20 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone 2021 (Android vs iOS)

Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone (Android vs iOS)
Hi, in this article we have shared the list of reasons for which you should choose Android over iPhone. The majority of the smartphone runs on the Android or iOS. Android, as well as iOS, is excellent.

Both the operating systems have some features in common and they both have some different features and in this article, we will be telling the reasons to choose android over ios.

As we all know that the iPhone runs on iOS and Android smartphones run the Android Operating system and due to the difference in their operating systems, both devices some differences that make one better than another in some features.

So, we will be comparing some features of both the devices and trying to select the best of them (android vs iPhone).

1. Better Notifications On Android

Notification from a app
As you all know the Android operating system, is customizable, but Apple’s iOS is rigid and set. Due to this factor, managing notifications on IOS is a very difficult task.

On Android, we have many features that can help us in arranging the notification like group notifications and interactive notifications.

We can customize the notification with the combustibility of Android notifications by customizing some settings.

See Android notifications are improving version by version as Google is trying to make its notification better and easy to see.

On the Android device, you select the apps that can show a notification or you can completely block all the notifications.

Also, you can set the number of notifications that can appear on your home screen. Android device is better than iOS in the notification.

2. Better Voice Assistance 

Smartphone assistant
Voice assistance is available on both the operating system that is on IOS as well as on Android. You can say "Hey Siri" on iOS devices and "OK Google" on Android devices, both of them are excellent and are equally qualified. Siri works even on the locked screen, but Google Assistant only works when the screen is unlocked.

Google assistance is better than Siri because Google assistant can answer Complex queries like when you ask Google Assistant and Siri  - "Who is the president of America?"

Both give the same answer, but after that when you will ask "How much taller is he?" then Siri could not understand your question but Google assistant can answer is this.

3. Android Device Are Customizable

The best part about Android phones is that they are customizable. If you are enjoying being customized with your phone than an Android device is absolutely the best choice.

Suppose you do not like the standard keyboard on your device then you can easily download third-party keyboard apps like Swift Key and many other apps that are available on Google Play Store.

Changing the default keyboards is just one example of how you can customize your Android phone and when we talk about Apple this is hard to do. Apple wants to keep the device simple and user-friendly which is fine.

You can also choose themes and many other customizable tools on your Android device by root. But they are not recommended to root your device as it can be harmful to you and your device.

Customizing your Android device you can choose better and safer ways like downloading apps that can help you in customizing your device directly from Google Play Store.

4. Regular Updates of Android OS Versions

Update logo
Google frequently updates that android version and adds new features in the latest version. Google has launched more than10 Android versions in the last 10 years.

This implies a Google launches new Android versions in less than a year, this makes Android devices updated with the latest technology and software this has been better usability and advanced features available in Android device.

5. Multitasking On Android Devices

PC and Smartphone
It is possible to do multitasking on an IOS device, you can perform multitasking on iOS by switching apps back and forth, but this not even comes close to the level of compatibility of Android devices that run on Android devices.

Let’s take an example of a Samsung that have introduced features like multi-window long years ago.

With the help of this feature we can view multiple apps at once, also perform the different tasks at the same time on two different windows one screen on your Android device.

But this is not possible on the iPhone that works on iOS and at the time iPhone introduced these features like multi-window on their iOS devices, Google has launched a new version of the multi-window on an Android device. So, we can say that Android will always ahead of iOS.

6. MM Jacks On Android Smartphones

Smartphone with headphone
iPhone lack with 3.5 mm jack that is used to connect a pair of standard headphones.

If you want to listen to your favorite music on an Apple handset you have to use a dongle to connect a pair of Bluetooth headsets or you have to buy a  connector, but when it comes to Android.

You get a pair of headset with every new Android device and you do not have to use or buy a dongle to connect your headset with your Android device to listen to music or any other task. 

7. Better Value And Many Choices of Android Smartphones

Smartphone and iPhone
A wide variety of Android devices are available in the market with different prices and specifications. Android has something for every person with any budget.

The Exclusive nature of Apple’s products is in stark contrast to the inclusive nature of Android, due to the less price of android smartphones Android devices are affordable for anyone but you can also buy expensive Android phones that are available in the market with the latest and highly advanced features.

Google regularly updates its Android versions and introduces the latest features that you will get in the iPhone with a very less budget as compared to an iPhone.

8. Android Devices Are Available With Different Hardware And Specifications

Samsung smartphone
Many hardware is available in the market for Android devices like keyboards, screens, charges, replaceable batteries with different battery lifetimes, and much other hardware that makes use of Android devices better than the iPhone.

Different hardware is available on different Android device like you can choose a 4K resolution screen rather than a 720-pixel screen, you can choose cameras with different resolutions or you can choose Android devices with different RAM, ROM, screen size, and many other features, that are available on Android devices you can choose from but you cannot choose these on iPhone as there are selected models of iPhone available.

9. More Apps For Android on Google Play Store

Google play store interface
You cannot escape from the fact that some more apps and games are available on Google Play Store than they are on iOS. In fact, some apps carry a price tag on iOS App Store but they are free on Google Play Store for Android devices.

More apps are available on the Google Play store as submitting an app on Google Play Store is much easier than the Apple App Store that is because Apple goes through a process of checking app that you are submitting to make sure that follow their guidelines, on the other hand, it is easier to submit your Android app on Google Play Store as you do not have to go through the half and stuff that you have to go through with Apple App Store.

10. Removable Battery of Android Smartphones

Smartphone back
After using the phone, it is common that the battery will start losing its original capacity.

After using a battery for a long time they lose their capabilities as they have a certain number of charging cycles and then they can only hold a certain percentage of the original capacity and they need to be replaced. You can increase the lifespan of your phone's battery by charging it correctly.

On the Android device, you can remove your battery or replace the battery by yourself, but on Apple iPhone, you have to take your phone to an Apple Store that can service your phone and you have to live without your phone for a time.

11. Expandable Memory Is Available For Android 

Memory card slot in smartphone
The majority of Android phones offer expandable memory that means you can open the back cover of the phone or take a slot on the side of your phone and put a Micro SD card as additional memory to your phone.

You can increase the memory of your phone memory as much as you like from 1GB to 256 GB and even more but if you want to do this on an iPhone you have to pay for it. In this case also Android wins.

12. A Back Button In Android

Back button in smartphone
A back button is available on Android devices that provide a really simple and helpful way to return to the previous screen to wherever you are.

You can use this button even when working across apps like if you are using Facebook and get transferred to the browser, you can return back to Facebook by clicking on the back button.

13. Widgets On Android Smartphone

Widgets in smartwatch
There are widgets are available on Android smartphones that can be placed on the home screen and used as a shortcut for many purposes like listing to music, tuning WiFi, or Bluetooth on or off and we can use this widget to get a shortcut for the gallery.

Due to the important role of widgets, they become important in a phone, but you will not get widgets like an android in iOS. So again android winds over iOS.

14. Google Integration With Every Android Smartphone

Google chrome logo
Google is a company that is highly advanced in the field of technology.

Google launched apps, devices with the latest technology and if you will use a smartphone that runs on the Android operating system which is owned by Google, you will get all the newest features on your device.

If you will use the Android smartphone you can use features any app for free that is created by Google like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Drive, Google Chrome, YouTube, and many or useful apps for your smartphone easily.

15. Security With Android Smartphones

With the launch of every new version of Android, it is becoming better and more secure than before. A lot of security features are introduced by updates of the android version.

It is a fact that the vulnerability of a device depends on the user who is using the smartphone. People themselves are responsible for granting permissions to the application that they are using.

If you want to know how to use your Smartphone safely, you can take a quick look at the article on the Best Ways to Secure Smartphone.

16. Better Price Of Android Smartphones

better price
We all know iPhones are expensive as compared to other smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, or any other company that make an Android smartphone.

It is also true that Android smartphone is available at a lesser price and some time with better features. This is can be the main reason to choose android over ios.

17. Launcher Are Available For Android 

You can see that the home page of all the iPhones look the same but this is not with android phones. You can install a launcher from the Play store and change the appearance of your android smartphone.

The Android smartphone companies are also making their own UI to make their smartphones more attractive and make the management of the app easy.

18. More Cloud Storage With Android

cloud storage
iCloud provides only 5GB of storage whereas Gooogle provides 15GB of free cloud storage. Google drive provides 3X more storage than iCloud.

You can store more files, photos, and documents on Google cloud as compared to iCloud but the cost for upgrading the storage is the same for both i.e $2 for 100 GV cloud storage.

This point is also in the favor of Android in the battle of Android vs iOS.

19. AR and VR

AR and VR
Android is way better than iOS in the field of AR and VR as android is working on these technologies for many years but Apple had just entered the field of this technology.

You can use the AR and VR on many Android phones like Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and many more smartphone which comes with Vr headset.

20. Better Accessories Available For Android

Smartphone accessories
There are more Android devices than iOS devices that why more accessories are present for android phones.

It is also possible in android that you can use the same accessories on different android phones.

Also, we have mentioned above that iPhone does not support a 3.5mm jack so you can't attach and accessories that require a 3.5mm jack

How To Switch?

If you are ready to switch from ios to android then you can follow the given instruction to safely and quickly transfer data from your ios device to an android device.

#1. Get Google Drive

Get Google Drive
First, download Google Drive to your iOS device and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one now or when you sign in to Google Drive.

If you already have Google Drive installed, make sure to update to the latest version.

#2. Backup Your Content

Backup Your Content
Once you’re in Google Drive, open the backup wizard by selecting Menu > Settings > Backup. 

Choose the content that you want to back up, or simply back up everything by clicking "Start Backup".

Backing up may take several hours, so we recommend connecting your device to Wi-Fi and plugging it into a power source.

#3. Sign in on Your Android device

Sign in on your Android device
Sign in to your Google account on your new Android device. Make sure to use the same account that you used to back up your iPhone. Don’t forget to turn off iMessage.

Once you’ve signed in on your Android device, you’ll see all your stuff waiting for you. Now let the fun begin.

Here are the most asked questions on the reasons to choose Android over iPhone with brief answers.

1. Is Android more powerful than iOS?

The performance of ios on all the devices s almost the same but the performance of android can vary with the variation on the Android device.

2. Is Android is safer than ios?

Apple's iPhone is a bigger target for the hacker. Apple does not make APIs available for the developer which makes it less vulnerable but ios are not 100% invulnerable.

3. What's the most popular smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the most popular smartphone in the US in 2019

So, these are the points that make Android phones better than iOS phones but these are our thinking, you can tell us What do you think about smartphones that run on different operating systems, you also can tell us some feature that makes one device better than others in the comments. This can help us make the article more useful.

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