31 Hidden YouTube Features You Should Start Using Today 2021

Hidden YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
Hi, in this article we have shared the list some cool hidden YouTube features. Do you know YouTube the 2nd most visited website in the world according to Alexa.com? 

You must be watching hundreds of videos on YouTube every month and using YouTube from many years. But you may be unaware of these hidden YouTube features.

1. Double Tap To Seek

Double Tap To Seek - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can Double tap on the right side of the screen while watching a video on YouTube to skip that video to 10 seconds forward and Double tap on the left side of the screen to go back 10 seconds in the video. You can use a hidden YouTube feature to quickly skip the portion of the video.

You can keep tapping on the screen to skip the video to more seconds like tap three times to skip the video to 20 seconds. Every time you tap on the screen the video will be skipped by 10 seconds. This hidden YouTube feature can be used to skip the video forward as well as backward as per you require.

You can change the shipping time in the video by going to Settings > General > Double-tap to seek > Select how many seconds you want to the video be skipped.

2. Dark Mode

Dark Mode - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can turn on dark theme on YouTube by using the hidden YouTube feature. This can reduce the strain on your eyes while you are watching the videos on YouTube in a dark place.

You can turn to dark mode on YouTube by going to Options > Settings > General > Dark Theme.

Now, you can toggle that option on or off to apply the dark theme on YouTube. This can also reduce battery usage and save your battery so that you can watch more YouTube videos.

3. Go Incognito 

Go Incognito - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this YouTube to search the videos on YouTube with privacy and once your work is done you can clear all the activities that you have done. If you will use this hidden YouTube feature no history will be saved on YouTube.

To go incognito on YouTube tap on Profile icon >  Turn on Incognito.

Now, YouTube will not store data like search histories and will not recommend videos based on the videos that you have watched in the Incognito mode.

4. Change Playback Speed

Change Playback Speed - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this YouTube feature to change the speed of the video on YouTube. You can watch the video playing very fast and can play the video in slow motion.

By using this hidden YouTube feature you can see the details in the YouTube video playing the video in slow motion. You can change the speed between 2X to 0.25X.

Go to Options > Playback speed > Choose the speed in which you want to watch that video.

Now, you can slow down the playback speed of tutorial video so that you can follow all the steps perfectly.

5. Use Different Fonts

Use Different Fonts - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use different fonts to comments on YouTube so that your comments stand out from the rest of the comments on YouTube. By changing the fonts to the different style you can make the text more beautiful and make people read your comment.

You can use a different font style to comment by Using CoolSymbols To generate font styles. Just type your comment on this website > Copy that text and paste it in the comments on youtube.

6. Select The Video Start Time

Select The Video Start Time - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden YouTube feature to share a YouTube video with your friend and play that YouTube video from a specific time when your friends will be going to open that video.

By using this hidden YouTube feature you can make anyone views a specific portion of a YouTube video so that they have to need to watch the video from the beginning.

To the Youtube Video with some and make that video start playing from specific time click on the Share icon > Tick the "Start at" > Select the time > Copy that URL and share.

7. Watch Video In VR 

Watch Video In VR - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden YouTube feature to watch YouTube videos with a VR set. There is no need to install an app to change the video so that they can be viewed with a VR.

Watch the YouTube Videos with VR  go to Options > Watch in VR.

After this, the plugin your smartphone to your VR set and watch YouTube videos like you are watching them in cinema.

8. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
Their are many keyboards for YouTube you can use to quickly do the normal things on YouTube like playing the video, pause the video and skip to next video.

 you can press "J" to go back and "L" to move forward in the YouTube video if you are watching the video on the PC.

Press "K" to pause the YouTube video and press again to resume that video.

You can press "M" to mute the  YouTube video.

You can press "Shift+N" to skip your current video and play the next YouTube video in the queue and Shift+P" to watch the previous video on YouTube.

9. YouTube TV 

YouTube TV - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can search for YouTube.com/tv to watch your favorite video like you are watching Netflix on your computer or laptop. This version of YouTube is made for the TVs but using this hidden YouTube feature You can use YouTube TV on your PC.

The best thing about Youtube TV is that you can watch full movies for free. These are many categories from which you can select the videos you want to watch.

10. Press Numbers

Press Numbers - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
This YouTube feature works only on the computer or laptop. You can skip the videos to 50% by pressing the number 5 and like this, you can skip the video to 30 % by pressing number 3. With this hidden YouTube feature, you can quickly skip the video to a different percent.

11. Download YouTube Video

Download Youtube Video - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use this hidden YouTube feature to download the YouTube video when you are watching them on your desktop or smartphone without using any app.

Just type the "ss" before the Youtube.com (URL) video to download that video from YouTube.

As is you will type "ss" in the URL of that YouTube video you will be redirected to a website called savefrom.net where you can choose the resolution of the YouTube video in which you want to download it. You can even convert that video to mp3/audio or download the YouTube video without audio.

12. Make Gifs From YouTube Videos

Make Gifs From YouTube Videos - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can make amazing and funny gifs by taking the YouTube video and then share that gif on all the popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and others .so that your family and friends can see that awesome gif on their device.

Search for GifYouTube.com and then paste that URL of the YouTube Video to make a gif from that video.

13. YouTube Test tube

YouTube Test tube - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can visit the YouTube test tube to know about the upcoming features and updates on YouTube in advance. You can read about them and keep yourself updated with these upcoming hidden YouTube features on YouTube.

You will get to know about the changes and ideas on which YouTube is currently working on like how to improve the quality of videos, copyrights, advertising, designs, and others.

14. YouTube Floating Player

YouTube Floating Player - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
With this YouTube feature, you can create a floating YouTube video paying in the corner of your browser.

This hidden YouTube feature works only when you are watching the YouTube video in browsers like Google Chrome. You need to add a plugin called Floating for YouTube to your Google Chrome browsers.

By using this extension you can play the video and browse at the same time.

You can increase and decrease the size of the floating YouTube player and the best thing about the floating YouTube video player is that it will only show that video and hide all the other things like recommended videos and the add shown at the side of the YouTube videos.

15. Not Interested 

Not Interested - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
Sometime YouTube shows and recommended videos in which we are not interested. With this YouTube feature, you can tell YouTube that you are not interested in that video and similar videos so that you will never see that type of video on your YouTube home page again.

You need to click on the options (three dots) on that video and then tap on the Not interested. 

You can tell YouTube that why you are not interested in those videos so that YouTube can understand your interest more accurately and recommend the correct video.

16. Stats For Nerds 

Stats For Neds - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
With this hidden YouTube feature, you can see all the necessary details of the video you will be watching at that time. You need to right-click on the video and then click on the Stats for nerds.

This will show you stats like connection speed, network activities, Buffer health, and Dropped frames. There are many other details that you can know about YouTube videos i.e Video resolution, volume, and the URL of that video.

17. Get The Transcript

Get The Transcript - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can read the transcript of the whole YouTube video provided by every second in the video at which the words are spoken in that video. The transcript may not always the accurate but you will get a complete text of the audio in that video so that whenever you need to know what the person had said in that video you can read from the transcript.

Click on the more and then select the transcript from the drop-down menu. 

Some YouTube channels may not have this hidden YouTube feature enabled for that video so you will not get any transcripts on these videos.

18. Add Videos To Watch Later

Add Videos To Watch Later - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
With this hidden YouTube feature, you can select a video to add it to the watch later collection so that you can watch that video later. This is the best way to save a video and watch that video whenever you have free time.

You can click on the Clock icon on the video thumbnail or Click on the options (three dots) and then add it to watch later.

To see the videos that you have shaved to watch later click on the Watch later present on the left side or Go to the library and then click on watch later.

19. Free Audios On YouTube

Free Audios On YouTube - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can use Youtube Audio Library to get hundreds of free music and free sound off the effect and you can use these music and sound effects in your YouTube videos for free.

You have no need to take the permissions or need no to worry about copyright claims on your YouTube videos.

You can add free audios from YouTube Audio Library by opening your Creator Studio > click "Create" in the menu on the left-hand side, and choosing "Audio Library."

You can download or directly add these sounds to YouTube videos. This is the best way to get free music and need to use someone else's music to make the videos better.

20. Live Stream On YouTube

Live Strem On YouTube - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You can share your moments, vlog, or knowledge content with the world live by using the YouTube live feature.

YouTube live is used by many YouTubers to share their moments with there subscribers. Going live on YouTube is simple and fast and you can make your live stream effective by musing many helpful features provided by YouTube.

To make a Live stream on YouTube, you need to first Log in to YouTube > click the "Upload" button at the top-right of your screen > "Live Streaming" module on the right-hand side of your screen. Click "Get Started" in that module.

You can see the preview before going live and you need to fill some essay information like Title, starting time as well as ending time and description.

21. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
Sometimes there are videos recommended on the home page of YouTube which contain adult content and that content is not suitable for kids. You can recommend you, kids, to use YouTube Kids to watch videos on YouTube.

YouTube Kids gives your family an easy way to watch their favorite shows, or explore anything that captures their imagination. It’s free, simple to use, and full of family-friendly videos.

22. Disable Auto-play

Disable Auto-play - YouTube Features, Tips And Tricks
You might have seen that whenever a video ends a countdown start to start the next video in the queue. Sometimes when we leave our desktop without clicking the YouTube and YouTube videos keep playing on by one which can waste the data.

You can click on the Auto-play button to switch off this hidden YouTube feature. The slider should go from blue to gray.

23. Use YouTube Theater Mode

Use YouTube Theater Mode
You can use this hidden YouTube feature to watch the youtube video is a much wider screen as shown in the images above. By switching this feature you can play the videos in the theater mode and this is the best way to watch the panoramic videos available on youtube. To use this feature click on the theater mode icon.

24. Use Mini Video Player On YouTube

Use Mini Video Player On YouTube
After activating this hidden YouTube feature you can play the videos on a much smaller screen and keep on browsing, searching, and surfing the videos on youtube without stop the current video that you are playing.

To play the video on the mini screen click on the mini-player icon. You can switch back to the full-screen mode by clicking on the expand icon. This feature is available on the PC version of youtube.

25. Customize The Video Download Quality

Customize The Video Download Quality
If you are downloading a lot of youtube videos to watch them offline and this is causing a large amount of data then you can switch to the lower resolution of the video.

This will result in lower data consumption. If you are downloading the video on the wifi then you can choose the higher resolution to download the Youtube video. To customize the downloading quality of videos from youtube, navigate to Profile > Settings > Download > Download quality.

26. Color Changing Video Bar

You can use this hidden YouTube feature to make the progress bar change its color constantly to red, green, blue, and yellow. This is one of the coolest features that you can use on youtube for fun. This youtube features work on every youtube video.

To use this hidden YouTube feature you can type "Awesome" on the keyboards without clicking anywhere on the screen. You can stop the color-changing bar by typing"Awesome" again. This youtube feature only works on the desktop version.

27. Video With 301 Views

There is a video on youtube which have only 301 views but much more likes and comments. Actually, youtube has stoped the view counter for that video for a reason. You can find that video on youtube with the title "Why do YouTube views freeze at 301?". You can also see in the image that the video has about 700K likes but only 301 views.

This amazing video was created by Numberphile with about 4M subscribers. This is just one of the many easter eggs that you can find on YouTube. You should stay updated about the easter eggs on youtube as youtube has a history of constantly changing and completely removing these types of elements.

28. A Video With No Title

If you have ever tried to upload a video on youtube then you might know that if someone tries to publish a video without providing a title to that video, an alert message is shown and youtube required to provide a name to the youtube video before it is published on the websites.

But on this video which is uploaded by Vsauce have no title as you can see in the image above.

29. Video That Show Its Views

This video is uploaded by Tom Scott on youtube. The cool thing about this video is that the title of the video updated automatically to show the total number of views that video has. The title of this video should change with the times. But nothing lasts forever.

The video uses Youtube API to change the title of the video continues to stay relevant. This youtube video asks youtube about the number of videos it has and then updates the number of views in the title.

30. The First Video Of YouTube

This is the first-ever video uploaded on youtube. This video was uploaded by Jawed on Apr 23, 2005, with the title "Me at the zoo" and with the description "The first video on YouTube. Maybe it's time to go back to the zoo?".

You can still watch this video on youtube by clicking on this link. The Jawed Karim is an American software engineer and Internet entrepreneur of Bangladeshi-German descent.

He is the co-founder of YouTube and the first person to upload a video to the site. This inaugural video, titled Me at the zoo uploaded on 23 April 2005, has been viewed over 100 million times.

31. Video With Cool Title

As you can see in the image above that this video has a different font in the title. This video is weird as in full video it shows an intro of every character shown in the videos until the end. The youtube has decided to change the font of the title to match with the font used in the video to introduce the character in the video.

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There were some of the hidden YouTube features that can improve your experience on YouTube. You can share these hidden YouTube features with your friends and family. We have tried our best to make this article but if you think we have missed some hidden YouTube features than you can share with us.

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