15 Battery Charging Tips For Android Smartphones 2021

Battery Charging Tips For Android Smartphones
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of best battery charging tips for android smartphones. Today, more than a billion using Android phones.

As compared to other phone android phone consumes more battery power to keep your android battery charging last longer, you need to follow some basic battery charging tips for Android phones which ensure the longevity of your battery life.

So, let us take a look at any battery charging tips for Android smartphones.

1. Always Charge The Phone With Its Original Charger

Always Charge The Phone With Its Original Charger
Always use the original charger for charging your phone because it is very familiar with your phone does not put any bad impacts on your phone.

If the original smartphone charge is not working properly or it is broken then, you should try to arrange a new charger that is specifically made to charge the same model as your smartphone have because every smartphone battery requires a different amount of current supply.

It keeps your battery healthy for a long period. Due to our busy schedules, we often forgot to carry an original charger or because we lost our original charger we often replace it with duplicate ones which affects battery performance very badly.

So always keep in mind that try to use the original charger instead of duplicates. The charger that comes with your phone is originally designed to charge a specific model of the smartphone if you will use any other smartphone charger then it will definitely going to affect the battery performance.

2. Remove Protective Case While Charging Your Phone

Remove Protective Case While Charging Your Phone
While charging phones it becomes slightly warm. If the cover is put on it acts as a barrier for heat dissipation and makes the phone quite warmer than normal.

You can remove the back case, while charging your smartphone or when you are using your smartphone for a long time. This will reduce the temperature of the smartphone, which is raised due to the excess use of the smartphone.

This will have negative effects on battery life. So always remove the cover while charging to allow the heat generated during the process of charging can leave your smartphone from the back. 

3. Do Not Charge Your Smartphone Overnight

Do Not Charge Your Smartphone Overnight
Many of us from those peoples who plugged in our smartphones overnight for charging every night, but it is when you have to stop this practice because it deteriorates battery health and also causes the overheating problem which can damage the battery very quickly.

We have a short answer for the most asked question about charging a smartphone or an iPhone  - Does charging an iPhone overnight damage the battery? - And the answer is "Yes!"

4. Charge Your Phone To At least 80%

Charge Your Phone To At least 80%
Always try to maintain a battery charge of a maximum of 80%. It is enough for a day and it is ideal for a battery lifespan. There is not necessary that your phone always should be charged up to a maximum.

If your battery level reaches below 20 percent you should charge your smartphone as soon as possible as it will put a load on your smartphone battery and reduce the number of cycles of the smartphone battery.

It is always advisable to charge your smartphone when the battery level is not less than twenty percent.

5. Avoid Recharging Your Phone Constantly

Avoid Recharging Your Phone Constantly
We always tend to charge the phone when it reaches the 50 % level, but most of us do not plug on our phones to the charger until the battery level goes below 20%. You should not do this.

You must not allow your phone to discharge up to 20% before you start charging again. Charging your phone when the android battery charging level goes below 20% put bad impacts on battery health.

6. Do Not Use Third Party Battery Apps

Do Not Use Third Party Battery Apps
Do not install third-party android battery charging apps because they always run in the background and drains the battery much quicker and also it restricts other apps to function normally.

The smartphone with the latest technology has a feature of power-saving by which you can save the battery life before charging it as it turns off all the unnecessary functions like higher brightness of the screen and many other functions.

It will be better not to use, this type of app on your phone instead of installing battery saver apps you can go to settings and turn on the power saving feature. So, next time try to avoid those battery boosting apps.

7. Do Not Use Smartphone While Charging

Do Not Use Smart Phone While Charging
We should not use smartphones while charging because it increases the temperature while we use the phone because when you use your phone while the android battery charging is working two times than when you are not charging your phone as the phone is using the battery's energy to run itself and the batter is gaining energy from the charger.

These processes involve a chemical reaction, as a result, the android battery charging gets overheated and this puts bad impacts on the battery.

8. Do not charge your battery  from 0% to 100%

Do not charge your battery  from 0% to 100%
You should keep your phones' battery always more than 50% at any time. But if it went to 0% do not charge it 100% in one go, It is fatal for the battery. Instead of charging it in one go, charge in phases.

It will help in increasing the lifespan of the battery. The best range of Li-ion batteries if from about 40-90% in one go and try not to let the battery drop below 20%.

We have already discussed above the negative effects that changing the smartphone when its battery level drops to less than twenty percent.

9. Use auto-brightness On Android Smartphone

Use auto-brightness
Your phone can adjust the brightness level following the amount of light present in the surrounding.

For example - When you will need a less bright screen light when you are in your home and a higher intensity of brightness when you are out of your home.

In this, your smartphone will automatically adjust the intensity of screen brightness and helps in lowering the battery use and ultimately increase the lifespan of your phone's battery.

To turn on the auto brightness features follow these instructions - Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.

10. Use Low Power Mode On Android Smartphone

Use Low Power ModeYou should use the low power mode because this feature of your phone allows lowering the battery, use when the battery level goes below 20% by disabling or stopping apps and functions that are running in the background.

This method you will be able to use a smartphone in an emergency and can avoid overheating of the battery.

11. Turn Airplane mode 

Turn Airplane mode
When you are at a place where the network signals are very weak you can turn on the airplane mode on your Android or iOS phone because when the phone gets a low signal the phone frequently searches for signals and due to this the battery experience a heavy load.

You can turn off the airplane mode when you are at a place where the network is strong.

You can Turn airplane mode by Going to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Airplane mode.

After turning the airplane mode on, you will not be able to make a call or receive a call and your smartphone WiFi will be turned off. However, you can turn on WiFi to use it in the airplane mode.

12. Disable The Location Service

Disable The Location Service
Many apps like Google, Google maps, news apps, etc. Use your location. Out of these apps, many apps continuously use your locations.

When these apps use your location, they use more battery. You can disable the location sharing for all the apps or for those which you think locations sharing is not necessary.

To disable the location service to follow the instructions. Settings Privacy Location Services (Disable).

Please read the article on the hidden Google Maps features you should know to get more out of the Google maps apps.

13. Turn Off  Assistant

Turn off  Assistant
Do you know the "OK Google" is always running in the background, even when you are not using it? It's always running and waiting for you to use it. Due to this, it is always using the phone's battery.

You can turn "OK Google" off when you are not using it by these simple steps - Settings > General > "OK Google" and then toggle the switch to OFF (white) next to Allow "OK Google"

14. Upgrade Your Device

Upgrade Your Device

As newer smartphones such as Samsung, Motorola, And many other smartphone companies launches smartphones, which have considerably long-lasting battery life than the previous models. 

There are many smartphones available in the market which have a battery life of about 58 hours and even more.

15. Change Your Smartphone's Settings

Change Your Smartphone's Settings
You can reduce the use of battery usage by changing some settings like screen time of the display, turning off Bluetooth or WiFi when you are not using. 

You can turn off your GPS options. The best way to save the battery of your smartphone is by changing the live wallpaper applications and replacing them with static wallpaper as live wallpapers affect the battery performance and replacing with a dark wallpaper will act as a battery charging wallpaper. 

You can go to settings and enable the auto-update feature that will help in updating the smartphone's system. 

Now, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

1. Does leave a smartphone charging plug-in ruin the battery?

Yes, you can leave your smartphone charging all night if done it for a few days, but try not to leave your smartphone charging all night.

2. What percent should you change your phone?

You should charge your smartphone when the battery level goes below 50 percent and try to maintain a battery level of more than 50 percent. Do not charge your smartphone from 0 to 100 percent as it negatively affects the battery life cycle.

3. How do I prolong the battery life?

You can prolong the battery life of your smartphone by following these ways and tricks mentioned above.

4. Is fast charging is bad for the battery?

No, you have no need to worry about the fast charging. Fast charging technology is available in smartphones with the latest tech. The fast charger is made for charging the smartphone battery without causing any harm to the battery and its battery life.

5. Will my smartphone will explode if I use it while charging?

No, your smartphone will not be going to explode if you will use it while charging, but the condition if that you have to use a proper and original charger. The phone battery will charge normally even if you are using your smartphone. But try not to use your smartphone while charging as it can affect the rate of charging.

6. How long does the cell phone battery last?

The phone battery lasts for about 2 to 3 years. You should keep replacing your phone after 2 to 3 years as the phone lasts for this much period in its best condition.

7. Why my phone's battery is not charging?

The reason your phone's battery is not changing is that the charging cycles of that battery are over. And you need to buy a new battery or a new phone (The average charging cycles of a battery are between 500 - 1500).

8. At what percent should I charge my android phone?

You should charge your android phone when the battery levels are going below 40 percent. Try to maintain battery levels between 40 to 80 percent.

9. Can Wireless charging damage your phone?

No, it's right to charge your phone with a wireless charger if your phone comes with wireless changes or supports wireless charging.

10. Can you leave a wireless charger plugged in all the time?

Yes, you can leave your phone charging on a wireless charger only if the wireless charger is original.
      So next time whenever you are going to charge your phone just remember these simple smartphone battery charging tips to make sure that your smartphone battery has a longer lifespan than before and do not forget to help your friend by sharing these smartphone batteries charging tips.

      If you want to ask any question, want any improvement in this article, or want to contact us, leave a comment below, we will definitely reply as soon as it will be possible for us.

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