31 Hidden Android Features You Should Start Using Today 2020

Hidden Android Features And Settings
Hi, we are here with the list of hidden android features you don't know existed in your android smartphone.

These hidden android features will of great use and are going to make everyday use of smartphone super easy and fast.

After reading this article you will be able to use your Android smartphone like a pro.

1. Split Android Screen

Split Android Screen - hidden android features
Suppose you are reading or watching a tutorial on "How to adjust the brightness on an Android smartphone" and want to follow the instructions as you are getting from the article or a video.

Then, you can use this hidden android feature of splitting the screen as shown in the image above.

To split your android screen, Open an app > Click and hold on the recent app button > Select the other app you want you open. 

With the Split-screen feature, you can split your android screen into two equal halves and use two different apps on two different screens at the same time.

Like watching a video on the one side and playing the game on the other side. This hidden android feature doesn't work on the home screen, you need to open an app and then click on the recent app button to use this feature. 

Check out the article on hidden YouTube features to get more of the app.

2. Toggle Between Two Applications 

Toggle Between Two Applications  - hidden android features
You can double-tap on the recent button you can toggle between two recent applications. For example, first, you open Whatsapp and then open Youtube.

Now, if you will double tap on the recent button can toggle between Whatsapp and Youtube.

This is going to be super fast ways to open the most recent applications and switch between them.

3. Change Visual Element On Android

Change Visual Element - hidden android features
This is a cool hidden android feature that will allow you to change the visuals like text. You can change the Contrast, font, shape, and size of the text. With this hidden android feature, you can change the style of the keyword.

To change, the visuals of the text, Go to Settings > accessibility > Visual > Enhancement > Change the visuals as you like.

This is will be of great use if you are having a hard time seeing the text. With this hidden android feature, you can the visuals of the things in the ways you want. You can see the changes in the image above.

4. Find My Device 

Find My Device - hidden android features
You can use this hidden Android feature to find your phone when you lost your smartphone by Opening Google on your PC > Type "Find My Phone".

You cause this hidden Android feature to make your smartphone ring, vibrate or lock the screen. You can track the location and make the things recover from your PC.

If you are finding these hidden android features useful then follow us on social media to get the articles like this. Check out the article on hidden Google maps features to get more out of the app.

5. Safe Maps For Offline

Safe Maps For Offline - hidden android features
This feature is available on Gooogle maps. To use this hidden android feature open the Google map > Options > Offline maps > select the are of the map you want to save > Click on save. This is the best way to save data.

You can save more than one offline map. To know more maps feature like this read the article on Google Maps tips and tricks.

6. Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb  - hidden android features
If you will turn this hidden android feature, it will stop all the messages, calls, and notifications from disturbing you. You can set the days and time for which you wants to turn this feature on.

You can set the time for the morning so that you will not be disturbed by the sound of notification.

To use Do not Disturb go to Settings > type Do not Disturb. Turn on the feature > Set the time.

7. Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning  - hidden android features
By using this hidden android feature you can lock any application on your phone. If you will pin a screen no other application will open other than you have pinned.

This hidden android feature is of great use when you are giving your phone to some for some time for example when you are providing your phone to someone for making a call.

You can pin the Dallier and give your phone to anyone, he/she will not to able to use any other application except dallier.

To use the pin screen feature,  Click on the recent tap button > Click on the pin icon. After pinning your screen all the buttons like home and the recent tab will not work, only the back button will work.

This will lock that application on your screen. You can unpin the application by long press on the back button.

After pressing the back button the application will close and your phone will be locked. Check out the article on reasons to choose Android over iPhone.

8. Magnify the Screen

Magnify the Screen - hidden android features
With this hidden android feature, you can magnify any portion of the screen and use the app normally.

This feature will be of great use when you want to click on a very small button or wants to read the small text. With this hidden android feature, you can temporarily magnify what's under your figure.

You can drag your finger to explore different parts of the screen and to adjust the zoom level you can pinch two fingers or spread them apart.

To Magnify the android screen go to Settings > Accessibility  > Magnification gesture > Turn on the magnification gesture.

When you will turn on this hidden android feature you will be able to zoom in or out the smartphone screen by triple-tapping the screen.

9. Take A Screenshot

Take A Screenshoot
You can take screenshots of the video, app, games, and while using any other applications. With this hidden Android feature, you can save everything which appears on your screen.

To take a screen Shoot press the Power and Volume down button at the same time or slide your three figures on the screen in a downward direction.

You can use this hidden android feature to save the photos of a location from the Gooogle maps to your phone without installing any app.

10. Double Tab On The Time

Double Tab On The Time - hidden android features
You can start a stopwatch, alarm, world, and timer by double-tapping the time widget on the home screen.

This hidden android feature will be very useful for you if you frequently use the stopwatch, timer, or other features as it the quick way to access.

11. Use Eye Protection

Use Eye Protection  - hidden android features
With this hidden android feature, you can reduce the emission of blue rays from the smartphone screen. Blue rays are harmful to your eyes and cause strain in the eyes.

You can turn on this feature while reading an article on your phone as this feature reduces the brightness and the amount of blue light coming from the screen.

To Turn on Eye protection mode Go to settings > Display > Eye comfort > Turn on this feature. You can find this feature in the Quick settings dropdown.

12. Apps Quick Shortcuts

Apps Quick Shortcuts - hidden android features
You can create quick shortcuts for any app on the home screen as we have created a quick shortcut for WhatsApp in the image above.

With this Whatsapp shortcut, you can quickly take a photo and share it with your friends. This hidden android feature works with almost every app.

To create a quick shortcut of the app Click and hold on the app >  select the shortcut you want to create > Place that shortcut on the home screen.

These quick shortcuts provide quick access to a specific feature of the app like you can create a shortcut with Google map for Home or Work rote or a shortcut to open a new incognito tab on Google Chrome.

You can use this hidden android feature with almost every app but some apps don't support this feature like Instagram.

13. Take Quick Snapshot

Take Quick Snapshot - hidden android features
With this android feature, you can take photos without pressing the power button and then open the camera app.

To take a snapshot when your device, not one, press the volume down button two times when the phone off. This will open the camera app and take Ultra Snapshot.

By using this hidden android feature you need to power on your phone and then waste time in finding the camera app. You can directly turn your camera on with this hidden android feature.

You can change the settings to select whether you open the camera and take a Quick snapshot or just open the camera

14. Remove The Notch 

Remove The Notch - hidden android features
You can hide the notch on your smartphone by darning the surrounding areas. This will make the screen more symmetric.

To remove the notch from your smartphone Go to settings > Display > Notch > Hide notch.

15. Hide Notification On Lock Screen

Hide Notification On Lock Screen - hidden android features
You can see the notification on the smartphone lock screen from the apps like Gmail, youtube, chrome, and WhatsApp.

To hidde, the notification on the locked screen, Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Notification Management > Options > Lock Screen Notification > Hide notification content.

This notification may contain some personal information that you may never like to share with anyone but it is possible to see the content in the notification even unlocking the screen.

With this hidden android feature, you can hide the content in the notifications on the lock screen.

16. No New App Shortcuts

No New App Shortcuts - hidden android features
Whenever you install an app from the Google Play store a short cut of created automatically for that app on your home screen.

This mess up the home screen and there is no need of having an app shortcut on the home screen as we can open use the app from the app drawer.

You can stop the creation of shortcuts of the newly installed app on the home screen by Going to Play Store > Settings > Untick the option "Add icon to Home Screen".

17. Monitor Data Usage

Monitor Data Usage - hidden android features
You can monitor the usage of the data used by the apps on your android smartphone. By using the hidden android feature you can see your smartphone data usage with dates and the amount of data every app had used since last week, month, or year.

You can put the limit in the data usage so that the user can't go over the specified limit. To see the data usage on your smartphone Go to Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile data > Data usage ranking.

You can use this hidden android feature to get a notification when the data reached the maximum level.

18. Resize Screen 

Resize Screen
Many smartphones come with a large display which sometimes makes it difficult to click on the app's icon on the top sides of the screen or to slide down the toolbar.

You can solve this problem the resizing the android screen.

To resize the android screen place your finger on the left-bottom of the screen and then slide your figure in the right side direction.

This will resize the screen as shown in the image above. You can come back to the full screen by clicking on the free space on the screen.

19. Use the Fingerprint Sensor For Notification Panel

Use the Fingerprint Sensor For Notification Panel - hidden android features
As we have discussed above that when the smartphone screen is very large in size then it becomes hard to slide down the notification panel with just one hand.

You can use the fingerprint sensor to slide down the Notification panel. You can use the fingerprint sensor to click selfies.

To use the fingerprint sensor for using the toolbar and for taking selfies, Go to settings > Security & Privacy > Fingerprint ID > Show Notification panel.

Here you can select the other options to use a fingerprint sensor like to take a photo/video, Answer a call, stop the alarm, browse photos.

You need to slide down on the fingerprint sensor to display the Notification panel. Double-tap to clear the panel and slide up to close the panel.

20. Quickly Switch Between Apps

Quickly Switch Between Apps - hidden android features
When you have opened two apps and you are working on both apps, then you can easily switch between these two recently opened tabs by double-clicking on the recent tab button.

These were the hidden android feature you can find on your smartphone. These hidden features are so much useful that you should start using them now. We hope these android features will make everyday tasks on the smartphone super easy and fast.

We tried to share the best hidden android features in the article but if you know any other feature which is not included in this article then share it with us now.

21. Lock An Recent App

Lock An Recent App - hidden android features
You must be using many apps while using your smartphone and you must be cleaning all the recent apps by clicking on the selected icon whenever you feel that the activities of your smartphone are slowing down.

But sometimes we clean the app from the recent apps that we are working on by mistake.

You can use this hidden android feature to lock any app in the recent apps so that whenever you will clean all the recent apps, the apps you have locked do not get removed.

You need to open recent apps and then click on the lock icon on the top of the tab. You can lock more than on apps and by clicking on the locked icon once again you can unlock those apps from recent apps so that it can be cleaned from the recently opened apps.

22. Quick Access To Assistant

Quick Access To Assistant - hidden android features
We all use Google Assistant on our android smartphone much time in a day. In fact, about 80% of searches will be performed with the help of a voice search by 2020.

You can click and hold on the home icon to activate Google Assistant.

With this hidden android feature, you can save your time as this Android feature will provide quick access to Google Assistant. Now, you need not open the Google Assistant app or activating the assistant by your voice.

 We have written an article on Google Assistant tips and trick you should read to know more tip and tricks like this

23. Stop Background Activities

Stop Background Activities - hidden android features
This hidden android feature will allow your device to run smoothly if you have a smartphone with low processing power or you can also use this feature to boost the performance of your phone and make it faster than before.

As, sometime after closing the app, some of its functionalities do not close and keep running in the background and make your phone slow. Y

ou can stop these background activities from running in the background and make your phone's performance back on track.

You can enable Don't Keep Activates by going to Settings > Developer Options > Don't keep activities.

By enabling this setting you will do all the activities of the app close as soon as the app is closed by you.

24. Text To Speech

Text To Speech  - hidden android features
If you are not willing to read the articles or text-based documents, then you can make your smartphone to do this for you.

To make your phone read articles or messages, go to Settings > Accessibility > Text-to-speech. You can use these hidden android features to hear the information rather than see it.

25. Restrict Background Data Usage

Restrict Background Data Usage - hidden android features
It's been well known that almost all the apps on our phone perform certain background activates like updating, downloading the latest versions, and fixing bugs.

You can stop these apps from using your data with the help of this hidden android feature as it restricts the usage of background app data.

To activate Restrict apps background data feature, go to Settings > Data usage >Options > Restrict Background Data.

When you will enable this feature on your phone notification will appear, if you will click on this notification then these hidden android features will be deactivated and you have to enable these hidden android features once again if you want to stop the background app data usage.

26. Game

Hidden Android Game - hidden android features
Do you know that Google started to add hidden games for Android users from the Android 2.3 Gingerbread version?

However, finding it may prove to be quite difficult as many of us even unable to imagine these types of hidden gems.

To play hidden games on your phone you have to go to Settings > About Phone > Quickly tap on an Android version several times.

27. Use One Hand Android

Use One Hand Android Feature
If you are using a smartphone having a large display then sometimes it becomes difficult to press the button with just one hand and you have to use both hands.

Sometimes it can become very annoying. You can enable the one hand mode in your smartphone by going to settings and then search for one-handed mode.

After enabling this hidden android feature the screen of your smartphone will going to resize. The button on the keyboard will be going to concentrate on one side of the screen. So that your figures can reach easily.

28. Dark Mode In Android

Dark Mode In Android
You can use this hidden android feature to apply the dark mode in android smartphones. This dark mode of different from the normal dark mode because by applying this dark mode on an android smartphone the screen elements will be shown in black and white.

To use this hidden android feature you have no need to install an app on your phone.

You can apply the forced dark mode on android by navigating to Settings > Screen > Digital Balance > Bed Time > Turn it on.

After applying this feature the screen will appear in black and white.

It will make apps like Instagram and Facebook less interesting to use as there will be no colors and ultimately result in less screen time and it will save your time. Check out the article on Instagram tricks to get more out of Instagram.

29. Share Files on Android Using FTP Server

Share Files on Android Using FTP Server
When it comes to sharing files on Android, there are so many methods that you can use based on your choice. One of the oldest methods is by using the Bluetooth service. Although, it provides wireless connectivity its speed is very slow and that's why Bluetooth is not used much today.

Share files on Android using FTP server You can also connect your Android phone with your PC or laptop via data cable.

On the other hand, if you want to share files between two Android phones, then you can use third-party apps such as SHAREit. SHAREit provides high-speed wireless connectivity with the help of WiFi direct technology.

There is another hidden method to transfer files on Android which very few people know. We are talking about FTP or File Transfer Protocol.

Using the FTP service, you can connect your Android phone with your PC (Windows or Mac) or any other device (even with iPhone).

Like SHAREit, FTP also provides wireless connectivity, so you don't need to connect your phone with any data cable.

In this tutorial, we have shared everything you need to know about FTP like how you can set up the FTP server and use it to share files on your Android phone. Let's get started!

To use these hidden android features, Connect both devices on the same network > Setup FTP server on your Android phone > Connect client device to the FTP server > Transfer files between devices.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol? It is a type of network protocol that s used for the transfer of files in the client-server based architectural model.

Let's try to understand it with an example of a website that is based on this model. The client refers to the website owner. On the other hand, the server refers to the storage location where the website data is saved.

The FTP helps the client to access the server on its computer and transfer (i.e. upload or download) the data between them.

We will also implement the same model in this guide where your phone will act as a server and the other device will act as a client. The client will be able to download the files that are saved on your Android phone (or server).

How to use FTP on Android The process of creating an FTP server on Android and then connecting both devices to share files between them is quite complex.

30. Hide Folder In Your Android Phone

Hide Folder In Your Android PhoneDo you have some private data on your phone that you want to hide from others? It can your personal documents, private photos and videos, or some other important files.

A screen lock isn't sufficient to protect your data as anybody who knows the password can easily access it. 

Hide folders on Android The only way you can prevent unauthorized access to your data is by hiding it. In our previous guide, we have shared various methods to hide files on Android phone.

You can use an app for this task, but here we have a more simple method for you. This tutorial will guide you on how to hide folders on your Android phone without even using any third-party application.

You can move all your private files into a particular folder and then hide it. After that, no one will be able to access that folder except you.

To hide a folder by using this hidden android feature, Open the built-in file manager of your phone or you can download the Astro File Manager app from Google Play Store. > Now go to the directory where the folder is located. > You can also create a new folder and move all the files in it that you want to hide. > After that, tap on the folder to select it and then click the Rename option. > Rename folder In some file manager apps, this option is available in the menu (tap the three dots at the top-right corner). > Now add dot (.) symbol before the folder name. 

For example, if the folder name is "Private", then change it to ".Private". >  Add dot before folder name to hide Finally, click the OK/Rename button to save the changes and you've done it.

Now you may ask how you can access the folder. It's very simple. You just need to enable the "Show hidden files" option in the file manager. This option is available in the settings. Follow these steps -

First, open the file manager app and tap the menu button (three dots at the top-right or top-left corner of the screen).

After that, click the Settings option. Here you will find an option named "Show Hidden Files" - simply, enable it. Show hidden files.

Now go to the directory where the folder is saved and you will find it there. Please note that your folder isn't secure if the "Show hidden files" option is enabled in the file manager. So we will recommend you to keep it off and also lock the file manager.

31. Switch Off Your Smartphone At Night

Switch Off Your Smartphone At Night
It is advised to either keep your smartphone away from yourself or switch it off at night to protect your body from harmful radiation.

Apart from this, switching off your smartphone will also save its battery life for a long time.

Switch off Android phones automatically Sometimes, you might forget to switch off your phone at night if you don't have a habit of doing it every day.

Now imagine how it would be if you can schedule your smartphone to power off automatically at your specified time? This is what we are going to discuss in this tutorial.

Here we have shared 2 simple methods that can help you to switch off your Android phone automatically at night. You can set the period and select the days in a week when you want to switch it off.

Most of the Android smartphones have a built-in feature in settings that lets you schedule power on and off automatically.

This was a stock Android feature in the 5.0 Lollipop version, but maybe this hidden android feature has been removed in later versions. Some manufacturers (such as Sony) have also added this feature in their smartphones.

To check if it is available on your phone, go to your phone settings and find an option named "Scheduled power on and off" or "Power off timer"

If you will follow these steps you will be able to find and play the hidden game on Android smartphones.

Note that the game may vary in different android versions. You can share this hidden game with your friends and do not forget to share your high score with us.


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