41+ Cool Google Assistant Tricks You Should Try 2021

Google Assistant Tips And Tricks
Google Assistant is the best personal assistant that is available on the smartphone when compared with other assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

We are here with some Google Assistant tips and tricks 2020 that you can use to make the use of Google Assistant in a better way.

All the tricks are going to be super easy and useful on any device like Google Home or Google Assistant on your android smartphone.

1. I'm Feeling Lucky

i am felling lucky Google assistant tips and tricks
If you use the Google search engine then you will be familiar with this term. You can use this term on Google's assistant to start a game show mode.

You have to say, "Hey Google, I'm feeling lucky" and then  Google Assistant will start a game that you may like. It will ask you random questions and you have to answer them correctly. You can stop the game by saying, "Stop".

2. Customize The Google Assistant Voice

Customize The Google Assistant Voice
Whenever you use Google assistant a female voice comes from your phone. However, if you don't like this voice you can change this default voice.

You can also try this voice if you have no problem with the default female voice. To change the Google Assistant's voice you have to Open Google Assistant > Settings > Preferences >Assistant Voice. Now, you can select the voice you find the best for you.

3. Get The Summary of The Day

Good morning google assistant
You can use a Google assistant to tell you all the information related to weather, traffics, and all the information related to all the tasks that you have to do.

By using this feature you can plan your day and start you fay with a good idea of how you going to turn out and how you will be going to use your day in the best way.

To use Google Assistant for this task you have to say, "Hey Google, Good Morning" and then  Google will tell you all the relevant information you need to start a day.

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You will be able to get the news, weather report, turn your application on, and many more things you can add to Google Assistant.

4. Identify Songs 

Identifying a song with google assistant
This feature is very useful when you didn't recognize a song while listing or you are hesitating to ask which song is this at a party. Well, Google Assistant can help you.

To identify the song you have to say, "Hey Google, Identify this song" and Google will listen to the song for a few seconds and after that, it will show you the complete information about the one that you actually want. The best part of this is that you can add the song to your playlist.

5. Create And Access Shopping List

Creating a shopping list with Google assistant
With Google Assistant is becomes easy to make and remember your shopping ad grocery item list. Next time whenever you want to add an item(s) to your shopping list, you have to just ask the Google Assistant to do it for you.

To make the Google Assistant do list, you have to say, "OK Google, Add milk, eggs, bread (etc.) to my shopping list" And this will make Google add items to your shopping list.

Check out the article on the best online shopping websites you should definitely use to make shopping online.

6. Launch Apps, Unlock Phone or Manage Quick Settings

Taking a screen shot with google assistant
Google Assistant can also help you in easily launching apps or unlocking the phone with your voice command.

To set up phone unlocks with your voice, you have to Open Settings > Search for Smart Lock > Voice Match > Turn on " Unlock with Voice Match".

Now, you can use the voice command (OK Google or Hey Google) to unlock your phone but this feature is not safe as the pin password or fingerprint passwords, or pattern passwords.

You also launch the app with your voice command on Google's assistant to launch many apps like Camera by saying, "Open Camera" or "Take a Selfie". Similarly, you can ask Google to launch any app on your phone.

7. Play Podcasts 

Play podcast with google assistant
As we have seen that Google Assistant can be used to identify any song like that you can also use the Google Assistant to play your favorite podcast in a single command.

You have to say "OK Google, play ' Podcast name ' "after this command Google will start playing the podcast without installing the Google podcast app.

8. Set Location-Based Reminder

Set a location based reminder on Google Assistant
We have seen that we can use Google Assistant to remember or to make a list for us.

That you can also use Google Assistant to set a location-based reminder, which means that when you will reach that place Google Assistant will remind you to complete the task that you have to complete after reaching that location.

You can set a location-based reminder by saying, "Hey Google, Remind me when I get home to record Gunsmoke".

Before setting, a location-based reminder with Google Assistant make sure the location is turned on. Check out this article on the Google maps tricks to get more out of this app.

9. Currency And Unit Conversions 

Currency And Unit Conversions with google assistant
You can simply ask the Google Assistant to Convert and Unit or Currency for you. You can say."Hey Google, Convert $100 into Rupee" or " OK Google, Convert 1 centimeter into kilometers "and Google will convert this for you in just a second.

10. Get Latest Updates on Sports

Get Latest Updates of Sports with google assistant
You can use Google Assistant in keeping live track of the score or the standings of your team in the tournament.

You can say, "OK Google, give me EPL standings". 

11. Instant Translation 

Instant Translation with google assistant
We meet people who speak a different language like French, Chinese, Hindi, etc. Or just wants to translate any sentence into another language.

We are familiar with Google translator where we can type a sentence and they get translation in any language.

You can do this on Google Assistant in a much easier way, you have to say," Hey Google, translate this website is amazing in Hindi" and Google Assistant will tell you the translation. Do you know that you can use Google in many useful and fun ways? If not, you must read the Fun Google Search Tricks.

12. Post On Social Media 

Post On Social Media with google assistant
Google Assistant becomes even more powerful when it gets connected with Facebook and Twitter. These are social media platforms where you can post using your voice to give commands to Google Assistant.

To make a Google Assistant post for you-you have to say, "Tell My Friends I am using a Website that is full of Knowledge and Amazing articles" or  "Hey Google, text a message on WhatsApp".

In this way, you can use the Google Assistant to post for you on Facebook or Twitter with your voice. Check out the article on Facebook tricks and Instagram tricks to get more out of these apps.

13. Set Remainder 

Set Remainder With Google Assistant
If you have done many tasks that you have to do in a day in a week, then, commonly, you may forget to complete some of the tasks.

You can use Google Assistant to remind the task you have to do.
You can say, "OK Google, Remind me I have to give a presentation on Wednesday" to make Google reminds of this with the help of a notification.

14. Change Your Personality

Change Your Personality with google assistant
You know that Google calls you by the name you have on Google Account but if you want, Google to call you with a different name that you can say, "OK Google, call me Superman". Now Google Assistant will call you a "Superman".

15. Recite a Poem Google Assistant Tricks

Google Assistant Can Recite a Poem
If you want to get a poem for kids you can ask Google Assistant, "Hey Google, Recite a Poem". After this Google Assistant will recite a poem for you, as Google Assistant has a great collection of Poetry.

16. Toss a Coin 

Google Assistant Can Toss a Coin
There is much decided that we have to take based on Head or tails, but not every place or any time we can toss a coin. Well, Google Assistant has the solution for you.

You have to say, "OK Google, Toss a Coin" to make Google Assistant takes a final decision. If you linking these Google Assistant Tips and Tricks, then you should share this article.

This is just one amazing thing that Google can do for you, there is a much more amazing trick that Google can do for you.

17. Get Latest News Updates

Get Latest News Updates with google assistant
If you always want to be updated with the latest news on the go, Google Assistant is there for you.

Just say, "OK Google, Play news" and it will automatically play the latest news for you from big news networks like the BBC, CBS, and much more.

The best part is that you chose the news networks and make categories by going into the settings. 

18. Control Home devices, Android TV, and Chromecast

Control Home devices, Android TV and Chrome cast with google assistant
You can easily control your Chromecast, Smart Home Devices like LED bulbs, Logitech Harmony Hub, And many more smart devices that can connect with your smartphone.

 You can adjust the brightness of LED bulbs or you can also turn them off from your smartphone by saying " OK Google, Turn off LED or Adjust the brightness" you can play the movies or serials on your Smart TV by Saying, "OK, Google, Play the Crown on Netflix"

19. Google Assistant Can Tell You a Joke

Google Assistant Can Tell You a Joke
Google Assistant can make you laugh by telling you some jokes. You can try by saying "Hey Google, Tell me a Joke''.

These jokes might not be very funny for you, but you can at least try this on your own and if Google's assistant can make you laugh, you can share the joke with us, this will help someone to feel light and happy.

20. Use Multiple Language 

Use Multiple Language To Speak to Google Assistant
Google has introduced a new and updated version of Google Assistant which can understand multiple languages. This feature will be very useful for bilingual families as they can use both their languages to ask the questions.

You can check the list of supported languages in Google Assistant to check that if your language is there or not.

To set multi-language on Google Assistant Go to Settings > Assistant > Language > Add a language. Now you can use Google Assistant in multiple languages.

With the help of the cool feature, you can activate the Google Assistant with a voice command in different languages. You can try this feature if you speak or understand two different languages.

21. I'm felling Curious 

I'm felling Curious
If you are curious to gain some knowledge that you can use Google Assistant to ask you questions that will make you GK better.

You have to say, "Hey Google, I'm feeling curious" Google will ask to know some questions and it will also provide their answers. This trick can be used to start a quiz.

22. Make Google Assistant Sing A Song

Make Google Assistant Sing A Song
You can make Goole Assistant sing a song for you by saying. "Hey Google, Sing me a song". Every time you say these words Google Assistant will start singing a song.

You can say, "Sing me a Birthday song " or "Hey Google, It's my birthday" and Google Assistant will wish you a happy birthday by singing a song for you. We hope you may like the voice of GoolgeAssisatnt.

23. Make Google Assistant Rember Things

Make Google Assistant Rember Things
You can ask Google Assistant to remember things for you like you can say, "Hey Google, Remember the car's key is in my pocket", "Hey Google, remember my phone is in the drawer".

These are some examples you can make Gooogle assistant remember anything for you. now you need not worry about forgetting things as Google Assistant will help you.

24. Make A Call Google Assistant Tricks

Make A Call with google assistant
You can use Google Assistant to make a call directly from your smartphone. You need to say, "Hey Google, Call 'name of the person'".

You can tell Google Assistant about the relationship you have with some person in your contact list like it may be your friend, father, mother, brother, or any other relation by saying, "Hey Google John is my brother".

After adding the relations in Google Assistant you will be able to make a call by telling about the relationship you have with a person like "Hey Google, call my brother" and Google will call John who is you bother.

25. Search Photos From Google Drive

Search Photos From Google Drive with google assiattnt
You can say “Ok Google, Show my photos with my wife” to see all the photos you have taken with your wife.

You can search for photos with anyone like with your father, brother, friends, or even with your dog. You can ask Google Assistant to show photos based on the location.

26. Play Radio With Google Assistant

Play Radio With Google Assistant
You can use this Google assistant trick to listen to the radio anywhere. Offering an array of content from sports, music, news, and talk, TuneIn is your everything audio app.

With more than 100,000 radio stations and 5.7 million podcasts, TuneIn helps you stay connected to what's happening around the world.

Use this google assistant trick you need to install the TuneIn Radio. After installing this app you can say, "Hey, Google Play, PLay ESPN Radio", "Hey, Google, Play 99.5 Radio", or tell google assistant to play favorite radio show.

27. Make Searches With Google Assistant

Make Searches With Google Assistant
You can use Google assistant to make hands-free searches on Google using your voice to get quick answers from the web.

You can do a search by saying, "Okay Google, How long is Aladdin?'','' What is the speed of a greyhound?'' When is Mother's Day?'', ''What is the lifespan of a blue whale? '','' What is the temperament of a Miniature Schnauzer?'' and other questions.

Get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, or sports. Quickly find translations while you’re traveling.

28. Set Alarm And Ask Time

Set Alarm And Ask Time with Google assistant
You can use this Google assistant trick to set and manage alarms for waking up, medicine, and much more with just your voice.

You can also set timers for cooking, games, laundry, and any other activity. You have to just say, "Hey Google, Set Alarm", Hey Google, What time is it?'','' What time is it in Chennai?''.

29. Find Places Near By With Google Assistant

Find Places Near By With Google Assistant
You can use this google assistant to find the location and information about local businesses, museums, parks, and more.s nearby.

Say, "Hey Google, What's the closest shopping center?'', ''Hey Google, Any parking lots nearby?", "Hey Google, What's the closest shopping center?''.

30. Play Videos From YouTube

Play Videos From Youtube
See what the world is watching on YouTube. With the YouTube app, you can watch every video on the platform, stay up on the latest trending videos, and even keep a video playing while you browse and search.

Get personalized recommendations, subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself with comments or shares, cast videos to your TV, and more.

You can play the videos from youtube with the help of Google Assistant by saying, "Hey Google, Play an inspirational video on Youtube'', ''Hey Google, Play makeup tutorial on YouTube''.

You can read the article on Hidden Youtube features, tips, and tricks that we have written on this site to know more about the useful features of Youtube and get more out of it.

31. Activate Google Assistant Quickly

Activate Google Assistant Quickly
By using this trick you have no need to say "Hey Google'' or ''Okay Google'' to activate the Google assistant o your smartphones.

You can press and hold the home button to activate Google's assistant. In some smartphones, you can activate the Google Assistant by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.

32. Use Google Assistant On HeadPhones

Use Google Assistant On HeadPhones
Get help on the go, without touching your phone. Ask your Assistant to play your favorite songs, hear incoming messages and notifications, get directions, and much more.

Just press and hold the dedicated button, and say what you need. Available now on headphones optimized for the Google Assistant.

There are many headphones like companies like bose which are engineered with renowned noise cancellation.

With the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, you have instant access to millions of songs, playlists, and more hands-free. Simply choose your voice assistant and ask away. And that’s just the beginning.

QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II are now enabled with Bose AR the world’s very first audio-only augmented reality platform, where applications will utilize contextual audio to deliver first-of-a-kind experiences.

Unlock Bose AR via a firmware update through the Bose Connect app. Now in limited-edition Rose Gold.

33. Manage Tasks With Google Assistant

Manage Tasks With Google Assistant
With this Google assistant tip, you can send a text, set reminders, turn on battery saver, and instantly lookup emails. Google Assistant makes it so much easy to manages and set the day-to-day tasks.

To set the task with Google assistant you can say words like, "Hey Google, Remember that I parked on the first floor of the parking lot in space 345.''

34. Plan Your Day With Google Assistant

Plan Your Day With Google Assistant
By using Google assistant you can check your flight status, make a dinner reservation, check what time your film starts and find a coffee shop along your route.

You have to say, "Hey Google, What’s my confirmation number for my flight to Bombay?'', ''Hey Google, How do I get to Gurgaon using public transport?''

35. Make Memories With Google Assistant

Make Memories With Google Assistant
You will be going to love this Google assistant trick because with this trick you can make your Assistant makes it incredibly simple to find your photos and to take them as well.

You can find your phones from google drive with any person, places, time, and even with your dog.

You have to just say,'' Hey Google, show my pictures of skylines.", "Hey Google, Show my pictures with my dog''.

36. Get Answer From Sites Like WikiHow

Get Answer From Sites Like WikiHow with Google assistant
If you want to know to do anything then WikiHow can be the best choice. Easily learn how to do anything from wikiHow, the world’s leading how-to guide. Step-by-step instructions on every imaginable topic.

Become the DIY master of anything, instantly. With the wikiHow Google Home action, you have access to over 180,000 wikiHow.

To get the step for doing the things you have to say, ''Hey Google, Ask wikiHow How to tie a tie'','' Hey Google, Ask wikiHow How to survive an ostrich attack''.

37. Get Daily Quotes

Get Daily Quotes with Google assistant
If you want to start your day with good motivation then you are in the right place, here you can get many quotes related to your daily life which makes you motivated.

To get the quotes you can say, ''Hey Google, Talk to daily quotes"

38. Use Aging Dollars

Use Aging Dollars with Google assistant
Aging Dollars allows you to find out how much money from the past is worth today after being adjusted for inflation.

It knows how much things would be worth back all the way back to 1913.

You can use the aging dollar to know the current value of the dollar as compared to that in 64 years ago by saying,'' Hey Google, Ask Aging Dollars how much was $5 worth 64 years ago'', "Ask Aging Dollars what was was 5 bucks worth in 1954''.

39. Ask Questions Related To Companies

Ask Questions Related To Companies with Google assistant
You can use Google assistant to manage and know more about your Vodafone account. Prepaid customers can ask about balance, data usage, and more. Postpaid customers can ask about current and previous bills, payment due dates, and more.

You have to say, ''Hey Google, Talk to Vodafone'','' Hey Google, Ask Vodafone what is my current bill?'','' Hey Google, Ask Vodafone what is my prepaid balance?''

With the McDonald’s Apply Thru™ action, the Google Assistant can now assist with the first step of a McDonald’s® restaurant job application. Just say “Hey Google, Talk to McDonald's Apply Thru.” You’ll answer a few basic questions when prompted, and then receive a text message to continue your application process. You can say,'' Hey Google, Talk to McDonald's Apply Thru''

40. Make Video Calls

Make Video Calls with Google assistant
You can use Google assistant to make the videos call by using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Google duo.

You can start high-quality video calls with Google Duo a simple, high-quality video calling app that works on Android & iOS smartphones, tablets, and now Smart Displays with the Google Assistant.

You can say, "Hey Google, Duo call Diksha", ''Hey Google, Connect me with Mom''

41. Use Netflix With Google Assistant

Use Netflix With Google Assistant
Watch TV shows and movies recommended just for you, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries.

Netflix has something for everyone. There's even a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.

If you’re already a member, just download the free Netflix app and sign in with your username and password. Not a member? Try it free for one month by signing up now. You can say "Hey Google, Watch Orange Is the New Black on Netflix''

42. Enjoy a Pick-Me-Up While Running Errands 

Enjoy a Pick-Me-Up While Running Errands
And, while you’re getting your last-minute holiday shopping done, the Assistant can help you get a sweet treat or a pick-me-up from Dunkin’.

If you have the Dunkin’ App installed on your Android phone, just say “Hey Google, order a latte from Dunkin,” to quickly start your order.

Tell us which is your favorite Google Assistant Tricks that surprised you the most in the comment. You can share any other google assistant tips and tricks that we have not mentioned in this article so that we can add it to this list with us. 


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