right side to change the text clour. You can click and hold the text and then slide your figures on the screen to place the text in the correct place.

Crop Icon to crop the selected image. This is a very useful feature on WhatsApp as with the help of this WhatsApp trick you can remove all the unnecessary parts of an image before sharing it with anyone on WhatsApp.

Emoji Icon to add some amazing things like a clock, your current location, arrows, and many other amazing elements to photos. You can click on the time and clock emoji to change their style.

Read the article on the list of best wallpaper websites to download free wallpaper for free.

17. Pin Contact WhatsApp Trick

Pin Contact - WhatsApp tricks

You can use this feature to select a person or a group and then in then at the top. All the selected accounts and groups will always be displayed at the top of the WhatsApp contacts.

You can pin a person or group on WhatsApp by clicking and holding the account and then clicking on the pin icon at the top.

By pinning someone at the top, the account will be always be displayed at the top even there is no new message from that contact.

You can unpin then by holding the pinned account and then click on the pin icon again.

18. Star Messages WhatsApp Trick

Star Messages - WhatsApp tricks
You can Star any message on WhatsApp send by our friend by holding that message and clicking on the star icon.

All the state messages will be stored in a separate folder on the WhatsApp so that you can read them quickly without wasting time in scrolling up and finding the message.

You can start a useful message like the list send by your friend or the recipe send by your mom.

Open anyone's profile and then click on the Started messages to see all the started messages.

You can also go to Options > Search > type the message you want to search in the chat.

19. Send GIFs

Send GIFs - WhatsApp tricks
You can send some very funny gifs with your friends while you are chatting directly from WhatsApp.
You need to click on the face icon on the left button > Gif.

You will be going to see all the trending Gifs at that moment or you can search for your own gif by clicking on the search icon.

You can search gifs like haha, anger, happiness, and many more.

All the gifs are very funny and you can click on any one gif that you want to share with your friends as shown in the image above. You can click on the sticker icon to send stickers

20. Set A Wallpaper 

Set A Wallpaper  - WhatsApp tricks
Whatsapp has default background with some elements like emojis, hi, and other WhatsApp elements but do you know you can set a custom wallpaper for your chat.

To set a wallpaper on WhatsApp Open WhatsApp account > Options > Wallpaper > Select The Image > Set.

This will change the default image to the image you have selected. You can Go to Options > Wallpaper > Default, to remove the image you have set now or to change the current image with another one.

Read the article on the list of best wallpaper websites to download free wallpaper for free.

21. Stop Anyone From Adding You To Group

Stop Anyone From Adding You To Group
If your friends keep on adding you to new groups every day and you are increased than you can use this feature to stop them from adding you to a new group on Whatsapp.

To enable this feature navigate to Options > Settings > Privacy > Groups.

Now you can choose who can add you to a group. Choose from the Everyone, My Contacts, or My contacts except.  Click on the My contacts except and then choose who can not add you to the new group.

22. Disable Your Last Seen Status

Disable Your Last Seen Status
After enabling this WhatsApp trick no one will be able to see the last time you were active on WhatsApp.

Last Seen and online tell you the last time your contacts were using WhatsApp, or if they're online.

If a contact is online, they have WhatsApp open in the foreground on their device and are connected to the Internet.

However, it doesn't necessarily mean the contact has read your message. Last, Seen refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp. Through our privacy settings, you have the option to control who can see your Last Seen.

To disable the last seen status navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. 

If you don't share your last seen, you won't be able to see other people's last seen. There is no way to hide when you are online or typing.

If you turn off read receipts, you won't be able to see read receipts from other people. Read receipts are always sent for group chats.

23. Hide Your Profile Photo

Hide Your Profile Photo
If you are from those who are uncomfortable sharing their profile images with everyone, then this WhatsApp feature will be going to great use.

You can enable this feature to hide your profile images from any or from everyone on WhatsApp.

To enable this WhatsApp trick to navigate to Options > Settings > Privacy > Profile photo > Nobody.

24. Backup Chats On Whatsapp

Backup Chats On Whatsapp
By using this WhatsApp trick you can backup all your messages and media to the Google drive. You can restore them when you reinstall WhatsApp on your phone.

Your message will also back up to your phone's internal storage. So, that you will be lost your important messages, phone numbers, and links.

Your WhatsApp chats are automatically backed up and saved daily to your phone's memory. Depending on your settings, you can also periodically backup your WhatsApp chats to Google Drive.

If you uninstall WhatsApp from your phone but don't want to lose any of your messages, be sure to manually back up your chats before uninstalling. To backup your chats, go to WhatsApp > tap More options  > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back Up.

The easiest way to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone is by using Google Drive.

We recommend connecting your phone to Wi-Fi before backing up your chats to Google Drive, as backup files can vary in size and consume mobile data, causing additional charges.

25. Enable Lock-On WhatsApp

Enable Lock-On WhatsApp
You can use this WhatsApp trick to add a fingerprint lock to the WhatsApp app so that no one except you can see the photos, videos and read the private messages on Whatsapp.

To enable this WhatsApp trick to navigate to Options > Settings > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.

Read the article on smartphone security tips to ensure the security of your device.

Use these hidden WhatsApp features, tips, and tricks to use WhatsApp like a pro. We hope these tips and tricks will help you and you will be going to share these tips and tricks with your friends. You can share any other WhatsApp tips and tricks with us that we have not listed in this article.


  1. Tell us which hidden whatsapp features surprised you the most. Also share any other feature that we have not mentioned in this article.

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