20 Hidden Pinterest Features You Should Start Using Today 2021

Hidden Pinterest Features, Tips And Tricks
Pinterest may be the best website available on the internet where you can see a large variety of images with different varieties. 

You must be using Pinterest for some basic purposes like finding amazing images, wallpapers, infographics, and many other types of photos for free.

You can use these hidden Pinterest features to find some surprising things that you can do on Pinterest. These Pinterest features can make the use of Pinterest supper easy and productive.

1. Find The Pins By Website

Find The Pins By Website - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
Suppose you like the pins that a particular website has or like the pin saved by the Pinterest users from your favorite website and you want to see all the images pinned from that website, then you can use this Pinterest feature. 

You need to type the URL like https://in.pinterest.com/source/aulpiny.com/ to see all the pinned images from this website. 

You can replace the (Aulpiny.com) with any website's name to see the images pinned from that website like https://in.pinterest.com/source/apple.com/ or https://in.pinterest.com/source/pintesrest.com/ to see the pins from Pinterest.

This is the fastest way to search the images form a website there are no chances of any duplicate and you see all the images you like the same place and have no need to find the images one by one.

2. Use Buffer 

Buffer - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
Buffer is an app you can use to manage your Pinterest account in a better and productive way. You can use this app without having any specific knowledge about programming. 

Buffer is one of the best tool available to get more out of Pinterest

You can use the Buffer app to Plan and publish your content for Pinterest from one simple dashboard. 

If you are using the Pinterest for business than you can use this tool to Draft your posts, coordinate with your team, and orchestrate your social media marketing campaigns, everything that goes into crafting remarkable content.

3. Customize The Pins 

Customize The Pins - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
You can arrange the pinned images on Pinterest according to the date, A to Z, newest or oldest. To arrange the pins according to date, name and the last modified go to Pinterest profile > Click on the "Last saved to"  > Select the criteria according to which you want to arrange the pins

Arranging the pins according to specific criteria helps in the better understanding of you pinned images and you can see the oldest pins and unpin the is the connect of the image of too old is now an irrelevance. 

This also improves the quality of your pin and provides new and appropriate images to your followers. 

4. Save From Browers

Save From Browers - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
You must be sharing the images from your device or the saving the pins uploaded by some other Pinterest users. 

You can add the Pinterest button to your Google Chrome browser to Save the things you find on the Web. 

The Pinterest Save button lets you save any idea you find around the web so you can easily get back to it later. 

To add the Pinterest button to your Google Chrome browser to quickly save the pins from a webpage Go to Google Chrome Webstore > Find the "Pinterest Save Button" > Click on the add to chrome. or you can read the guide on how to save the pins by using the Pinterest save button for Gooogle home.

After this, the Pinterest Save Button will be added to the chrome and you can click on the Pinterest icon at the right side of the address bar to save any image from any webpage. 

You can the Pinterest Save Button with this page.

You can just click to save dinner recipes, style inspiration, home projects, and other ideas you want to try. The Pinterest Save button also has built-in visual discovery technology hover over any image and click the visual search tool to instantly discover visually similar ideas on Pinterest.

5. Make Better Searches 

Make Better Searches - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
You can use these features to make you every search on Pinterest better than before as you can search for people, products, videos, or boards instead of only images. 

This Pinterest search feature is going to of great use as you can quickly find the things you are trying to find. 

You need to type keyboard in the Pinterest search bar and then after the pins related to that keyword more ap click in the "All pins" to open the drop-down window and then select the category you want to search for

Now to can quickly find the peoples and board on Pinterest. 

6. Find Your Friends

Find Your Friends - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
You can use this Pinterest feature to quickly find your friends and tell them about your presence on Pinterest. 

This can will also help you in getting more trustworthy followers, more pins for your images, and more shares for your every pin.

You can tell you about your Pinterest profile or share the link of your profile on other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp go to Your Pinterest profile > Click on the Share icon  (Just below the search bar).

Now, you can select any social medial app to share your Pinterest fragile link or you can even enter the email address in the box or type the name of your friends to send then an email notification about your Pinterest profile.

This feature is going to be od great use as after using this feature you have no need to tell you, friends, one by one about the presence of your Pinterest profile, and this also makes sure that your every friend gets the message and no one left untold. Use this feature to save time.

7. Revoke Any Sessions

Revoke Any Sessions - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
This feature allows you to remove the access of your account from all the devices from which you have ever login into your Pinterest account. 

This feature is of great use as you can use this to end the session from your current device and save your account from any unauthorized access. 

You can use this Pinterest feature to safely log out from your friend's phone or PC if you have a login and forget to log out.

You can Revoke any sessions from your current device by going to Settings > Security > Connected devices > Show Sessions.

After this, a list will be shown to you with the Last accessed to show the date on which you had a login to an account,  Location,  IP address of the device, and the Device type with the browse. 

You can click on the End activity to remove the access of your Pinterest account from that device.

8. Claim Your Website

Claim Your Website- Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
Claim your website to get access to website analytics and let people know where they can find more of your content. 

Your profile picture will show up next to any Pins that come from your site, and a small globe icon will appear next to your website URL on your profile. 

To clam websites you need to Log in to Pinterest from a web browser and click to open your menu > Select Settings > Claim website > Enter your website URL and click Claim Select “Add HTML tag” > Copy the tag and click Next Go to the index.html file of your website and add the tag to the <head> section before the <body> section > Go back to Pinterest and click Submit Click Done

To claim your website, you’ll need to add a meta tag or upload an HTML file to your website’s HTML code. 

You can claim one website on your profile and a website can only be claimed by one Pinterest account.

9. Build your Following Feed

Build your Following Feed - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
These are no limit on the topic and idea that are available on Pinterest. 

You can follow as many peoples and categories you want and save images for those topics to your board.

You need to go to Following > Click on the Add person icon to Find new people to follow > Select the profiles you want to Follow.

You can follow the categories from art, photography, geek, music and you can click on the more to open the pop-up window with many more topics.

10. Clear Searches 

Clear Searches
You can use this hidden Pinterest feature to remove all the search terms shown below the box show every time you make a search on Pinterest. 

To remove the previously searched terms of the search terms, you have to just click on the cross button show every time you make a search in the popup window.

11. Customize Notifications

Customize Notifications- Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
If you are getting lots of useless notifications from Pinterest like the notification for the pins in which you are not interested or you feel that the interest notification is so frequent that there are becoming very disturbing then you can customize the type of notification that you wants yo get.

You can customize the notification from Pinterest by going to Settings > Notifications.

Now you can edit the notification for the On Pinterest app, by email or b web push notification. 

You can customize to get the notification from the specific categories, from the activists, or notification for the updates from the board. 

You can customize the notification for Everything (except push you've turned off), Just the good stuff, or No push notifications from the web.

12. Control Your Privacy 

Control Your Privacy - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
Pinterest wants to provide you with the most interesting content and to do this it sometimes uses information from Pinterest site features like the Save button to do. 

If your settings permit, Pinterest sometimes allows certain service providers to collect and use the information on Pinterest to create Personalized Ads. 

In each case, you can choose whether we use the information to customize Pinterest for you by going to your account settings.

You can allow or disallow Pinterest to use sites you visit to improve which recommendations and ads you see or Use information from our partners to improve which recommendations and ads you see by Going to Settings > Privacy and data > Personalization.

now to stop or all the Pinterest from collecting your details and show you the personalized ads or the pins on Pinterest.

13. Send Pins

Send Pins- Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
You can any send the images personally on Pinterest with your friends by using this Pinterest feature. 

With this, you can send that image via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Facebook messenger or you can send the image via sending an email or tying the name of the user so that he/she can quickly get the images.

You can send the image to people by hovering the image and then clicking on the share icon at the bottom side of the image.

14. Hide Your Profile 

Hide Your Profile - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo may show your profile or boards in their search results. 

If you don't want to appear in search results, you can edit your settings to turn on search privacy. 

If you already appear in a search, you can contact the search provider.

You can hide your profile from all the search engines by enabling Search Privacy. You can do this by going to Settings > Privacy and data > Search privacy.

After this, your profile will be removed from all the search engines and will no appear in the search results. Your Pinterest profile can only be accessed by the Pinterest search or the link. 

Hiding your Pinterest profile from search engines can reduce the visits to your profile as no one will be able to see your pins in the Google search results.

15. Visually Similar Results

Visually Similar Results- Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
Suppose you liked an image on Pinterest and you want to see more Visually similar images on Pinterest than you can use this feature to quickly search for a similar image. 

You can quickly find similar images without typing any keyword related to those images.

To search for the Visually similar results Select an image > Click on the Visually similar search icon at the bottom right side of the image > Select the portion of the image you want to get the Visually similar results.

You can even crop or adjust to a specific portion of an image and find the similarly looking image from Pinterest. 

For example - if you liked the shoes or the dress wear by your favorite celebrity then you can select the potion coating the shoes or the dress and get the similarly looking pined images from Pinterest and click on the Save button to add those images to your collection.

16. Unsubscribe Email Notification 

Unsubscribe Email Notification - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
If you want to stop receiving emails from Pinterest, you can unsubscribe from your settings or from any Pinterest email.

You can unsubscribe from the notification by Click Edit settings > Click Notifications on the left side of the screen Next to "By email," click Edit > Click Turn off all (If you have a business account, you'll need to click Turn off all under "Personal account" and "Business account")  > Click Done.

17. Collaborators

Collaborators- Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
You can use this Pinterest feature to collaborate with the other Pinterest users and allow them to pins on your board. 

This is a great way to make your presence on Pinterest and connect with many other Pinterest users. 

This will also allow other members to contribute to your board so you will not be the only one who will be working on board.

You can invite the users to your board by selecting the Collaborators to your board by Clicking on the Edit icon and then entering the name or the email address of the Collaborators.

18. Merge 

Merge - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
Suppose you have created many boards and pinned many pins on these boards and after some time you thought to create a new board and want to transfer all the pins to the new board. 

Then you can use this feature to quickly transfer all the pins to the new board.

You can merge the board on Pinterest by Opening the new board > Click on the edit icon > Merge ( At the bottom of the pop-up window.

After this, all the pinned images will be transferred to the new pin and the older board will be deleted. 

This is the fastest and the easiest way to move all the pinned images to your new board on Pinterest and there is no chance that any pinned image will be lost during the transfer.

19. Select The Board Category 

Merge - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
You can use this feature to tell about the topic around your board is and which types of pins are available on your board. 

This will help Pinterest in better understanding your pins and your bard. This will result in more recommendations for your board and more followers.

You can select a category for your board by Opening the Board > Click on the Edit icon > Category > Select the Category for your board.

You need to keep in mind that you must stick to a particular category and avoid any pinning different from the category of your board.

20. Report 

Report - Pinterest Tips Ans Tricks
If you see any inappropriate activity or pinned images in any board like  Spam Misleading or repetitive posts Nudity or pornography, Harmful or misleading content about health and safety, Hate speech or symbols Attacks directed at protected groups, Harassment or privacy violations Threats, blackmail, personal attacks than you can report about that user or board Opening the image or board > Options > Report > Select the reason for which you wants to report.

After reporting an image or boars Pinterest team will see that pin and will remove that content from Pinterest if they find that it is violating the Pinterest policy or contains any incorporate content which is harmful to the Pinterest users. 

You can use this feature to remove the spammy content from Pinterest and make it better for everyone

These were the Pinterest features you need to know so that you can use the interest in a better and safer way next time. 

Tell us about your favorite insert feature and if you have any other Pinterest tips or feature that you want to add in this list then you can share with us.

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