20 Siri Tricks iOS 14 You Should Start Using Today 2021

Siri Tricks You Should Start Using Today
Siri was among the first voice-based virtual assistant that way introduced on Apple products to provide a personal assistant for iOS users. 

Alexa and Google assistant are two other popular assistants used by billions of people. So, we are here with Siri tips and tricks that will help you in using Siri in a better way. 

Siri is the coolest feature of the iPhone and the iPad as Siri features make the use of the phone very easy and quick by providing satisfactory replays. 

Many use this feature many times in a day due to its important function. Here are some Siri tips and tricks that will make use of Siri more Convenient.

1. Say "Hey, Siri" Trick

Hey siri
Siri is commonly activated by pressing the home button, but on newer devices, you can activate Siri by saying, "Hey, Siri". You can try this Siri tip on your iPhone or iPad even now to check if your device has this feature. If you were unaware of this Siri tip, then you can tell us.

2. Get The Latest News Headlines

Get The Latest News Headlines
If you start your day by listing the news headlines than you can ask Siri. You have to say, "Hey Siri, Provide me the news" and Siri features will start playing a news report from popular news sources like CNN, Fox News and many more news websites. You can also choose the news channels.

3. Make Siri Better 

Siri logo
If you speak something and Siri features are unable to understand your words than it underlines that word. You can tap on the underlined word and make that word understood by Siri by Speaking that word once again.

This practice will make Siri more sensitive toward that word(s) and will keep improving its results. If you think that we have helped you by sharing this Siri tip than you can leave a nice comment for us.

4. Open Apps By Siri 

Opening apps by using siri
You can use Siri to run any apps installed on your phone. You have to say, "Hey Siri, Open 'Name of the app' ". This Siri tip will be very useful when our hands not free to tap on the app icon to open it. Siri is also able to identify the correct app that it has to open if two apps have identical names.

5. Find Out What Siri Can Do

Siri logo
If you are a new iPhone user or you have not used Siri and using it for the first time that you can know what she can do for you. To find out what Siri features can do, you can ask her, "Hey Siri, What you can do" Siri will then provide a list with examples of commands and questions that you can ask Siri. This Siri tip will help you in understanding the capabilities of Siri.

6. Correct The Pronunciation of Siri

Correct The Pronunciation of Siri
If you have faced any situation when Siri is pronouncing your name incorrectly. If "yes", then you can correct her by saying, " That's not how you have to pronounce his/her name". After this Siri tip will ask you how to pronounce the name and Siri tips will provide some options to choose from. Now, you can choose the correct pronunciation.

You can also tell her about the relationship that the person has with you like you can tell her that he is a husband, brother, boss or any other related and next time you say, "Call my boss" instead of saying this full name. This Siri tip is going to be very useful for you.

7. Change The Gender And Voice of Siri

Changing the voice of siri
By default, Siri has a female voice. But do you know you can change that voice of Siri? 😮 You can change that voice of Siri by Going to Settings > Siri and Search > Siri Voice > Select the voice you like.

8. Convert Measurements And Currency

Using siri as a converter
You can use Siri to convert units and currency. To convert 1 kilometer into centimeter you can say, "Hey Siri, Convert 1 km into centimeters". Like this, you can also convert currency. You can use this Siri tip when you are unfamiliar with the unit provided.

9. Use Siri as Translator 

Using siri for translation
You can use Siri to translate a sentence in another language. To translate e a sentient in another language say, "Hey Siri, Translate This website is full of Knowledge in Chines". This Siri tip can be used to make another person who speaks another language understood your language.

10. Set Location-Based Reminder With Siri 

Setting a location based remainder on siri
Use Siri to set a location-based reminder, which means that when you will reach that place Siri will remind you to complete the task that you have to complete after reaching that location. You need to say, “Remind me to pick up the dry cleaning when I leave work”. You will find this Siri tip very useful if you have a habit of forgetting things when you go outside of work.

11. Make Siri Read Messages 

Making siri to read a message
You can say, "Hey Siri, "Read my latest mails" to make Siri read your emails for you. This trick will go to be very useful when you are driving the car as you have not to look at the screen to read your messages and emails, Siri will read your messages aloud for you. These Siri tips promote saving the drive.

12. Use Siri To Calculate 

Making siri calculate
If you will use this trick. Then you have no need to use the calculator app. You have to just say, "Hey Siri, 45 plus 100.79 plus 56.59 divided by 9.05". This will make the calculator of a larger number easy and using a calculator app. If you have made any mistake you can correct it.

13. Make Siri Roll a Dice 

Making siri roll a dice
Want to make a decision by flipping a coin? Siri can help you in flipping a coin, you have to say, "Flip a coin". Siri will flip a coin for you and tell you the result. You can also use Siri to roll a dice. You should try this on your phone.

14. Identify The Song by Using Siri 

Identifying song by using siri
You can use Siri to Identify any song if the song is playing in the background. You have to say, "Identify this Song", Siri will listen to the song for a few seconds and then provide you the most relevant results. Now you will get the full detail of that song and you can also add the song to your playlist.

You can say. “Play me some ’90s hip hop”, “Hey Siri, when did this song come out?” or “Hey Siri, play me something I’d like” to play songs in a better way, You can try Siri tips and tricks to get the whole detail about any song that you are trying to remember.

15. Post On Your Account 

Facebook logo
Use Siri to write and post on social media Apps like Facebook and Twitter. You have to just say "Post to Facebook" or "Tweet" ' and follow this with what you wish to post. You can also use Siri tips to find any person or topic on Facebook And Twitter that is  "Search Twitter for 'Name of person or topic' " or “Message Nikita ‘I’ll be there in 30 minutes’ on WhatsApp” and it will find posts about this topic for you.

16. Set A Timer

set a timer with siri
You set a timer with the help of Siri when you want to boil a food item for a fixed time or when you want to complete a task in a given time. You can ask, “Hey Siri, set a timer for 30 minutes”. This Siri tips and trick will help you a lot as you have no need to carry a stopwatch or waste time in setting a timer on your iPhone manually.

17. Get Summary of Your Day

get the summary of the day with siri
You can say, “What does my day look like?” get the summary of your whole day i.e all the tasks you have to complete throughout your day like wishing someone's birthday, meeting someone, having lunch with someone or doing yoga. This Siri trick will help you in completing all the important works in a day.

18. Run Your Smart home

run your smarthome with siri
You can operate your smart electronic devices with the heal of Siri. You can say, “I’m home”, “Hey Siri, turn on the lights in the living room” or “Show driveway camera” to open the garage, unlock the doors, and turns on the lights and air conditioner. This will help you in saving your time when you reach home and it is convenient to see all the things working without switching every appliance on one by one.

19. Search With Siri

Search with siri
You can search your photograph on your iPhone based on their locations or date by using sir to find them or you can search any file on your device quickly by asking Siri, this also saves time when you
need to search one file from a large number of documents on your iPhone.

You can say, “Show me photos from Thailand from last summer”,  “Find my AirPods”, “Search Pinterest for photos of kitchens with white subway tile” or “Open the presentation I was working on yesterday

20. Get Translations

Get transcriptions with siri
Suppose you are watching a movie and a scene came when the actor is speaking in Chinese, then you can ask Siri “What did they say?” to see the transcriptions the dialogues said by actors in the movie.

There are some of the Siri tips and tricks you can use on Siri to make it more productive and helpful. You can tell us about the Siri tips that surprised you the most. If you know any other Siri tips and tricks that can make Siri more useful then you can tell us., it will be helpful for many of us.

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  1. These are some of our best siri tips that we shared with which can make the use of siri much easier and better than before. You can also share any tips and tricks that is you favourite with us as this will help many of us. 😊😊

  2. Getting summary of the day from siri is the best trick on siri.

    1. You can use this tricks with other assistant like Google Assistant and Alexa.


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