27 Useful Gmail Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Productivity 2020

Hidden Gmail Features, Tips And Tricks
Hi, in this article, you will be sharing the best Gmail tricks that you should also know to get more out of Gmail. Probably Gmail is arguably the best email service provided by Google.

Gmail is simple, secure, user-friendly, and very reliable. It offers 15 GB of storage space with a free email account. These Gmail tricks are going to of great use and will help in more productivity. 

1. Unsent Send Messages Gmail Trick

Unsent Send Messages - Gmail Tricks
This Gmail trick is going to of great use as by using this trick you can save yourself from big trouble.

If you have sent an email to some who is not the correct recipient then you can unsent that email by using this Gmail trick.

You need to first enable this feature by following the steps given below and after this, you will get an option of canceling the sent mail.

You to Unsent a mail-in Gmail you need to click on the Setting icon > Setting > General > Scroll down to "Undo Send"

You can even set a cancellation period for an email on Gmail from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

You can choose any time interval so that a tab saying "Undo" can appear on the screen and start for the duration you have just selected from the above options of 5-30 seconds. This tab will be displayed just after you have sent an email by using Gmail.

2. Check Spelling Errors Gmail Trick

Check Spelling Errors - Gmail Tricks
While writing an email it is important to make our points clear and easy to understand.

But sometimes we make some grammatical and spelling errors when we are writing a mail-in hurry, as a result, it will be going to make a bad impression in the form of the recipient, and spelling or grammatical errors in the mail can make it hard to understand the content in the mail.

You can use this Gmail trick to detect any error automatically and underline the incorrect sentence or words in a mail.

You need to click on the option while composing a mail and then click on the "Check Spellings".

Now you can select whether you want to auto check for the spelling and click on the recheck to confirm that no spelling error is present in the content of the mail. You can also choose the language you are using while writing the mail.

We also recommend you use Grammarly which is one of the best spelling checker tools available for windows, ios, and android for free.

Grammarly can easily detect the errors in sentence and provide you with the correct words, improve the word choices, check grammatical errors, performance, word count and much more useful tool which can make any piece of content art.

You can use Grammarly for free but there is a paid version available with all the features available in it.

3. Toggle Split Panel Mode Gmail Trick

Toggle Split Panel Mode - Gmail Tricks
By enabling, this feature to cab sees the whole content any mail without leaving the inbox. Enable the ability to toggle on/off the ability to view the side of your messages by side with the message list.

To enable the preview panel Gmail to go to Settings > Advanced > Preview Pane > Enable > Save changes (At the bottom).

A new button will be added at the upper right. You can click on the icon to change the appearance from vertical to horizontal. By using this feature you can quickly see the content in the email without opening every email one by one.

4. Print Mails in Gmail

Print Mails in Gmail - Gmail Tricks
You must be receiving many useful emails on your Gmail account and some you need to get a print out of the mail so that you can carry that print of the mail with you and by using this Gmail feature you can save any emails to your PC in the form of PDF and get the print of email easily.

You need to just open the mail of which you want to get print out and then click on the "Print Icon" at the top-right.

Now to see the preview of the printout. You can click on the save button to save that email to your PC > Then open that in the email in the form of PDF > Click on the print icon again.
Open email > Options > Print.

5. Search In A Smarter Way Gmail Trick

Search In A Smarter Way - Gmail Tricks
You must be using the Gmail search bar and then typing the addressee of the sender to find a mail. You can use tricks to find through the mail in a better way. This Gmail search will go to make your work super easy and fast. You can use
  • is: unread to find all the email which are unread. 
  • from: Sender's email address to find all the mail send by a specific email address from [email protected]
  • subject:(Title of the email) to search for mail with a specific topic.
  • has user labels to find all the mail with a comment label.
  • filename: file type to find the email which contains some specific types of files attached to them like filename: pdf
  • in: You can use this operator to see all the mails in the specific folder like in: Important to see all the mail in the important folder, in spam to see the emails which are stored in the spam folder, similarly you can use this operator to find the email in the different folders.
These are some of the most useful Gmail search operators you can use to find the emails on Gmail in a batter and faster way.

6. Confidential Mode Gmail Trick

Confidential Mode - Gmail Tricks
You can use this Gmail trick when you want that the recipient can print your email. When you will be going to use this trick the options for recipients to forward, copy, print, or download this email's contents will be disabled.

You can write an email in Confidential mode by going to Option (When composing the email) > Turn Confidential mode on/off ( Lock icon) > Set expiry date and password.

You can set an expiry date to this feature, after the expiry day the recipient will be able to do all the tasks that you have disabled.

You can even set a password in the form of SMS passwords. This Gmail trick will be of great use when you are sending an original content with some through email and you do not want that and can make a copy of your original content.

7. Import Your Mails To Gmail

Import Your Mails To Gmail - Gmail Tricks
Suppose you were using a mail (e.g [email protected]) and then one day you thought you should change your email address (e.g [email protected]) but you need all the email that you have received on your previous Gmail account. 

You can use this Gmail trick you import all the email that you have ever received on your older Gmail account.

You can import emails and contacts in Gmail by going to Settings > Account and Import > Import Mails and Contact > Click on the link > Entry your previous email address > Sign in to your other email account to confirm the import of mail and/or contacts. Press Continue > Enter the password. 

You can import mails from other email service providers like from Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, or other webmail or POP3 accounts.

We hope this Gmail trick is going to be of great use as by trick you will not going to lose all your older mail that you have received on your previous account. This process is fast as well as easy.

8. Add One's Gmail Trick

Add Ones - Gmail Tricks
You can use this Gmail trick to get the feature that is currently not available in Gmail and are in the development stage.

You can enable the Developer option to use these features on your Gmail. In simple words, Add-ons are applications that extend the functionality of Gmail.

You can enable the developer add-ons for your account Go to settings > Add-ones > Tick on the option "Enable developer add-ons for my account".

You can add the widgets to Gmail by clicking on the Plus icon (+) at the right side of the inbox.

Developer settings will allow you to install and manage developer add-ons for your account. Developer add-ons from unknown sources are dangerous. Never install a developer add-on from someone you don’t know.

9. Add Google Calendar To Gmail

Add Google Calendar To Gmail - Gmail Tricks
Gmail Lab has provided the Google Calendar feature to Gmail but it not enabled by default for all Gmail users.

You can use the Google Calendar in Gmail by clicking on the Calendar icon at the Rightmost side of the inbox.

You can set the dates and schedule the email. To edit the Google calendar you can change Google Calender's settings.

10. Translate Email on Gmail

Translate Email on Gmail - Gmail Tricks
Suppose you get an email written in a foreign language and you will be unable to read or understand the content in the email. You can use this Google translator to convert that email in the language you can understand.

You need to Open the email > Options > Translate message.

After this, a tab with Google translators will appear to tat the top of the email. The Google Translator will automatically detect the language and then you can select the language in which you want to translate that email.

11. Report Abuse Gmail Trick

Report Abuse - Gmail Tricks
Sometimes many of us receive some emails which contain inappropriate content or sent to spam you. To stop these types of emails containing inappropriate content you can "Report Spam" so that the Gmail can see this email and stop them from spreading these types of emails to Gmail users.

To Report abuse any email on Gmail > Open the email you want to Report Spam > Click on the OPtions > Report Spam.

You can Report Phishing any inappropriate email on Gmail also which is present just below the Report abuse option.

Phishing is a form of fraud in which a message sender attempts to trick the recipient into divulging important personal information like a password or bank account number, transferring money, or installing malicious software.

Usually, the sender pretends to be a representative of a legitimate organization.

If you believe the message is a phishing attack, you can report it to the Gmail abuse team and help them thwart these attacks, and others like it.

A reporting message as an attack will send the entire message to the Gmail team for review.

12. See  Original Version OF Mail

See  Original Version OF Mail - Gmail Tricks
You can see the original version of any email which contains only the text in the form of HTML. You can use this trick when you need to see the elements in the email or you want to edit that email.

There are other options useful options are also present i.e Download original and Copy to clipboard

To see the original version of an email on Gmail Open the email > Options > Show Original.

The original version of the email also shows some other important information like Message-ID, Created at,  From, To, Subject IP  DKIM, and DMARC.

13. Add Labels Gmail Trick

Add Labels - Gmail Tricks
You can use this trick to marks the email with the label so that you can see the emails separates with labels and contain a similar type of content.

To add label Open the email > Click on the label icon (At the top of the email> Select the appropriate label.

You can select from the provided options like Social, Forms, Promotions, and Updates or you can create your won label as per your requirements.

14. Apply Themes Gmail Trick

Apply Themes - Gmail Tricks
Gmail has simple than with a completely white background. You can set you a custom theme or background to make your inbox look cool as shown in the image above.

To apply a theme go to Settings > Themes > Select an image, solid background, or add your own photo.

You can select from the images and the provided by the Gmail or you can even upload your own photo and set it as background.

There are many options available like adding a solid color, add an image, or change the contrast of inbox in Gmail.

15. Customize Mail List

Customize Mail List - Gmail Tricks
The default inbox list in Gmail shows the infinite list of email which may contain the email that you have already read.

You can use this Gmail trick to customize the number of emails that shows appear in your inbox.

To set the Maximum page size go to Settings > General > Maximum page size > Set the conversations per page

You can select the length of the email list from 5 emails to 30 emails per page. The selection of the conversations per page may vary as per your needs.

16. Ask Before Showing Images

Ask Before Showing Images - Gmail Tricks
Sometimes an email can contain a large number of the useless image embedded in the email. These images can cover the entire content of the email. To solve this problem you can disable the images in the email.

To make Gmail ask you before showing the images go to Settings > General > Images > Enable "Ask before displaying external images"

After enabling this feature, you will be going to get an option that whether you want to see the images in that email or not. This feature can make the email simple and easy to understand.

17. Schedule A Mail Gmail Trick

Schedule A Mail - Gmail Tricks
You can use this trick to send an email from Gmail in the future. You can select the recipients and schedule an email so that you can send that email in the future and reminded the recipients by sending that email.

To schedule an email in Gmail you need to click on the Dropdown window icon  > Scheduled Sent > Select the date and time. 

You can quickly select from Tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM, Tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 PM on Monday morning, or customize the date and time as per your wish.

After scheduling an email, the mail will automatically be sent to the recipients.

To schedule the email in Gmail you can use some other plugins and get complete control over your emails.

18. Block Or Mute Gmail Trick

Block Or Mute - Gmail Tricks
You can use this Gmail trick to mute any emails on Gmail so that you will never get the emails from that email address in the future.

You can also Block any person on Gmail to stop reviving any emails from that person. However, you can Unblock to start receiving the emails. 

To Mute any Conversations in Gmail Open the email sent by the user you want to Block  > Click on the drop-down window icon > Block "User name".

You can open the email sent by the user you want to Mute > Mute.

You can sue this feature when you are getting many useless emails in your inbox and you are tired of opening and deleting them.

If an email address is marked as "Mute" then all the emails from that email address will be transferred to achieve.

19. Use Hangout In Gmail

Use Hangout In Gmail - Gmail Tricks
You and your contacts can use Google Hangouts from within Gmail. You have no need to leave your Gmail inbox and open the Google Hangout in the new tab to start a conversation.

You can click on the Quotation Icon at the bottom left side of your Gmail inbox and then click on the "Sart a new one". To use this feature the contact should be online at that time.

20. Use Gmail’s Send And Archive Button

Use Gmail’s Send And Archive Button - Gmail Tricks
This Gmail trick turns the Send button into a dual-function button. It sends your reply and also archives the conversations. Settings > Genera >. Check on the Show “Send & Archive” button in reply.

Once enabled, the Send & Archive button appears to the bottom left of your reply box. You can use the Tab + F and past the name of the button to quickly find it.

21. Add To Task Gmail Trick

Add To Task - Gmail Tricks
You can use this feature to set a task for your self by using Gmail. You have no need to leave Gmail and use the other app.

To add a task in Gmail Click on the Task application icon at the most right side of the Gmail and then click on the Add a task.

22. Grant Access To Your Gmail

Grant Access To Your Gmail - Gmail Tricks
You can use this Gmail trick to grant access to your Gmail account to any other Gmail user so that he/she can perform some selected tasks from your Gmail account.

To grant access to your Gmail account to other users go to Settings > Accounts and Import > Grant access to your account.

Delegates can do things like: Send or reply to emails that were sent to you. When they send a message, their email address will show.

For example, the sender will show as "sent by [email protected]" Read messages sent to you and Delete messages sent to you

Delegates can't do things like: Chat with anyone for you and Change your Gmail password

23. Turn On Gmail Notification On PC

Turn On Gmail Notification On PC - Gmail Tricks
After enabling this feature, Gmail will display notifications on your desktop when new email messages arrive.

These Gmail notification will be in the form of the tab which will appear on the bottom right of the screen. You can click on this tab to see the latest email on your Gmail inbox.

You can enable the push notification for your PC by going to  Settings > General > Desktop Notifications.

The notification will be going to appear in the same way as they appear on your phone. You can disable this browser notification by clicking the Mail notifications off.

This Gmail trick can be enabled on some selected browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Mini.

24. Canned Responses

Canned Responses - Gmail Tricks
You can use this Gmail trick to increase your productivity while using the Gmail as by using this trick you can send write an email and save it so that you can send the same email to anyone in the future.

This trick is going to be of great use if you have to write some types of email many times.

Create a templates response by saving common messages using a button in the compose toolbar. Also automatically send templated responses using filters.

To enable canned responses in Gmail to go to Click on the Setting icon > Settings >  Advanced > Enable " Canned Responses" > Save changes.

After enabling this Gmail feature to compose a new email and then click on the Options > Canned Responses > Save Draft a Template > Save as new templed > Save.

Now, you can create more than one canned response and save then so that you can select from any one of then. Whenever you will be going to select any canned response the Email will we be filled automatically?

25. Customize Your Inbox

Customize Your Inbox - Gmail Tricks
You can use this Gmail feature to remove any unnecessary elements from Gmail.

Like you can remove the Categories, Remove the start marks from those emails you have marked as important or you can set an inbox type from Important first to Priority box.

To Customize the Gmail inbox go to Settings > Inbox > Untick the categories you want to remove.

You can use this feature to improve the appearance of the Gmail and set the user interface in Gmail according to your needs.

26. Use Google Assistant  With Gmail

Use Google Assistant  With Gmail - Gmail Tricks
If your busy in any works and can't leave it then you can use Google Assistant to read your emails aloud. You can say, "Hey Google, Please read my mail",

You use Google assistant to perform many other tasks with Gmail like you can say, "Hey Google, Read email from Aulpiny", "Hey Google, Read my email from yesterday" or you can use Google assistant to delete the email by saying, "Hey Google, "Delete the first email"

27. Marks As Unread Gmail Trick

Marks As Unread - Gmail Tricks
You can mark any email as unread even if you have completely read that email. If you have opened an email that you shouldn't then you can use this Gmail trick.

To mark any email as unread again Open the email > Options  > Marks as Unread (At the bottom).

These were some of the best Gmail tips and tricks you can use to increase your productivity and use Gmail like a pro.

You can share any more Gmail tips and tricks if you think that it should be added to this list. This will be going to make the article more informative and it will be very helpful for the readers.


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  2. Amazing hidden gmail tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You have shared the best hidden gmail features. Can you please tell how incan apply the dark theme on Gmail.

    1. To apply the dark theme go to Settings and then themes. This process can vary with the new updates in Gmail.


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