22 Hidden Twitter Features You Should Start Using Today 2021

Hidden Twitter Features, Tips And Tricks
We have shared the hidden Twitter features in this article so that if you are new to Twitter then you can use Twitter in a better way. 

We are sure that these features are going to be very useful.

1. Engage Your Followers

Poll on twitter - Twitter Tricks
You can use this trick to make you follower to engage in your Twitter post to build an active community and get more followers.

Twitter will be going to recommend your post more if you are getting responses on your post and the best way to get engagements on your post by sharing the poll and question in your posts as shown in the image above.

This hidden Twitter feature is my favorite one as we can gain more followers and keep our loving followers engaged.

You can create a poll on Twitter by clicking on the poll icon when you are creating your next post > Enter the question > Provide some choices > Tweet.

You can see the example above. After tweeting this poll whenever someone will be going to see your post he/she can click on either of the given options and you will be able to see the vote percentage on your post.

You can provide more than two choices by clicking on the plus icon and set the timer for how long the poll should last on Twitter.

If you find this helpful then you can follow us on Twitter where we share this type of content every week.

2. Create Your Own List

list on twitter - Twitter Tricks
Like many other Twitter users, you might also follow a larger number of peoples and account on Twitter and must be seeing huge content from these accounts.

This can mess up your Twitter home page and create an uneven distribution of the post. 

You can create a list to add different types of accounts you are following in the different lists.

You can create your own list on Twitter by Clicking in the List (at the left of the home screen) > Enter the name of the list > Describe your list > Make it public or private > Add member to your list.

tesla on twitter - Twitter Tricks
Creating a list makes it easy to arrange similar kinds of posts in one place. 

You can click on the "Make it private" So that no one can see your list on Twitter or you can make it public and allow others to see your list.

You can see the list created by any Twitter user by going to his/her profile > Click on the more options and click on the "View lists".

3. Use Visuals In You Posts

hidden twitter feature
You should use visuals like images, videos, and graphics to engage more and more people in your posts.

We are saying this because in a study it was found that people remember 65% of visual content three days later, compared to 10% for written content.

So, start to add in the visuals to your tweers and make people remember about you and about your brand for longer.

You can use the Canva to create amazing images and info-graphics for free. You can easily create your first graphics by using Canva in few minutes. 

4. Retweet With Comment

Retweet on twitter - Twitter Tricks
We also use the retweet feature to share the post that we like with our audience but you can use the Retweet with comment feature on Twitter to add a comment on the post before you share that post with your followers.

This adds value to that tweet and you can express your thought on that post to make it more personal. To retweet with a comment Click on the retweet icon and then select the "Retweet with Comment".

5. See The Latest Tweets Instead

Latest tweets instead - Twitter Tricks
You can use this Twitter hidden Twitter features to see all the latest tweets by the accounts you are following.

 This feature is going to of great use as sometimes it becomes difficult to find the latest content and news shared by the peoples you are following.

To see the latest tweets Click on the Star icon at the top right side (as shown in the image above) > See the latest tweets instead.

After this, you will be redirected to the "Latest Tweets" tab where you can see all the recent tweets. Click again on the star icon and then on the Go back to home to go to your Twitter home page.

6. Dark Theme

Dark theme on twitter - Twitter Tricks
As you can see in the above image we have used the dark theme on our Twitter. You can do the same by Clicking on the More > Display > Background > Light out.

You can Customize the color of the Twitter button, size of text, and Choose themes like Default, dim, or light out. This the coolest hidden Twitter feature you can use.

You can use the dark theme on Twitter when you are using Twitter in a dark room or before bed as this will reduce the strain on your eyes or you can use these themes to make your Twitter feed more attractive and customize it according to your wish.

7. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics - Twitter Tricks
By using Twitter analytics you can analyze your post and see how many impressions your posts are getting on Twitter, how many clicks and retweets people are making on your tweet, how many times people visited your profile in the last 28 days, and many other useful data.

You can use this helpful data to analyze the engagements on your tweets and plane you be tweeted according to get more engagement, reach, likes, and retweets.

This hidden Twitter feature is very useful if you want to use Twitter for business.

You can see the analytics data for your Twitter profile and post by Clicking on the More > Analytics.

This will show all the data related to your Twitter account and the charts and the graphs for a better understanding.

All the data is arranged according to months. You can reach more audiences by using Twitter ads for your posts.

8. Add Tweets To Bookmarks 

Add Tweets To Bookmarks  - Twitter Tricks
You can bookmark any post so that you can see that post in the future. This Twitter hidden Twitter feature can be very useful for you as the post on Twitter changes every hour.

You can save all the important tweets into your bookmarks and read them at one time.

To add a tweet to bookmark click on the Choose a Tweet Click on the Share icon > Add Tweet to Bookmarks.

You can see all the saved posts in the bookmarks. Click on the Options and then Clear all bookmarks to remove all the tweets from the bookmarks list after seeing all the posts.

9. Personalize The Trends

Personalize The Trends - Twitter Tricks
Twitter shows you the trends based on your location and the peoples you follow but you can choose the trends as per you choice instead of location-based trends. 

This allows you to customize the trends according to your interests.

You can customize the trends by Clicking on the Setting icon > Untick the personalize trends based on your location > Change the location > Select the country.

You can choose any country from which you want to get the trends on your Twitter feed and click on the "Trends for you" to enable back the trends based on your location (Country) and the accounts you follow.

10. Protect Your Tweet

Protect Your Tweet - Twitter Tricks
When you sign up for Twitter, your Tweets are public by default; anyone can view and interact with your Tweets.

Should you choose to protect your Tweets, you can do so through your account settings. 

You can use this hidden Twitter feature to restrict the reach of your tweets as sometimes tweets can reach the users who are not interested in you or in your tweets.

You can make the tweets visible only for your followers and no one else by Going to settings > Privacy and Safety > Tick the "Protect your Tweets".

After enabling this hidden Twitter feature, no one will be able to see your tweets except your followers and if this option is selected, you will need to approve each new follower.

11. Customize The Photo Tagging 

Customize The Photo Tagging  - Twitter Tricks
Tag is one of the widely used hidden Twitter features on tweeter. But do you know you can stop anyone from tagging you in any photo on tweeter?

You can Allow people to tag you in photos and receive notifications when they do or disallow people.

To disable the Photo tagging on Twitter go to Settings > Privacy and Safely > Photo tagging > Disable the Photo tagging feature.

You can also customize the tagging by allowing anyone on Twitter to tag you or Only people you follow can tag you.

13. Notification 

Customize the Notification  - Twitter Tricks
You must be getting a large number of notifications from Twitter for every new tweet, News about the Twitter product and feature updates, tips on getting more out of Twitter, Things you missed since you last logged into Twitter, or any new updates on your account.

If these notifications are creating trouble for you and filling the entire notification bar then you can reduce the number of notification from Twitter by selecting the things for which you want to be get notified.

You can customize the notification by going to Settings > Notifications > Advanced filter.

Now, you can mute notifications from people you don’t follow, Who don’t follow you, With a new account and many more options.

You can also set the Preferences for the type of notification you want to get from Twitter like you can set only push notifications from the browsers, SMS notification so that you can get the notifications of the latest updates through an SMS on your phone or you can select the Email notification.

14. Stop Auto-Play 

Stop Auto-play  - Twitter Tricks
You must have seen on your Twitter feed that video starts automatically when you are scrolling through your Twitter feed. 

This can result in more data usage and low down internet speed for other devices in your home.

To stop video auto-play on tweeter Navigate to your Settings and privacy > General > Data  usage > Video auto-play > Tick "Never"

By disabling this hidden Twitter feature you can stop videos from auto-playing in your timeline, Moments, and the Explore tab by changing the video auto-play setting.

Your settings for video autoplay can be adjusted independently on Twitter.com and your Twitter app (for example, you can set videos to autoplay on your iOS device and not on the web).

15. Mute Words 

Mute Words  - Twitter Tricks
You might see content in Tweets you’d like to avoid. 

We give you the option to mute Tweets that contain particular words, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags.

Muting will remove these Tweets from your Notifications tab, push notifications, SMS, email notifications, Home timeline, and from replies to Tweets.

You can enable this hidden Twitter feature by going to Settings > Privacy and safety > Safety > Muted > Muted words > Click on the Plus icon.

Now, enter the word that you want to get a notification for the tweets that contain them. You can mute one word, phrase, @username, or hashtag at a time.

16. Search Settings

Search Settings - Twitter Tricks
You can use this hidden Twitter feature to make your next search on Twitter better by hiding the sensitive information and the post from the account you have blocked in the search results.

You can enable these Search settings by going to Settings > Content preferences > Explore > Search settings. 

You can now choose the given two options as per your requirements.

Check out the amazing article on Google fun tricks that you can use while performing your next Google search to get the perfect search results on Google. 

You can use this hidden Twitter feature on other search engines also.

17. Report

Report - Twitter Tricks
Sometimes we see the post containing harmful content create to cause harm or you are negatively affected by the post.

You can report directly from an individual Tweet or profile for certain violations, including spam, abusive or harmful content, inappropriate ads, self-harm, and impersonation.

You can report the tweet by clicking on the drop-down icon at the top right side of the post and then report the tweet.

Now selecting this option you need to select the reason due to which you have reported that tweet.

After reporting the tweet the Twitter team will be going to view the tweet and if they will find that the tweet had violated the Twitter terms, they will remove that post from Twitter. You can do the same for any profile.

18. Share Gifs 

Share Gifs on twitter
You can share funny gifs on Twitter and express your emotions in a better way. This can be the best way to make your followers know about your emotions when you are posting a tweet.

You can also make the gifs autoplay.

You can share gif on Twitter by Clicking on the GIF icon and then search for the gif that you want to add in your tweet.

You can select any gif from a huge collection of funny gifs available for free. All the gifs are categorized as Agree, dance, laughing, and many others.

19. Add Description To Images

Add Description To Images
We can see the images on Twitter but these are many visually impaired peoples who are using Twitter. 

You can add the description to the images every time you tweet an image on Twitter so that visually impaired users can also understand the content in the image.

You can enable the image description feature by Going to More > Settings > Accessibility > Checkmark the "Compose image descriptions".

After enabling this setting, an option for adding a description to your image will be shown. You can click on this option and type the description.

Try to add useful information in the description like the name of the person in the image, the location, the event in the image, and other useful information for the followers.

20. Revoke Access

Revoke Access
Sometimes when we want to use the app they ask for signup and provide an option "Sign up with Twitter".

If you have been using Twitter to log in to your apps and website then you can see the whole list of the apps and websites connected to your Twitter account and using your Twitter account.

You can revoke the access from an app by Navigating to More > Settings > Account > Apps and sessions > Apps.

Now, select the app from which you want to revoke access and then click on that app  > Click on the ''Revoke Access''.

You can revoke access to your account from an app or a website you are not using or you have stopped using in past. After revoking the access Twitter will not be going to share your data with that app.

21. Download Your Twitter Data 

Download Your Twitter Data
You can use this trick to save you all the text, images, video, and other files that you have shared on Twitter to your PC.

Your data will be sent to you so that you can save you file at a safe place and access that data in case you lost all your data deleted from Twitter.

To download your data from Twitter Go to More > Setting > Account > Data and permissions > Your Twitter Data > Download your data.

You’ll get a notification and an email sent to your email inbox with a link when it’s ready to be. Just click on that link and save your Twitter data to your PC. 

You should also read the article on hidden Facebook features to use Facebook in a better way.

22. Delete Multiple Tweets at Once

Delete Multiple Tweets at Once
Is your Twitter account filled with so many junk tweets that you have posted long ago? Do you want to delete all those tweets and keep your feed fresh?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites which provide a way to share your words in the form of tweets.

Delete multiple tweets at once, Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't allow users to delete multiple tweets at the same time. You are allowed to delete only one tweet at once.

Now if you have thousands of tweets on your account, it would be a tedious task for you to delete them one-by-one manually.

You can use this hidden Twitter feature to delete tweets in bulk from your Twitter account. You can also select multiple tweets manually and filter them based on various categories such as media, retweets, replies, particular date-range, etc.

There are a couple of online tools available on the internet that you can use to delete your tweets in bulk.

These online tools use Twitter APIs, for which you have to authorize their app to access your account. The whole process is very simple. Follow these steps -

First, open any web browser on your computer/phone such as Google Chrome, and go to the Delete Twitlan website.

Next, tap the "Sign in to your Twitter account" button that you see on the webpage.  > It will take you to the Twitter website where you will be asked to authorize the app. Make sure that you are logged in to your Twitter account.

After that, you simply need to click the "Authorize app" button. > Then, you will be redirected back to the website. There you will see a list of your tweets. It will only display 50 tweets on a single page.

Now select the tweets you want to delete or tick mark the "Select all tweets that are displayed" button. >  Finally, click the "Delete the Tweets permanently" button. If you want to see your older tweets, then switch to the other page from the numbers that are displayed at the top.

So, these were the hidden Twitter features that you should know. We have tried to share all the best Twitter features with you but if you find that we have mot mentioned any Twitter trick in this article then you can share it with us.

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